Confidence and belief, only delivery to come


There will be little Ronny Deila doesn’t know about Molde. His confidence ahead of tonight’s game will be based on a genuine belief that Celtic are the better team, that the game plan is right for the occasion, and that his players are ready.

As a group, they need to perform to the mark they are capable of. Most importantly, they need to harvest the regret for the points and progress they’ve let slip away already during this season’s European campaign. A win, a good defensive performance, and if possible, a clean sheet, will go a long way towards setting up the second half of the season.

My expectation is that we’ll get it right.

Best wishes to Johan Cruyff, who let it be known today he is fighting lung cancer. He deserves to be mentioned alongside Pele and Maradona as one of the greatest players to have graced a football field. I spoke to Tommy Gemmell last year about the greats he’d played against. Eusebio was a phenomenon but Tommy was clear: he had nothing on Cruyff.

It’s 24 years since Johan stopped smoking but although quitting quickly brings mortality benefits, the experts tells us it takes 40 years of abstention before the likelihood of catching cancer reaches the same levels of non-smokers – a clear call to action, if you’re in need of one.

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  1. A Ceiler Gonof Rust on







    Hamiltontim may be interested in using your vote






    I don’t think HT goes because it’s on a school day.



    HT, if you can make I’d be honoured for you to be my proxy.

  2. Joe Filippis Haircut on

    Now we have signed Carlton Cole we are now chasing Andy Cole he is only a few years older than Carlton and wants to top up his pension pot. H.H.

  3. Paul67,



    its Celtic away. In European competition.



    I have no expectations. Except, to expect the unexpected!



    Hope with all my heart and mind that we can get the victory. It would set us up very nicely for the home game and then possibly, hopefully Euro games after Christmas!


    A draw in the other game tonight would be nice.






  4. Celtic Football Club ‏@celticfc 6m6 minutes ago


    We will have live coverage from Carlton Cole’s press conference from 1315 with follow up exclusives on @CelticTV & http://celticfc.net



    Simon Rowntree ‏@Simon_Rowntree 11m11 minutes ago Molde, Norge


    Celebrations amongst Celtic supporters here in Molde as Carlton Cole has joined the club. Chants of “Carlton Coles’s fenian army” being sung

  5. Sports label Reebok has been forced into an embarrassing climbdown after printing an offensive T-shirt showing a divided map of Ireland to promote the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC), which will hold an event in Dublin on 24 October.



    Unbelievable.Why no uproar about no Scotland,England,Wales.Are they not part of the British Isles as well?.


    The T-Shirt only shows the 32 counties.As the tournament is being held in Eire,whats the problem?.

  6. GlassTwoThirdsFull on

    If you look at overall contribution to the game of football Cruyff has to be right up at the top. Completely transformed two clubs and two countries as player/manager.

  7. Hi,



    ***Techhie help required please!!***



    I am really struggling with this website at the minute!



    I have moved to Windows 10 and Microsoft Edge, so not sure if this is the reason, but the pop-ups (bet 365), the awful background (Very, Ladbrokes currently Buxton Water!!) make it a nightmare to load and view this website. I appreciate the ads help to generate income, but is there a way of calming them down a bit as it seems excessive at present. Perhaps in my Settings?



    Also this has taken ages to write believe it or not as for some reason screen keeps freezing as it tries to refresh.



  8. TheOriginalSadiesBhoy on

    The wisdom of the Sevco player: Nicky Clark, “The more you kick Nathan Oduwa, the stronger he will become.” Er ….. didn’t he have to be substituted at half time because he took a few kicks?




    Anyway back to real football. I can’t wait to see tonight’s game. I hope the Bhoys pull out all the stops and try to bring home the three points. As most have pointed out this double header with Molde gives us a reasonable chance to collect 6 points ( not disrespecting Molde) and take a massive step towards qualification. Don’t know if I would risk Simunovic tonight as he hasn’t hadm any real game time apart from Ajax and that was some weeks ago. I suppose we have to trust Ronny’s judgement on this if Jozo is selected.



    Haven’t seen Carlton Cole play in years but I thought he was a very good player when I did see him. A big warm welcome to Celtic, Carlton and I hope you settle quickly int.o living in Glasgow which, to me, is a top city.



    Hail! Hail!

  9. Happy with the news we have signed Carlton Cole.


    Saddened to hear about Johan Cruyff’s condition.

  10. GlassTwoThirdsFull on

    Good to see Carlton Cole join our club. Gives us something we haven’t got. Would probably have had better offers financially in England so looks like he has a bit of hunger to win things.


    Welcome to Celtic, Carlton.

  11. Welcome to Celtic Carlton cole



    Hats off to lawell on s fantastic exciting signing



    9-8 to Celtic tonight.. It’s Europe and it’s away. God knows how we will perform.

  12. celticbhoy72



    Not sure if this is useful but I use Windows 10 but use Google Chrome to browse. Install Google’s AdBlocker – it helps me most of the time

  13. Celticbhoy72



    We are working on this at the moment. The ads are being better tailored to our requirements on CQN and the new server speed should improve over the next few days.



    It has been incredibly frustrating for us and we can only apologise for the hassle you and many others have had.



    I copied your post and sent on to the ad provider to illustrate the problems we are having.

  14. Tosb,



    I’d love to pick up 6 points from next two games and we have a chance but I just don’t see it.



    I think mcgeadys mob is the only team we have ever taken 6 of in a group…ever.



    Happy to corrected though :)





  15. South Of Tunis on




    I have Adblocker . Works on everything but CQN .



    On CQN I get Turkish Airlines / British Airways / Lufthansa / Monarch Airlines . Bet 365 .888Online Casino and the latest ladies lingerie from Intimissimi .The gambling guff is particularly annoying -up they pop and are then quickly followed by a message from the italian Government blocking access to the site in consequence of it promoting online gambling ( illegal in Italy ). A pain in the butt !

  16. Joe Filippis Haircut on

    Carlton Cole is a departure from Celtics normal signing policy as at 32 he is older than recent signings and is unlikely to have any sell on value.Will this be a permanent change of policy ? or a one off signing by the hoops? it is interesting and looks as though the manager is being backed by the board on this occasion.H.H.

  17. To me, Cryuff is one of the players that managed to bridge the gap that lay between the worlds ‘normal’ footballers and Pele and Maradonna.



    Id put a few others like Zidane in that category as well.



    Football Genius but not quite a Football God.

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