Confidence and talent


Such was Newco’s run of form going into the winter break, they had not dropped points since the last time they met Aberdeen, in October.  Celtic drew two league games in the intervening period, stretching the gap at the top of the table from two to six points.  We needed a break and on Tuesday the evergreen Scott Brown delivered again.

After crucial wins at Easter Road and Tynecastle last month, Newco’s façade cracked.  They remain in the driving seat, Celtic have little margin for error, but we are in the familiar position of asking who will recover best after the winter break.  Newco’s form in this respect is not good.  They cracked two years ago, when Celtic put pressure on them (and won last year under no pressure).  Aberdeen’s equaliser turned the screw sufficiently to draw their first domestic red card in what amounts to 21.8% of their history.  They must be a very clean team.  Or a very fortunate one.  European referees awarded four red cards in that period in a fraction of the games played.

Dropping points to Aberdeen, who remain sixth in the table, is more a sign of mental fragility than sporting deficit.  Between the two Aberdeen games, Newco won away at higher-placed Motherwell, Hibs and Hearts, scoring nine and conceding only once in the process.  That is championship winning form.  Even a poor Aberdeen, though, bring Newco out in a sweat rash.  The prospect of Celtic Park under the lights with an exclusive home crowd looms.

You know the script, when you are winning, every game in winnable, when you are not winning, every game is a minefield.  The next two weeks are as much about confidence as talent.  In that respect, the steady influx of new signings at Lennoxtown is invaluable.  All a consequence of the value achieved from a squad that won nothing last season, but we will explore that issue later.

A word on Scott Brown.  His legs had gone, that’s not in dispute, but a generation of Celtic managers loved him for how he got the team over the line.  His drive and devilment is still there.

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  1. The Lukin Tim.



    You said you were going to visit me on the 22nd of this month, I’m not very well and not able to see you on the 22nd, I’m sorry that I can’t see you then but maybe later on, you can visit me if I can get better.



    Not a very good post.May be caused by illness.

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  3. OldTim67


    Sorry to hear that news. Hope your health improves soon. Take care and best wishes.



  4. GlassTwoThirdsFull on

    Really don’t get all this comparisons with It’s-Definitely-Not-Rangers. Why equate how Celtic are doing with how another club is doing?


    We should have our own vision, ambition, aims and standards. There’s a big world out there beyond the old firm.

  5. Hello again all you young rebels



    Just in from training with my Aussie loons, very hot night so


    I think a wee can of the black nectar is my reward.


    Not often I get too exited about transfer activity, I’ve lived long


    enough to know that bhoys need time to settle and first impressions


    aren’t always lasting impressions, but my goodness those bhoys


    from Japan have got my adrenalin bubbling, and so humble with


    incredible work ethic, think my next jaunt on a wee cruise will be


    to Japan, how cool would that be walking down Tokyo high street


    with the hoops on ?


    Think I’d be mobbed ? 🥰


    H H. Mick

  6. Garngad to Croy on

    We have a few tough games ahead, Hearts look to be in good form and Barry Mckay is playing well (can’t believe the Huns have not tried to sign him). We need to win all our games up to and including the Huns, if we do then we are in with a fighting chance.




    Might have something to do with them being 4 points in front of us at the top of the league and being our only rivals for the league title.



    Thanks for the reply. Some folks are never satisfied :-)



    Old Tim,


    All the very best, D. I hope you are out and about as soon as warmer days arrive.




    It is not only nature that abhors a vacuum.



    Cheerio for now.

  10. Paul67 et al



    Not just “under the lights” Paul, but under Big Pete’s Disco Lights! Thought you might have given your mentor a mention there.


    Am I right in thinking that said Glasgow Derby would be the first midweek evening match since the ‘Shame Game’ back in March 2011? Otherwise known as the prelude to ‘The Summit’ and the OBAF Act.


    Not to worry if I’ve got that wrong.





    Memo to DJ on the night, get that on the turntable, time for a change of image.


    C-E-L-T-I-C CSC

  11. Back to Basics - Glass Half Full on

    Fair and reasonable fare Pablo.



    Let’s be clear – the break has benefited us far more than Sevco.



    Beforehand they were in autopilot, safely contained in their own sterile bubble free from any negativity. “Don’t think, just do”



    3 weeks of inactivity leaves plenty of time to ponder perception vs reality.



    Your use of the word “façade” is telling.



    Sevco are Wizard of Oz stuff.



    Large, loud, frightening projection.



    But behind the curtain, nothing but a bombastic wee chancer with a mic.

  12. How do you like that, Eddie Howe?



    “Meanwhile, Real reportedly accepted a £42m bid for Hazard from Premier League side Newcastle but the player rejected the move as he wants to join a “big” club.”

  13. Big Georges Fan Club - Hail, Hail, Wee Oscar on

    OldTim67 / Davie



    Just told WeeBGFC you have been posting, and that you are poorly.



    A big, huge hello and best wishes from me and the Wee Man.



    He (and me) hope you will get better very soon, and you can get fit so some of us can meet up for guitar tunes / sing-song / beer in Glasgow.



    Best wishes from us to you.






  14. Get that DJ to have YNWA blasting out as the teams walk on.Keep the Celtic Song till just before KO.Guy is an Eejit.Does it in reverse and kill the atmosphere.The team going into the Huddle under the Green Spotlight with YNWA getting big licks from 6 000,make the hairs on the back of your neck positively bristle.


    Thing is,the new players will never have witnessed the sight.The Eejit plays it before they come out.



  15. Seven SPFL games between now and end of February which, on paper, are easier for them than us.



    we are away to Hearts, Motherwell, Aberdeen and Hibs.



    Home to Dundee Utd, rangers, and Dundee.



    They are away to Ross County, Us and Dundee Utd.



    Home to Livingston, Hearts, Hibs and Motherwell.

  16. Big Georges Fan Club - Hail, Hail, Wee Oscar on

    Don’t think – from the article I read – that they were fake results.



    Looks like the initial LFT results and initial PCR were positive for some players – subsequent testing revealed that only TAA was positive.



    Testing isn’t 100% accurate, so false positives happen (that’s preferable to false negatives, so commonly, any approved tests will result in more false-positives than false negatives).



    They could, of course, be at it – but may be possible for the EPL/FA to have access to the lab testing data (GDPR allowing, of course).






  17. Regarding midweek games and just having lated on Monday, I was trying to recall other Monday night games. Was the 4-2 10 men won the league game on a Monday? I thought it was but I’m not sure. What a night it was anyway😁

  18. one game at a time, Class will out against all the cheating.



    Never underestimate the Don.





  19. Turkeybhoy


    Would be even better if they could actually get the spotlight on the Huddle, rather than about 2 metres out as it was on Monday..!






    Did Celtic PLC ask for, and had granted, any of the agreements and understandings that were offered to and accepted by SEVCO? I’m thinking along the lines of the CAS part of it, but perhaps anything else outwith, that may have been a commercial benefit to the PLC, por cierto

  21. From earlier for Hot Smoked



    HOT SMOKED on 20TH JANUARY 2022 11:04 AM




    Thanks for that. Where in Derbyshire is / was the museum?




    Sudbury Hall very near Derby City. Link below to the stuff I mentioned but i think it is shut for renovations right now. Hope they don’t spoil it!




    Link with ‘currently closed’ banner


  22. The Blogger Formerly Known As GM on

    That’s a bit more like it, Paul. Your last few missives on the league made it sound like you’d thrown in the towel.

  23. ZIGGYDOC1 on 20TH JANUARY 2022 1:22 PM


    Regarding midweek games and just having lated on Monday, I was trying to recall other Monday night games. Was the 4-2 10 men won the league game on a Monday? I thought it was but I’m not sure. What a night it was anyway😁




    The 10 Men game in 1979 was on a Monday night….with a 7.30 Kick Off time.


    I was Night Shift that night and due to the celebrations in Celtic Park I was somewhat late in arriving for work in Glasgow city centre.


    My Hun bosses were not too happy when I finally arrived and I think they KNEW that I had been at the game, but they also knew that they couldnt accuse me of being at the game and being DELIBERATELY late due to the celebrations, as I would have not have CONFIRMED or DENY being at the game to those Bassa’s..


    Instead, I pointed out that there was IN FACT a Bus Strike in Glasgow that night/week, and I had been forced to WALK it to Work that evening and faced a long walk back home again after my shift, so in essence I had made a GREAT effort to attend my work. NONE of them wished to pursue the matter further by asking me WHY I hadnt left home earlier as I knew I had to walk it from Dennistoun to City centre ?



    I had lied to them as I did NOT WALK to work as I had arranged for my uncle to pick me up in his car and drive me to work after the match had finished. We were in the Old Jungle that night…What a GAME !



    There was about a dozen or so working in my section on that night shift, with 3 or 4 Bosses hovering around. It was a VERY quiet workplace that night due to the Bosses and most of my workmates being Huns….UNTIL…


    Around 11/11.30 pm when the Newspaper Boy came around with copies of the Daily Record in a shopping cart.


    ONLY MYSELF and ONE other workmate left6 our station briefly to but a Newspaper…the rest werent interested….and my colleague and I KNEW who the Huns were on that shift, and we couldnt keep the smiles off our FACES all night !



  24. prestonpans bhoys on

    ZIGGYDOC1 @ 1:22



    I said on the bus coming home that I was 99% sure the only other Monday night I’ve been to was the 4:2 in 79.



    So snap 🃏

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