Confidence and talent


Such was Newco’s run of form going into the winter break, they had not dropped points since the last time they met Aberdeen, in October.  Celtic drew two league games in the intervening period, stretching the gap at the top of the table from two to six points.  We needed a break and on Tuesday the evergreen Scott Brown delivered again.

After crucial wins at Easter Road and Tynecastle last month, Newco’s façade cracked.  They remain in the driving seat, Celtic have little margin for error, but we are in the familiar position of asking who will recover best after the winter break.  Newco’s form in this respect is not good.  They cracked two years ago, when Celtic put pressure on them (and won last year under no pressure).  Aberdeen’s equaliser turned the screw sufficiently to draw their first domestic red card in what amounts to 21.8% of their history.  They must be a very clean team.  Or a very fortunate one.  European referees awarded four red cards in that period in a fraction of the games played.

Dropping points to Aberdeen, who remain sixth in the table, is more a sign of mental fragility than sporting deficit.  Between the two Aberdeen games, Newco won away at higher-placed Motherwell, Hibs and Hearts, scoring nine and conceding only once in the process.  That is championship winning form.  Even a poor Aberdeen, though, bring Newco out in a sweat rash.  The prospect of Celtic Park under the lights with an exclusive home crowd looms.

You know the script, when you are winning, every game in winnable, when you are not winning, every game is a minefield.  The next two weeks are as much about confidence as talent.  In that respect, the steady influx of new signings at Lennoxtown is invaluable.  All a consequence of the value achieved from a squad that won nothing last season, but we will explore that issue later.

A word on Scott Brown.  His legs had gone, that’s not in dispute, but a generation of Celtic managers loved him for how he got the team over the line.  His drive and devilment is still there.

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    How did that hun manage to spell manipulate



    I spilt it fur him.



    comedy gold it was, seriously funny, hoping it circulates tomorrw as a clip.

  2. Just found this, I think it is irrefutable now Starfelt is indeed a rubbish defender.












    Jan 18


    Carter-Vickers and Starfelt In the middle of a back 4


    Played this centre pairing 16 times


    Won 13 Drawn 2 Lost 1 (betis away)


    Clean Sheets 9/16


    Goals For 34


    Goals Against 10 (4 v Betis)

  3. The new fella is just about to be announced.



    Guy on clyde describes him as a perfect centre mid, Liam Connolly from MKDONS podcast,



    something about him says he has a soft spot for the Celtcs.

  4. Prestonpansbhoy ….last I heard he was at celtic Park…..but seems to be taking forever….just nervous I suppose after last one went pear shaped

  5. Friedsdorfer.



    Yes,saw the missed spotlight.Maybe the Huddle was in the wrong place !!!!!!!!!!!!!!.

  6. What did Kent actually do to get the second yellow? I`ve looked a few times and cannot see any contact.

  7. lets all do the huddle on

    you can still get booked even if you dont make contact with the player



    intent, speed, out of control etc can all still lead to a card even if you miss the player

  8. HOT SMOKED on 20TH JANUARY 2022 7:18 PM


    What did Kent actually do to get the second yellow? I`ve looked a few times and cannot see any contact.



    aggresive play ? intent ? he was on a booking, how else should the referee interpret it.



    i thought there was some contact,



    in other news, the bbc scotland nine programme tonight is running a feature – wearing the masks makes some people more attractive ?



    i dont know if they mean them wearing one over thir mouths or you wearing it over your eyes.



  9. Sain Stivs:



    “…or you wearing it over your eyes.” Just what I thought when I heard that on the News !!



    Offsky now to see if Hibs are as good as I thought they were against us on Monday.



  10. – Stephbhoy67 on 20th January 2022 5:05 pm



    “Saw a post saying sevco have a run of games that look easier than ours in Jan and early Feb on paper. The games will even themselves out over course of season … ”





    They do indeed! I don’t know if anyone has commented on this before but the way the league stands at the moment – Them, Us, Hearts, Motherwell, Hibs, Aberdeen (with Dundee Utd in 7th having just been promoted) – They play every single one of that Top Six at home this round in Jan/Feb (and We incidently play them All away) – meaning that (if they are all still in the top six come April/May) that Sevco should have to play ALL their Post-Split games AWAY from home! … But we all know that’s never happening!



    How incompetent or corrupt do you have to be to organise that piss up in a brewery?!

  11. Newcastle linked with over a hundred players in thsi window and yet cant make signing of note,



    The cream do not want to commit to life in the NE of England.



    How long before they are flying them up from London for matchday







    What did Kent actually do to get the second yellow? I`ve looked a few times and cannot see any contact.




    I’ve just had a look at it, and like you, cannot see much wrong. I’m sure we would have bren up in arms had it happened to us – mind you earlier McGregor should have been red-carded and a penalty given earlier….he was ‘clever clumsy’.

  13. Speaking about the latest addition to his squad, Celtic manager Ange Postecoglou said: “We’re delighted to get Matt into the club. He’s someone who should fit in well with the group we have here, both from on the field and also the kind of person he is.



    “We’re looking forward to having him as part of the group. He’s a talented young player and I’m sure he’ll enjoy his time here, and I’m sure he’ll add to what we’ve already started.







  14. Matt’s Number 33 follows such legends as Ross Wallace, Chris Killen, Beram Kayal, Marvin Compper & Hatem Abd Elhamed…..which sounds like the worst 5s team you could assemble :)




  15. TOM MCLAUGHLIN on 20TH JANUARY 2022 8:29 PM


    Matt O’Riley signed. Official.






    story broke yesterday, celtic park teatime tonight.



    announced 8pm.



    another one slips through the net.

  16. Don’t know much about Matt apart from some highlights, oh really? no O’Riley! Glad to see him in the door and have a feeling that this won’t be a Fawlty signing – hope he gets an early chance, maybe teaming up with Scales.

  17. We have an excellent mix in the squad now and very importantly nobody who’ll be looking to leave anytime soon.

  18. What is the Starz on

    Another expensive dud bought because he has a feniany name and will sell a few jerseys in Coatbridge.


    Brought to us by Heated Driveway productions. Smoke and Mirrors to distract us from Desmondo making sure The Mighty Gers win the league.

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