Confusion as SFA appears lax on terms


Is it really possible that Charles Green made a genuine oversight and believed that monies due to Rangers FC (IA) could be paid by a debtor to selective creditors in order to let his Newco gain access to the Scottish Football League?

Back in May, while Rangers FC (IA) were adamant they would continue in business, the SPL agreed to pay money due to the club directly to creditors.  The club subsequently failed to pay, or agree terms with, creditors and a creditor has asked BDO to liquidate them.  The lawyers have earned enough from this saga in recent months, they would be scrambling for Gratuitous Alienation cast studies if the SPL was to selectively pay football clubs.

It looks like Mr Green is tying himself in knots over the Newco/Oldco routine.  His attention to detail has the potential to become legendary, however, he is entitled to wonder why the SFA have allowed his Newco membership despite apparently not meeting agreed terms. I am sure the SFA president will be all over this issue like a rash, demanding clear and proper process is followed.

Or is the SFA president still the only man at Hampden who cannot participate in any of the important issues concerning Scottish football?

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  1. Irish War of Independence



    Witness Statement of Liam Archer, 1 Statement, 22 pages



    Date of Statement: 5th March 1953



    Member of ‘F’ Company 1st Battalion, Dublin Brigade 1915.



    Member of G.M.Q. Intelligence Section.






    a) Church St., Dublin, Easter week, 1916.



    b) G.H.Q. Intelligence 1920 – 1921.






    Witness Statement of Nora Ashe. 1 Statement,  8 pages



    Date of statement: 6th February 1952.



    Sister of Thomas Ashe who died on hunger strike, Mountjoy 1917.



    Subject: Biographical note on Thomas Ashe.





  2. eddieinkirkmichael on

    I think the SFA/SPL were in such a hurry to get newco up and running that they may have slipped up with a few of the finer details, I can see this issue causing mayhem in the months ahead

  3. Paul67



    I’m disappointed ,hoping for some more politics in your article .


    Hail hail.

  4. Neil canamalar Lennon hunskelper extrordinaire on

    meanwhile the members sit idly by and hope it all goes away

  5. Philbhoy - It's just the beginning! on

    What does Ogilvie do for a living?



    Embdy know?



    Or perhaps he’s been on holiday for the last six months.



    Could be.

  6. Green is trying to play the “we are the same club but not the same company” line. He argues that his company has no legal responsibility for debts run up by the other company but that he will pay them anyway because he is nice like that.



    It’s all nonsense, of course.

  7. Neil canamalar Lennon hunskelper extrordinaire



    jock t..,


    even if we found the second comings, Lawwell would have them sold in jig time, dividends need to be paid to the investors dont you know





    depressingly hard to disagree with a word of that.



    ok here’s a thought. why are we so pants at signing loan players? camara, alliadiere etc. i don’t mean the keanes or bellamys, any idiot could tell you they were good players, but when we sign a promising young forward we put the death knell on their career.



    i thought earlier about lukaku going on loan from chelsea to west brom. a young didier drogba by all accounts. did pistol pete even think to pick up the phone? we never seem to be able to take advantage of emerging talent. NB, aye, ok, i forgot about foster, but he was on loan longer than most players stickon permanent contracts.

  8. The SFA & SPL are shambolic organisations who are not fit for purpose. They should both be closed down and a new organisation, one set up for the betterment of the game as a whole, should be set up to run the game.



    The late Paul McBride’s description of the SFA as ‘institutionally dysfunctional’ was and is 100% correct.

  9. Paul67



    Without proof or foundation other than a view from my own eyes from the outside looking in Charles Green, Craig Whyte (Hero) & David Murray could have pillaged, raped and murder a whole nation, currently serving 100 100 year concurrent life sentences while calling all and sundry, evil, bigoted, sectarian etc. and the SFA/SFL/SPL would still somehow manipulate them into league structures all while the MSM blame Celtic.




  10. Paul67



    I am desperate for them to not meet the payment to Rapid. The FIFA Tribunal then has to make a definitive judgement as to whether they are Oldco with outstanding football debt or Newco with a clean slate and no history.

  11. macjay1 for Neil Lennon on

    macjay1 for Neil Lennon


    12:34 on


    16 August, 2012


    macjay1 for Neil Lennon


    12:32 on


    16 August, 2012




    12:08 on


    16 August, 2012



    You know Polish history better than I do.




    Do you know Australian history?


    We ,who live in Australia ,are entitled to feel insulted by your accusation that we live in a genocidal country.



    Question: How many Aussies died in the cause of liberating Europe,including Poland, from the curse of Hitler?



    Subsequently:How many Aussies died in combating the curse of communism?



    Perhaps you owe them an apology.

  12. CultsBhoy loves being 1st forever & ever on

    Been away for 2 weeks ( Caahonda Beach) .. Looks ike nowt has changed. Surey time to just draw the line and boot them out?

  13. Neil canamalar Lennon hunskelper extrordinaire on

    jock t..,


    loan player rarely fit into the managers plans unless the manager has requested them, I dont believe WGS requested that pair. In fact I dont think WGS wanted any loan players, I expect he would have rather had the wages some of them cost, spent on a player he wanted. But when told that was his lot, then what choice eh

  14. The SFA and SPL would like to clarify that the monies owed to member clubs by oldco/newco is entirely the fault of Neil Francis Lennon,


    Case Closed.

  15. Auld Neil Lennon heid on




    I was posting this to AW Naw on the same subject on previous blog. I grow more cynical by the day.



    Awe_Naw_No_Annoni_Oan_Anaw_Noo (page 19)



    I picked up on this on SFM as follows.



    “The only reason there is no question about Rangers right to prize money from last season is that the SPL AND Rangers delayed the investigation into player registration.



    Had that happened in a timely manner and the case proved and points deducted there would have been no entitlement at all to the prize money that the SPL should have divided amongst all clubs.



    Rangers would have been owed nothing by the SPL and whilst the footballing creditors paid from the proceeds would not have received what they were due, all clubs would have received something. All clubs not owed anything by Rangers have a claim on the SPL for the difference in place prize money they should have received had the SFA and SPL acted timeously.



    The debt to football that CG claims has been paid by him has in fact, as per norm, been paid using other people’s money.”



    The propaganda of the msm that Rangers have been punished enough is all part of the cover up. Considering what they have been guilty of: mass deception (although the mass bit will upset them) mass robbery of the public purse, continued avoidance of paying their debts with their own money, using flawed insolvency laws for ongoing tax avoidance purposes, they should be grateful they still have a team in any Scottish league never mind SFL3.



    If they wonder why Black was booed last night, perhaps anger at the footballing and governing establishments is a major reason.



    The thing about this is it depends on the cover up being contained on all fronts. Now the whistle has been blown on “the Rangers have settled their footballing debts myth” and we see that in fact prize money that should have been shared amongst all clubs was used perhaps more cracks will start to appear.



    You can see why there are delays on the FTT, the report on D&E that wossname asked for, BDO liquidators investigating and the player registration issue being dealt with. What will emerge from them is that the not only was there corruption at Rangers and the SFA pre CW but that it is continuing to this day and will do so until all the results come in – and I would not be surprised if those games are called off – “for the good of Scottish football.”

  16. i’m a legal buffoon but is there perhaps an argument that…



    since technically a deal was brokered that the income rangers(ia) “would” have received from the SPL has not in fact been “paid” to them, rather being withheld by the SPL, that it is not their money to redistribute…



    could D&P not agree a settlement where in return for them not taking the SPL to court to recoup the payment, the SPL could distribute it to football creditors?



    it means it was never really rangers(ia)’s money, so creditors cannot claim it, the scottish clubs get paid (well, in theory, if it ever happens) and the SFA under the SPL’s guidance coerce the SFL into accepting sevco?



    like i say, i’m legally ignorant. it’s just a thought about how you can get around paying all creditors, ie, by not getting your hands on the money in the first place.

  17. CultsBhoy loves being 1st forever & ever on

    Been away for 2 weeks ( Calahonda Beach) .. Looks ike nowt has changed. Surey time to just draw the line and boot them out?

  18. Afternoon All,



    The Kano Foundation are running our usual Predictor Competition once again. This season though it is going to be a fully online version – basically the same idea as the one we ran for the Euros in June.



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  19. Awe_Naw_No_Annoni_Oan_Anaw_Noo on




    Agreed. But let us NEVER forget that as member of the SFA and the SPL we helped to ratify Charles Greens sevco.






    Fair enough but if we do not get the proven quality centre back and centre forward for this season then the club is extracting the urine as far as CL competition is concerned. We will be there for appearance money and nothing else.



    As was proven with WGS in his last year. The plc has no European motivation whatsoever



    Anybody saying anything else has learning difficulties or is a bare faced liar.



    Facing the environment we are facing … it us unacceptable



    We need fresh thinkers at the top of the table and more honest ones.



    Preferably hands on and motivated by sporting competition rather than monetary values.



    Hail HAil

  20. Philboy…



    Have you not heard?



    R C O’Gilvie was abducted by aliens shortly after the huns went into admin?!



    That is why he has not been seen or heard of for the last 6 months! Come to think of it – has anybody actually seen him since he became El Presidente?!



    He is currently on an unknown planet in a galaxy far


    far away along with Elvis, Jim Morrison, Gram Parsons, Albert Einstein and several other notables!




  21. Neil canamalar Lennon hunskelper extrordinaire on



    if it comes to it the sfas will pay their debts even if it bankrupts them, I mean look at them now, morally bankrupt, the next step is a small one.




    100% agree, the whole purpose of keepong him out the limelight, and our board are complicit.

  22. Financial Fair Play?



    Manchester United have put together an astonishing £73 million package in order to tempt Robin van Persie into signing from Arsenal.



    The Dutchman is due in Manchester for a medical on Thursday afternoon before he puts pen to paper on a four-year contract understood to be worth £235,000-a-week once image rights are taken into account.



    Van Persie knew that, at the age of 29 and in the form of his life, the next contract would be the biggest of his career, and it is no wonder that he did not even want to discuss Arsenal’s proposed £130,000-a-week offer.



    That means he will earn £12.2m-a-year, a whopping £48.9m over the course of his United contract.



    In addition to the £24m fee United are paying – with no obvious sell-on potential at the end of the deal – the 19-time English champions will spend a grand total of £72.9m on the former Feyenoord man.



    Questions may well be asked as to where the money has come from, especially given the deep concerns over United’s finances, which has received plenty of publicity in light of the Glazer family’s flotation of 10 per cent of the club on the New York Stock Exchange.

  23. NegAnon @ 12.23,


    Well at least you’re clear about your hatred. You’re wrong, tho’ about “unashamed”: hatred IS shameful.

  24. ernie



    I concur.



    There has been so little regard for procedure and the basic tenets of Scot Law that I cannot work out how we have got to this point.

  25. Macjay @ 12.35,


    Quite a few Aussies died fighting Nazi Germany: no Aussie died liberating Poland.

  26. Voguepunter, aye, sure you were.



    MWD, nothing appears beyond the pale.



    ASonOfDan, the Rapid payment will be a challenge.



    Auldheid, your point remains unanswered/un-answerable.

  27. Neil canamalar Lennon hunskelper extrordinaire on

    I seen spiers gushing about what a nice man green is, is there succulent ofal on the go

  28. re Man United and RVP deal.



    This deal sounds very familiar does it not? Pay a late-20s/30 yo a vast some of money for instant gratification with nary a nod to future resale value or what the overall outlay will do to other parts of the ‘business’.



    Can’t quite place where I recognize that strategy though.

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