Conspiracies are difficult to maintain


I am not a great believer in conspiracy theories because conspiracies are very difficult to maintain.  If two or three people know about what you are up to, you have a chance of keeping a lid on it, if the number rises to 20 or 30, your conspiracy will eventually be outed.

This is why Newco staff and players attending a party on Saturday night were exposed and why other partygoers from the same club were caught earlier in the season.  It is also why Newco were caught in July, when they played a friendly against Dundee United despite their test results (all negative) not being available until after the game.

Football is afforded discretionary status to continue to operate without normal social distancing requirements on condition rigorous testing is maintained.  This has had consequences for Celtic, who lost a significant portion of their squads in October and January when players had been in the vicinity of positive team-mates (international and domestic).

So if Newco have a lax attitude to testing, can we extrapolate that they would subvert competitions by pretending that in October a positive player who had contact with dozens of other Newco players did not happen?  Throughout their 8 year history, they have always respected the rules and spirit of the game, so it is unlikely.

If they did, the facts will out when players move on.  Several are already out on loan, more will leave soon.

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  1. Hope Phil is onto UEFA to warn them that a Club has broken Covid rules here , a club which is due to play in one of their competitions on Thursday night.The SFA will do sfa.





    P.S. You will be aware that the origins of the Pygmalion Effect as a Psychological Theory was based on one piece of 1960’s research which has since been thoroughly disproven (and was probably pockled)”



    I cannot really comment on the dismissal of the 1960`s research but I can say that in my own experience ( doing the job that Madmitch accused you of doing !) self-fulfilling prophecy did seem to have a postive effect.

  3. A rumour the huns trashed the Rowallan Country Club a few weeks ago, trashed the place, opening bottles off expensive furniture etc.




    Let’s have some fun. Let’s break down your post bit by bit and shine some light on it.



    Locally I see people who are allowed to vote but who know little about real life and who require support and guidance to make the most basic of adult decisions — bad parenting is one angle / immaturity is the other.



    You know what demographics are yes? It means what you see locally doesn’t actually mean that’s an authoritative or even vaguely representative summation of the youth?



    Lets break it down further though. I’m having fun!



    Locally I see people who are allowed to vote but who know little about real life



    Young adults don’t have a lot of life experience, it STANDS TO REASON they don’t know a lot about real life. That’s why phrases like ‘Youth is wasted on the young’ exist. That lack of experience doesn’t mean that they do not know *how* society should look. They’re aspirational, socially minded, whereas, bluntly? You’re a pariah.



    As an additional point however, you know that the ‘sweeping statement’ is a rhetorical fallacy? Of course you don’t! Otherwise you wouldn’t pepper your posts with nonsense and supposition presented as some kind of fact. There’s a reason it’s a fallacy – and it’s not because it’s right most of the time.



    However they do have political opinions to offer which generated my original viewpoint that voting should be the reserve of 25 year olds or 30 year olds.



    Or, roughly translated ‘Suppress the views of anyone that doesn’t share my beliefs’. How very fascist of you Madmitch. If it walks like a duck, quacks like a duck….. it’s probably Madmitch in god complex mode.



    Sometimes you have to move but I see no future being worked on at the moment.



    And there will be less of a future when decisions are handed over to people like you.



    Obviously I will blame Not-Jacinda but the supporting cast and their ideas is terrible.



    It’s all kinds of ironic that you accuse youth of being immature whilst peppering your posts with insults and name calling that would have my 4 year old cringing with embarrassment.



    It’s such a basic lack of self awareness on your part, and it *typifies* your ‘contribution’ on here.



    To be clear. You lower the tone. You lower the quality of pretty much every debate you participate in because when you’re not assigning playground names to people as part of your ‘USP’ you’re not actually reading peoples posts and insulting them in what you imagine their point to be.



    Latest career Hail Mary pass has me involved in post grad circles with a wide range of characters.



    Oh ok… take away the vote of the youth, but keep it in the hands of someone whose hinting about consistent career failure? Why would anyone listen to you, uncle tom?



    To add to my over 25 voting rule — the youth of today grow up very quickly post 22.



    Other than the sweeping statement here, can you post to any study (beyond your incredibly limited exposure to youth and their ‘maturity’) that backs your point up?



    Tread carefully here Madmitch, because you’re straying into ‘make people sit tests before voting’ territory.



    Post grads have a varied level of maturity — MEng 5th years wear slip on shoes.



    You’re hanging around with the wrong intellectuals. The most decorated academic I know, a professor, is still wearing his New Rock boots to work and sporting a mohawk men half his age would tremble at. My consultant/surgeon pal still wears a ‘Christian Death’ tshirt under his work shirt. What does that prove? Nothing. The difference between you and I, Madmitch, is that I’m aware of that, and aware of basic demographics.



    However much you want to offer smooth brained theories on maturity you have nothing, to back it up. And a lifetime of ‘personal insights’ won’t change that.



    However our only export industry seems to be the education of outsiders.



    Outsiders? Racist much? The same ‘outsider’ chat was ascribed to the Irish not too long ago. (It’s also ascribed to anyone driving through Shotts by locals, but that’s a different stereotype)



    There is no focus on how academics could help local industry.



    Spoken exactly like someone who has no knowledge and a lot of ignorance. You clearly know nothing about local attempts to drag areas up by the boot heels – areas that were old mining towns, towns serving heavy industries. These areas have been failed historically by Labour over 50 years, and continue to be ill served by the SNP. These areas were abandoned by Labour in the 80’s and left to fester in poverty and addiction. The youth expect better – and where they get access to education, are the most active and vocal advocates for improvements to all of society.



    And these same people are the ones you’s take the vote from – becuase you ‘know better’. I’ll crack the jokes from now on.



    Just a case of take the money and train others.



    It’s not a surprise you’re continuing with the anti-immigrant schtick, but it is jarring.



    So things need to change — however seperation will just mean the same people in charge travelling further afield to soak up the atmosphere. There will be no change — the same snouts will be in the same troughs.



    Madmitch – Shouting ‘Scotland first’ and preaching unionism at the same time. You couldn’t make it up – except it’s exactly the sort of chat Scottish Tories have used for years.



    The Tartan Tories have had 14 years to show us what they could do.



    Labout have had 3 times that, and oversaw a disastrous decline. They like Catholic schools though, so Labour good, eh?



    There list of achievements would not fill the back of a stamp.



    And your achievements?



    There failures are all around us.



    ‘Their’!! It’s ‘THEIR’!! I blame the schools.



    That was a wee joke, but if you can be juvenile? Every now and then I’ll do it too – just to show how frustrating it is. ;)



    Not a great advert for the 5.25mill people in Scotland.



    You. You are not a great advert for Scotland. Small minded, fundamentalist, bitter and cynical.




  5. !!BADA BING!! on 16TH FEBRUARY 2021 4:21 PM


    I see NL’s ban on Sky lasted long……joke.





    I think even he was embarrassed…..


    ..he never looks up at the camera -interviewer once during the clip.


    As one who often refers to ‘body language’ it was all very revealing.



    The Onlooker

  6. HS



    The debunking of the Rosenthal work is quite complex and there are still many, particularly in the fields of military and managerial reserach (two of the softer areas to convince by peddling sweet little lies) who “believe” it works.



    The fatal flaw is the dependency on the marker/ assessor knowing who is to be considered bright or capable as it becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy o.e. they will it so and see and mark according to those perceptions. When proper double-bind elements cannot be introduced, the participants have the opportunity to make the results what they want them to be.



    It is a good principle to see potential in every one. It is a truism that we all have capabilities we can develop. But we cannot make a tone deaf person an opera singer, no matter the level of Positive Thinking we apply. I have said before that, politically, I would love it if Lamarckian Genetics were proven to hold up. it is a very attractive idea but it has the unfortunate defect of being completely untrue.



    This article, written with a favourable outlook towards Rosentha;’s deeply flawed research is fairly readable but it seriously downplays the evidence that Thorndike found for unbelievable manipulation of the results of IQ scores (controversial in themselves).

  7. Madmitch…



    One thing I missed out.



    You advocate the removal of the vote from under 25’s. 18 year olds, for example, haven’t been able to vote for any government yet, and the oldest (currently 25) can only have been responsible for 4 or best estimate 8 years of SNP government. And folk that were 24 at the outset would appear to be still voting SNP.



    Your voter suppression plan doesn’t work. Unless you’re suggesting a ‘If you were under 25 in 2004 you cannot vote ever’ style means of democratic amputation.



    I’m sure everything looks logical though the lens of your empty bottle, but neither the booze or logic are your friends.




  8. SFTB


    Thanks for the reply. Some poinrs worthy of discussion if the pubs ever open again.


    Cheerio for now.

  9. The Onlooker- NL’s ‘body language ‘ comment every time a microphone is in front of him is embarrassing.




    I might have known you’d be one of the folk improving the quality of discussion on here! ;)



    The old school keeping up the impossibly high standards – we might disagree on stuff, but it’s a pleasure to see stuff like this on the blog. It really harks back to the ‘amortisation’ days. You and hot smoked should take a bow.



    If I may offer one anecdotal contribution here….



    When I played football, I played with a lot of very very good players, but one stands out – Brian ‘Killer’ Kilcline. His view was the same as mine – encourage players. The difference being, he’d won *big* trophies. He carried a real authority, but something he was steadfast on, he’d shout at players but only ever to give encouragement. Im my view he made average players around him good. And good players excellent.


    I never once heard him abuse a fellow player. Hell, after matches his wife would go around complimenting other players.



    Is this a textbook pygmalion effect? Probably not, but I’ve never saw a player, or people in any field improve by being called a ‘stupid b******’. I’ve saw a number destroyed by it though.



    Anecdotal? Absolutely. It’s not scientific, but encouragement and hope are building blocks of humanity.




  11. Yeah great idea – lets ban anyone who’s opinions we don’t like – the blog would be a much happier place – and probably empty🙂

  12. Ernie et al,



    It is a generalisation about head and heart voting intent @ 25 years old, similar to some persons maturing more quickly than others. However there is no doubt for the majority, views on life change as we get older.


    Personally I believe voting age should remain at 18.



    I also cannot understand the ongoing obsession with what was called Brexit, given that only circa 41% of eligible voters in Scotland voted to remain and that Scotland had the lowest turnout of the 4 ” nations ” .



    That ship has sailed, it is gone, kaput and we will need to live with the consequences, but much more urgently we will need to contemplate the ongoing havoc that Covid 19 is bringing to our education, economy, health and futures.


    Ironically not being in the EU with the impressive vaccine statistics may hasten our road map to new normality.




  13. P8ddy




    I am a great believer in Positive Psychology and encouragement and nurturing definitely brings better long term benefits. I definitely applied that viewpoint in all my coaching.



    However there still have to be times where you need to let people clearly know that there are consequences to behaviour and that long term or repeat indolence, lying and other anti-social behavious cannot be allowed to continue. You also have to tell people, especially in the football world, that, despite their efforts and good attitude, they have not made the grade with this particular club run by this particiular manager- Go away and try your luck elsewhere!



    Just believing Celtic could be CL contenders will not make it so. But they should be encouraged to improve as much as they can and we have to recognise some of the restrictions under which we operate.

  14. P8 @ 4.47



    Very ignorant to but into other people’s conversations.


    I would have expected better from you but your standards seem to be slipping.

  15. P8 @ 3.58



    Blow it oot yer big fat St Als erse — you nickname must be MRCA / variable geometry reasoning.



    26 counties / 1922 / 73 — compare and contrast with Scotland


    Economic development / social development / political development.


    I would suggest that the comparison has the 26 counties in a poor place.


    Local power structures / dependence on charity / lack of comprehensive national solutions.


    Bit harsh maybe but the Potato Republic jibe sticks — epecially after all they had gone through to get it.


    They had the levers of power / statehood but didn’t use them very well.



    As for your other comments — not sure they all stack up.



    Bit heavy on the anti “Brit” racism — as noted by others you should start at the top and work your way down rather than libel a large island.



    Regarding myths — not sure where it starts and where it stops?



    You seem to have it all in hand — the “Potato famine” is a myth seemingly to you.



    But you then suggest that — “The British have told themselves the comfortable lie that the potato famine was a myth”



    So what is it — the Potato famine — myth vs not a myth vs sloppy labelling?

  16. P8 @ Play School time




    Uncle Tom — I have been called worse but you fell off your high horse to type those words.



    Regarding your ma — you might want to ask her what drove the wilful “genocide” of the Irish tenant farmer / peasant class in the 1840’s by the British establishment / governmental class?



    You might be surprised by the answer — hint 1841 is my hunch



    Consequently not one of your better rants — I blame the schools.


    Power axis ?!? — you wouldn’t be doing an OU Sociology degree — would you?

  17. setting free the bears for Res. 12 & Oscar Knox on



    Fenians, really? Sad unionist conspiracy theory garbage, not worth even attempting to discuss.



    MadMitch, You really are an objectionable fella. By the way thats my opinion.

  18. P8 @ 4.46



    Fair enough — you went to St Als.



    30% accent / 30 confidence / 30% contacts / 10% small class sizes.


    What could possibly go wrong …



    But your comments at 4.46 are creepy in the extreme.


    You have spent 10 times the effort in responding to the effort I took to write them.



    I wonder why — why put in all that effort to prove beyond all reasonable doubt that you are holier than thou / self indulgent / arrogant erse.



    I fear that you are a bit raw regarding the failures of your political favourites.




    Has he said you’re “blowing out yer erse” yet?



    He has now! Predictably.



    Next he’ll be writing a strongly worded letter to Boris Johnson, or carrying a placard saying ‘Down with this sort of thing’. ;)




  20. Timmy 7



    “Fenians, really? Sad unionist conspiracy theory garbage, not worth even attempting to discuss.”




    In this instance – you are right- it’s not worth discussing……




    It was a joke in a joke post mixing up two of today’s themes – Pygmalion and the ongoing difficulty that the FM has in calling out events at Ibrox.



    What is worth discussing and what I caled on you to do yesterday was to give your view on why the FM acts the way she does. If you think opponents of hers, like myself, are taking liberties- it is not enough of a compelling argument to merely assert “You are all talking mince”. You have to give your own alternative view about what is going on ….



    Or do cult rules forbid you :-)

  21. There was a famine brought on by economic orthodoxy / political mis-management / social superiority / government chicanery / racist indifference / rent seeking.




    Or put more simply – the Brits enacted genocide on the Irish.



    sums it up.P8


    The governmental parallels with the nazi and peel,trevelyan et al are there.







    Fair enough — you went to St Als.



    I’ve pointed this out to you before Madmitch, but you don’t know me. You know nothing about me. So spare the cod psychology, because it’s pretty clear you’re trying to bluff your way through insults.



    And for the record, I didn’t go to ‘St Als’ where ever that it. I’m also *not* a Catholic.



    30% accent / 30 confidence / 30% contacts / 10% small class sizes.



    You really harbour a deep hatred of education, don’t you? You also love just making things up in your head and running with them. You’re wrong! Give it up man, you’re tilting at windmills. Laughably so.



    What could possibly go wrong …



    in your case, pretty much every assumption you’ve made, but why change the habit of a lifetime?



    But your comments at 4.46 are creepy in the extreme.



    Creepy? How so? By actualy tackling your points on logic? Holding you to account? Or by not just using ad hominem insults?



    Please, quote what you find creepy. I’m sure we’ll all be entertained by either your lack of logic or your paranoia.



    You have spent 10 times the effort in responding to the effort I took to write them.



    Don’t judge me by your effort estimates. It really wasn’t difficult at all.



    I wonder why — why put in all that effort to prove beyond all reasonable doubt that you are holier than thou / self indulgent / arrogant erse.



    Accusations with nothing behind it. Come on Madmitch, if you’re going to yap, back it up with some bite.



    I fear that you are a bit raw regarding the failures of your political favourites.



    We’ve already discussed this. But given you’re so hard of understanding, or drunk again, I’ll repeat. I’m not an SNP voter. If you’d read my post you’d see I actually lumped them in with Scottish Labour. I understand that may not suit your narrative, but its here for the attention of others so they can see though your abject garbage. And see how repetitive, yet underwhelming you are.



    That said, I *am* raw – raw at you using racist garbage like ‘potato republic’ to describe Ireland.




  23. P8 @ 5.48



    Really poor quality stuff.


    I was expecting better from you.


    However an improvement on earlier where you would seem to be trying to embarrass me with some sort of cutting / comedy analysis of an earlier post to someone else.



    Really poor show on your part.


    I fear your inner keyboard warrior is coming to the fore.



    However something to keep you occupied …



    British state policy to Ireland 1845 ‘ish.


    Another number to add to the list 1832 — and 1841.


    Might be a good place to start — ask yer ma for some help.



    Just a hunch but the moons start to align.