Conspiracies are difficult to maintain


I am not a great believer in conspiracy theories because conspiracies are very difficult to maintain.  If two or three people know about what you are up to, you have a chance of keeping a lid on it, if the number rises to 20 or 30, your conspiracy will eventually be outed.

This is why Newco staff and players attending a party on Saturday night were exposed and why other partygoers from the same club were caught earlier in the season.  It is also why Newco were caught in July, when they played a friendly against Dundee United despite their test results (all negative) not being available until after the game.

Football is afforded discretionary status to continue to operate without normal social distancing requirements on condition rigorous testing is maintained.  This has had consequences for Celtic, who lost a significant portion of their squads in October and January when players had been in the vicinity of positive team-mates (international and domestic).

So if Newco have a lax attitude to testing, can we extrapolate that they would subvert competitions by pretending that in October a positive player who had contact with dozens of other Newco players did not happen?  Throughout their 8 year history, they have always respected the rules and spirit of the game, so it is unlikely.

If they did, the facts will out when players move on.  Several are already out on loan, more will leave soon.

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    P8 @ bedtime



    You’re not very good at this are you?



    Off you pop.



    When you withdraw your racist remark, I’ll be fine for popping off. Until then? I’ll decide. For the record, I’m referring to you describing Ireland as the ‘Potato republic’.



    Here’s a tip for you Madmitch – if you play stupid games, you’ll win stupid prizes.




  2. Now it all makes sense…Talk of amortisation and a P8ddy bolding has seen us slip through the void to 2010/11. We’ll all wake up in the shower just directly…

  3. P8DDY



    I am genuinely not a political party person and have strenuously avoided references to parties in my discussions.

  4. WESTCRAIGS on 16TH FEBRUARY 2021 3:33 PM



    The tax justice report into Scottish football was scathing in its criticism of the SFA. This report was ignored by the politicians and the media in this country.



    We live in a unique society. A society dominated and corrupted by a football club.



    Scottish football, the judiciary, police Scotland, the media, politics, the financial institutions and the establishment in Edinburgh. This odious organisation contaminates all aspects of life in this country.



    *I’ve said this before and here it is again:



    The 1912 pledge by ure-primrose of deidco to the craft allowed the active unionist and freemason, who politically aligned to the lol and vociferously expressed anti-Irish and anti-Catholic sentiments, to, along with the lonesome boatman, immediately start to recruit from the ranks of both ludges and not just players only but fans, business associates, tradesmen, clerks, accountants, policemen, judicial officers of the court and most importantly members of the media who would champion the cause of deidco quietly in some places and vocally from the terracing and stands.



    Until the pledge they had won 5 ½ titles while we had 10. Until Jock arrived they added another 28 while we only 11. The fact that we are now at 51 and they’re 53 ½ is amazing.



    The tentacles of the goatshaggers travel far and wide, how else would they get away with riots in Europe and “red hand” salutes in Jerusalem. Never, never forget the reformation may have been started in Germany but it was at its calvinist strongest in Scotland and Switzerland.

  5. P8 @ after bedtime



    Are you still here?


    Currently going through Netflix …



    The wind that shakes the barley vs Magdalene Sisters vs the speeches of John A Costello



    Could be a goo one.

  6. After 8 years of SNP governance, one Scottish child in four lives in poverty. In more deprived datazones, the ratio is one in three. In many parts of Scotland. life expectancy has fallen since 2013. The number of drugs deaths is three times that of England and ten times that of Western Europe.


    Not one SNP leader gives a tinker’s curse about these data until it’s election time.

  7. P8DDY on 16TH FEBRUARY 2021 7:47 PM




    ‘ When Westminster imposes things like poll tax on Scotland (I’m old enough to not only remember, but not pay it) – It’s hard to frame Westminster as anything other than the enemy of Scotland.’






    The poll tax was introduced early in Scotland at the request of the SCOTTISH Tories.


    The poll tax was eventually abolished following riots in London by (largely) ENGLISH protestors.



    I realise hat doesn’t fit with the cult’s narrative of grievance and resentment, but there you go. It’s what actually happened.






    ‘ the last vote was a con. ‘






    You sound like Trump.

  8. LAMBERT14 on 16TH FEBRUARY 2021 8:25 PM




    *Where does it say PL blocked Tommy’s return, only says he spoke with him. DD has already said no one comes tae Parkheid without his say so.



    This has been the way since Alan McDonald foisted Kenny on us who then brought in his oul Liverpool pals as well as a parcel of Scheidt that he only saw on video.

  9. SAINT STIVS on 16TH FEBRUARY 2021 8:27 PM


    why should Paul be ashamed ?




    For doing a Smithers to Lawwell and continually spouting his agenda.


    Look where it has got us.


    Did you read what Tommy Jonhson said?

  10. GENE





    Celtic defender Stephen Welsh has resumed full training and is available for selection for tomorrow’s match against Aberdeen.

  11. TT @ 8.32



    Always surprises me that so many who have little or no day to day engagement with football suddenly become TFOD2 supporters when the wind is blowing in the right direction.



    Stretches beyond the knuckle crunchers and the Blazer wearers to the apparantly sane and balanced — shorthand way of keeping us out of their own little world without the effort of going to ludge meetings every second Wednesday.

  12. prestonpans bhoys on




    That is good news wonder if (a) Lenny will play him or (b) play him at CH or perhaps one of the full back positions😱😵

  13. Mad Mitch,


    So,the SNP have 20% of the Hun,vote,but they are trying for 30%.


    If I may be so bold,where do you get your confirmed 20% figure from.Are you personally conducting polls amongst the more gullible,just yourself,or do you have team of pollsters helping.I have since yesterday looked at 3 of the most recent polls,and none mention anything about,religion,football preferences,etc,to back your claim.


    Maybe your inside knowledge of these figures,could be shared with the rest of us,or maybe you are just talking out your arse,again.


    Entertaining,right enough,but still guff.

  14. I had a look at some of Lennys presser following the comments on his body language He is obviously looking at a monitor which is below the level of the camera.


    We have all seen a vast array of strange camera shots throughout this pandemic. I have often wondered why organisations such as the BBC do not offer a quick how-to guide for those who are going to appear on national telly.


    I am also assuming that Celtic TV were in charge of this broadcast. Fairly amateurish attempt to be honest

  15. garygillespieshamstring on

    Had a look at the Celtic shared thing. Wondering how many members / season tickets the green brigade actually have.


    Someone claimed on the thread that they contribute £1.3 million pounds per year to Celtic in season tickets alone.


    At £600 a time, that would need them to be buying upwards of 2000 season tickets a year. I thought they only had a few hundred seats.



    Just curious about what percentage of attending supporters actually belong to the group.

  16. PHILBHOY on 16TH FEBRUARY 2021 9:02 PM





    Good Celtic news!




    Hope it’s correct ,pasted it from JnP on Sent Celts :O)

  17. PeterLatchfordsBelly on

    Got to laugh at this Lawwell financial genius narrative. Just not supported by the facts at all. Our annual turnover hasn’t kept up with inflation during his time. Pretty much any bean counting diddy could’ve achieved the same. His personal remuneration on the other hand… inflation busting doesn’t cover it. And you and I are paying for it.



    Lawwell the genius is a story for mugs.

  18. TB @ 8.55



    Rough cut numbers based people I know.


    Sensible shoe types up to the odd brogue wearer.


    Middle aged and middle income who pray towards Govan and think Not-Jacinda is doing a good job.



    There are more of them than you would think.


    Stealth Nats / Stealth football fans.



    Not-Jacinda does not want to stir the hornets nest.


    Not-Jacinda wants to expand here reach in the TFOD2 support.



    Consequently she will coose her words carefully on occasion.

  19. PLB @ 9.07



    PL’s time in charge:



    T/O @ 2003/04 = £69mill


    T/O @ 2020/21 / Projected = £65mill.



    Inflation over the period = 30% at least.


    S/T inflation over the period = 40% at least.



    Something wrong somewhere.




    With respect.



    He is less than a project with no chance of making a first team appearance any time soon.



    How does that cheer me up?




  21. So. Sevco are travelling to Belgium tomorrow after a COVID breach incident where no one knows who or who they have since contacted with



    If EUFA knew they wouldn’t be happy and Antwerp would be blazing



    How on earth do they get away with this?

  22. prestonpans bhoys on




    That’s probably the North Curve capacity, or perhaps a few hundred more. The GB are the bottom half of the North Curve and would be surprised if they account for more than 800




    The poll tax was introduced early in Scotland at the request of the SCOTTISH Tories.



    Is that meant to make it sound less like an experiment on people who didn’t ask for it? It may have escaped your notice, but Scotland has never been particularly keen on Tories of any colour, Scottish or Westminster. The point remains that it was introduced without the consent of, and against the wishes of the people that Westminster is supposed to represent.



    The poll tax was eventually abolished following riots in London by (largely) ENGLISH protestors.



    I’m not sure what relevance this has to our discussion, other than illustrating further that Scotland’s wishes are entirely inconsequential to whatever party governs in Westminster. The attitude being we’ll do what we’re told. Don’t want nuclear warheads? Eat it jock. Don’t want poll tax? Eat it Jock…. repeat ad infinitum.



    I realise hat doesn’t fit with the cult’s narrative of grievance and resentment, but there you go. It’s what actually happened.



    If by what actually happened you mean – Scotland’s wishes were ignored, you’d be right. Further, as far as access to a democracy goes, you haven’t commented on the fact that Westminster isn’t really a democracy so much as an oligarchy. Doesn’t that bother you?



    Like I say, I’m not a cult member, but sometimes the people that sound most like fundamentalists are the unionists.



    You sound like Trump.



    Behave yourself Ernie. Stop being ridiculous. I referenced just a few of the issues – Breaking of purdah, numerous funding breaches that the police didn’t try very hard to investigate, and on and on. The people that behaved like trump were the people that preached a false narrative, and well you know it.



    Don’t be disingenuous. It does you a disservice. You’re more than intelligent enough to argue your case without resorting to cheap lies like that.