Conspiracies are difficult to maintain


I am not a great believer in conspiracy theories because conspiracies are very difficult to maintain.  If two or three people know about what you are up to, you have a chance of keeping a lid on it, if the number rises to 20 or 30, your conspiracy will eventually be outed.

This is why Newco staff and players attending a party on Saturday night were exposed and why other partygoers from the same club were caught earlier in the season.  It is also why Newco were caught in July, when they played a friendly against Dundee United despite their test results (all negative) not being available until after the game.

Football is afforded discretionary status to continue to operate without normal social distancing requirements on condition rigorous testing is maintained.  This has had consequences for Celtic, who lost a significant portion of their squads in October and January when players had been in the vicinity of positive team-mates (international and domestic).

So if Newco have a lax attitude to testing, can we extrapolate that they would subvert competitions by pretending that in October a positive player who had contact with dozens of other Newco players did not happen?  Throughout their 8 year history, they have always respected the rules and spirit of the game, so it is unlikely.

If they did, the facts will out when players move on.  Several are already out on loan, more will leave soon.

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    Are you for real?



    I think, therefore I am. I think.



    It matters not a jot whether you have been on this site prior to.



    It seemed to matter to you, referencing the length of time folk had been on the site. The old timers might call this cognitive dissonance.



    Clearly satire escapes you.



    Satire is usually funny rather than….um… whiney. That’s kinda the key thing about it. We probably both have things to work on here.



    Hail Hail



    Hail Satan!




  2. EL @ 4 years short



    You are losing it — 1955 was the last time the Tory family took a majority of the seats in Scotland at a UK general election.



    I say Tory family in that they were a strange mix of Conservatives / Unionists / Liberal Nationals who all sported different badges but were networked towards AE at Westmenster.



    The problem is that they never really went away — they just migrated to new badges supporting the same mix of small minds / small horizons / small ambitions.

  3. C anon.



    sitting with a highland coo headrest, shouting racist and anti irish views at the world.



    gees peace.

  4. OMG — at what point do we get in touch with the social workers?


    Not funny any more — quite sad really.


    The gaps are getting bigger.

  5. Bhoy From The Boyne on

    CELTIC have agreed a pre-contract deal with Sheffield Wednesday youngster Liam Shaw, with manager Neil Lennon saying he is pressing on with his transfer plans for next season.



    Lennon revealed that the 19-year-old midfielder had agreed terms to join the club this summer as part of his rebuild of the squad, with the Celtic boss fully expecting to lead his side into next season.



    “Of course I’m involved in the planning for the next transfer window,” Lennon said. “I haven’t said that I wouldn’t be [here next season].

  6. Bhoy From The Boyne on

    “I’ve not yet spoken to Dominic McKay, but I speak to Peter (Lawwell) every day. I speak to Dermot (Desmond), I speak to Nick Hammond.



    “We’ve completed a deal for Liam Shaw, he’s signed a pre-contract. So, that’s done and we’re looking ahead.”



    Lennon doesn’t believe that there will be huge changes to the Celtic playing personnel in the months ahead, as he discussed some of the difficulties associated with scouting during the Covid pandemic.



    And he is hopeful that perhaps some of the players who wanted to move on from the club last summer may be persuaded that their future lies with Celtic after all.



    “Things can change: mindsets can change and a lot of the players are looking very happy at the minute, albeit we’re well behind and it’s not been good enough,” he said.



    “Some of them have been put through the wringer, getting abused and criticised but there’s been an improvement and we’re looking ahead now.



    “We’ll take each individual on his own merits, the pros and cons and whether it represents good business keeping them here. What their thoughts are on the on-coming season, where we need to improve the team as well.



    “I don’t think it’s going to be a massive overhaul. People can over emphasise things, make it sound dramatic.



    “Listen, we’ve got a bit of work to do. And that’s a challenge in itself – but it’s an exciting one.”

  7. Hrvatski Jim,



    Please don’t stop posting updates – the whole situation stinks.



    Your posts encouraged me to write an email and having left it in my drafts for too long I have finished it this evening and sent on.



    More power to you mate and I’ll let you know if I get a reply.



    Hail hail

  8. Bhoy From The Boyne on

    When asked if retaining the Premiership title was a prerequisite for him to keep him in his job, Lennon said: “I don’t think it’s unfair or unrealistic but we have had mitigating circumstances throughout the course of the campaign, some of which I can’t divulge publicly.

  9. Bhoy From The Boyne on

    “But I’ve never shied away from the fact that it’s been massively disappointing and we could and should have performed better. That’s on me, my staff and the football department as well.



    “The ten was the Holy Grail, really, and it may be beyond us but we won’t give it up just yet.”



    While accepting culpability for Celtic’s poor season, Lennon says there is perhaps nothing he could do to convince some fans he is the right man for the job.



    “I have to prove myself every day,” he said. “I’ve had to prove myself ever since I walked through the door for that second time. It’s been like pushing water uphill, trying to convince some people.



    “But without trophies, we haven’t had a good season this year. If that’s enough for people to want me out, that’s fine – I can take that and understand it.



    “What I want from the end of the season, though, is for us to win games for the last couple of months. I want a really strong finish, to let the players blossom, play their football, enjoy what they’re doing and see where that takes us.



    “I don’t know [if I’ll ever convince some people] but that’s the nature of the job: it’s not a popularity contest. It’s about playing good football and winning, bringing players to the club, developing them and selling them on, which is what I’ve done over the piece.”

  10. Bhoy From The Boyne on

    “We took a decision as a club to keep the players,” Lennon said. “Really, the way the situation was, we didn’t entertain any bids for players and a lot of clubs didn’t have the money to match our price tag.



    “It’s difficult sometimes when players are unhappy – not playing for the club, just unhappy in the environment that they’re living in. Some of them have found it difficult.



    “If we had sold players at the beginning of the season, there would have been uproar. Complete and utter uproar, so I think it was the right thing to do.

  11. Bhoy From The Boyne on

    “He had issues going on in the first half of the season, but he seems to have really found his mojo,” he said. “He makes us a better team, no question of that.



    “He felt he missed out on a potential move, so he has galvanised himself and making a good contribution at the minute.



    “I am delighted with his goals obviously, but more importantly – particularly in the second half on Sunday – his all-round game was outstanding. So it was really getting close to his best again and we are just hoping that continues now.



    “He has been quite easy to manage really. He is never any problem, I have a good relationship with him. He is a very quiet lad, very laid back. He is difficult to really get to know because he is so quiet.

  12. Bhoy From The Boyne on

    “Obviously with the way things are going through this Covid period you are a little bit more disconnected from the players at times. But you speak to him one on one and he has found it difficult this season, like many of them away from the football club.



    “You can’t keep a good player down for long. He has really found good form at the minute and I am really enjoying working with him and watching him play.



    “We just kept working with him. We kept working on the training ground and cajoling him and supporting him really.



    “He has done so much for me since I came back in the second spell and it’s important that I support him as well.



    “We are getting a good response out of him now and I am very, very pleased with him now.”



    It is just a shame, from Celtic’s point of view, that their underperforming players are only just beginning to settle back down, with Lennon citing the extended transfer window as another factor in their annus horribilis.



    “It’s a very good point,” he said. “Again, it was an anomaly we haven’t come across before, the window did go on for a longer period of time.”




    Firstly, let me be clear – I share your numbers at the poverty figures. It’s a source of national shame. However, I think you’re cherry picking and giving a false impression with your presentation of figures.



    After 8 years of SNP governance, one Scottish child in four lives in poverty. In more deprived datazones, the ratio is one in three. In many parts of Scotland. life expectancy has fallen since 2013. The number of drugs deaths is three times that of England and ten times that of Western Europe.



    Shamefully, in a UK context Scotland is doing better than the rest of the UK in regard to poverty figures. To be clear, that doesn’t make them acceptable, but in order to address issues you’ll need to shed party alliances and address the elephant in the room – capitalism. As far as child poverty goes, Scotland is doing better than the rest of the UK – the only Scottish city to make the top twenty is Glasgow. In London, 58% of children will grown up in poverty.



    Drug use tends to align with poverty rates, but the UK has a sophisticated drug map and different regions abuse drugs with different toxicities and varying purities and consistencies in regard to purity. Glasgow being Scotland’s ‘Sick man’ of Europe tag has been building for way longer than the SNP have been in power, and Labour under Frank McAveety sold off a lot of property that dealt with and served vulnerable communities in Glasgow – selling the provision off to private companies that invariably fail or come up short. Additionally, the attempt be Scottish politicians to introduce ‘injecting rooms’ and other successful European policies have been scuppered at Westminster level by the insistence they’re illegal.



    I agree with you that the SNP and all other parties only care about this come election time. However that’s absolutely a wider issue.



    Poverty has been driven in no small part by the selling off of council housing and lack of rent controls. That’s not down to the SNP. And no party will sort it until rent controls are introduced, taxes are applied that target the richest corporations and individuals and we stop treating the super rich like deities.



    All parties have failed, all governments are murderers with the blood of the poor on their hands.



    Not one SNP leader gives a tinker’s curse about these data until it’s election time.



    To use your rhetoric, in terms of poverty, Scotland is outperforming the UK, despite the dodgy funding arrangements we have with Westminster and the murderous imposition of Westminster in scotching injection rooms.



    We have to move on from the party political and look that the core of the problem – The issue isn’t an SNP one. It’s a capitalism one. It’s a system that concentrates the wealth in the hands of a protected few and serves only them. If you’re looking for an escape, you’ve more chance with an independent Scotland than the oligarchy that the union presents you with.




  14. ST TAMS on 16TH FEBRUARY 2021 11:16 PM


    He actually thinks he’s going to be manager next season.







    He is delusional






    your delusional.



    match after match, the same delusional drivel.



    your views matter not a jot to the PLC.



    i expect the other 3 stooges posting in a moment.

  15. Mad Mitch,


    “Rough cut numbers of people I know”


    Mitch,you really do crack me up.


    Entertainer of the year.Keep up the sterling work.


    Hail Hail.

  16. ST TAMS…



    He actually thinks he’s going to be manager next season.



    I can’t imagine that to be the case. Lenny is a lot of things, but he’s not stupid. No one could harbour those thoughts with the season we’ve just had and the need to shift season tickets.



    He is delusional



    I can only imagine he’s putting a happy face on things in the hope of a fireball hitting Scotland and the league being scrapped.



    That said, who’d bet against it given 2020 and 2021 so far.







    I share your ANGER at the figures, not your “number at the figures’. Regardless of my sausage fingers and inability to type accurately I have no clue how I managed that gem.




  18. prestonpans bhoys on

    Lets be clear, if Lenny is here next season it will not just be a part of the upper stand covered in trampoline but all of it. Everyone’s fault but Lenny’s aff to bed, really really pished off with this guy.

  19. P8DDY



    Given your encyclopaedic knowledge of the workings of the SNP can you offer an explanation as to why not one of their elected representatives have ever voiced any criticism of their Offensive Behaviour at Football and Threatening Communications (Scotland) Act 2012?

  20. Bhoy From The Boyne on

    Marvin Bartley thinks Celtic’s struggles this season could be down to the differences in managerial styles of Brendan Rodgers and Neil Lennon.



    The Livingston captain played under the Hoops boss when he was in charge at Hibs and describes him as a motivator but “not a manager who greatly believes in tactics”.



    Asked if he anticipates big changes on and off the pitch for Celtic, the Livingston captain told Go Radio: “Well, I thought there would be a change by now so I’m not sure anymore.



    “As Neil Lennon said today, he’s quite confident in his job and is quite happy with the way things are going”.



    “You talked about coaching there and when you do Brendan Rodgers is up there with the best doing it at this moment in time so I think it was very difficult when he left to try and find somebody of the same level.



    “And I think you hit the nail on the head with Neil Lennon.



    “I’ve worked underneath him, fantastic motivator but not a manager who greatly believes in tactics whereas I think Brendan was quite the opposite so I think that some of problems that Celtic are facing at the moment, the players who played under Brendan and the boys who have been brought in after are maybe on two different wavelengths.



    “If you’ve gone from a manager that’s all about where you should be when the ball is here. All about going to full-back positions and all these other things then you have another manager who is like ‘well, you go out there and work out the problems for yourself’ and then he motivates you to do that, I think at times it’s not as seamless as it had been before. That could be part of the problem that Celtic do have.”




    Given your encyclopaedic knowledge of the workings of the SNP can you offer an explanation as to why not one of their elected representatives have ever voiced any criticism of their Offensive Behaviour at Football and Threatening Communications (Scotland) Act 2012?



    Given your abilities to put words in other peoples mouths and draw nefarious conclusions, I’m sure you’ve already decided what they are.



    I’ve said it to MadMitch but I’ll repeat for your given your persistent inability to take in the most basic information in good faith – I’m not an SNP voter, or defender or member, or whatever. Take this the right way, but bugger off with this abject nonsense. I’m sick of it.




  22. P8DDY on 16TH FEBRUARY 2021 11:43 PM




    It’s amazing how many people on here who don’t vote for or support the SNP.



    It’s a bit like how many of the SMSM don’t support the huns.



    Just seem to carry a bit of a candle for them.

  23. P8DDY on 16TH FEBRUARY 2021 11:43 PM



    you played a blinder today,



    man of the match performance.



    calling out the racist, setting records straight.



    keep it lit.




    As an additional point – I’ve posted long and hard about the OBAF act and it’s ability to empower the police to commit human rights abuses on football fans. To be clear, given the police discretion to decide anything, far less decide what is criminal and what isn’t stands counter to the notion of both fairness, jurisprudence and specifically the notion of innocent until proven guilty.



    Any other weasel words to offer or are you done with your shenanigans? I wondered why some people on the blog couldn’t stand you. Consider the scales removed from my eyes. You’re a bad actor.



    That said – to burst your bubble a little- if you think that act was only an act of aggression against or aimed at Celtic you’re the worst sort of paranoiac.



    Rinse and repeat – P8ddy is NOT an SNP voter or member. is that clear? Good. Begone troll!







  25. Evening from a snow covered Louisville, something of a rarity for us. Dropping down to -12c tonight, Friday even further to -16c. When you factor in the wind chill it’s more like -20c. Makes for great dog walks and clearing the path with a snow shovel and beer. I need more hands. I also need my neighbours to clean their sidewalks!



    “Most people do not listen with the intent to understand. Most people listen with the intent to reply.”



    Have had to do daily Teams meetings for my folks that cannot make it into the office and I mentioned that quote to them last week on a call as I could always see them just waiting to refute, deny or deflect anything I said. Not all of them by the way, just the current problem child.






    Talk of conspiracy theories are rife everywhere these days it seems. Read these the other day while going down a wee interwebs rabbit hole and the posts on here today made me think of them. Enjoy if you can, I learned a few new words as well! 





  26. P8DDY on 16TH FEBRUARY 2021 11:51 PM




    The personal abuse suggests you’re rattled.



    Have I hit a nerve?

  27. I can go to bed happier having read Marvin Bartley’s thoughts on Celtic’s travails



    Thanks for that




    It’s amazing how many people on here who don’t vote for or support the SNP.



    Wow. Ernie in straw man shocker. No wait… that’s your stock in trade. Poor faith, snide accusations and tinfoil hat wearing paranoia.



    It’s a bit like how many of the SMSM don’t support the huns.



    Or it might be if your point wasn’t just made up nonsense designed to shore up the ‘arguments’ you make (cause). To be clear, you don’t make points, you have arguments.



    Whatever is lacking in your life meaning you get kick from ad hominem attacks and falsehoods, go see a psychotherapist instead of inflicting your inferiority complexes on the rest of CQN.



    Just seem to carry a bit of a candle for them.



    Well, I’m happy to set the record straight. Not that you’ll listen, but here’s a more specific breakdown. I’ve made this a number of times to you and your ilk, but just in case it sticks this time…



    I’m not an SNP member or voter. To be even clearer – I’m pro Scottish independence and a long time SSP and/or communist party voter. My politics are in the main, anarcho-socialist. If you’d been paying attention all these years you’d have noticed my fanboyism for Malcolm X, Noam Chomsky, Richard Wolff, Hugo Chavez and Nestor Makhno amongst others. Of course, that would require you switching off ‘broadcast’ mode and paying attention.




  29. tit-Toaty Trumper @ 10.01.



    me- fud!



    tit-Another session of blaming everyone but offering nothing.







    tit-Talking about the need for redistribution but no comments about the people who have made it happen — TB / GB.



    me-mitchi we have been here before. i was meaning from rich to poor not the other way



    me-The Fettes Bhoy(am sure they play St Als at rugger) prince andrewed your marketing exercise from the much so that the poor weak and needy no longer feel akin to a party that should be theirs.


    -little wonder he won with murdoch and the millydowler phone tappers wanting his guy in


    -Iraq how did that go for the liar? .



    me-The 11 fingered son o the manse as chancellor provided exponential growth in the offshore industry.



    me-The tax advisory industry was another(all v socialist) redistributive example of wealth



    me-both the above example are a continuation of conservative market policy just like the 11 fingerfumblers first 2 budgets



    me-shant even mention pfi’s guised as manse public exp.still payin gordi


    me-not even mentioning the nationalization of Banking debt that cost what? 10 years of austerity….thats right it wisnae the war criminals fault.



    tit-Your comments on the drug death situation were particularly galling — the situation has been building up over the past 14 years as support and services for addicts has been gutted by the Nats in plain sight and you focus on some political willi waving between Holyrood and Westminster over the past 18 months.



    me- no you make my point perfectly.reread and think before posting….ohh ok dont bother!




    tit-Aye right as they say locally — at best you are lazy and lacking confidence.



    me-Thanks Michi. fascinating self analysis! and you know do that, establishin a false assumption and layering it is a common haçk ploy you do to much but you know that.


    You were an utter embarassment earlier with your racism.



    tit–At worst you are a cheapshot troll throwing pebbles into a pond.



    me-You should meet people of cqn.they are not a bad bunch.your head might not be so empty and at least then your assumptions may have a foundation.but i dont think you will.come out from behind your thimbles.

  30. CELTIC40ME on 17TH FEBRUARY 2021 12:03 AM



    I can go to bed happier having read Marvin Bartley’s thoughts on Celtic’s travails



    Thanks for that





    lol did make me laugh


    game day at least we got that to look forward to :-)







    The personal abuse suggests you’re rattled.



    In addition to not being a good faith actor, you’re an awful judge of mood too.



    I’m not rattled! :D You think falsehoods rattle me? Dream on, happening boy. I’m irritated by your inability to take in basic facts. Or even to try and be something other than a bad actor.



    You irritate, you don’t rattle. Frankly, you don’t make enough salient points to rattle people. If you think being really really annoying is a victory, go you – but again, it points more to your need for therapy than any great intellectual aptitude.



    Have I hit a nerve?



    Oh no. You’re heading down the Matt Damon ‘Good Will Hunting’ rabbit hole where you imagine your’e scoring points by being some sort of savant…



    Again, for the sake of clarity and sanity – you’re not hitting a nerve or scoring points by positing inaccurate garbage!! It’s all in your head! Please… I implore you. Stoppit. All your doing is showing yourself to be a troll that doesn’t really have a point to make but that delights in being a scourge. It’s not a positive character trait. Are you 14? If so, go get a girlfriend and come back when you have enough maturity to comport yourself in a reasonable manner.



    You’ve not hit a nerve, you’re just really really disappointing.



    Again, for the purposes of clarity – I’ve not directed one bit of personal abuse at you. It’s really telling that you think this is what’s happening. I’ve told you that you’re being irritating – because I’m trying to be honest with you in the hope you’ll stop being insufferable. You’re just really annoying Ernie. That’s the long and the short of it. The purposeful mischaracterisation of people’s points (not just mine) is something you continuously employ. It’s dull. You think you’re out there setting the record straight when all people want to do is serve you.



    So, no, you’ve not ‘hit a nerve’. To do that would mean you grasped something i’d said, or even took something at face value and offered something substantive back. You have been really really annoying though. I guess that’s something you an tell your pals when schools go back. I remember the good old days when I thought that was funny too. About 35 years ago.




  32. CELTIC40ME …



    I can go to bed happier having read Marvin Bartley’s thoughts on Celtic’s travails



    By even commenting Paddy Power will be dropping the odds of him being next Celtic manager! :D