Conspiracies are difficult to maintain


I am not a great believer in conspiracy theories because conspiracies are very difficult to maintain.  If two or three people know about what you are up to, you have a chance of keeping a lid on it, if the number rises to 20 or 30, your conspiracy will eventually be outed.

This is why Newco staff and players attending a party on Saturday night were exposed and why other partygoers from the same club were caught earlier in the season.  It is also why Newco were caught in July, when they played a friendly against Dundee United despite their test results (all negative) not being available until after the game.

Football is afforded discretionary status to continue to operate without normal social distancing requirements on condition rigorous testing is maintained.  This has had consequences for Celtic, who lost a significant portion of their squads in October and January when players had been in the vicinity of positive team-mates (international and domestic).

So if Newco have a lax attitude to testing, can we extrapolate that they would subvert competitions by pretending that in October a positive player who had contact with dozens of other Newco players did not happen?  Throughout their 8 year history, they have always respected the rules and spirit of the game, so it is unlikely.

If they did, the facts will out when players move on.  Several are already out on loan, more will leave soon.

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    you played a blinder today,



    Thank you! :)



    man of the match performance.



    It’ll be my first! I’ll give big Kilcline a phone he’ll be made up for me! :D :D



    calling out the racist, setting records straight.



    I can’t believe anyone who regards himself as a Celtic fan using that terminology. It’ll never change if its not called out.



    keep it lit.



    Thank you – that’s ending the night on a proper high note for me. Means a lot my friend. It’s good to feel like there are allies in the Celtic family, that’s for sure.



    Right… I’m off to shout at the cats!


    Have a fine evening!



  2. All this Marvin Bartley stuff sent me back down that anagram rabbit hole.



    “Barmy Liar Vent” as some on here might say.


    “Ream Vibrantly” as nobody ever said.


    That “Brat marvel yin.”



    Back to chopping onions and garlic.

  3. Sumbdy get the multiple multiple-monikered, supposed Las Vegan, mad man to confirm whether or no’ he has a talkin’ dug that wags its tail a loat……………..?




    Aw god, no’ again.

  4. An Tearmann on 17th February 2021 12:48 am



    Saw this the other day with the headline “Man Utd legend.” Not a mention of the “Quality Street Gang.”



    I was probably hoping for too much.

  5. garygillespieshamstring on

    There is a great programme about how he brings a guy with special needs into the Stoke dressing room set up.


    Can’t remember if it was the guy featured in the news clip. Can’t remember the name of it but we’ll worth the watch.



    I left Lou without a name for leaving Celtic for manure and his management stint at Celtic park.



    However these two things have sent him way up in my estimation. Just shows how wrong you can be about people.

  6. Aipple.



    how ye? my friend hope your heatin is on :-)



    was speakin to mate in Dallas in snow.highways blocked with carsbroken down.pipes frozem.his texan wife is bewildered.



    on wee Lou Aipple he is doing grand work and for the hand he is giving to others now i am content with his link and history to Celtic.



    You stay safe out there.




    Game today so lookin forward to that.




  7. AT



    Game today indeed. Have my calendar at work blocked out for this one. NO CONF CALLS!



    Was also chatting to some Texas folks today, in Louisville with their wee girls for a dance competition.



    One without water, the other with too much (her pipes burst), pleasant wee group. First time in US history (i believe) that all of Texas was under a winter advisory.



    Agree on Lou. Happy enough to know where his teeth were cut.



    Off to check on my chili and let the dog out.




    I would just love to know everything about everything.





    It’s no big deal.

  9. EUROCHAMPS67 on 16TH FEBRUARY 2021 12:16 PM



    Same club myth.



    Going for 55 myth.



    These two articles pave a path to challenge both myths based on the integrity protection aspect of UEFA FFP.



    Both contain a fair bit of detail but end up at the same destination: – the probity of Scottish football.



    Anyone wishing to tackle the issue either individually or via supporters groups will find a sound basis for doing so having absorbed the message from both.



    The first is from Phil McGiolla Bhain picking up where he left off in 2018 on how UEFA view Rangers.



    The lie of 55 :



    and the second from a very god blogger on The Celtic Star covers the challenge to 55 based on the rescuing the probity of Scottish football.





    They are both worth taking the time to read if the same club and going for 55 myth rips your particular knitting.

  10. Good morning from another matchday in the Garngad



    Still wet and windy here.



    For all our USA Bhoys stay safe in that unprecedented weather you are having.



    Bring on the Dandy Don’s. Who I believe are in a bad run of form. So come on Bhoys let’s get a good convincing win tonight.






    D :)

  11. Bhoy From The Boyne on

    I have watched enough of Celtic since NL returned to know he hasn’t got the tactical or in game management skills to cut it 2nd time around.



    Out thought on the pitch as our host has said.



    He has gone through death threats and gone through personal hell to play/manage Celtic. He received huge support from the fans on the sectarian bile while bringing success to club in both spells as manager. For which I am grateful, particularly for stepping up when BR left.



    But his own management performance this season simply has not been good enough. He would have been relieved of his duties months ago at any elite club.



    History will look back on our failed 10iar quest with a footnote on the global pandemic and ‘mitigating factors’. However for me, the single biggest contributory factor will be the ineptitude of our first team management team this season to enhance on field performances, for which NL ultimately holds responsibility.



    Mock Marvin Bartley post should you choose. However he is only one in a list of players who has played under NL and expressed his management and tactical approach to games. Bartley is a professional footballer who played under him. He also played under Eddie Howe & contrasts approaches in the article. I think he is qualified to comment on his thoughts looking from the outside, drawing from his own experience of NL’s management.



    I won’t post the article as it’s from the Daily Record.

  12. Some absolute nonsense on here last night, like an over enthusiastic supply teacher, marking everybody’s homework.

  13. Late last night. I had a sarcastic dig about our signing of Liam Shaw.


    I should have made it clear, I know absolutely nothing of the player. My frustration comes from the fact I have no faith whatsoever in our scouting, coaching and mngmt team who have shown no ability whatsoever in buying and then developing players. 19 year olds still require a lot of good coaching – does anyone trust Lennon and Kennedy to do so?


    And the bigger question, who is identifying, endorsing and signing off on the deal? The same guys who we all (mostly) want out?






    BFTB – Great post



    D :)

  15. Bhoyfeomtheboyne



    no link to the post?


    a post which is a bolt on summary of an interview already done?


    an a loaded rehash at that.



    So when this season did you roll on bandwagon?


    çause never seen your critique during 9iar!


    that is for sure



    was just askin for the worries if you dont want to.similar stuff in todays rekkkord.







    There is a great programme about how he brings a guy with special needs into the Stoke dressing room set up.


    Can’t remember if it was the guy featured in the news clip. Can’t remember the name of it but we’ll worth the watch.



    Its called ‘Marvellous’ starring Toby Jones…… a magical wee film.

  17. AIPPLE on 16TH FEBRUARY 2021 11:53 PM



    Thanks for the links, I can now read comics for the rest of the day guilt free :-)






    All the best, pal.

  18. BFTB @ 7.21



    The issue is not with NL — he was given an offer he could not refuse.


    The issue is with the exec level — PL specifically — who made him that offer.


    He had not been good enough once and now — with other CVs unopened in a drawer — we give him the full time gig again and hobble him by not allowing him to choose his own staff.



    It was never going to end well — and guess what it hasn’t ended well.


    NL should never have been put in this situation.



    Games are now being played and the team is paying the price.

  19. Anarcho-socialist — WTF !!??!! — @ 12.03


    aka middle class attention seeker @ the edge of reason



    I fear you doth protest too much.


    Compare and contrast:



    Your comments at 11.21 last night — Tartan Tory Excuse Central


    With your comments at 11.43 / 12.03 — some sort of Marvel comic Super Marxist / Tommy Sheridan groupie.



    That is some road to travel in 22 minutes.


    Even Hollywood would struggle to sell that one.



    As noted before — you need to spend more time with your storied mother.


    Her historical bent might help you understand the 26 counties — 1922 / 73.


    If it was not a Potato Republic — then what was it?


    What are your thoughts — no bold please.



    That is if she is still speaking to you after you dumped on the Catholic Church.


    Not so much a reasoned critique — more a Drug Cartel drive by with a Gatling Gun.


    Sloppy doesn’t come into it.

  20. Anarcho socialist — moon howling for loners / ego trippers more like.


    It must have been a huge disappointment to you that you never got the politics job at an Ivy League college. The only place in the world where that self indulgent tripe has any sort of credibility.



    Oh yes — The working class would be truly free if they attended more post grad politics tutorials given by middle class dreamers — aye right.



    Also — you must be great pals with IMacW at the comic formerly known as the Herald.


    He had a similar dalliance with micro marxism.


    He must have been too posh for the Labour Party.


    Bit like yourself.

  21. FSC @ 8.24



    Shows what a bit of thought can do — people actually using their brains rather than just collecting rent.


    The feeling of space / the separation / the open public space.



    Wee LMac might be on to something.


    The hard part is the long slog of keeping it that good.



    If the will is there things get done — homelessness gets sorted in a time of pandemic because the homeless suddenly have a cost / benefit to society. Keep them CoViD19 free and it makes it safer for the rest.



    However too many find release from real work by dredging up excuses not to do anything.

  22. In the light of the signing of Liam Shaw I looked up the history of Sheffield Wednesday and noticed that they wore hoops in 1878.

  23. Well done Lou macari.



    Fav Unc.


    I find him easy to ignore.



    Off to the golf . Yippee !

  24. “FU” @ 9.00



    No — spleen has been vented.


    Now into huts in industrial sheds by way of LMac.

  25. Who the hello is authorising signing someone for next season.


    Is it Dominic McKay, as no one who is presently there should be.