Contagion from omnishambles, welcome Brendan


Let’s be clear about this, there are Celtic fans who believe we need a club called Rangers to survive in the manner which we’ve all become accustomed to over the last couple of decades. That without them, we will wither on the vine.

Some of this is correct. In the years following the liquidation of Rangers we lost TV, commercial, mechanise and season ticket income. We play in a league with significantly less competition, which blunts players’ edge and makes Celtic Park a less attractive place to play or be a spectator.

The important question for Celtic fans is what do they actually want from their club? I’ll cope when we were only a few points ahead of Aberdeen, or getting knocked out of the League Cup by Ross County, while being eliminated from Europe by increasingly obscure teams. I’ll still be there supporting my team.

I accept that not everyone will, some of us want the edge of your seat tension – and that’s all right. But I’d ask anyone who pines for the old days to consider the omnishambles of a football team we glimpsed over the weekend. There was no wonder era in the past when we benefited from a great rivalry without destructive contagion.

They were never good for us. Whatever about Celtic is dependent on them is not worth having.

This afternoon we welcome our new manager, Brendan Rodgers, to Celtic Park for the first time. This morning I recalled Ricky Fulton’s words in the video clip below, “It only remains for me to welcome you to the club, Brendan.” A different club, of course, but there’s a morality tale within.

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  1. BRENDAN Rodgers will be officially unveiled as Celtic manager at Celtic Park this afternoon. And due to the unprecedented levels of interest over his appointment and the anticipated number of Celtic supporters expected at the stadium today, the Main Stand will be open from 3.30pm today for fans wanting to greet the new manager.


    Fans can come along to Paradise today and enjoy a special Celtic event. Brendan Rodgers will have a press conference at the stadium at 4pm, which fans will be able to watch live on the big screens inside the stadium, before the new manager will be introduced to the Celtic fans inside the stadium at 6pm.


    Parking is available in car parks at the Clyde Gateway and behind the Lisbon Lions Stand.


    Paradise is the place to be today as Brendan Rodgers begins his reign as Celtic manager.

  2. The Green Man says SACK THE Board on

    Clean the SFA stable.


    Strip the Titles


    Expose the Sevco Bigots.


    Investigate the Masonic Referees


    Fight the Hun media


    Stop the cheating.




  3. Why on the BBC is it still the Level 5 keek still being peddled.. Why is Gordan Smith still referred to as ex SFA Chief Exec and his previous position with the Deady Bears not referred to?



    More importantly why is their no reference to the same flies wanting to wallow up to their knees in my blood not getting a mention?



    Hope the Scottish sports dept is the first to go when the licence fee disappears. British Biased Corporation.



    And by the way first “churnalist” to attempt to derail the news conference re The Blessed Brendan’s appointment with attempt to link us into the new teams collapse at the weekend or their blatant whataboutery should have his/her and the “paper” they purport to represent press credentials removed.



  4. kevinlasvegas on

    Yeah Eurochamps. Bathed in sunshine. Welcome to Paradise.







  5. How about we sort out our own club.



    Growth agenda.



    Charity / supporting the locality dimension.


    No more bonus induced coasting.


    No more agent friendly transfers.


    Stop dreaming start doing.


    Work every possible angle.



    BR is a good start.


    Re-energising the squad is another step forward.


    Sensible buying policy — loans if required.


    Plan for success — where do we want to be?



    After 7 years or possibly even 8 years of stagnation we have a lot of growing / developing to do.


    Hopefully there is now a focus on what we can be rather than one based on how little we could get away with.

  6. Rebecca Kidley ‏@rebeccakidley


    Thats Rangers statement is great. It’s like Saudi Arabia having a go at Norway for their human rights record

  7. !!Bada Bing!! on

    Brendan will be asked about Hampden on Saturday,I hope he bats the question straight back at the lapdogs

  8. Last night’s Sevco statement may just be the most crazy thing they have ever said. And that’s saying something. If was also dangerous because it named individuals.



    If that statement doesn’t bring the game into disrepute, I don’t know what does! No doubt the Compliance Officer is on to it…



    [*Cough Cough Cough*]

  9. Twenty Minute Tims ‏@20MinuteTims


    We will be periscoping live from tonight’s Brendan Rodgers unveiling. Check back around 5:30.


    Please RT #Periscope

  10. GlassTwoThirdsFull on

    No Old Firm!


    It benefits one club only.


    That club is NOT Celtic.


    Why do you think the MSM are so desperate for it?


    Don’t be taken in.

  11. Selective memories at work.


    Alec McDonald waxing eloquent about THEM being banned from Europe for post match invasion at Barcelona.


    Doesn’t seem to remember pitch invasions during play.

  12. leftclicktic on

    There will be 3 generations of my family there to welcome Brendan to our club.



    I will be the oldest :((((

  13. P67


    Paul , with your leader, has there been a conversion on the road to Damascus? Over the years I always got the impression that you felt that Celtic needed thems to compete with us to make our league competitive and attractive to the various sponsors.


    Maybe I’ve read it wrongly. Has DD changed the game plan?




  14. The Rangers, Sevco, call them what you will, different shi*, same flies…staggering the level of self grandeur they possess.



    Anyway, beautiful day to celebrate on the Way the arrival of Brendan, no chance that horrible lot are going to ruin this day for us.




  15. Anyone attending tonight and intending sitting in ES2 seat M21 just remember your duty to the celebrity watch. Wouldn’t want ole Bournesouprecipe disappointed on that score!







  16. As we ponder the stupidity of the Rangers (Jabba) statement, we must turn our minds to those, and there are quite a few on here, who constantly berate our CEO, largest shareholder and board for staying ‘silent’.



    “Tell Rangers they are this”, ‘Tell the SFA they are that”, “Tell the papers they are the next thing”, ” Tell Lawwell to **** off”, “Sack the Tory board”, ” Get rid of the absent landlord Desmond”



    The bitter ramblings released by Rangers is exactly the kind of tripe some on here would like Celtic to be involved in.



    I hope that now they will see how wrong they are about this and most other things they advocate.

  17. The Green Man says SACK THE Board on

    Dharma Bam



    Let me set the scene….my take on political justice.



    A huge crowd surrounds George Square, a strange ambiance of silence and barely concealed terror pervades the grey cold winter morning.


    The dreaded sound of the creaking mobile guillotine as its wheeled into the square, sends a shiver through hearts of the spectators.


    As the prisoners are taken down from the tumbrels, shouts are heard from the crowd…’Aye, your noo too chirpy noo Willie Rennie’


    ‘See you McAskill….you deserve it, so ye dae’


    ‘Haw Ruth,…Yer tea’s out….Speech, Speech’


    ‘Murdo Fraser…GIRUY, ya nugget’



    And so, the feeble, but still big mouthed Scodddish politicians, struggled and screamed all the way to the guillotine….’it wisnae nuthing tae dae wi me’ screamed Tommy Sheridan…..and the crowd shouted back…’Aye it wis’


    ‘Listen, we can sit doon and sort this out’ shouted Willie Rennie…..’Naw’ the crowd replied.


    ‘But ye canny dae this’ shouted wee Nicola…..’Aye we sure can’…replied the frenzied crowd.


    In minutes it was all over…the miscreants were despatched to meet their Master, Dave King, and the crowd dispersed, whistling, drinking whisky, and generally larking about on the way home to their weavers cottages….Glad to be alive:)



    The End




  18. Does anyone know if Brendan’s press conference will be shown live on Celtic TV?

  19. Matts I agree with quite a lot of that………but, as long as the behind the scenes pressure from our people is consistent.

  20. Surely there can only be one course of action.


    Strip Hibs of cup and give their place in Europe to THEMS.

  21. Rock Tree Bhoy on

    Still gobsmacked at their holier than thou ramblings…



    “It is to be hoped all of Scottish football will share Rangers’ disgust and any attempts to attach blame to our supporters for the disgraceful and violent behaviour, which led to our players and fans fearing for their safety, will not be accepted or tolerated by this club



    Completely bonkers

  22. The Green Man says SACK THE Board on

    I detect a certain Mr Pastry in the house.


    How clever you are, almost fooled the blog with your inscrutable, curve-ball intellect.





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