Containing consequences


It still stings, but we need to park the pain of defeat and get back on the horse tomorrow.  Reversals can become infectious, they can drive confidence into a spiral. For my money, this phenomenon in part formed Brendan’s reaction after the game on Wednesday. He was relatively upbeat, containing the consequences by saying whatever positives were available.

Kilmarnock are the only domestic opponents to beat Celtic this season, so we have are reasons to be cautious.

Our motivation should be clear, win, and put seven points between us and St Mirren, with the Paisley club playing Newco on Sunday. Let’s hope our Glasgow rivals can do is a favour and peg Saints back.

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  1. MM,



    You change this kind of low ball thinking first and foremost. It leads to the inevitable lack of investment that leads to poor results that leads to poor co-efficients to qualification risk. You’re not solving for it.



    “It is vital that we retain a cash buffer in reserve,” adding “history tells us that we will not always qualify for the Champions League,”



    Move the level of risk from the boardroom bean counters to the footballing operations (when was the last time we asked our benefactors to go to their pockets? It’s our money and not theirs, they are hoarding).



    Build a coherent plan based on your intent to punch upwards in Europe, not create rainy day funds.



    Our ground, our infrastructure, our ambition to repeat our legacy as a European team have all been put on hold until the prize of a new league comes to us. For all the low level ambition we still managed to pay yer man Lawell millions a year to execute this ‘strategy’, based off a 1994 stadium build and a basket case of a rival the only domestic threat.




  2. GP,



    did you only start washing your hands because of the pandemic ? did you not do that before ?

  3. glendalystonsils on

    QUADBHOY on 6TH OCTOBER 2023 1:36 PM



    I enjoy a laugh at widow Twanky and her Sevco pantomime all-stars as much as anyone . I don’t think we


    should worry about depriving ourselves of that pleasure in case it leads to lax performances from us . They are merely a sideshow .

  4. Burnley 78 – if you recall my post from the game at Ibrox, three things:



    1. I disagreed with the team selection as did many others. Plenty of supporters feared the worst that day.


    2. I said I was too nervous and wouldn’t be able to watch it but said good luck to everyone watching it. Hardly stomping out.


    3. I came on later and apologised for my lack of belief in the team.



    To be honest, in amongst all the comings and goings on here, I am amazed that that particular post sticks in your mind and not the 100s of others I have made supporting the team, the mngmt and the board.



    I take my hat off to you and anyone else who never look at a team selection or set up and disagree with it. I foolishly thought we were all allowed to have an opinion on the blog, without fear of being criticised for ever and a day for being wrong?



    I’ll leave the place to you and the others that think similarly.




  5. Bhoy From The Boyne on

    Maybe part of the answer for ensuring year on CL participation is to use the loan system better for established first team ready players.



    If we can’t afford the transfer great and salaries for higher level players out of so called top 5 leagues, then loan them to help our competitiveness.



    I have never been a big fan of loans without an option to buy, but if it increases our CL competitiveness and gives us a better chance of CL participation each season, then why not!



    Our club simply has to be at the top table of European football.




  6. MELBOURNE MICK @ 1:51 PM,



    Always great to see you posting and no doubts you have a point, yet it must be half a dozen times B78 has brought it up.



    Just thought



    Enuff Already:))



    Hail Hail

  7. that akward moment when your team called rangers dies, and somebody comes along and repurposes their name.

  8. “GREENPINATA on 6TH OCTOBER 2023 1:40 PM


    Most of us now routinely wash our hands throughly with soap and hot water after visiting the toilet.”



    I had too much juice on Wed and had to use the facilities at H/T for the first time in years and I’m not sure “most of us” is true!!



    Ever since I did a food hygiene course I have always carried hand gel and as advised I use it AFTER leaving the lavvies as the toilet doors/handles are covered in germs. The things that stick in your brain eh? My g/f at the time took me out for a birthday meal after that course and I couldn’t eat a bite!!





    I don’t think we should worry about depriving ourselves of that pleasure in case it leads to lax performances from us”



    Agreed – we can multi task !




  9. glendalystonsils on




    That makes sense . What benefit do we get from our link up with City group for example ?

  10. Melbourne Mick on

    Thank you for the reply BIG WAVY



    I do understand your argument, but I think I was looking


    for a way out of this SP HELL


    We rise and sack the board as we did before, and I’ve got


    the shares to prove it,


    But what next, where, when , how.


    It’s easy talking a big game, but when it comes to the nitty


    gritty, that’s a whole new ball game.


    Great talking, well past my bedtime, picking up a visitor


    from GLESGY in the morn, will see any reply in the morn.


    H H. Mick

  11. BURNLEY78- from earlier,I have had a season ticket for the last 38 years.Blogs and being at games is always about guys having different opinions, or else we are North Korea. Luckily I sit in the main stand rear,and no muppets or serial moaners around me. Atmosphere wise MON time was the best for me,the team and the Club were on it’s knees,up against a very good, financially doped Oldco,seem to remember more games at 3pm on a Saturday than these days,you had the feeling we were at the start of something special, and it was,he will always be my favourite Celtic manager

  12. An Tearmann



    Superannuated Fenian.



    Thanks for that. Whatever it means.




  13. SS,



    Those of us who work in a close knit confined environment have always been aware of the value of good hygiene.



    Long before the pandemic there were still contagious infections like norovirus that had to be mitigated.



    The best mitigation was and is constantly washing hands in soap and hot water.



    That is why it is not a trivial laughable issue. It is basic hygiene and lack of basic facilities is frankly indefensible.



    We have had a good discussion this morning on this and differing instances where we as a family oriented club should do better.



    All are important topics that need to be highlighted to the many supporters who can’t or choose not to go to Parkhead.



    Our many supporters who live abroad or are infirm or simply priced out supporters need to be informed that there are concurrent issues that need money spent in addition to player acquisition and retention.



    Hail hail.

  14. Prestonpans bhoys on

    I went for a pee after the game and the bogs under 110 still had paper towels, that’s a first. Water a freezing though…….

  15. For years and years, being a germaphobe i try not to touch handles in public places, always carry hand gel, and tried not to go to the toilets in celtic park,



    hot water should be provided, end of.



    why they built with adepquate plumbing god knows

  16. I heard from a good source that our hot water had to go to therapy.



    Apparently, it had trouble letting off steam!



    Boom tish csc




  17. DENIABHOY @ 1:54 PM,



    You are a fine poster who shouldn’t be driven off the site IMO



    Remember, there are ghuys with agendas



    For them it’s all about perception



    Here’s some anti ~ Brendan negativity between the St Johnstone game and the Ibrox game, they casually forget…



    CELTIC40ME @ 28TH AUGUST 2023 6:41 PM,



    …maybe we should have done what Marinos done ultimately and appointed Muscat to stay true to Angeball, a system dependent on the sum being better than the parts.




    BURNLEY78 @ 28TH AUGUST 2023 7:31 PM,






    For me Muscat was the solution. I was amazed it didn’t happen. ESP with Mark Lawwell’s connection.



    Personally I think Brendan is doing a great job under the circumstances but if he thinks Muscat would be doing better that is a legitimate opinion.



    Yet to continually slag posters for doing what he and many of others do on a regular basis is not a great look



    IMO of course



    Hail Hail




    If the link up with City ever really existed, which I’m not sure about, surely it was more of a casual arrangement because of Mark Lawwell being employed there?



    And didnt Ange come from a City group club having worked closely with ML?

  19. bournesouprecipe on




    Yip, it was the last of the ‘old style’ stadia and its design and status has been alluded to by Paul67, more than once.



    The notion of ‘build it and they will come’ overtook ‘ our needs for a new home back in 1994.



    The stadium is so 90’s, and its worser than basic needs, it has accident waiting to happen written all over it, as incidents in access and egress have shown when Police Scotland etc have more than once, screwed up.



    Down with hole in the wall toilets, no more spliffing up or too greasy mince pies, up with finishing the footprint properly, with hotel, museum, cafes, and a second tier on the main stand.



    Oh and a few ‘pure kwality CL’ signings as well




  20. Back to Basics - Glass Half Full on




    Matt O’Riley’s leg did it according to VAR.



    Worst case scenario.



    If he’d been a fraction quicker he might have been in position to challenge the header.



    A fraction slower?



    He wouldn’t have started to extend his leg and plant his foot … and goal would have been offside.




  21. CHAIRBHOY on 6TH OCTOBER 2023 2:35 PM



    You’ve obviously got a long memory for these things but I’m afraid it’s failed you on this occasion.



    I didn’t post that, it’s a quote from a post by BIG WAVY.



    Brendan is Celtic manager now, he gets my full support

  22. Tom McLaughlin on

    Once again we witnessed the embarrassing spectacle of supporters of a European club paying good money on flights, hotels and match tickets, only to endure a restricted view behind a huge pillar holding up the South Stand roof.



    This obstruction has been in place — at both ends of the stand — for more than 50 years.



    What an impression to leave in the memory of foreign visitors to Celtic Park.




    Are the pillars only used when there is strong winds?



    To prevent a disaster.

  24. glendalystonsils on

    CELTIC40ME on 6TH OCTOBER 2023 2:37 PM



    I just thought we might have some clout with City group in the matter of loan players . My perception (at least with Man City at any rate) is that they hoover up and stockpile loads of talent ,the bulk of which is loaned out . If Mark Lawwell or anyone else at the club has an advantage in dealing with city group we should be using it .


    Although as you say , maybe there is no ‘real’ link .

  25. I remember plenty of criticism towards the club when we had loans previously, developing other clubs players.



    The size of the squads down South, stockpiling players which 10-20 years ago would be on the market for clubs like ours to pick up for reasonable costs. Now all these players sit on the bench or in the stands earning £40-50k a week for doing little.




    Yes, I do feel for the aul’ stalwarts and SB holders.



    No more £2.00 at the turnstiles with change, or a lift over mister…



    Charging the tourists ott for for a bit of “mid-century” nostalgia is fine but it is now the 21st Century WiFi and al’that



    Hail Hail

  27. CELTIC40ME @ 2:52 PM,



    Well, you’d have thought he would know better.



    To be fair I was just trying to put B78’s opinion in context.



    You were no great supporter of EBT Muscat as I remember.



    Hail Hail

  28. Interesting financials from Ajax. Swiss Ramble does the usual fantastic job of making them more easily understood so if you want more detail I recommend paying the subscription to his site.



    Despite a huge pre tax profit of €55m what jumped out at me was the operating loss of €50m in a champions league year. They are hugely dependent on CL participation and big profits on player trading.



    What’s will also be important to the net cash nutters is their cash at bank figure of €11m at the year end down from €20. Good work, surely, especially considering the balance stood at over €60 in 2019.



    But they had net cash outflows of €9min a Cl season with a net €103m transfer gain. This season they have a €47m gain and Europa league football. Net payables of 19m means they’ll be paying out more cash than receiving on deals they’ve done in the past, so more cash out the door.



    I’ll bow to someone’s greater understanding of this but it looks like they’re in a bit of trouble in terms of cash. They have cut the wage bill by selling big earners and not renewing experienced well-paid ones and sold their best players again this summer but they look to have shopped badly to replace them. It’s showing on the pitch, at home and in Europe where they’ve drawn both their Europa league games far.



    One season in the europa spells trouble for them, another next would be a disaster.

  29. I think we could all but win the league this weekend. St Mirren have to fancy their chances against Sevco, who in truth look to be in a real dogfight to finish second.

  30. As far as the atmosphere the other night, I would say it is one of apprehension as we know that the current team isn’t equipped for CL football, for a number of reasons, all we can do is support the manager and every player he picks to wear a jersey,even at 1 up,I still wasn’t confident of winning the game.

  31. CHAIRBHOY on 6TH OCTOBER 2023 3:13 PM



    Iirc the conversation had nothing to do with Brendan Rodgers. I’m not bothered to be honest

  32. garygillespieshamstring on

    I thought the pillars in the main stand were raised during games unless there was a forecast of high winds.


    Had a season ticket there for many years before the new stadium was built and I can only remember a handful of times the poles were down during a match and even then it was mainly at reserve games.



    Can’t speak for what happens now as I no longer sit there.

  33. Burnley78 1.34



    If the board is to blame it is because we are still playing in this wee pond and didn’t get out 20 years or 16 years ago when we had a possibility to go to the English championship. Or it’s because we have not aligned with other similar clubs in smaller nations to solve the issue.







    The board are not to blame,they talked informally with another national fa years ago about entry.


    It was never going to happen.The english fa members are not turkeys voting for christmas(i bet you Brighton voted against it then)



    Your yearning to get out of Scotland may be authentic,alas it is not matched by UEFA or FIFA,


    Talk of glass ceilings when UEFA,as you well know only allow special dispensation to play under another FA,s jurisdiction ie Derry City in ireland.



    UEFA would have jumped all over that,why not let Barca & Real join,Ajax,Feyenoord or Psg,it would have a Euroleague in no time to the detriment of english clubs.It would also result in a massive dimunition of their own(uefa’s) power.



    Maybe next year Champions league will improve it,with more games against top class opposition which could result in the nexus of our budget strategy focussing more on Europe.



    In the Scottish game we could reinstate reserve leagues,maybe have a greater redistribution of monies,getting away from the selfish cheat mentality personified by sir hunner of pence.



    Also we could have an open and transparent review of our governing body(sfa) who have a permanent ? Over their head since their works teams were toileted in 2012.something we never pursued at sfa level,



    Ps the difference of approx £100,000,000 exists between Southamton for gettin relegated and what we get for gaining our world record treble.


    I suppose next year we may get a comparison between playin in a sponsored-epl and non sponsored-cinch are bailing and who blames them!



    Plenty to be gettin on with




  34. Strange thing is,I have never heard any bad comments from visiting fans,for Euro games,quite the opposite.They seem delighted to be there,hundreds of videos taking it all in,posting them on their Blogs and media.Maybe they dont mind a column,they can move their head a bit to see round,instead of the stadiums in Europe,where fans are so far away from the actual pitch,the match itself is only a rumour.

  35. The Olympico isnt the greatest viewing experience as anyone who was there last time will tell you.



    The Lazio fans will also have enjoyed not being treated like animals like they in every ground they go to in Italy

  36. For a team that “Is not equiped to play CL level football”I would think we made a helluva good fist of it.Outplaying Feyenoord,getting absurd sending off decision against us,changing a game we were by no means out of,against a very good team.


    Going toe to toe with Lazio,and outplaying them for big parts of the game.Another shocking Refereeing decision going against us,which would have them reduced to 10 men,and would have very possibly taking the 3 points,been our reward,against a team that thrashed Napoli,in the Maradonna 2 weeks ago.


    At no time in any of both games,did we ” Not look equipped to be there”,when it was 11 v 11.


    Of course that does not fit some agendas.Rather run their own team down.

  37. Tom McLaughlin on





    Are the pillars only used when there is strong winds?


    To prevent a disaster.



    No. The pillars to which I refer are permanent fixtures.



    You may be thinking of a couple of narrower pillars either side of the tunnel that are attached horizontally to the roof during match days but at all other times are lowered to provide additional support, a fact that doesn’t really inspire confidence.

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