Containing consequences


It still stings, but we need to park the pain of defeat and get back on the horse tomorrow.  Reversals can become infectious, they can drive confidence into a spiral. For my money, this phenomenon in part formed Brendan’s reaction after the game on Wednesday. He was relatively upbeat, containing the consequences by saying whatever positives were available.

Kilmarnock are the only domestic opponents to beat Celtic this season, so we have are reasons to be cautious.

Our motivation should be clear, win, and put seven points between us and St Mirren, with the Paisley club playing Newco on Sunday. Let’s hope our Glasgow rivals can do is a favour and peg Saints back.

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  1. Seeing that stream of consciousness about stadium aquatics, peeing protocols and torrential rain forecasts really did make for a truly pish read back ;)



    Mrs Quad is a great devotee of the ole hand sanitiser and helps protect us against general societal clattiness.




  2. SFTB



    Next time you need someone to provide proof



    Then dont ask as



    “perhaps you can link the post in which I made the incriminating statement because I am pretty sure I said the opposite.”



    You never asked for a mods help x 2 (gotcha lol)



    “perhaps you can link the post in which I made the incriminating statement because I am pretty sure I said the opposite.”



    But you did ask this??



    If you didnt want this proved (or maybe you didnt)



    Why did you post it



    Cos I can help you prove it?? Or not prove it?



    Or don’t you want it to be proven



    Whether you asked for mod help or not



    It sounded like you asked for proof






    You never wanted qualified proof??



    You just wanted to argue around the corners of what you posted??



    I can provide proof



    Shut up



    Or back up



    You asked for proof



    Can help with that



    If you dont want that help or proof



    What you asking the boy for???

  3. Mod



    One last attempt



    I asked Celtic Mac to link the post as he made the statement. Whether he did or not (and he did make an attempt to respond) I wouldn’t have called on the Mod.



    Most posters make it clear who they are talking to. I did too.



    If I want to ask you anything or reply to you- I will address you by name.



    I am off to my kip now as I am not seeing any signs that your ears are open to what I am clearly telling you.



    You fill the role of moderator, not that of my Private Investigator, to find posts for me.



    I think you should drop this now as you have wandered into an area where you were not needed or requested.




  4. “I asked Celtic Mac to link the post as he made the statement. Whether he did or not (and he did make an attempt to respond) I wouldn’t have called on the Mod.”



    I attempted to help you both out by pulling the post (copying and pasting) so neither of you could accuse the other of posting a false statement



    “Most posters make it clear who they are talking to. I did too.”



    I made it clear I was talking to both of you



    “If I want to ask you anything or reply to you- I will address you by name.”



    If you want anything proven – unless you want to not have it proven and this is my point, I have maintained my fairness and impartiality from the start – but you have demanded to have your point proven from the start



    The fook do you want



    Do you want your point proven or do you want to scab about the shadows??



    As I have asked you many times??



    I can help cut and paste the post



    It looks like you wana scab about the shadows??



    Would you like me to cut and paste your post or…………………..

  5. “perhaps you can link the post in which I made the incriminating statement because I am pretty sure I said the opposite.”

  6. “perhaps you can link the post in which I made the incriminating statement because I am pretty sure I said the opposite.”



    Do you want me to link the post (as in cut and paste it here to this thread)



    Or are you not wanting me to link the post?? (as in cut and paste it here to this thread)



    That was the question I asked



    What you want matey???

  7. “perhaps you can link the post in which I made the incriminating statement because I am pretty sure I said the opposite.”



    Do you want the post to be cut and pasted to prove you spoke the truth??



    Its fucking dead easy



    It’s a yes or a no??






    When I strarted to mod this site I was sure we were the better of the two






    Am not sure if we are the same 2 cheeks of the same arse



    And it’s a sprint to see who gets to the hole first



    Over the last year?



    Am disgusted with the shite I have had to put up with on this site



    I will leave you all to fester in your own filth

  8. Had to read Paul’s take on things on Wednesday night, not once but twice. Couldnt believe my eyes.


    As I said, on the night in question, the substitutions were baffling. Nat Phillips indicated no desire to get pulled, whilst Maeda was crying out to be subbed. Scales, following his nightmare first half, found composure in the second, and everything looked settled in defence.


    Palma came on to great effect but Vickers, as would be expected, let the high of an exuberant welcome back from the crowd, go to his head.


    I know not what but if Phillips was good to continue don’t change a settled defence cruising it with 20 mins to go. As for Maeda still being on the park after half time? That’s a mystery beyond me I’ll never fathom.

  9. MODERATOR1888



    Don’t say I didn’t tell you so ….”it ain’t going to end well”.


    Good luck going forward. Head up.


    Ave Ave

  10. Paul, I’d like to put myself forward as the new Moderator. If interested, please PM to discuss salary and benefits (which I’ll donate to the Celtic Foundation). At your service CQN, 24/7.


    Ave Ave

  11. moderator1888



    What we have here is failure to communicate…


    Some men you just can’t reach…


    So you get what we had here last night…which is the way he wants it


    Well he gets it


    I don’t like it any more than you….

  12. Lambert14



    Why don’t you post no more, and why did your alter ego start posting as you got binned???



    chortle lol

  13. celtic Mac



    See sionagh above



    You had ample chance to interject and you were vocal in your silence

  14. Not familiarised with the dispute in hand, I can only offer support. However, If the both of you would like me to adjudicate all you’ve got to do is ask?

  15. Burnley78



    The board are not to blame,they talked informally with another national fa years ago about entry.



    It was never going to happen.The english fa members are not turkeys voting for christmas(i bet you Brighton voted against it then)



    Your yearning to get out of Scotland may be authentic,alas it is not matched by UEFA or FIFA,



    Talk of glass ceilings when UEFA,as you well know only allow special dispensation to play under another FA,s jurisdiction ie Derry City in ireland.



    UEFA would have jumped all over that,why not let Barca & Real join,Ajax,Feyenoord or Psg,it would have a Euroleague in no time to the detriment of english clubs.It would also result in a massive dimunition of their own(uefa’s) power.



    Maybe next year Champions league will improve it,with more games against top class opposition which could result in the nexus of our budget strategy focussing more on Europe.



    In the Scottish game we could reinstate reserve leagues,maybe have a greater redistribution of monies,getting away from the selfish cheat mentality personified by sir hunner of pence.



    Also we could have an open and transparent review of our governing body(sfa) who have a permanent ? Over their head since their works teams were toileted in 2012.something we never pursued at sfa level,



    Ps the difference of approx £100,000,000 exists between Southamton for gettin relegated and what we get for gaining our world record treble.



    I suppose next year we may get a comparison between playin in a sponsored-epl and non sponsored-cinch are bailing and who blames them!



    Plenty to be gettin on with







    BURNLEY78 on 6TH OCTOBER 2023 9:09 PM


    An T



    Do you seriously think a reserve league will help our players, who have 93% of their domestic games trying to break down a weak opponent playing a 451 or 55 or similar system, to step up and compete in a proper football match against a team who played at a decent level most weeks in the CL.





    Honest answer no,not as a stand alone rule,your arguement


    Your answer to Mod on how high up it went shows how precarious that deal was.


    Ol frim getting a carrot dangled as a tv deal was caving in around


    It never went to clubs,in Scotland and iirc when it did in England the turkeys didnt vote for Santa.


    Little wonder Sir hunner of Pence liked prob around same time wee tax case was boiling up nicely.


    You choose to pick out the small point on reserve leagues but dont comment on what Uefa or Fifa would say bout it.we both know they would not like it then,as they would not like it now.Absolute fantasy.The way forward is hopefully more fixtures in CL earning enough to change the nexus of our budget from a domestic league to Europe.


    All ifs buts and maybees,something from sponsors for lower leagues(like epl plan for div2,3&4) something to redistribute the wealth at the top,otherwise we continue to make cream without milk.



    Tired now,game day in morning were i hope to cross paths with our late friend GG’s family at game


    God bless him




  16. I see there are weather warnings for much of west central Scotland and transport problems.


    ‘Do not travel’ warnings etc


    Are football games in danger today?


    Do we have any (welly) boots on the ground over there?

  17. bigrailroadblues on

    Good morning all from Govanhill. Gerrintaethum Celtic!!!!


    Weather permitting of course. Looking unlikely that I will be standing in 110 today.

  18. QUADROPHENIAN on 6TH OCTOBER 2023 10:54 PM



    Reading back and wading through post after post of petty argument, I can across your cracker.



    Clattypats CSC.



    Now that is a place worth reminiscing about. The mad nights, the mad stuffed camel and the mad sticky floors. Then there was the music.



    Great memories ( I think ) and if any nightclub deserved the term legendary it is Cleopatras.



    Walk like a Glasgowegian.

  19. Uncle Jimmy,



    Daughter and her man have just had an E mail cancelling their train to London.


    They are booked up for a few days taking in the NFL game at.the Tottenham Hotspur Stadium tomorrow



    Many trains are now cancelled. Can footie go on ????



    HH, maybe the journey doesn’t continue.

  20. Good morning all on the MOD blog (deary me) from another rain lashed game day in the Garngad.



    I thought the rolle of a Moderator was to moderate not escalate. Unreal.



    5 – 1 to the Leatber belts today.



    D :)

  21. I’m heading to 5’s just now so only a brief response to last night.



    I regret that Mod/Clunks got involved with the argument between Celia Mac and myself.



    If he had got involved as Clunks, he was fully entitled to join in any debate but as Mod, I didn’t see the need. He was offering to find a quote, on my behalf, that I had already asserted did not exist but was asking Celtic Mac to respond.



    I thought I was asking him politely to butt out (as a mod) but it quickly degenerated. I have said before that moderating a blog is not good for anyone’s mental health and Clunks would be better served speaking for himself rather than attempting to ride two horses.



    I am going to drop the argument/debate with Celtic Mac now- it’s not that important.



    My views have remained consistent since I first came on the blog. I reserve the right to correct anyone trying to twist my words but this one’s done now. Let’s try and get back to some less heated exchanges and some civility.




    I’ll catch you later

  22. A good performance and victory today will be a great pick me up, they will sit deep the full game , I have no doubt mcinnes is in the frame for the sevco job especially since he no longer has tony docherty as his assistant ,but the press won’t say it in case the kilmarnock players are distracted and lose to us.

  23. Out for breakkie with Mrs David66 I think the game today will be off, I hope not though.



    D :)

  24. theBHOYfromU.N.C.L.E on

    If any subs coming on today it’s more likely to be Submarines.



    leaguesunderthesea csc

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