Contingency party arrangements


Those of you with a ticket for Sunday can wish for an Aberdeen win tonight all you like, but be ready with contingency party arrangements, just in case. I know it’s six-in-a-row, I know this isn’t 1998, the towns and villages of Lanarkshire will not be adorned in green and white, but don’t switch your phone on after leaving a cinema tonight to hear than an hour earlier Celtic became Premiership champions, season 2016-17.

Winning the title without watching Celtic play is far from ideal. Winning the title away from Celtic Park has always involved more stress than I thought is absolutely necessary, but I’m as excited today as any of you will be with your match tickets in hand on Sunday morning.

In 10 hours we could be champions again! Get ready for it.

Wee Shay’s Green Army

Lennybhoy and TommyTwistsTommyTurns are looking for volunteers to distribute fliers for Wee Shay’s Green Army Raffle (which will be drawn on Thursday 25th May 2017 at Celtic Park).

They are looking for volunteers to distribute fliers advertising the raffle ahead of the Partick Thistle game at Celtic Park on 5 April. If anyone can help, please email .

Thank you.

Enjoy yourself tonight, I have a feeling……….



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  1. Canamalar


    get in touch with me ~I’ll get you a table but should be no problem yourself

  2. Caught out by new blog!



    mike in toronto on 31st March 2017 11:45 am


    Very kind feedback – thank you.





    Well a bhoy should have a hobby! As regards attending the Hootenany – I am resident in the Socialist Republic of South Yorkshire and am unclear on our constitutional status as regards Brexit and a possible Indy2. If I cannot make it in person though I will send a spreadsheet to help you keep track of rounds!



    Finally, lunch time bump – new content – Broonie Special on Celtic By Numbers:











    I hope you both have the best day of your lives so far,and I wish you every happiness for your future.

  4. Garngad to Croy on

    The Reeoja is chilling (maybe not) .


    Champions in March would be a new world record for a Top Division !

  5. mike in toronto on

    Davido … I feel like I should have a great pun for the big day… but I don’t. So I will just wish you a life of happiness together.



    Hail hail

  6. iPaddy McCourt on

    My mate and I have tickets for the home section in the Roseburn Stand nearest the travelling tims.



    Should be interesting….



    What happens if Aberdeen draw tonight? Does that mean we need a draw on Sunday? (Too lazy to look it all up and work it out!)








    I’m resident in the blue collar workers paradise of Swindon,where the tories enjoy absolute rule.



    Every local service is found wanting. Or sold off to the lowest bidder. Or closed entirely



    Fancy a swap? Guid place for fellow Tims,and you can get plentia trains outa town.



    The above being the only things which keep me halfway sane,btw.



    I’ll give you plenty of notice for either the late summer one or the early winter one.



    There are none planned for Autumn. I’m a jinx and not allowed near Celtic in Autumn-and I’m not arguing with stats or my kid sis!

  8. If the Dons draw tonight the maximum points they can get would be 83.. which is what Celtic are on at the moment. So mathematically a Dons draw leaves us needing a point to be champions although realistically our +29 goal difference to the Dons might just sneak it for us.

  9. South Of Tunis on




    Went to a wedding in Caltanissetta recently ———



    One of the wishes expressed in the direction of the happy couple .



    ” May your pasta and love always be fresh ” ..



    Seems reasonable to me ———All the best !!!!!!

  10. Delighted to have two tickets for Tynecastle for me and WC Junior.



    The Tommy Gemmell CSC Dunblane got only FOUR tickets and we qualified for our tickets due to the number of matches attended this season. So those trips Ross County, Inverness etc has been worth it! COYBIG

  11. Sorry, Paul67, can’t share your excitement.



    “The Game is about Glory” it states on the livery of one of the stands at White Hart Lane.



    In this year, the fiftieth anniversary of the most glorious achievement of Celtic, we,more than most, should understand that.



    Depending on the result of Aberdeen’s match tonight, a parade may start this weekend which I have no wish to dampen once it has.



    So I’ll repeat it now, one more time.



    There is no glory to be found in unprotestingly participating in a league rendered farcical by the website administered by the SPFL on behalf of its member clubs, which would have it that a four year old club has won 54 top tier titles, and a myriad of other major trophies, and, it gets better, was founded in 1872.



    There were great memories yesterday of ’86 at Love Street. Along with so many other title-clinching days and nights, especially ’88, ’98, 2001, 2008, 2012, that was another one I’ll never fully remember, given how it was celebrated.



    But if this farce-tainted title is won this weekend, the only swig I’ll be having from a bottle will be an analeptic one, I’m afraid.

  12. Hi, and good afternoon.



    I would like to thank EVERY ONE ON HERE , who took the time to post they’r sincerity and condolences on the passing on of my wee Ma (Annie) it’s times like this when the Celtic family get close with each other, no matter what has been said to each other on here we are all Tims together and some forget that, Iv even been guilty of it my self, I suppose it’s the rebel in us all.



    Iv not been on obviously as I am spending time with my family as we are a pretty spread out bunch like most now a days, it was with a heavy heart, like most know, to loss a loved one, more so your Mammy, so I got the opportunity today just to thank you all once from the bottom of my heart.



    Here’s to the best days of my life, spent in the arms of another man’s wife, My Mammy.



    Hail Hail….

  13. hailhail Neil Lennon on

    After this weekend there will be 8 games left for ourselves and Aberdeen, or a maximum haul of 24 points. Therefore we need to maintain our 25 point advantage to win the league this weekend. So we need to match Aberdeen’s result. If they win we need to win, if they draw we just need a draw, if they lose tonight it’s all over.





    While I understand entirely your point of view on this,we should enjoy our successes without taking our eyes off the problems the huns cheating has caused us.



    Celebrate our title like the guid Tim that you are. Then sober up(!) and get back to searching for justice and restitution.



    Funnily enough,a lot of the comments on JJ site make a similar point.



    Don’t let that lot ruin yer pleasure,bud. But don’t let the board think for one minute we aren’t f…..g raging at their pathetic reaction over the years.

  15. South Of Tunis on

    Titles ?



    Think this will be number 29 in my lifetime ..I live with knowing that old age and cynicism has muted the excitement



    No memories at all re the first one .. Really ,really enjoyed 1966 .. It meant so much ,it promised so much. . Really really enjoyed 1998 . I really really liked Wim Jansen..



    Time to fly —

  16. yorkbhoy on 31st March 2017 12:46 pm:


    “If the Dons draw tonight the maximum points they can get would be 83.. which is what Celtic are on at the moment. So mathematically a Dons draw leaves us needing a point to be champions although realistically our +29 goal difference to the Dons might just sneak it for us.”



    I keep seeing people making the point that our GD is so superior to Aberdeen’s that they wouldn’t catch us even if the wheels and everything else suddenly fell completely off our waggon.



    The difference in GD is +29. Celtic and Aberdeen each have 9 games remaining. So, if Celtic were to lose their remaining 9 games, their GD would automatically reduce by a minimum of 9. Meanwhile, were Aberdeen to draw tonight and then win their remaining 8 games, their GD would improve by a minimum of 8. So that’s a minimum swing of 17 in Aberdeen’s favour… leaving them a further 13 to make up to outdo Celtic.



    If they manage to win by 3 in their final match against Celtic, that takes care of 4 more of those 13… leaving 9 to make up.



    Thus, if Celtic lose by 3 to Aberdeen and by 1 in every other game, and Aberdeen draw tonight and then win all their other games aside from v Celtic by 2 goals, they will equal our GD by the end of the season. One more goal against one other team, or a single other defeat by more than 1 for Celtic and Aberdeen win it.







    Welcome back fella. Just in time for our title winning weekend :)



    Gotta say, can’t really agree with Paul67 on this one. Winning the title because someone else lost and not whilst your own team is on the park … it just feels wrong.



    Can someone tell me the years when it’s happened before?

  18. whitedoghunch on



    you or get somebody to mail me your details and I’ll see what I can do

  19. macjay1 for Neil Lennon on

    TONYDONNELLY67 on 31ST MARCH 2017 1:00 PM



    Hey, Tony.



    Lovely sentiments.

  20. the long wait is over on

    I want Aberdeen to win convincingly tonight, for reasons that have got nothing to do


    with us…

  21. Mountblow tim on

    Good afternoon CQN


    Tony D thoughts and prayers for you and family




    Here we go 6 in a row


    Hey you come over to my place I am having a party singing and dancing



    Hail Hail







    Lovely words about your mother.



    Over a year now since we lost ours and still think of her every day.

  23. Contingency plans for a party eh Paul :)


    Jeez Paul the ol frank wood basic accounting could swing into action possibly from tonight



    -The volume of beer/lager may well depreciate during game time


    – The volume of my shouting may go up as well as down


    -any jamiesons or Ardbeg will be appreciated greatly


    Hail Hail to the famous Glasgow Celtic and another page in their continious history.


    Ps Tiny Tim I hope you get a ticket for Sun





  24. BMCUW



    Thanks for that, Bobby, but I crossed my rubicon on this a while back.



    It doesn’t mean that I’d begrudge any Tim who sees things differently a second of their enjoyment if results go a certain way over the weekend.



    Hail! Hail!





    A hard time for you all,mate.



    Annie will have ringside seats watching her beloved team now. She’ll also have ringside seats everywhere you and yours go-it’s the rules.



    The plus side is a wee mental toast-awright,Mum?-wi every pint.

  26. SOUTH OF TUNIS, 12:29 PM



    Manuel Göttsching was a game of two halves.


    First half, man sitting looking at computer screen as E2 -E4 played from his Apple laptop. Nothing to see but plenty to hear.


    Second half, Ash Ra Tempel. Men standing (one in a cape) playing instruments but tedious beyond belief and ran over until 11.20 – the auditorium was as empty as Ibrox a minute after Henrik had done this






    You’re in very good company,even from posters passim on here.



    I tried to persuade one to get his kids to buy an ST for him so he could retain his principles!



    You’ll gather I’m always amenable to a way out when I’ve made a stand which I regret!!!!!

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