Contingency party arrangements


Those of you with a ticket for Sunday can wish for an Aberdeen win tonight all you like, but be ready with contingency party arrangements, just in case. I know it’s six-in-a-row, I know this isn’t 1998, the towns and villages of Lanarkshire will not be adorned in green and white, but don’t switch your phone on after leaving a cinema tonight to hear than an hour earlier Celtic became Premiership champions, season 2016-17.

Winning the title without watching Celtic play is far from ideal. Winning the title away from Celtic Park has always involved more stress than I thought is absolutely necessary, but I’m as excited today as any of you will be with your match tickets in hand on Sunday morning.

In 10 hours we could be champions again! Get ready for it.

Wee Shay’s Green Army

Lennybhoy and TommyTwistsTommyTurns are looking for volunteers to distribute fliers for Wee Shay’s Green Army Raffle (which will be drawn on Thursday 25th May 2017 at Celtic Park).

They are looking for volunteers to distribute fliers advertising the raffle ahead of the Partick Thistle game at Celtic Park on 5 April. If anyone can help, please email walkwithshay@yahoo.com .

Thank you.

Enjoy yourself tonight, I have a feeling……….



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  1. embramike supporting Res 12 on

    Celtic Football Club‏Verified account @celticfc 28m28 minutes ago






    Celtic v Rangers







  2. VFR800 is now a Monster 821 on



    So we have to playwill beat those cheating bassa’s twice in 6 days !! Something smells lovelyabout this





  3. Murdochauld andhay


    Just over £1million in gate receipts from their allocation at Hampden and the Celtic support if they buy the tickets at the midden

  4. VFR800 is now a Monster 821 on

    DESSYBHOY on 31ST MARCH 2017 5:35 PM



    They will get about £350K from the semi (gate receipts are split 4 ways) and about £150K from our fans (they already have the tickets sold there at around £25 a go) so no more than £500K in total.





  5. VFR


    Didnt know that about the semis, however 8000 x £49 for their home game is £392000 gross

  6. Probably Sky have told spfl they want game on that day as they don’t have any EPL games scheduled at lunchtime that day

  7. glendalystonsils on

    The reason for two Sevco games in quick succession is obvious.It will give them and their pet officials two goes at inflicting injury on our key players before the cup final, thereby undermining our chances of the treble.

  8. See if we were already 30 points ahead with the league won. Who would you then have preferred to win tonight?



    Mon the Sheep!!

  9. Beatbhoy



    But if this farce-tainted title is won this weekend, the only swig I’ll be having from a bottle will be an analeptic one, I’m afraid.



    Hi mate.your posts as always are noted and respected mate.but I cant hae any title worked for and achieved by our team deemed as tainted, especially when its implied due to the cheating of the hun.


    They know what you post regularly


    I know it too


    We stand alone.always have and will.


    Nowt the hun says does or acts will alter what wevqorked for


    Hope your good :-



  10. No surprise the Sevco match is the first after the split. they will be desperate to bring the cash flow in. It’s unprecedented for fixtures to be announced pre spilt. the wheels are in motion to help them, we should have stopped them.

  11. thomthethim for Oscar OK on

    Big Jimmy,



    The 50’s weren’t the write off that you suggest.



    We won the Scottish Cup in’51, Coronation Cup in ’53, League and Scottish Cup in ’54, beaten Finalists in ’55 and ’56.



    First League Cup win in ,56 and again in ’57, of course.



    There was also a St.Mungo Cup win in, I think ’51 too.



    Not as bad a decade really.



    We’ve had worse!

  12. If we win the league tonight I will celebrate… but I would prefer to win it on Sunday as I love remembering the league winning goals… Naka, Tommy Johnson, Harald and Henrik err Albert Kidd

  13. Hoop hoop Hooray on

    Must say…there would be something wickedly enjoyable about winning the title in march




    It was around September/October 1968, and two wee Bhoys from the east end of Glasgow ( Easterhouse), had made what turned out to be an “Executive Decision”, whilst we at school that day.


    Aye, we were about to ask our parents to allow us to go and see the game at Celtic Park that Wednesday night, without any adult supervision ( for the 1st time). Now we were both almost 13 years of age, but I had always been taken to see The Celts by my Da, uncles and aunties until that point. My wee mate Johnny G, hadn’t been so lucky as only his Da was interested in seeing Celtic, so his appearances were somewhat limited.


    For me my “parents”, were really my Granny and Granda ( I never knew my mother), and I called my granny “Maw” for all my life until she passed away in 1981 ( the saddest of days).


    I still had my “Real” Da, but I didn’t live with him, ( maybe seeing him 2/3 times a month ?), so it was my grandparents who brought me up.


    Anyways, permission from the adults was given, and me and wee Johnny G set off on our great adventure to Paradise.


    For most of that day and night, it was Monsoon time in Glasgow ( if I remember correctly), but me and my wee pal didn’t care, we were on the road to Paradise.


    After catching the old SMT Green Bus from Easterhouse to Parkhead Cross, we found ourselves outside the old turnstiles, and we knew exactly what was required………..we were streetwise kids….we knew the script…………….” Mister, Mister, goony gies a lift o’er” , was the cry ?”


    We didn’t have long to wait, ” Nae bother son, I’ll gie you a lift o’er”, came the reply from a couple of Celtic gents………….moments later, MAGIC.! ….we were in.


    Now we took our places in the old “Enclosure” in front of the South Stand, as the rain still descended with no sign of any let up, but we didn’t care. As anyone who ever stood in the “Enclosure”, when it was raining will tell you, there was no chance of keeping dry.


    But we didn’t care.


    The teams ran out…..a mighty cheer went up, and there were our heroes Glasgow Celtic in the famous Green and White Hoops, about to go up against …..Hamilton Academicals !


    But again, me and wee Johnny G didn’t care who The Hoops were playing, this was to us a very important moment in our short lifetimes, without the “Parents”, and Celtic playing in the League Cup Section.


    Soon after kick off, we had stationed ourselves almost right behind The Celtic dug out.


    Just in front of us were some other Celtic bhoys, who quickly began to misbehave, as they started to jump onto the running track, yelling and shouting into the Celtic dug out, ” Cooee Mr Stein” etc, etc.


    We stood watching as jock Stein came out of the dug out to obviously give whoever was near, a piece of his mind.


    As Big Jock emerged, the other bhoys ….FLED ! They were off….running by me and Johnny G, as if the Devil himself was chasing them.


    As The Big Man was about to let loose with some verbals to anyone in earshot, …with Johnny G and me like statues in fear…I quickly explained to Mr Stein what had just occured, and the feckin real culprits….” It wisnae us Mr Stein it wis they big bhoys Mr Stein……HONEST” !


    Aye okay, so I’m a “Grass” ?



    Things settled down, but not the weather sadly and by the time The Celts were 2 goals up, me and wee Johnny G were looking at each other, to see who would succumb to the weather first ?


    Aye….wee Johnny G it was who blinked first……( Well, I would say that now wouldn’t I ) ?



    “och jimmy ” he said….” will we head hame, as the game’s won, and we are soaking wet” ?


    ” Aye, johnny G yer right, let’s go”.


    ( At this point I must advise any readers that me and wee Johnny g didn’t have a watch between us, and given the obvious state of excitement that we had been in all day at the prospect of seeing the Hoops, it was only natural that we had completely lost track of time) ?



    in fact, I may have suggested to wee Johnny G that, ” there canny be long to go anyway, let’s get our bus” ?


    So we made out of Celtic Park that evening with the game ” in the bag” as Celts were winning 2 – 0, and I vividly remember both of us running along the dark street, and at some point looking back, and seeing that marvellous sight of the heavy rain with the backdrop of the Celtic Park Floodlights, almost appearing to shimmer and glisten, in what was a fantastic sight.


    We caught our SMT Green Bus home, happy as two wee Bhoys could having just witnessed the Celts winning.


    When I got home my Grandad was shaking his head as soon as he saw me.


    He produced a bath towel, and proceeded to dry me off. ” Look at you” he said….” You’re soaked right through son”.


    ” It’s okay Grandad”..I replied…” Celtic won…it’ was Magic ” !



    Now I also vividly remember my auld Grandad saying ” it’s quite early son, what was the score when you left Celtic Park” ?


    ” 2 – 0, to Celtic Granda, mAGIC” !


    ” 2 – 0 ” ? He asked ?


    ” Ya dumpling…….it was 10 – 0 to celtic…..you managed to miss EIGHT Celtic Goals” !


    at this point, my Granda was roaring with laughter and shouting on my Granny ( Wee Maw) to come into the living room and hear this.


    ” But Granda, are you sure, I asked” ?


    ” Aye Jimmy son, I heard the score on the Wireless” !….” Chalmers and Lennox scored 5 goals each” !


    He’s still probably laughing in Heaven to this very day ?


    Could this be some sort of “Celtic Record”, for a supporter, Missing EIGHT Celtic goals at a match I was at ?



    Just for the record, I think Celtic won the 2nd leg against hamilton Accies 5 – 0, at Douglas Park



    That night will never leave me.


    Hail Hail.

  15. GreeninbingleyinOslo on

    Tony Donnelly



    Lovely post. My thoughts and prayers to you and your family. My own maw died 29 years ago, buried in Dalnottar at Clydebank, but she’s still with me every day. Keep strong.



    I take your point mate, but as you pointed out in your post, between 1957 until 1965, Celts won nothing.


    That was my main point mate.


    Thanks for taking the time to read my post anyway.


    Hail Hail.

  17. TD67



    Lovely words and glad you took something from the many thoughts and prayers paid by the blog on the loss of your mum.






    Me. I’ll take a league win tonight. Previously I was in the do ourselves camp but for the history books to record a league title win in March will be a record that will hold for many years unless of course we beat it next season again. I would love to see the away support witness the win but given that only a small percentage of even these guys will witness it then I’d be happy for those guys to go already in party mode and mood just to wind up the Big Huns while the team hits them for 5 on the park.



    Given McInnes’s words yesterday I think Aberdeen will be beaten tonight. Obviously no confidence that his team was ever likely to challenge us and that confidence must rub on his players when they hear him.




  18. Any quick answers to the possible results tonight please and implications for us.



    Aberdeen win?


    A draw?


    Dundee win?

  19. An Tearmann



    Thanks, I’m good, apart from the obvious. Hope you are too.



    I’m glad nobody’s offering sympathy or pity, as they’re not required, given I’ve been lucky enough to celebrate so many titles over so many years, and saw us win the ‘war against Rangers’, as one of our songs described it, when they died in 2012.



    Perfectly understand others disagreeing with my stance, but not one poster has come on since the season started and argued that this league’s not a farce.



    And given that SPFL website, I don’t blame them!



    And, as I said earlier, knock yersels out if it doesn’t bother you.



    But there’re enough lies contaminating Scottish football without me adding one to myself.

  20. Annie90 go to the Home to be with the Father.



    I realise so much more now.



    I couldn’t understand why 2 of my Schoolfriends were taken from wee St Peters. I know now why.



    God Bless Annie Donnelly.

  21. HT



    Celtic need to match Dons score to win the league.



    Dons win Celtic win Celtic Champs


    Dons draw Celtic draw Celtic champs


    Dons lose Celtic champs.

  22. Magnificentseven on

    Hamiltontim on 31st March 2017 7:15 pm


    Any quick answers to the possible results tonight please and implications for us.






    Aberdeen win?




    A draw?




    Dundee win?



    We need to match Aberdeen’s result, so if they lose it’s all over, they draw we need a draw

  23. —-






    Chris Sutton Getting Stuck Intae “Broon Brogues” Craigan Early-Doors…..



    Is That Eyeliner Craigan Is Wearing….?



    Aloha….Tony Donnelly…



    May Your Flag Fly High Above The JUNGLE




  24. macjay1 for Neil Lennon on

    BIG JIMMY on 31ST MARCH 2017 6:35 PM





    Sweet sweet , indeed.

  25. Tony d.


    Fine fine moment . thats your best ever post on here. We are all celts.






    so many things to consider on this league win.


    In march amazing. Or a player scores for us and is remembered for ever as the championship winning goal



    Joe Craig v hibs 77.




    Who else ?

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