Contingency party arrangements


Those of you with a ticket for Sunday can wish for an Aberdeen win tonight all you like, but be ready with contingency party arrangements, just in case. I know it’s six-in-a-row, I know this isn’t 1998, the towns and villages of Lanarkshire will not be adorned in green and white, but don’t switch your phone on after leaving a cinema tonight to hear than an hour earlier Celtic became Premiership champions, season 2016-17.

Winning the title without watching Celtic play is far from ideal. Winning the title away from Celtic Park has always involved more stress than I thought is absolutely necessary, but I’m as excited today as any of you will be with your match tickets in hand on Sunday morning.

In 10 hours we could be champions again! Get ready for it.

Wee Shay’s Green Army

Lennybhoy and TommyTwistsTommyTurns are looking for volunteers to distribute fliers for Wee Shay’s Green Army Raffle (which will be drawn on Thursday 25th May 2017 at Celtic Park).

They are looking for volunteers to distribute fliers advertising the raffle ahead of the Partick Thistle game at Celtic Park on 5 April. If anyone can help, please email walkwithshay@yahoo.com .

Thank you.

Enjoy yourself tonight, I have a feeling……….



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  1. LEFTCLICKTIC on 31ST MARCH 2017 8:43 PM


    Sheep have been right up for this tonight from K.O.



    they will maul the huns





    No they won’t. Dundee are p*sh. Aberdeen are serial sh*tebags. When they face us or the Huns their bottle will crash.

  2. Nye Bevans' rebel soldier on

    Remember going to swinecastle in the centenary season needing


    a victory to clinch the title,we lost……bumper crowd against Dundee


    the following week.

  3. WINNING CAPTAINS on 31ST MARCH 2017 8:35 PM


    PayPal like k not working at the moment.





    Whit ejit picked Aberdeen …. and never played a joker ….

  4. WINNING CAPTAINS on 31ST MARCH 2017 8:35 PM



    That should be PayPal link not working at moment

  5. There ain’t no party like a Jambo party….on we go to Gorgie then. I also thought Aberdeen would drop points tonight, that’s why the bookies love me.


    Just watched the H/T summary and Dundee looked like a team who have not been paid this week.

  6. WINNING CAPTAINS on 31ST MARCH 2017 8:35 PM



    Thanks for that. Hope you and Lewis have a great day on Sunday.

  7. .HAMILTONTIM on 31ST MARCH 2017 8:43 PM






    I remember very little I was 8! :-)





    China were very poor followed the ball in midfield and would you believe it were rubbish in the air at the back 6-1 if memory serves




  8. weebobbycollins on

    TD67…Tony, good to see you back. You’ll still be sore I’m sure. I think only time makes things easier.


    Take care sir…




    Lovely post!



    Good to see you back.



    Take care and God bless.




  10. Watched a wee clip earlier about the 5 goals that won us the league on Twitter.



    Very interesting.



    If there was one for you that clinched it?

  11. A wee reminder for anyone who ever thought that Darren O’Dea was good enough for us.




    It’s linked up to Paul’s Paypal, I’ve let him know, thanks.



    Probably tomorrow before it’s sorted.






    Delighted at Aberdeen’s performance, Dundee have made it difficult for us this season so that’s some score!



    I remember that game in the centenary season when we went to Tynecastle to win the league and got beat 1-0. We knew we’d win it the next week against Dundee and the crowd was HUGE.

  13. mike in toronto on

    GFTB ….









    5-0 at half time!? Perchance, is one of the newest members of GFS named P. Hartley, and, if so, did he pick Aberdeen (with a joker)?!

  14. GFTB



    Yeah, those nerve-wracking Ronny 6 point lead days with it all ending up looking so easy on the final league table!

  15. Greenpinata –



    Aberdeen have played very well indeed. And aren’t finished yet…