Continually learning Gordon Strachan


I remember Scotland-England games being huge events.  They were proper derby games, fired up by a balance – a vastly more resourceful England were in the ascendancy, but Scotland had more wins in the history books.  Despite the odd hiding we thought we could take them.

The Home International Championships probably ended at the right time, just before Scotland lunged into mediocrity.  No derby remains attractive if one side dreads the game coming round, while the other considers it a formality, but our former manager has given us reason for hope.

Gordon Strachan took time off from the game to invest in his stock of knowledge before becoming Celtic manager.  Despite an, erm, memorable opening week, Gordon blitzed Scottish football as Celtic manager.  He filled the boots of legend Martin O’Neill, and within 18 months eclipsed him by reaching what we used to refer to as ‘the next level in the Champions League’.

Despite going on to reach the knock-out stage of the Champions League again, and becoming our third manager to win three-in-a-row, Gordon stopped progressing.  His time at Celtic petered out, while the entire Middlesbrough episode was a nightmare.

Gordon, like Martin before him, looked as though the game had passed him by.  His resurgence at Scotland is evidence of his outstanding attribute – he’s a student of the game who continually learns.

Roy Hodgson has by far the better players, but never bet against Gordon.

Shaun’s goal on Friday

31 years ago in Sarawak, Malaysia, a midwife, Beatrice Lo, assisted in the delivery of a boy born to a Scottish family who lived in her community.  Beatrice got in touch with a common friend after wee Shaun’s goal on Friday, very proud of the kid she brought into the world.

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  1. Friendly internationals, even against England, bore the crap out of me!



    I hope none of our bhoys feature.

  2. Just passing by to say…







    09:55 on 18 November, 2014




    Thanks for yer time – an education as always.


    Yer analogy about the pint wi the slops – brilliant, just brilliant.


    The pint isny the issue – it’s the fly-man/men behind the bar


    who keeps getting away wi it:)


    Thanks again – have to go.


    Kit – YNWA – bye.

  3. I’ve enjoyed watching Scotland since Strachan took over. We might not be world-beaters but we are at least entertaining. I can’t remember ever feeling like that. The decent run of results is nice too.



    But playing a friendly that could become a ferocious contest doesn’t interest me at all. I’d rather all Celtic players turned up today feeling a bit unwell.

  4. Kitalba



    In my opinion no, it was excessive to say the least. However, I can understand why Celtic needed to take some form of action.



    The problem subsequent to this was that the response was disproportionate and sweeping in its nature, taking absolutely no account of who was actually responsible.

  5. man utd 1st quarter revenue – £88m.



    even in their worst football situation , they earn more in 1 quarter than Celtic have ever earned in a financial year.




  6. ok



    going to be a pain now.



    CQN bookstore. Question.



    The paddybhoy beanie hats are they available to get the names on them again ?



    I see the chairty one , and not welching on it, but it just reminded me i wanted one of my own.



    can they be bought ?

  7. Kevjungle



    If I did that (found a better pint) unlike you I’d not keep coming back and telling folk they were drinking slops.



    Especially if I could not tell them where to get a better pint at the same price as the slops.



    However you miss my point which is learn to appreciate what we have rather than focus on what is not there.



    But that is a personal choice and as I said we all do what we do to keep us happy otherwise we would not do it.



    You must find some happiness in calling fellow supporters sheep, otherwise you would not do it.



    Baaa I say .

  8. Meeting WGS really changed my view of him. I didn’t care much for his style of football at Celtic despite his fantastic record and I guess he contrasted in too many ways to MON who had brought me some of my happiest Celtic memories. I felt WGS was too compliant in the downshifting agenda. He was Peter’s man.. IMHO,


    I had the fortune of not only meeting him but having a good chat with him about a year ago. I left the conversation deeply impressed by his views and his utter humanity.


    I’m right behind him tonight. I agree – betting against him is a mistake.

  9. Burning Bush



    Strachan has certainly lifted the performance level and makes watching Scotland much more enjoyable.



    I was at Wembley last year courtesy my daughter and it was a good game and great occasion.

  10. 67Heaven ... I am Neil Lennon ....The angels are with Wee Oscar in Heaven.. Ibrox belongs to the creditors on

    winning captains



    10:07 on 18 November, 2014



    Done…..now, where can I read the actual statement…hahahahahahaha


    hun skelper



    11:54 on 18 November, 2014


    bobby murdoch’s curled-up winklepickers



    10:43 on 18 November, 2014



    You must know Davie T, he’s back up the road now but lived down there a while HH






    Indeed I do,mate. Or did. He left when the recession kicked in,and a wise move.



    Shame,because he was the glue that held the local CSC together,IMO. Proof of that being it fell to bits when he went home.



    Give him my fondest regards,and let him know that I’m happy his lad is watching THE HOOOOOPS more often now.

  12. While it is always good to beat the English; personally, I was glad the fixture petered out, as it had ended as a contest. We have improved immeasurably under WGS. So, I hope we give them a game tonight and that it is entertaining. There is no other reason for it nowadays.

  13. 67Heaven ... I am Neil Lennon ....The angels are with Wee Oscar in Heaven.. Ibrox belongs to the creditors on




    12:23 on 18 November, 2014



    I was gobsmacked that ANY Celtic Supporter wanted rid of WGS …..he was absolutely FANTASTIC AS OUR MANAGER……and he unwittingly DESTROYED the hate-filled ones….!!

  14. It is Kev_jungle’s club too, and to try and drive him away with your words is beneath you. Or at least I held you in much higher esteem than that.



    All he and sydneytim are doing, albeit often both a pain and repetitive, is point out to you some of the deficiencies in the club, some of the inconvenient truths I was talking about earlier. You might agree with their assessment you might not but only a fool of the most tubular kind would ever deny that we have shrunk as a club and we have our faults, serious faults, at board level. If they are not addressed, and soon, more people will drift away.



    I’m sure I recently read yourself proclaiming that unless there was change then you would not be contributing next season.




    Is there some sort of mood or time when it is best to post the truth because I’m sure I often read some of the pet bloggers on here have a wee epithany to themselves and they escape a hounding. I wonder why that is so.

  15. winning captains,



    If the ASA has accepted that the advert can be placed, does that mean they have de facto accepted that The Rangers and Rangers are two separate clubs?



    And does this mean they are now likely to rule that any advert claiming the new club to be the same as the old club is in breach of advertising laws?

  16. Bobby Murdochs Ankle supportin Oscar Knox on




    If you’re in Greenock on Friday night, I owe you a drink.




  17. joe_joe_john_bobby_teddy on

    Lots of men with stone Island jackets and hats on in glasgow this lunch time





  18. I take Bert Kassies workings as football statistics and honesty gospel.



    In there he had two records for Derry City.


    Two different collected co-efficients.


    Two seperate qualifications.



    If RIFC ever qualify for Europe, they will not, definately not, have any link to the old clubs participation recorded history.



    Thats a fact





    522 Irl – Ireland Derry City 1 1989 2010 10


    523 Irl – Ireland Derry City FC 1 2014 2015 2

  19. BMCUW


    In my mams she is asking after you:)))))


    Well ” what do you mean your talking to men all over the world,that fhella from England again no doubt” :)))))))))))))))))))))))))

  20. bournesouprecipe on

    “Gordon leaves Celtic a better club on and off the balance sheet . He has done a remarkable job over the last four years, winning trophies every year.



    “I am extremely grateful for his contribution to the development of this great club. We will endeavour to find a replacement to continue Gordon’s good work.”



    Dermot Desmond

  21. Hamiltontim:



    Thanks mate, so would I be wrong in saying that once again the board screwed up big time and innocent fans suffered stigma and shame as a consequence of their incompetence… would that be fair to say that?

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