Continually learning Gordon Strachan


I remember Scotland-England games being huge events.  They were proper derby games, fired up by a balance – a vastly more resourceful England were in the ascendancy, but Scotland had more wins in the history books.  Despite the odd hiding we thought we could take them.

The Home International Championships probably ended at the right time, just before Scotland lunged into mediocrity.  No derby remains attractive if one side dreads the game coming round, while the other considers it a formality, but our former manager has given us reason for hope.

Gordon Strachan took time off from the game to invest in his stock of knowledge before becoming Celtic manager.  Despite an, erm, memorable opening week, Gordon blitzed Scottish football as Celtic manager.  He filled the boots of legend Martin O’Neill, and within 18 months eclipsed him by reaching what we used to refer to as ‘the next level in the Champions League’.

Despite going on to reach the knock-out stage of the Champions League again, and becoming our third manager to win three-in-a-row, Gordon stopped progressing.  His time at Celtic petered out, while the entire Middlesbrough episode was a nightmare.

Gordon, like Martin before him, looked as though the game had passed him by.  His resurgence at Scotland is evidence of his outstanding attribute – he’s a student of the game who continually learns.

Roy Hodgson has by far the better players, but never bet against Gordon.

Shaun’s goal on Friday

31 years ago in Sarawak, Malaysia, a midwife, Beatrice Lo, assisted in the delivery of a boy born to a Scottish family who lived in her community.  Beatrice got in touch with a common friend after wee Shaun’s goal on Friday, very proud of the kid she brought into the world.

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  1. Burning bush,



    I think it was the same game. I was miles from it so didn’t initially notice the severity.



    Tj came on for kok but barely lasted 15? mins.

  2. The Honest Mistake loves being first



    16:04 on 18 November, 2014





    How do we know you’re not a Dane mimicking a posh glasgow accent? ;)


    Pint c’est soir?





    Posh Dane? No, Dane has ever set foot in Bishopbriggs…



    Pint? Aye, why not. I’m not wearing my brogues tonight so I should be allowed back in the club. Well, I’m not wearing my BROWN brogues today.

  3. Vouchers for the ad purchased…


    The AGM should be interesting…as for yon deid club…in case anyone wants to know…





    Company Number: SC004276


    NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN pursuant to Rule 4.13 of the Insolvency (Scotland) Rules 1986, that


    the Annual Meeting of Creditors of the above named company will be held within The Merchants


    House of Glasgow, 7 West George Street, Glasgow, G2 1BA on 9 December 2014, at 10am, for


    the purposes of receiving the Liquidators’ account of the winding-up.



    Deid…deid…deid…from the 9th December…




  4. Phil tweeting that a certain French chateau owner has transferred his property into his wife’s name.




  5. BontyBhoy:



    Oh! I sort of meant don’t be a wimp and run to the teacher when somebody calls you a wee name. Funny though curious, which do you think is worse, calling somebody a fool or calling somebody a sheep?

  6. Jungle Jim Hot Smoked on

    Just bought my raffle tickets. No problem at all.



    Winning Captain



    As most of us, I guess, are not really bothered about `winning`, I wondered if you could raise even more by avoiding postal charges and having pick up points (CQN Corner) for those who go to the Home games. Too disjointed maybe?




  7. bournesouprecipe on




    Tend to agree



    Just because Celtic move a player on especially at youth level and they achieve relative success, doesn’t mean it was a blunder by Celtic, happens at all clubs.



    Overall especially in the modern era Celtic have did pretty well, and there are countless numbers of players moved on each year, that may continue as pro’s, at a decent level.



    Whether you are good enough week in week out at Celtic, and good enough elsewhere are two different things, even for those that look good playing for their country.

  8. geordie munro



    15:49 on 18 November, 2014





    Aye. I loved his accent by the time he left:)



    I remember having an ‘oh ya hoor there’s big weighorst!!!’ moment the first time i seen him in the Swansea dugout.



    The last time I heard about him before that was when his team beat q.o.s. In the uefa cup a few years back.





    Loved the big lhad too.


    Especially that Dundonian, Weedgie, Danish accent!



    And then there’s this……






    Respect big ghuy!



    HH jamesgang

  9. winning captains


    I have just bought raffle tickets, dont know if it has been pointed out to you but you state the game is early 2014 when it should be 2015.

  10. Jungle Jim Hot Smoked on



    “which do you think is worse, calling somebody a fool or calling somebody a sheep?”



    I`ll go for `sheep`. I believe human sheep are fools so, it`s a case of BIGOF 0:-)




  11. mike in toronto on

    Bontybhoy @14:37



    Some interesting thoughts, but I fundamentally disagree with you about Charlie Mulgrew, and, by extension, your views on Scottish football. You said that his display for Scotland shows that he is “best suited to a higher level of football than we play every week.” While I agree that he played well this wee, with respect, your conclusion does not necessarily follow.



    It is really a question of horses for courses. To follow that metaphor, Scottish football is a game for clydesdales (or, if I am being less charitable) .. carthorses…. big, strong, can get through a muddy field, but wont do it quickly or with much guile.



    In most parts of the world (Britian, being one of the exceptions), football is turning into a game for racehorses… it faster and fitter now than it ever was. It is a game for thoroughbreds (in football terms, people that can move, pass, see a pass, take on players…)…. all at pace.



    GS knows that he has clydesdales, and has developed a system that is designed to get the most use out of those horses …. i knows the Scottish characteristics, and how to get the most out of them. But he is also a pragmattist…. he knows that his teams cant compete man for man with most other countries, and certainly not with the top countries…. so he sets up his teams to win against those we should beat, and defend resolutely against those better teams (and hope to knick a goal and steal a win here and there) …..



    in that system, a carthorse is going to look and be more effective than a thoroughbred (which, probably isnt going to be great at pulling a tractor). But ….



    A Clydesdale, which effective at that it does, does not have the skills to win the Kentucky Derby. That is the domain of thoroughbreds. In football terms, the SPFL is a farmer’s field, and the Champions League is the Kentucky derby.



    CM is a good SPL level player, who plays very much in the SPL way. That is fine if you want to win the SPL, but not good enough if you want to win the CL. He is too slow of foot and, most importantly, mind.



    RD has set his sights higher…. he wants to build a team that can play and compete with the best in Europe. This means that we need players who think, move and pass quicker than CM has shown, and, importantly, can do it at the CL level.



    So, I dont think CM’s showing for scotland shows that he is a great player, or that GS is a better manager than RD. What is shows is horses for courses… CM is a good SPL player, when used in an SPL styled team. And GS is a very good manager, if your aspirations are also limited in that respect.



    However, RD offers something different. His aspirations are higher – to be playing CL level football. That does not make his a better or worse manager than GS… they have different strenghts, and, most importantly, different aspirations.



    GS took Celtic up a level, and is doing the same now for Scotland. However, he took us as high as he could go. However, a coach like RD (maybe him, or someone like him) is necessary to take us to the next level.



    It is not that one is good and one is bad… GS knows how to build a team of horses that will plow a good field… he took us to a higher level than we were before (entry into the CL)… but he isn’t the guy to take us to that next level …. that will require a different type of player than CM ….



    RD may not be the one to get us there, but it is a journey… MON restored credibility in Scotland, but took us as far as he could….GS came along and restored some credibility in Europe, but, also took us as far as he could … now, someone has to take us to another level



    it is not good vs. bad … it is horses for courses … …

  12. See that our hero CW is making arrangements to return to our shores to assist police with their enquires….hope you got them taped Craigyboy…..

  13. The inaugural meet of CQN Malta took place in Scotsman pub this afternoon – founders Zico_duff and embramike present .



    Pleasure to meet Zico, a real Celtic mhan, football fanatic and a true CQNer.



    Great to share a few beers, a few memories and a few opinions with a real gent. Will add an extra cheer when the Huddle breaks on Saturday Zico!




  14. mike in toronto.



    I think you have it. CM hasn’t been playing well at either SFPL or EL level this season. He finds it difficult (impossible?) to play the type of game RD wants us to play. I suspect the same is true for KC.

  15. Jungle Jim Hot Smoked on

    I suppose I am safe in saying that there are noCQNers with a few billion pounds in their accounts who can advise me here? I tend to think if I had the money Mike Ashley has, I wouldn`t give a hoot about making the odd million or two. Neither would I care if I lost £12 million. It would be meaningless. So, why is Mike Ashley doing what he is doing? I just cannot see how `owning ` Sevco generates significantly any more money for Sports Direct than the Company already coins in.


    His participation in this venture baffles me. It also worries me.




  16. I’m guessing “Succulent Llambias” will not need the……*cough*………… 120 days…………………. to review the “financial” situation at asbestox?

  17. mike in toronto



    If I could add to the menagerie of confusion. You’re kinda right!



    1. CM. I like the Bhoy, strengths and limitations and all. Great left foot, nae pace, right peg not even good enough for standing.


    Maximised his talents 2 seasons ago and got the plaudits deserved.


    Played really well on Friday and got similar deserved plaudits.


    His versatility is a plus and disadvantage to him at one and the same time. Generally a plus for Celtic.


    But always likely to be found out by quick turn of pace and/or 1-2.



    2. Clydesdales? I’d say anya and Maloney were more like whippets! They’d be seriously crap Clydesdales! Wee Gauld too. Robertson. Some skilful kids coming through the ranks in Scotland…….



    3. How long you been away? I ask vis there’s a new generation of kids increasingly coming through in this 4G astro generation who play the game like it should be……and aren’t scarred like my generation was by mitre 5s and red ash pitches!






    HH jamesgang

  18. Davidopoulos


    16:09 on


    18 November, 2014



    Posh Dane? No, Dane has ever set foot in Bishopbriggs…





    I’ll have you know that the Royal Danish Consulate is based in Bishopbriggs. Eadie House, 74 Kirkintilloch Rd, Bishopbriggs, Glasgow G64 2AH.

  19. BontyBhoy:



    It’s funny how poster can extrapolate sinister inferences from the most innocuous of posts; God, I remember once, after The Exiled Tim had had a hard day concreting, passing my regards and hoping that the next day there would be no concrete mixers turning up at his property. Now from that a poster on here inferred that I had gone to DEFCON 5 and was launching a pre-emptive attack by deploying intercontinental concrete mixers to rain down on him. Honestly, maybe you can remember the series of posts that followed, what an absolute hoot that was for a few years. That poster would have saved himself, and the blog, bundles of woe if only he’d asked me to explain my post rather than making all sorts of sinister assumptions followed by dark accusations. Still some people are just always in a such a hurry to actually think.



    Now when we call Aberdeen supporters Sheep molesters are we being really naughty?


    I mean really naughty?

  20. Hot Hunkie Smokie



    I worry too.


    Simply because he has much money at his disposal that he could actually create the oft-fabled war chest with little more than pocket change!






    Sounds a great CSC you’ve founded, in an open and non-cliquey fashion!



    HH jamesgang

  21. 16:12: Ex-Rangers owner to return Sky Sports tweets: Spokesman for former Rangers owner Craig Whyte says he is making arrangements to return to UK to help police with their enquiries.



    Looks like Craigy is ready to spill the beans.




  22. Tamrabam


    13:06 on


    18 November, 2014




    Maloney debut in 3-0 victory over Deadco at Ibrox, If the King of King’s brilliant effort from a tight angle for the third had hit the inside of the post the wee man was tapping it in.

  23. Hrvatski Jim



    16:36 on 18 November, 2014





    16:09 on


    18 November, 2014



    Posh Dane? No, Dane has ever set foot in Bishopbriggs…





    I’ll have you know that the Royal Danish Consulate is based in Bishopbriggs. Eadie House, 74 Kirkintilloch Rd, Bishopbriggs, Glasgow G64 2AH.






    Uff, that’s practically Colston ;)

  24. Gene’s a Bhoy’s name


    Not thinking I just C&P the addy of the Email they sent to me .



    Now just replied to original Email.



    Not very good at this Email lark sometimes :))


    Thank you for your reply



  25. Jungle Jim Hot Smoked on

    Hot Hunkie Smokey? You will have people thinking I would be a right good catch.




  26. Alasdair MacLean on

    Any issues in town yet with our guests this evening?



    On another matter, I DO have a couple of pairs of brown brogues.



    I’m getting paranoid about them now.

  27. upthehoops



    Did Maloney not flick it on with a header for Henke to run on to?


    That was my favourite game at their ground. It was 3 going on 10. We should have scored a lot more.




  28. mike in toronto on




    I certainly dont see much of youth football in Scotland, but I do see some young players that really seem to play some great stuff … some of the young kids coming through Celtic are great, and over the years, the young kids from hibs, and now dundee united have shown the ability to play the type of football we need….so, the potential is there … but, so many of them have fizzled out at the top, or become decent players, but without that lightness that they showed as youngsters…



    whereas before Sounness, Dalglish and Hansen moved down to England and starred, now Russell and Goodwillie (both of whom showed great promise) go down south, and seem to burn out …



    I think the scars are deeper than those on their knees by the old stone pitches…. they are much, much deeper …



    why is that happening?



    Part of it is typified by the Charlie Miller book this week….a talent (that view may not be popular on here, but he has some skill as a youngster), but one that wasn’t nurtured by his club (the fault of scottish football) and was squandered by him (booze, betting, birds …the curse of scottish football and society in general for young men) …



    And I hope that time will prove me wrong, and there are exceptions (young McCarthy at Everton is a great player, even if a level down from the Sounness’s and Hansen), but he is the exception, and I think that there is something that stops the best young Scottish players really developing that bit further once they reach the top level of scottish football…

  29. geordie munro





    Morten always struck me as being a right ‘bonne ouef’ though I would of course defer to Weefra in all egg related matters!



    Aff oot.



    Laters Faithful Ones



    HH jamesgang

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