Continually learning Gordon Strachan


I remember Scotland-England games being huge events.  They were proper derby games, fired up by a balance – a vastly more resourceful England were in the ascendancy, but Scotland had more wins in the history books.  Despite the odd hiding we thought we could take them.

The Home International Championships probably ended at the right time, just before Scotland lunged into mediocrity.  No derby remains attractive if one side dreads the game coming round, while the other considers it a formality, but our former manager has given us reason for hope.

Gordon Strachan took time off from the game to invest in his stock of knowledge before becoming Celtic manager.  Despite an, erm, memorable opening week, Gordon blitzed Scottish football as Celtic manager.  He filled the boots of legend Martin O’Neill, and within 18 months eclipsed him by reaching what we used to refer to as ‘the next level in the Champions League’.

Despite going on to reach the knock-out stage of the Champions League again, and becoming our third manager to win three-in-a-row, Gordon stopped progressing.  His time at Celtic petered out, while the entire Middlesbrough episode was a nightmare.

Gordon, like Martin before him, looked as though the game had passed him by.  His resurgence at Scotland is evidence of his outstanding attribute – he’s a student of the game who continually learns.

Roy Hodgson has by far the better players, but never bet against Gordon.

Shaun’s goal on Friday

31 years ago in Sarawak, Malaysia, a midwife, Beatrice Lo, assisted in the delivery of a boy born to a Scottish family who lived in her community.  Beatrice got in touch with a common friend after wee Shaun’s goal on Friday, very proud of the kid she brought into the world.

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  1. Jungle Jim Hot Smoked on

    LiviBhoy “Looks like Craigy is ready to spill the beans.”



    I suggest a `just let`s wait and see` approach to this. By rights, the reincarnation of THEM should have departed some time ago but they are still there. In the Hun Universe, different Laws apply.




  2. Auldheid.



    “It’s a slow process but I’m feeling more confident it is inevitable now given what is keeping the full narrative underground will gradually be blown away.”



    I’m liking that.

  3. Mike



    Always a pleasure to talk with you.


    Hope one day to meet you at CQN Corner tho I appreciate you’d have to get up even earlier than Dena to be there!



    HH jamesgang

  4. embramike


    16:25 on


    18 November, 2014


    The inaugural meet of CQN Malta took place in Scotsman pub this afternoon – founders Zico_duff and embramike present .



    Pleasure to meet Zico, a real Celtic mhan, football fanatic and a true CQNer.



    Great to share a few beers, a few memories and a few opinions with a real gent. Will add an extra cheer when the Huddle breaks on Saturday Zico!



    Did you manage to get a word in mate? :] Did he tell you the story of when he was on standby for wee Jimmy Krankie,when he/she fell out The Beanstalk,at the Pavilion a few years back? HH

  5. mike in toronto on




    Cheers, pal.



    I stumbled upon CQN a few weeks after Paul started it (how time flies!)… but since then, I have only met a few CQN’ers in person (and liked everyone I have met), so I would enjoy the chance to meet a lot more of them in person.



    Haven’t been back to Glasgow for two years now. But next year, might head back with my lady for a trip. I haven’t been back to Ireland since I was a kid, and would love to go ‘home’ to see family in donegal, then catch a game at Paradise…..



    something to look forward to!

  6. On his debut at iron was there not a moment late in the game when he took a shot rather than play in henrik .




    I’ve never really forgiven him.

  7. guernica


    you’re spot on.


    The way we’re set up, not just Celtic, but football in Scotland (UK) makes it very hard.



    There are two categories of young player I’m concerned about.


    The Mulgrew or Marshall who is in the first team squad and perhaps the first team manager makes a call on them, or wants to boost the budget by taking decent money (as we got for Marshall and Watt).


    Or the Robertson who get’s no-where near until they’ve gone away and grown up in a more suitable environment.



    I’d put aside the possibility that some of these players are more complacent, simply because being at Celtic is the peak for a young Scottish player, and the money is far better. We can fix complacency more easily.



    It’s probably worth referencing the N American draft system. Where the clubs (franchises) have an extensive pool of players for whom they hold the rights. It is long, and widely, acknowledged that only a tiny percentage emerge at 18 or 19 to play in the big league. The remainder stay in junior, then move to secondary pro leagues. Some great players don’t feature in the big league until 25/26. The club which drafts the player, in most cases, retains the rights until the first big league contract is signed.



    There are now several decades of evidence that confirm sometimes your next superstar can emerge fully formed at 18 or grow as a person or athlete into a superstar in the early to mid twenties.



    The coach almost never takes this descision, particularly with a player who isn’t a regular first team player. That decision is taken at a strategic level.



    I guess it’s worth jumping in here and pointing out that if you have one manager every 10-20 years then you can trust that manager to run the strategy, but in modern football 3-5 years blocks is impressive and the new long term at the managerial level. However, development time is still much the same for players now as it was 40 years ago. So, who looks after a 19 year olds development at Celtic?


    Henderson is a player Lennon took to, and Ronny is maybe not so sure of. How do me ensure we don’t lose the potential of Henderson to be a top class player in his mid twenties when he’s too good for our youth team today, and it does him no good to sit on the bench for 30 games a season for 2 or 3 seasons?


    At Christmas he’ll be loaned out, and it may well be fairly random, and certainly short term.


    Why not bite the bullet earlier. Commit the player to Celtic for the foreseable future, but also commit to him playing and developing in a coherent and consistent way at a club we know and trust (or just an offshoot or our own club). Each year he has the opportunity to return to Celtic and take a squad place, or return to his development club and develop further.


    Of course a decision must be made, but not by our first team coaches in the early stages and not until the player is at an optimal age (strikers/winger earlier than CB’s and GK’s, for example).


    The transfer market, for a long time, undermined this kind of development strategy, because so many of our managers, over the years, have been able to remedy a problem with a relatively expensive signing. And, as a Celtic fan, I really hope we’re in a position to start competing for useful signing again, but… it’s been about 6 or 7 years since we could fill a position effectively through signings. Longer since we could compete at the higher end (and, to be honest, only really Barnes and O’Neil ever got that kind of freedom).


    So, a transfer market strategy seems redundant. Recent experience suggests we should be signing very few players year on year.


    To look around the EPL (and our own squad) and consider what we could have had for much less is evidence that this part of our strategy isn’t working.



    It’s not by any means the point, but, I think we could reasonably do away with almost all transfer spending. Certainly what remains of a transfer strategy should be very focused on the likes of Wanyama, Izzy, Hooper type value/potential.


    At any rate, with ffp it seems like the concept of a transfer market is under a lot of pressure. Why indulge a system that is falling apart, we’re not really a part of, and may soon be a bizarre story for grandparents to tell… when we paid £5m for a player no-one had ever met or seen in person (Raphael), for example.



    Regarding the kind of link ups we require to make this work… in the case of Gauld, Robertson or Armstrong. I’d have no problem with them staying at United for another 2 years on loan, and being allowed to play us (they need that development opportunity). Or, if that’s not good enough, which I doubt it is in Robertsons case, then to the Championship or Holland. That latter option, though, is where we’re in a mess. We need a proper relationship. We should have the clout and wherewithall to do this.

  8. blantyretim is praying for the Knox family on

    Mike in Toronto



    most of Glasgow Irish claim to be from Donegal so you can kill 2 birds with the 1 stone by coming to Glasgow. ..8))

  9. Morten Weighorst



    May have shared this before but I will share it again.



    Our player of the year was selected by our members as Andreas Thom. We always organised our dance for away matches so that the majority of the punters would be sober enough not to star tthe singing too early.


    From memory I think Celtic played at St Johnstone. I think Andreas Thom was injured but we were certainly told he was not available but as Tommy Burns was gaffer we were told we would have a replacement first team player.


    Morten Weighorst was the name forwarded to us and he would be attending. We were delighted and we swiftly got the trophy for our player of the year engraved with his name.


    I was a young Bhoy at the time but was a convener and managed to stay off the cheap wine that day at the fitba. Picked up my girlfriend in a cab and shot out to the do at Bathgate which I later got married in years later to Mrs LB.


    Sitting at the top table the usual scenario probably most of us have went through. The player is late. Thankfully we didn;t have to wait long and Morten duly arrived and we were able to entret he hall and take our seats. As I was the youngest on the committee myself and my totally embarrased and mildly dumbfounded girlfriend sat either side of Morten. He is a very decent man. Very down to earth and funny. He was told at short notice to come along and was delighted to but did not know West Lothian and when asking TB where the place was he said ach you’ll find it big man.


    Morten duly got lost and stopped at a petrol station enroute. The hotel in fairness is not the easiest to find. It’s sort of on a main road but the way in is on another road. He approached the desk and said he was looking for the hotel and that he was attending a player of the year dance for a Celtic supporters club. The woman behind the counter said ‘Aye, I’m a big Celtic supporter. What players are going?’


    I was in fits of laughter. My girlfriend didn;t get it and he went on to tell us a few things about his time in Scotland.


    When he was presented with the player of the year award he launched into a speech about Andreas and we had to stop him mid speech and explain that Morten was our player of the year and he checked the trophy and saw his name on it. He actually had to check himself and compose himself as he had got a bit emotional. He gave a very rousing speech in his much talked about Danish/Dundonian/Glasgow accent. Will never hear a bad word said about big Morten. A very find individual and on his day a very good player. Anyone who doesn;t realise what he went through after his illness then I would suggest looking online. He basically had to learn to walk again. How he eventually got back to play fitba I will never know.



    PS: He still should have taken down McManaman at Celtic Park in the 2-2 Liverpool UEFA Cup game though.




  10. Hamiltontim



    Decent impact from the wee man. Thanks for correcting that one HT.


    Everytime I see Maloney though I can;t help thinking back to that free kick in Seville. Is that bad of me?




  11. My friends in Celtic,



    While not a great fan of “friendly” games ( Any friendly games ) I really hope Scotland can absolutely slaughter ( at least 1-0 ) Engurlund tonight.



    In my opinion, WGS’s team play as an extension of his character, with passion; whereas Roy Hodgson’s team play to his character, dull.



    I have been impressed with Wayne Rooney’s comments about Celtic Park and our club in general over the last few years; subsequently I hope he does well, but not too well.




  12. mike in toronto on




    some of my favourite childhood memories are from our holidays seeing my dad’s family in donegal… at the grandparent’s cottage … taking Toby the donkey down to the bog while my uncle gerry cut the peat, then back to the house, and Etta would have our breakfast ready ….



    there is a little pub/oyster house that a Toronto guy (Pat McMurray – the world oyster shucking champion ) has opened … called the Ceili Cottage …I passed it coming home from work every day… during the winter, there is a big peat fire roaring… even when I cant stop in, when I drive by I open the windows (even in minus 20 weather!) …



    even now, 40 years later, the smell of the peat always takes me back to the farm in Donegal! Love it!

  13. blantyretim is praying for the Knox family on



    that is my lingering though about wee Shaun also..



    he could have been a great… i feel wee jf will be the same unfortunately. .

  14. Livibhoy



    Not at all there are hardly any players in my time watching Celtic that haven’t blighted their copybook even minutely.



    You’re very harsh though :-)

  15. blantyretim is praying for the Knox family on




    I was talking to paolosboots last week about the peat smell and he knows a guy who sells it and posts it…


    Ill tell you a story about my dad on his holidays in sligo one of these days…

  16. Looking for some clarity re the zombies accounts and AGM



    Am I correct in saying these are both due before the end of December 2014?



    If so,where does this fit in with just one of the charges they faced at the SFA Judicial Panel in April 2012.(copied from scotslawthoughts)


    In particular,items 3 and 4.



    Does this mean they should face bringing the game into disrepute charges if accounts are not published and an AGM held?



    When would this year’s accounts need to be signed off and published in order for the requisite notice period to be in place for an AGM?




    Disciplinary Charge 4



    This charge involves an allegation that there has been a breach of Disciplinary Rule 66.



    Disciplinary Rule 66 provides:



    “No recognised football body, club, official, Team Official, or other member of Team Staff, player, referee, or other person under the jurisdiction of the Scottish FA shall bring the game into disrepute.”



    The rule applies to both a member club such as Rangers FC and an official , such as Mr Craig Whyte. 51



    The Disciplinary Charge 4 is bringing the game into disrepute. The charge then sets out the particular conduct which supports that charge. There were six elements set out.



    It should be noted that the Judicial Panel Protocol Paragraph permits multiple disciplinary charges being brought in respect of a single act or omission.



    The six elements alleged were



    1 failing to procure the disclosure of his disqualification to the Scottish FA by Mr Craig Whyte.



    2 failing to comply with the rules of the PLUS Stock Exchange rules by failing to disclose the disqualification of Mr Craig Whyte.



    3 failing to lodge annual accounts by 31 December 2011 in terms of s447 of the Companies Act 2006.



    4 failing to hold an annual general meeting by 1January 2012 in terms of s336 of the Companies Act 2012.



    5 non payment of PAYE income tax, National Insurance Contributions and Value Added Tax to HMRC.



    6 failing to pay due sums to Dunfermline Athletic Football Club by 21 February 2012 in respect of a Scottish Premier League match played on 11 February 2012 pursuant to Rule C.14.5 of the Rules of the Scottish Premier League.

  17. Whyte’s on his way back apparently.



    Big tin of beans in one hand, and a can opener in the other…

  18. Hamiltontim



    I think it is in our nature as Celtic supporters to never praise anyone too highly. Also in the days before all games on TV you could impress people in the boozer with your in depth knowledge and all round smarminess of being at the game.


    I used to love a Saturday night in the pub in Livi with guys all finding their way back from the games to exchange frank views on their team performance before being treated to the game of the day on Sportscene. We used to have a few of each team: Celtic Hearts, Hibs, Huns, Motherwell, Pars, Clydebank and a few Pars.


    Very diverse crowd in those days and pre Livi FC.


    Your analysis had to be decent or you could be ridiculed when the footage came on later. Wouldn;t be the first time someone would leave when they realised which game would be on.



    Great days




  19. Medtim,



    I’m sure the Zombie AGM must be held by 31 December, and there is a requirement to give shareholders 21 days notice (working days or normal days, I’m not sure).



    What the consequences of a failure to do so are, I’m not sure.



    Perhaps the SFA will “write them a letter”…?

  20. According to Sky Sports news Craigy has no intention of ‘ dodging his responsibilities’



    Hopefully that’s code for spilling the beans!!!

  21. During the period from when we freed Andrew Robertson until now, we must have let over 100 players go at various age levels. We bemoan the clubs failure to spot talent by picking out the exception that proves the rule. At the time Andrew was about Celtic, nobody was shouting out that he was a must keep. Look at the Victory Shield teams through the ages. The numbers going on to have stellar careers at top clubs can be counted in low single figures each year.



    There are judgement calls to be made. Players develop at different rates. The system of short contracts, high churn rates and predatory big spending clubs (Islam Feruz) means that we struggle to ensure that the right ones stay. We kept Paul McGowan and are currently keeping Filip Twardzik because they looked as though they had a chance. There are fine margins between being St. Mirren or Alloa standard and making it at Celtic.

  22. medtim @ 17.13hrs



    Wow, a mega detailed post, worthy of a better response than I can give you.



    We are all looking for clarification, we are never going to get any and that is why our club must break its silence, mirror CQN and “tell it how it is”.



    All I am asking is for our club to state the obvious and give a truthful explanation with our position that our supporters now need to hear.



    Is that to much to ask ?




  23. My favourite memory of the 3-0 game at Ibrox was when the camera panned on Lubo on the bench just after the third goal had been scored. He looked so happy.

  24. lawwellsacountant on

    OH dear and I thought this was a celtic site ffs,first thing we read is bloody awful Scotland are playing against the just as awful engerland,another chance for our players get injured oe knackered ahead of saturday,and the hun strachan in charge of the sfa bigots side

  25. ItaliaBhoy,


    Thanks.That is my (amateur) understanding also.


    Wondered if any of our resident accountants or lawyers could confirm.


    I know when we speak of the SFA we should assume logic has left the building but the stuff I posted is from their own published,official account of the Judicial Tribunal they held about CW’s time at ibrox.



    If they were charged THEN for failing to publish accounts and have an AGM,why wouldn’t they be charged NOW for the same offence?

  26. shaun Maloney


    I think his injury problems started


    sun 25th may 2003


    shoot out sun at rugby park(an name so apt)


    clogged and subbed-13mins


    hail hail

  27. saint stivs-i only ever seen Henrik twice berating fellow Celts,once as mentioned Shaun at Poundland in the 3-0 game,and Mark Burchill in the 5-1 game.Both could have passed to him for a hat trick.HH

  28. bournesouprecipe on

    sftb @ 17.22



    Spot on.



    Any excuse to put the boot in to Celtic. They didn’t even know he was at Celtic, until he’d been and gone at Dundee Utd.

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