Continually learning Gordon Strachan


I remember Scotland-England games being huge events.  They were proper derby games, fired up by a balance – a vastly more resourceful England were in the ascendancy, but Scotland had more wins in the history books.  Despite the odd hiding we thought we could take them.

The Home International Championships probably ended at the right time, just before Scotland lunged into mediocrity.  No derby remains attractive if one side dreads the game coming round, while the other considers it a formality, but our former manager has given us reason for hope.

Gordon Strachan took time off from the game to invest in his stock of knowledge before becoming Celtic manager.  Despite an, erm, memorable opening week, Gordon blitzed Scottish football as Celtic manager.  He filled the boots of legend Martin O’Neill, and within 18 months eclipsed him by reaching what we used to refer to as ‘the next level in the Champions League’.

Despite going on to reach the knock-out stage of the Champions League again, and becoming our third manager to win three-in-a-row, Gordon stopped progressing.  His time at Celtic petered out, while the entire Middlesbrough episode was a nightmare.

Gordon, like Martin before him, looked as though the game had passed him by.  His resurgence at Scotland is evidence of his outstanding attribute – he’s a student of the game who continually learns.

Roy Hodgson has by far the better players, but never bet against Gordon.

Shaun’s goal on Friday

31 years ago in Sarawak, Malaysia, a midwife, Beatrice Lo, assisted in the delivery of a boy born to a Scottish family who lived in her community.  Beatrice got in touch with a common friend after wee Shaun’s goal on Friday, very proud of the kid she brought into the world.

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  1. For avoidance of doubt



    A licence is granted annually on reaching a certain level against different sets of criteria. Ground, Player Development, Financial stability.Standards go from Entry to Gold and Silver in each category.



    A membership of the SFA is a one off granting that stays with a club as long as it’s in business. It is dependent on meeting criteria the SFA have not specified but promise to promulgate from time to time.



    The SFA used a discretionary clause in Article 14 that



    wait for it



    PROHIBITS transfer of SFA membership to actually transfer RFC ‘ S membership to TRFC for what I assume were commercial reason as an alternative was available but would have same club myth impossible..



    Membership is not conditional on meeting licensing criteria and as long as the lowest level of licence can be achieved clubs are not stopped from playing although there is provision to withdraw a licence.



    You would think that meant a club could not play but in Through The Looking Glass SFA La La land nothing is as it seems.

  2. TTT,



    Great memories you share but the most horrible venue anywhere in planet fitba.



    Never darkened it’s doors for probably 15 to 20 years now and. Ever will again



    Unless I’m driving past and need to pop in to a Tesco or whatever the midden becomes

  3. BSR,



    It’s surreal reading your conversation with HT, like it means anything or refers to anything. I’m forced to assume you guys were already talking about this issue because of another post on here I’ve missed.


    However, the idea that our hit rate with youth players is good enough is absurd. I’m not advocating we appoint Dr Hindsight to run our program, I’m saying we can take more control and invest a lot more in the post youth program (i.e. 18-23/4).


    Before blythley suggesting we’re doing ok, as if that’s good enough, perhaps you should look at how every other club in our peer group handles this… say Sporting Lisbon… £3m spent on a player they have no intention of playing until next year at the earliest. An investment, perhaps beyond us but perhaps not, but a clear strategy for investment. For Sporting this has yielded big transfer fees for great players. They’ve got dual ownership and small market problems, but they’re getting something out of this strategy.


    I make a mistake addressing this to you, just because I know the range of response that you’re capable of.

  4. Strong rumour doing the rounds…… Our hero Craigy is returning to Scotland but will not cooperate with the police in any way.


    He just wants to do a lap of honour in Paradise on Saturday!

  5. Kitalba



    I think I have to clarify my point about what KevJ calls fellow supporters.


    1. It’s fellow supporters not Aberdeen fans.


    2. He uses the term or similar because he thinks some just follow The “bored” or PL like sheep without thinking ( which is where the insult part comes in)


    3. And what I was getting at was how counter productive to his argument any terminology that supports his thinking of fellow supporters is.



    Even if/when he has a point why introduce that judgement of others into the conversation? It’s likely to have the opposite effect than persuasion.



    Others have commented on it too and I do wonder why he does it if it is done consciously.



    The context remember was how we see things and why we differ.

  6. Gordon_J



    Only one change to the Scots, six for England. Hoped Craig would get the gig, but Marsh must be fit. Pleased that big Fraser has got the nod, especially with game at Celtic Park.


    Gary Hooper, where are you now?

  7. Auldheid,


    Greetings and cheers for the reply.


    We both/all know the SFA will do everything in their (fast diminishing) power to help them but I spent a very long time today reading the full findings of the SFA Judicial panel of April 2012.A VERY long read but worth it imo.It’s on the scotslawthoughts site.



    I was initially focussed on the “I was duped” angle of murray which,if you read the report,gets completely blown away,when I spotted the disrepute charge.Of the 6 elements contained,2 were with regard to the accounts and AGM.



    Given this is the SFA’s own OFFICIAL record then if the same rules apply now as then they surely have no option but to follow that precedent…..don’t they?



    As you say,they may not last that long but the clock is ticking on this,especially if read in conjunction with Phil’s piece



    Best Regards Amigo



  8. bognorbhoy oscar in my thoughts on

    lennon’s passion


    18:38 on


    18 November, 2014


    What’s Jimmy whites latest autobiography called ?




    second wind

  9. TTT



    Beach ball Sunday is also up there as is 2-4 in Charlie’s final game first time around.

  10. Thanks to everyone who has purchased the raffle tickets so far – we are now well past the half way stage since launching this at 10pm last night.



    If you would like to contribute to this initiative which will see a Statement from Celtic Supporters appear in a Sunday Herald in January re the status of our semi final opponents in the League Cup – you can buy raffle tickets at http://www.cqnbookstore.com



    Tickets are £5 and you can buy 1, 2, 4 or 10. Any surplus will go to Malawi schools project supported by CQNers so well this year…

  11. Sooooper Sammy Sized Union fleg n Norn Ireland flegs ootside pubs in brigton (spit)


    Can’t think who the hun are supporting?

  12. Player fails.



    We let some boy leave for nothing and a couple of seasons later he was setting up the goals in a European cup final.



    Sack the bored

  13. Braw



    Dalton in Furness old grandad was born there in 1920



    I think I was there as a wee boy.


    Maybe Around 1975.



    I am sure it’s braw



    Come on England . Get the north bri r so back on bended knee.



    Tomb tabards

  14. HT


    We botched up offering Shay Given a new contract, that’s why he could go for nothing.


    Pretty sure he was on bench at Ibrokes when we drew 1:1 and Brian O’Neil scored

  15. weet weet weet(GBWO) on

    Could sanctions have been taken against Brechin for playing a game against a club



    That didn’t have a license.



    Just a thought




  16. From the well-respected “establishment” Scottish Legal News:



    “BDO, the liquidators of former football club Glasgow Rangers FC, have banked £24 million for the defunct club’s creditors.”



    He he he… love it !!!



    C’Mon Gordon Strachan and his Scots warriors against the AE (auld enemy) !!!

  17. Hamiltontim agree 2 4 game Charlie’s last game first time round. Thought walk on at half time was awesome n changed the players mindset that they could turn the game round. Went on the Charlie Nicholas no1 at that time n was hoping he would change his mind after that game

  18. clashcitybhoy



    Oracle :-)



    I’m really talking about players we released who at the time we thought we should keep but then went on to be standouts at another club.



    I just think that SFTB and Bourne are right, the margins are minute and I personally think we do ok in judging the potential of our youngsters.

  19. Weet.



    That’s a fair point



    Sfa and spfl should punish every club that played against the CONTINUITY RANGERS


    and award them the trophies .



    No more crooked than all those the originals won’t with side letters and extra payments.

  20. lennon's passion on

    winning captains



    19:21 on 18 November, 2014



    Raffles bought mate. Hope advert happens good luck to all involved.

  21. BB


    That would be good news if we can get some money for him. Always feel he keeps a good player out team. It’s up to Celtic to get that good player, whether he leaves or not.

  22. dr m



    Pretty sure I read that Big Billy claimed he used the singing from the Celtic supporters at HT to inspire the players in the dressing room.

  23. What made it galling when we let Shay go was that Lou Macari said we did not need him after he signed Carl Muggleton. Cold shivers up the spine. The Onlooker.