Contracts are not optional


That whole ‘We don’t do walking away’ without a payoff business looks a little different this morning.  Dave King has told the media Derek Llambias and Barry Leach are ‘demanding’ a payoff.  It would be more likely that they have informed King of the terms of their contracts, which is all they are able to demand.  Under the circumstances, it would be extraordinary if either ‘walked away’ from their contracts.

Contracts of employment are not optional.  Terms have to be honoured, even if the employees’ services are no longer required, as I’m sure Mr Llambias’ solicitor will inform him when he discusses King’s threat to sue him for EGM costs.  This easy-come, easy-go attitude to contracts is, well, shameless.

For what it’s worth, my money is on Llambias and Leach resigning in the hours before the EGM, once they have ensured business is sorted.  This is the scenario King wanted, there’s no point complaining now it’s playing out.

World Autism Day

After their successful work with Downs Syndrome children, the homeless and many disadvantaged groups, next month the Celtic Foundation will embark on work with children with autism.  A pilot project is currently being designed which will work to enhance each child’s wellbeing.

Autism is described in terms of a ‘spectrum’ as it includes people who live independently to those who require very specialised support on a daily basis.  Recent decades have seen enormous improvements in understanding of the condition and on strategies to help, especially in children, which is where this pilot project comes in.

World Autism Day is 2 April and on that day the Foundation is holding its inaugural Golf Day (11 years behind the magnificent CQN Open) at Renfrew Golf Club.  The event is supported by Ryder Cup winner Stephen Gallacher (who will not be playing) and a host of former Celtic players (who will be playing).

It’s a great initiative for the Foundation, reaching out into a new and important area, so if you’re a golfer and will enjoy a day on the course with friends and former players, go here to book.

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  1. Bliddy typical. From previous thread…



    Who Makes The Nazis?



    There’s a programme in Radio 4 catchup just now where an ex Al Qaida chappie explains how he got involved and why he changed sides and started spying for the West. His view was that the rise in Islamic extremism came about after the Serbia Bosnia conflict. Worth a listen. Unless you think that everything on the BBC is propaganda in which case don’t waste your time. :-)

  2. West End of East End on

    Philbhoy – From the last thread, I think Commons, Armstrong, Izzy & Guidetti are all out for tonight, no idea who will come in to replace them..

  3. The collective stupidity is astonishing. Talk about not learning your lessons. King wants to play with everyone else’s money but no questions asked never mind his track record.

  4. World Autism Day



    Great that Foundation are having the Golf fundraising day on April 2nd.


    Rubbish that is my last day of school term working with these young people.



    There is always Aberdour hopefully.








    Up until Labour lost it’d appeal to working class people in Scotland, how many seats did Labour control?



    Never mind the quote you Googled.



    Simple question: why wouldn’t Scotland vote for a left wing party and get that type of government in an independent country?

  6. Geordie Munro on

    West end,



    What about griff? He didn’t look top clever on Sunday.



    Mind you….He was wearing a protective boot on Thursday and still made Sunday.




  7. Paul when you say resigning I take it you mean from the Board and not their respective executive roles ?

  8. Careful With That Tax, Moonbeams on

    I don’t have a problems with the BBC in England .. BBC Murphy, rips ma knitting though! :)

  9. My friends in Celtic,



    I trust RD & JC to ensure that our players do not take their eye off the ball tonight.


    This is a big game for us which has none of the hype of our last two home games.


    Does the lack of game talk on CQN on a match day suggest that many on here think the result is a foregone conclusion.?



    I hope not.




  10. Careful With That Tax, Moonbeams on

    Should scrap River City .. There’s only one long running soap opera in town!

  11. Joe Filippis Haircut on

    I see we are supposed to be in a battle with a Dutch club for John Guidetti I hope we dont battle to hard as I think for me he is a disappointment he is slow and looks overweight and I dont think he fits our game plan. H.H.

  12. Great to see the Celtic foundation doing something for Autism. My 5 year old has Autism and it can be a struggle.


    Thankfully he gets great support and comes to the games with me every so often although the noises from the GB do scare him every so often. lol

  13. Bawsman



    You forgort to scroll by again. Ouch! another hook. ;-)



    MWD said Aye





    I was worried about you mate, thought you’d missed your meds, you were burbling again

  14. WilliamKentigern67 on

    A go away for a shower and come back to a new article and 28 tims in front of me.



    John Guidetti looks a lot slower now that the rest of the team are super fit. John’s not good enough or not fit enough. Either way time to look for a better alternative for the money he wants.




  15. West End of East End on

    Geordie Munro – LG got a good hour on Sunday, I hope he starts tonight even if it’s only for an hour. Bring Stokes on then, I think Liam Henderson could get a start, excited about this bhoy, think he has a massive future…

  16. Geordie Munro



    From last thread.



    The truth is that I don’t know what he was to sign for us.



    But I would bet all I have that with signing on fees it will equate to a minimum of £20k per week ans could be as much as £60k per week ,over the term of a 3 or 4 year contract.



    He is not worth a higher wage than Leigh Griffiths or Anthony Stokes .




  17. tomtheleedstim on

    Paul67 – the Celtic Foundation do brilliant work as you know. As a father of a child with both Down Syndrome and autism (lower end of the spectrum along with other difficulties) I feel very proud and grateful for all of the work being done in the name of this great club.


    It makes a genuine difference to peoples’ lives. Not just the obvious financial support but the publicity. The publicity helps the public become more aware, and awareness is what has been most lacking – and lack of awareness breeds ignorance.


    Great stuff.

  18. Geordie Munro on

    West end,



    I thought he was injured before he took his pen. Hopefully not. I’ll be surprised if we don’t see henderson.







    12:46 on 4 March, 2015





    ‘Never mind the quote you Googled.’







    Jim Mather has a better grasp of political reality than you.



    I appreciate you may find that difficult to take, but it’s the truth. He’s a politician who has operated at the highest levels within the SNP. He knows what’s what. You on the other hand are merely indulging in wishful thinking.

  20. If Guidetti is injured tonight I would rather see Scepovic get a run out before Stokes. We know what Stokes can do.




  21. Geordie Munro on




    If you think he’s asking for up to 60k per week I can see why you wouldn’t want him to stay.

  22. thetimreaper



    12:45 on 4 March,



    King wants all the power but wants the orcs to pay for it and has got them thinking he’s saving them haha he puts as little as possible in and is lorded as some sort of hero he’s done nothing apart from request a EGM.

  23. Geordie Munro



    Even if it’s only £20k .


    It’s too much for the results he produces.




  24. the hooped crusader on




    13:09 on 4 March, 2015



    Read a piece on Scepovic this morning, and the jist of it is Ronnie does not think he’s fit enough.