Contrast between SPFL and EFL will benefit Scottish clubs


Earlier this month we discussed the English Football League, where Championship clubs are in particular danger.  Unlike the SPFL there is little leadership from “the centre”.  Clubs and the League hope to complete the season and only yesterday published a plan on what to do in the event that is not possible.

Completing the season will require investment in blanket testing which will cost hard-up clubs millions of pounds, players would need to be taken off furlough (where applicable) weeks before games are played, and there will be zero ticket money generated.

All this helps clubs, fans and everyone else feel better about the sporting integrity of their competitions, but it will only compound the financial crisis afflicting the sport if they undertake the process and, as is very possible, some or all clubs need to isolate due to positive tests.  This could lead to a later curtailment of the league, with unnecessary illness (or worse) and cost.

The contrast with the SPFL is stark.  The Scottish League took medical and legal advice and went on the front foot with a strong recommendation to clubs, which was overwhelmingly supported.  These decisions are horrible and inevitably unfair on someone, but good leadership means you need to make yourself unpopular at times.

What happens with the English Premiership is largely immaterial to Scottish football.  Our more immediate competitors occupy the leagues below.  This is where Scottish clubs have lost most of their talent to.  There will be opportunities for Scottish clubs as a consequence of how the two leagues reacted to the crisis.  Keep your eye on what happens here.

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  1. Bada……..



    earlier Re Mon, totally agree………


    that was a head scratcher…….love the guy but our ambassadors should never, ever validate that mob.





    No replies so far .Someone must have CHARLIE DEVLIN singing about LISBON LIONS.




    JOSEPH MCBRIDE wore the colours with ………………………………….

  3. Whilst I did enjoy the 90-minute virtual party (the main reason being it gave me a feeble excuse to have my first Saturday beer 4 hours earlier than usual!) I had anticipated something different. “Party” to me would have been a good few clips of the 9-in-a-row games, interspersed with songs, maybe a few more live link ups with players and, significantly, maybe Scott or Neil ‘virtually’ lifting the trophy just like trophy day would have been. The Griff/Chris treasure hunt was presumably aimed at the younger audience. And whilst I loved listening to Martin O’Neill, apart from the tenuous link to Neil Lennon what was his input to 9 in a row? And that’s before he annoyed me with his parting lines! Anyways, it was still good to have something on a Saturday at 3pm and now looking forward to the BT programmes from 9.45 – 11.45 (if I slow down on my beer intake!).


    Hail hail!

  4. !!Bada Bing!! on

    Ernie- to be fair, it was a good effort by the Club, difficult to come up with something for the supporters just now.

  5. Jobo…..yep, it wasn’t what I expected – I suppose something for everyone……….


    ……………Looking ( more ) forward to this evening…..



    WineAtNine CSC







  6. celticforever on




    I just e mailed you regarding ONE NIGHT IN LISBON t shirts



    Hail Hail


    ERNIE LYNCH on 23RD MAY 2020 5:39 PM



    Thanks ernie but wrong CHARLIE.On their music they always write CHARLIE BOYLE not DEVLIN.

  8. Yes the party show could have been better, but hey we live and learn.



    I noted at the side of my TV that 37k were watching I thought there would have been more.



    Why did the club not send out emails/texts to everyone on the fan database. Maybe they did and I just never received it.



    I thought around the world there would have been more than 37K



    But I did enjoy it



    D. :)

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  10. D66



    I think it was 47k at one point. But from waht I understand that was signed in. Others watched.



    You knew it was infiltrated by zombies as number dropped ( thousands) when the hunskelping goals and songs came on 😂😂😂



    Would have preferred most players doin a virtual celebration of trophy but probabl didnt trust technology/players 😂




  11. As I watched , there was nearly 50 K subscribed, but more lurking likely……..


    A good thing for the Club to stage, I’m grateful…….



    I suppose catering for the widest demographic.



    Still no substitute for the real thing.




  12. I thought Sparky was funny on camera……….



    Broony – just as ye’d expect and great wi’ the young team.



    They are fitba’ players, Ant and Dec earn their money for a reason!







  13. Gene – I never received anything and have 2 ST



    Adi – aye could have been a wee bit better and you know technology better than me so i will bow once more to your knowledge sir. I hope you are well, I never got much time the other day for a chat.






    D. :)

  14. i'vehadtochangemynamebacktojackiemac on

    HWG 10 IAR



    the fans know what they are, irrespective of whatever a hero says on a screen.

  15. Evening. Champions



    I missed the virtual party but good on reading back the memories come back.its all about Celtic.enjoy yourselves.hh all



    Raise a glass to the champions



    Beatles- ask me why



  16. I had to use the link to the party that was posted on here. I subscribe to Celtic TV and couldn’t get through to the party on that. So, I wonder if the numbers actually watching were, in fact, a lot more than they were counting.



    Personally thought the best bits were Sutton’s contribution and that of the goals being scored.



    Did I hear right that Ryan Christie said he grew up supporting the Celtic?

  17. onenightinlisbon on

    MON and his comments about “Rangers” today sums up the attitude of the board as well. Why did he even think it was appropriate to mention them in a positive way? Pals with Mr Desmond right enough….

  18. DAVID17 on 23RD MAY 2020 5:13 PM


    AULDHEID on 23RD MAY 2020 4:19 PM







    Had another look at the email. There are a number of considerations,







    1, is it authentic?





    2, was it sent to Peter Lawwell in error?





    3, was it intentionally sent to Peter Lawwell for his review?







    If you decide on option 3, then you could ask the following questions,







    1, why did the SPL, a limited company, ask for acceptance of a confidential document from an non board member, as PL was at the time? Why was this done in full view of the other recipients?





    2, did Neil Doncaster deliberately and shrewdly entangle PL in the 5 way by way of compromising him?





    3, or is it the case that PL is actually running the shop after all and has been at the front and centre of this since the beginning?




    It is as authentic as all the other documents in are.



    It will be added there in due course.



    Why would it be sent specifically to a PL e mail address known only within football?



    Normal communications from the public go to his PA e mail.



    If it was sent in error should PL not have asked what is this and why am I getting it?



    Did Doncaster deliberately entangle the guy who accompanied him to see Sky to seal the new TV deal? Can you think of any reason at all why ND would want to involve PL, the CEO of the biggest and richest club in Scotland, other than that stated. To get a acceptance of the 5 Way Agreement.




    3. As BRTH has already set out, if PL isnt watching what is going on in the shop that he and the others addressees are running then he isnt doing his job.



    You know this feels like the man who is dragged from Platos cave, finds a totally different world of life, not shadows, goes back in to release his previous companions and they dont want to listen, preferring the shadows. Not you personally but I’m well aware no one likes what is being revealed.



    It made me uncomfortable and I didnt want to believe it, but read the evidence as true then struggle with what it tells you or dont. It’s a personal choice.

  19. Did I hear right that Ryan Christie said he grew up supporting the Celtic?






    sure did,



    he supported celtic cause his granda tony christie used to sing about the hoops in the classic come with me to paradise my love



    I wanna talk to you of all the wondrous things


    Of all the magic days our love is bringing.


    I wanna hold you close and never let you go


    And you will hear the words my heart is singing.


    We’ll make our secret dreams become reality


    And let our love run wild and free.


    Heaven on earth will surround you and me.


    Come with me to paradise my love


    Paradise my love


    Ev’ry day we’ll see a golden morning.


    Come with me to paradise my love


    Paradise my love

  20. Those that have achieved successful, management, prominence – through their individual and particular talents are exposed to stresses that most of us cannot envision.



    Hun brutality and (in)sensibility has made itself felt in most fitba-related spheres…….


    ……the more sentient of those called-upon to speak-up for Celtica are probably more aware of this and work in public without the protection of bhlog anonymity………..




  21. There was a small cavalcade on Monday but mañana not going ahead.



    Don’t know if there was the appetite or police kaiboshed.



    D. :)

  22. AULDHEID on 23RD MAY 2020 6:46 PM



    I was only asking some questions. I’ve pretty much made my mind up on what happened and had already predicted how it would play out. Imo PL is a power player and an economist. I think he did what he thought was best for the employees at CFC and the shareholders (i know! *value). How he went about it is a different matter. Based on what is known, i think PL and ND have stood together every step of the way. The Craig Whyte trial was game changer and something they did not legislate for. It’s been a sh*t show since. I would be staggered if PL has not seen the 5 way, only he can explain his comments at the AGM. Regarding the lack of governance at the SFA, i cant offer an explanation on why there would appear to be no interest on what went on there.

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