Contrast between SPFL and EFL will benefit Scottish clubs


Earlier this month we discussed the English Football League, where Championship clubs are in particular danger.  Unlike the SPFL there is little leadership from “the centre”.  Clubs and the League hope to complete the season and only yesterday published a plan on what to do in the event that is not possible.

Completing the season will require investment in blanket testing which will cost hard-up clubs millions of pounds, players would need to be taken off furlough (where applicable) weeks before games are played, and there will be zero ticket money generated.

All this helps clubs, fans and everyone else feel better about the sporting integrity of their competitions, but it will only compound the financial crisis afflicting the sport if they undertake the process and, as is very possible, some or all clubs need to isolate due to positive tests.  This could lead to a later curtailment of the league, with unnecessary illness (or worse) and cost.

The contrast with the SPFL is stark.  The Scottish League took medical and legal advice and went on the front foot with a strong recommendation to clubs, which was overwhelmingly supported.  These decisions are horrible and inevitably unfair on someone, but good leadership means you need to make yourself unpopular at times.

What happens with the English Premiership is largely immaterial to Scottish football.  Our more immediate competitors occupy the leagues below.  This is where Scottish clubs have lost most of their talent to.  There will be opportunities for Scottish clubs as a consequence of how the two leagues reacted to the crisis.  Keep your eye on what happens here.

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  1. !!Bada Bing!! on

    His kid needs a piss on a 30 mile journey, but not 260 mile drive? Who the fk is he kidding

  2. Someone call the AA there’s been one helluva car crash in Downing Street



    D. :)

  3. He has no intention of resigning, Johnson wont sack him, the Tory party need to get rid of this guy or Johnson will be brought down.

  4. Something is not right. No reasonable person gets in front of a camera (planned) and says they drove 40 miles to check their eyesight to see if they could drive, with a child in the car. He has spent all day with advisors thinking about what he would be asked and that is what he comes up with. Extremely bizarre.

  5. …….it’s gone on way, way too long……………who the hell is advising him?




  6. !!Bada Bing!! on

    He didn’t want to risk exposing a friend to the virus when his 17 year old niece had offered to look after his child. I bet she’s delighted to be so highly thought of.

  7. Bankiebhoy1 – The foldaway camping table😂😂😂



    What he needs is an old gazebo



    D. :)

  8. So Kouassi off permanently to Genk (reportedly for £1.3m)



    Racing Genk takes over the Ivorian defensive midfielder Eboue Kouassi from Celtic Glasgow. The club announced this on Monday. The 22-year-old Kouassi landed on a rental basis in Limburg at the end of January. Genk also had a purchase option and it was now being lifted. Kouassi is now fixed until 2024.

  9. Update on WDH


    I managed to get to WDH via email and then by telephone. He has been in a room for 14 weeks on his own. He was very upset. Although he doesn’t know he will get out he worried about that and said he will need help when he gets out. Said you would probably be the only one that might have a chance of getting in. With his agreement I can share his number that he is using but will not put it on here. I also know the Ward No. and which Hospital but again I will not post here.


    I told him we were all here for him, to keep the Faith. He would appreciate any words that you can share. He is only able to keep his computer on for an hour as it over heats.


    Told him to call or message me anytime and that I’ll contact him in a couple of days if I haven’t heard from him.


    Keep the Faith!


    Hail Hail!


    Please post a message of support here or if you wish his number mail me at

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    Sorry to inflict this on everyone but it is the 25th of May after all!!



    i wrote this wee song circa March/April 2017 and find myself wandering around the house singing it from time to time.



    So I thought it was about time I recorded a version — even a bad version — for posterity and today seemed as good a day as any.



    It is the words that count — you can ignore everything else!



  12. WDH.


    I only know you from the restaurant things that you put up here , I check them all out ,not that I can afford most of them😜 but we can dream . Maybe one day after this is over I will visit one of your recommendations .


    So get better soon , your knowledge is needed ,how else on our travels would we impress our partners . Can you just imagine the face , aye love that’s right ,guy on CQN said this is the place to eat 😁😁😁😜

  13. !!Bada Bing!! on

    WDH- sorry to hear your situation, plenty folk on here will try to give you a hand,keep the faith, get yourself home asap.HH

  14. whitedoghunch on

    sorry I cn only respond with a simple thank you to your kind messages,


    Old phone And weak



  15. 🙋‍♂️ Hi Fellow Celtic Fans! 😊



    Lots of great Craic about Lisbon (x2) and talk of ‘3 Years’ and ’50 Years’. 😊



    This got me to thinking…



    In answer to the question ‘Why are you going to Lisbon in 2022? 🤔 “, I would just LOVE to be able to answer that I’m” Going for the 55! 😊”



    I was too young so watched 67 (& 70) on the TV, but I did make it to Seville in 2003. I sadly didn’ t make it to Lisbon 3 years ago, but if anyone (BRTH?) is organising a similar trip to Lisbon in 2022, can I be one of the first to add my name to the list? 🤔 (In 2022 Coronavirus should hopefully be behind us all by then! 😊)



    Take Care, keep safe, God Bless and Hail Hail! 😊



    Yours in Celtic,




  16. !!Bada Bing!! on

    Just when you thought you couldn’t hear any more bullshit for one day,on comes Charlie on SSB👍

  17. spikeysauldman on




    I dont know you mate. That doesnt matter. I dont think I’ve read a bad word from you. You always seem to know your onions too ;-)



    Keep the faith and get well soon.




  18. Lullabies and Battle Cries on



    Chin up lots on here are thinking about you.


    Take care.

  19. Some times I wonder about football coaches ie buying young players and some from the development squad,whom quite frankly they are deemed not good enough,our club Celtic are known to chase good players out the door,2 player’s for example Euan Henderson,Rodgers didn’t fancy him,Koussi under Lennon,and for good measure Arazani ,Shavd,whom are good players without getting much game time will be gone next season,as for Shavd Lennon said he is a good player but his language is not so good,Listen just tell us the truth you simply don’t like him,Well a lot of supporters didn’t fancy you coming back ,and I was one off them,but look what happened it turned out alright for you ,second time round,and another thing stop making stupid comments about the players we have at the moment could do for the next season,Now you know that Sevco will come all guns blazing to try and stop 10 in a row,So be a man and tell Lawell and co that we need at least 3 or 4 more Quality players in the Squad,rant over .