Contrast between SPFL and EFL will benefit Scottish clubs


Earlier this month we discussed the English Football League, where Championship clubs are in particular danger.  Unlike the SPFL there is little leadership from “the centre”.  Clubs and the League hope to complete the season and only yesterday published a plan on what to do in the event that is not possible.

Completing the season will require investment in blanket testing which will cost hard-up clubs millions of pounds, players would need to be taken off furlough (where applicable) weeks before games are played, and there will be zero ticket money generated.

All this helps clubs, fans and everyone else feel better about the sporting integrity of their competitions, but it will only compound the financial crisis afflicting the sport if they undertake the process and, as is very possible, some or all clubs need to isolate due to positive tests.  This could lead to a later curtailment of the league, with unnecessary illness (or worse) and cost.

The contrast with the SPFL is stark.  The Scottish League took medical and legal advice and went on the front foot with a strong recommendation to clubs, which was overwhelmingly supported.  These decisions are horrible and inevitably unfair on someone, but good leadership means you need to make yourself unpopular at times.

What happens with the English Premiership is largely immaterial to Scottish football.  Our more immediate competitors occupy the leagues below.  This is where Scottish clubs have lost most of their talent to.  There will be opportunities for Scottish clubs as a consequence of how the two leagues reacted to the crisis.  Keep your eye on what happens here.

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  1. Good morning WDH, I hope you had a restful night.


    Please remember we are all here for you.


    Keep the Faith!


    Hail Hail!

  2. Canamalar it looks like OCD obsession on

    Hot Smoked,


    Looks like it’s just as well its been withdrawn by its publishers, a lot of it has been debunked, basically it was a doom and gloom flick about renewable energy that was depressing. I’m happy it was quite thoroughly debunked where needed. This pair done not a bad job and it will give you the jist of the original movie.


    Hopefully Neil Lennon and McCartney gets a look at this too.


    Jamie Redknapp: Rangers manager Steven Gerrard has “got it” – he’ll replace Jurgen Klopp at Liverpool



    What’s london equivalent BUCKIE.




    Did you noticed when Cummings was being grilled he said something like ” of course I understand the dangers of Covid Ive been warning about a corona virus pandemic for over a year.”



    What ? Is he psychic ? Or was he privy to special inside information?

  5. Hamilton Tim


    A wonderful, deserved, tribute to Helen. Very emotional reading. Take care.



  6. Great read back from last night, and good to see that auld Dalmuir fox posting. Hope you didn’t miss BRTH’s song, DD. Takes you right back to Pink Street. Is there no end to this bhoy’s talent? Don’t think so.


    WDH – hope you are on the mend, or at least getting there.


    Stay safe everyone.

  7. I see CQN has published a very good article on Harry Hood who passed away one year today.


    Harry’s brother George passed away last Thursday. Though George wasn’t a football fan, if Harry was playing anywhere in Scotland George never missed the game and was always upset if Harry was an unused substitute! Only really happened at the latter part of his career.


    When Harry’s football career came to an end, so did George’s as a spectator!


    George worked for Harry for most of his life, starting in the Sherwood manor viewpark some 50 odd years ago and finally working part time in the Parkville Blantyre up until the lockdown at the very tender age of 83.


    George will be sorely missed by his family and friends.


    Say hello and a big thankyou to Harry from us all George, a Celtic legend.

  8. BAMBOO on 26TH MAY 2020 9:07 AM




    It seems he may have over egged his claims in that regard.







    The thing about him and Johnson isn’t that they are liars in the normal sense of the word, it’s more that the concepts of honesty and truth and fact don’t seem to register with them at all. They’ll just say whatever is expedient at the time.

  9. Neil Lennon & McCartney on




    I did indeed watch this, as I find the subject matter very interesting, but who to believe?





    The Michael Moore film was removed from You Tube after they received a complaint of copy write infringement from an environmental photographer who claimed that his images and footage were being used to support ideas etc he did not support and without his permission.



    Full story here:

  11. Dominc Cummings should be sacked.


    In his statement yesterday he ADMITTED getting into his car to test his eyes.


    That is a clear breach of the Highway Code as IF you feel that your vision could be impaired whilst driving, then you MUST also contact the DVLA and seek advice and possible medical advice…Cummings wasnt asked by the press “Did you contact the DVLA”….if not…why not” ?



    Cummings also claimed that his wife had COVID symptoms BEFORE he decided to travel to Dirham, but he made NO MENTION of him and/or his wife seeking expert medical advice BEFORE travelling from London to Durham….and yet he claimed that whilst in Durham he then sought “EXPERT Medical Advice” before driving back to London…….why didnt he do that BEFORE Travelling from London to Durham ?


    Cummings also claimed that his child was kept overnight in a hospital in Durham and tested “Negative” for Covid – 19…he also claimed that his WIFE was with his child at the hospital, and he himself was ill in bed at that precise time….Why was his WIFE allowed to travel to the Durham hospital with their child when Cummings had already claimed that his Wife had Covid symptoms BEFORE they even left London ?


    When his Child and wife were in the hospital in Durham overnight…did his Wife seek medical advice and/or was tested for Covid considering that according to Mr Cummings his wife had Covid symptoms BEFORE they set off from London ?


    He has not only breached the Govts Health “Instructions”, but also the Highway Code Regulations and Rules.



    Its also too much of a coincidence that during his 60 mile round trip to test his eyes whilst driving, that he happened to Park at a local beauty spot ?


    I do NOT believe a word of what Cummings has said, and Boris Johnson should also be held responsible for supporting this Tory advisor.



    Chump Cummings should be chased but the Press should be asking more relevant questions to Cummings and that other chump…PM Johnson.


    As for that little squint Micheal Gove…dont get me started.



  12. ‘I haven’t commented publicly on the situation with Dominic Cummings as I have waited to hear the full details. I welcome the statement to clarify matters, but there remains aspects of the explanation which I have trouble with. As a result I have resigned as a government Minister.’



    Wasn’t expecting that.

  13. BIG JIMMY on 26TH MAY 2020 10:08 AM




    His justification for leaving London was the welfare of his child.



    I’m not sure how he squares that with subsequently going for a driver to check his eyesight with his son as a passenger.

  14. Something I thought I could never say, but Red Card, Red Card has gone up in my estimation.


    Still a right wing Tory Bassa but credit where credit is due.

  15. QUANTUM @ 9.41



    Nice post about Harry and George Hood.



    The most underrated player I’ve ever seen in the Hoops and sad that he wasn’t more celebrated given the talent he displayed. A class act was Harry, two footed and free scoring, brilliant feigning drop of the shoulder ghosting past defenders, if his time was now he’d be a Stuart Armstrong eyed in the south with a massive transfer tag.



    The Celtic support loved Harry Hood, under the floodlights in the jungle, the young brigade singing,



    Oh Harry Harry, Harry, Harry, Harry Harry,………………………….. Harry Hood



    a pop song back in the day, I can still hear them singing it in my head.



    Celtic legend.

  16. Forster for Ntcham? – says CQN



    Works for me, the keeper was one of the highlights of the season, stunning unexpected move by Neil Lennon last summer that helped seal the Nine, and the League Cup.







    Lovely tribute to Helen and thank you for posting.



    She is always remembered in my prayers.



    Take care and God bless.

  18. At this time 53 years ago I was sitting on a wall outside the Celtic team’s hotel in Estoril ready to wave goodbye to the Lisbon Lions as they departed for Glasgow and more celebrations. Early through the good graces of Charlie Gallagher, my pal and I were given the privilege of going up to the Big Mhan’s room and being allowed to hold the Big Cup in our hands. A never to be forgotten moment.



    Early outside the hotel, we met Jimmy McGrory , who was visiting from his hotel to ensure himself that he had not been dreaming that we were Champions of Europe.

  19. greengray1967 on

    Deepest conGet well soon WDH and keep well.




    I cant believe Im saying this but Red Card Red Card has gone up (very slightly mind) in my estimation.



    Quick question lads, Im on an old laptop as my password for here is saved. I have recently bought a new laptop but cant remember password and my email from when I reg here, in the very early days, is no longer in use. How can I retrieve my password now?

  20. greengray1967 on

    Sorry, start of last post should have read


    Deepest condolences Ron and keep well WDH

  21. Greengray1967



    go to top right of screen and click on your nickname then edit profile. Email is in there and you can reset your password

  22. GREENGRAY1967 on 26TH MAY 2020 11:38 AM



    Can you not get the password from the machine you’re using?



    Google how to do it.

  23. Jinkyredstar on

    Ernie – from earlier – love it


    The whole ‘drive to see if you can see’ is like an episode of Deputy Dawg with Cummings playing Vince Van Gopher, swerving all over the place whilst exclaiming ‘what happened Musky?’

  24. Bhoyjoebelfast on

    Harry Hood:☘


    An odd statistic that may be difficult to beat is that Harry scored in his debut for Celtic in every competition.


    St. Mirren 0 3 league debut away.


    Celtic 5Falkirk 2 league debut home.


    Celtic 6 Airdrie 1 League cup debut home


    R’ers 2 1 League up debut away.


    Celtic 2 Basel 0 EC debut#


    Celtic 2 D’line 1 Scottish cup debut.


    # It should be noted Harry did come on as a substitute against Basel I the first leg of the EC tie that ended 0-0.