Contrast between SPFL and EFL will benefit Scottish clubs


Earlier this month we discussed the English Football League, where Championship clubs are in particular danger.  Unlike the SPFL there is little leadership from “the centre”.  Clubs and the League hope to complete the season and only yesterday published a plan on what to do in the event that is not possible.

Completing the season will require investment in blanket testing which will cost hard-up clubs millions of pounds, players would need to be taken off furlough (where applicable) weeks before games are played, and there will be zero ticket money generated.

All this helps clubs, fans and everyone else feel better about the sporting integrity of their competitions, but it will only compound the financial crisis afflicting the sport if they undertake the process and, as is very possible, some or all clubs need to isolate due to positive tests.  This could lead to a later curtailment of the league, with unnecessary illness (or worse) and cost.

The contrast with the SPFL is stark.  The Scottish League took medical and legal advice and went on the front foot with a strong recommendation to clubs, which was overwhelmingly supported.  These decisions are horrible and inevitably unfair on someone, but good leadership means you need to make yourself unpopular at times.

What happens with the English Premiership is largely immaterial to Scottish football.  Our more immediate competitors occupy the leagues below.  This is where Scottish clubs have lost most of their talent to.  There will be opportunities for Scottish clubs as a consequence of how the two leagues reacted to the crisis.  Keep your eye on what happens here.

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  1. MOONBEAMSWD on 22ND MAY 2020 10:31 PM


    Cheers CRC. I’m away to buy an android.






    After that you might consider a new phone!

  2. My strategy in second last round. I quickly picked up McCourt, Hay & Hedman. So I said I’ll just go for 3 & get the bonus points whilst the other ghuys are typing 5 answers,


    To my disgust at least 2 if not 3 had lengthy responses with all 5 questions answered ahead of me.


    I know I’m slow but bloody hell.


    Just wondering is there a 2 minute delay over here, I can’t be that slow surely.

  3. Moonbeams


    Could be worse


    Could be the carrier pigeon that Fhella fae Cork uses 😂

  4. Corky



    Na. Me and you have Tae think while others are hoppy evcyclopias!



    It’s no fair.



    Still I claim the intermission prize before R4 started at 10.



    Like the HUNS I’m great at quizzes when feck all is being asked.




  5. I see the buffoon Johnson’s adviser


    Who had covid – allegedly


    Breached lockdown to travel to Durham to visit him s elderly parents


    Wonder if he loses his job ?


    Jenryck didnt

  6. ERNIE LYNCH on 22ND MAY 2020 9:27 AM


    AULDHEID on 21ST MAY 2020 8:02 PM



    Are we to believe that our host was unaware that you were being suckered by the Board?





    Some might say that , I couldn’t possibly comment, but if I did it would go beyond awareness.



    What I will say is that on many an occasion I was getting mixed messages, but after the hard evidence that a payable existed before end of March 2011 turned up,


    that stopped.



    Everything did.

  7. Ok, so another lovely CQN thing.



    When the Jackie top was initially auctioned I bid £100. It quickly went to £150. I bid £200 but I knew I couldn’t afford any more. When it went to £300 and then £310 I knew I was out.



    I was disappointed because Helen always had a soft spot spot for Jackie but I had to be pragmatic given circumstances. I’m creating a wee room for her and that was going to be our room and would have been a lovely addition.



    CRC just called to say would I be happy to still pay £200 for the top and of course I said yes. It turns out that he and Andy Fisher made the bid of £310 and if I’m prepared to pay my final bid they’ll make up the rest.



    So as a result of their kindness, thoughtfulness and wonderful generosity I now have a new addition to Helen’s room.



    This place pisses me off at times which resulted in a long absence but I’m acutely aware that when on here I walk in the presence of the very best of humanity at times.



    God Bless you Marc and Andy.

  8. HAMILTONTIM on 22ND MAY 2020 10:58 PM


    Great gesture Chris, well done Andy and Marc.


    As I said elsewhere I have the top. You can get back to me but I’ll drop it over to you.


    Keep the Faith!


    Hail Hail!



    Auldheid – genuine question.



    Based on your understanding, to what extent are the Celtic board and CEO comfortable or uncomfortable with the way Scottish football authorities handled the demise and rebirth of a club playing out of Ibrox?



    Hail hail




    Keep The Faith





    catching up.



    Given that they were part of the Football authority handling the matter I think very satisfied. Unlike the supporters of course which is why its secret and important Celtic could not be shown to have had any part in it.

  10. The fundamental reason the SFA will never pursue the matter of Resolution 12 is their own part in the crime and it is a criminal act.


    They can never claim to have been duped by RFCil because of one man, Campbell Ogilvie.


    He is the key figure in all of this. He was an official at RFCil AND at the SFA.


    He knew exactly what was going on at both because he was the official controlling that activities at both.



    The SFA cannot take the case to CAS, pursuing RFCil alone because they are wholly, WHOLLY complicit in the affairs themselves.



    The implications of pursuing this case would be to expose the rampant corruption at the heart of the SFA. Indeed, exposing the activities of the SFA would also expose many of the corrupt activities in the political and legal fraternities in Scotland, they are all inexplicably linked.



    THAT is why the SFA will never ever pursue this matter.

  11. LENNYBHOY on 22ND MAY 2020 10:52 AM



    Having read your (BRTH) posts yesterday and this morning in regard to the 5 way agreement, in particular to whether or not the CEO, The Board have seen or are aware of the content of the agreement, it seems to me there is lack of evidence.



    There are those that would submit that the aforementioned have not had sight or know of the contents of the 5 way agreement. You do make a good case, that either they have had sight or knowledge or at least made themselves aware if they are worth their salt.



    To me it is down to who you believe without any evidence?



    Keep the Faith



    Hail Hail!



    ===== ====



    Lack of evidence does not mean it doesn’t exist and I for one would not knowingly say or hint at anything I could not back up.



    The minute I do that I’m Toom Tabard.



    Taking the role of a Fair Witness from Stranger in a Strange Land what I’ll say is there is an e mail from Neil Doncaster sent to members of the SPL Board including Eric Riley and Peter Lawwell )not his PA) in late July (27th?) with the 5 Way agreement attached and referred to.



    That e mail also says if no reply by the following day then that will be taken as acceptance of its contents.



    Is it authentic? Well everything else from the same source has been, so highly unlikely it is made up.



    To address BRTH’s point about the consequences of being unaware of its contents, I agree wholeheartedly it would be a dereliction of duty had Celtic’s business since July 2012 been conducted in the absence of the knowledge of the contents and implications of the 5 Way.



    I can sharpen that by adding that to have actually had the document sent to you and not open it and read it and in failing to do so accept the Agreement goes beyond a dereliction of duty and as such is unbelievable.



    So what we have is PL had delivered to him the 5 Way Agreement which if he did not respond to the next day he was accepting. I know there can be cases of plausible deniability but only the most gullible of the gullible inhabitants of Gullible Village would buy that argument.



    If memory serves me correctly Sentinel Celts posted a copy with the e mail addresses anonymised around two months ago.

  12. AULDHEID on 22ND MAY 2020 11:55 PM




    Taking the role of a Fair Witness from Stranger in a Strange Land what I’ll say is there is an e mail from Neil Doncaster sent to members of the SPL Board including Eric Riley and Peter Lawwell )not his PA) in late July (27th?) with the 5 Way agreement attached and referred to.






    The strange thing about that is that Eric Riley was on the SPL Board at that time, so he must have seen the 5 way and could possibly have been emailed by ND. But Peter wasn’t on the SPL board at that time nor was he on the SFA board, according to records on companies house anyway. We have been told that some SPL board business is confidential so on that basis in theory Eric Riley might not have been able to discuss with Peter. But Peter’s absence from the board would indicate he should not have received a copy via email, certainly not to accept the agreement or not.


    Just logged in.



    Well done Andy and CRC — and well done Hamilton Tim in securing Jackie’s shirt.




  14. A copy of the e mail to which the 5 Way Agreement was attached is at





    You will note it does allow SPL to pursue RFC about ebts, the side letter is not shown but RTC produced it on Twitter the other day and it pardons Sevco for any misbehavior of RFC, which makes sense as they were not around at the time.



    It begs the question why the SFA charged Sevco/TRFC and not RFC or individuals at TRFC who were at RFC in 2011 in May 2018 , so the main issue arising from the Doncaster e mail is it challenges that Celtic never saw it.



    On the basis it was read or its contents already known or known by the RES12 AGM in Nov 2013, then those contents contained the CAS clause that TRFC used to stop any further investigation, even although that investigation itself was limited to the monitoring period for reasons Phil McGiolla Bhain is trying to establish





    and given that knowledge, the Requisitioners were either deliberately misled down a cul de sac or if CAS clause was not known the same applies but now due to the dereliction of those insisting the matter be all handled within the SFA jurisdiction and not UEFA .




    The other problem arising is that having been told SPL would pursue RFC use of ebts in what became the LNS Commission, Celtic were surprised at the result even though Eric Riley was on the SPL Board that met in early 2013 to consider the LNS Decision, pondered on making an appeal, postponed decision on that for 7 days but when they decided not to appeal Eric Riley was not available to give his opinion having absented himself somewhere overseas.



    He was however in early 2014 provided with a package containing HMRC correspondence that could not have been provided to LNS by Rangers administrators , else the date range for the LNS investigation would have began on 30 August 2000 rather than 23 November 2000.



    That information, had it been provided to SPL lawyers in March/April 2012 would have meant a totally different terms of reference, not about player registrations that were trumpeted on CQN but on the use of unlawful ebts along with evidence of dishonesty in whose absence LNS was able to say there was no question of. I recall commenting that the investigation on those grounds was too hasty, I wasnt alone.



    Everyone waited for the Supreme Court to rule on BTC lawfullness and we all know how that turned out, but all that was needed to call LNS a mistrial was in the hands of the SPL and Celtic from Feb 2014. the SPL passed the information to the SFA, they did nothing and then we had the open exchange between Regan and PL in 2017 that went no where even although Regan suggested to PL that the SPL draw the attention of LNS to the FTT testimony of SDM about the wage competitive advantage ebts provided RFC.


  scroll down 18 August letter from SFA.

  15. I love how the Sevconians claim that the charges against RFCil have been found to be groundless by the SFA.


    No, that isn’t what they said. The SFA stated that the implication of pursuing this issue are so severe that they dare not.



    The implications being the danger of exposing the complicity between RFCil and the SFA in the whole sordid affair.



    What should have happened was that the SFA should have stepped aside because of the conflict of interest and let the matter go straight to CAS.



    But, they don’t control CAS. The only way to keep a lid on this is to take control themselves and shut it down. . . or try to.


    And that is exactly what they did.

  16. DAVID17 on 23RD MAY 2020 12:28 AM


    AULDHEID on 22ND MAY 2020 11:55 PM



    You can read the e mail now and see who got it and you wonder on what basis.

  17. THE BATTERED BUNNET on 22ND MAY 2020 2:39 PM









    In the way of these things, the agreement would have been co-authored by the legal advisors of each of the parties to reflect the agreement reached. For SPl this would have been Rod McKenzie, then of Harper McLeod. There would have been a firm from each of the other 4 parties.



    Relatedly, whether PL has seen the 5WA or not, because it’s commercially confidential he would have to deny having ever seen it because he was not party to it. He couldn’t go on the record as admitting to a breach of confidence.




    If PL wasn’t party to it, why was he sent a copy?



    The question as reported from Celtic Underground on the day was


    Q Was anyone at Celtic involved in 5 Way agreement?”


    A PL = No and Ive never seen it.



    From my memory ‘have you seen it’ came first – No was anyone at Celtic involved in it but together the question was clear enough as was the answer.

  18. Just flinging this out there. It has been stated that the email if not answered in 24hrs was to signal acceptance.



    How would one know of the 24hr clause, if one had not read the email? por cierto

  19. Good morning from a windy North Staffordshire.


    Well done to Marc and Andy – a great gesture.


    Alex Miller on how Rangers ended Celtic’s bid to win 10-In-A-Row – and can do it again next season




    And the list goes on and on and on……………………………………………………………………….

  21. !!Bada Bing!! on

    Just read back, brilliant gesture from Marc and Andy,HT- you’re gonna need a bigger room…..👍

  22. Good morning CQN from a tornado like Garngad



    A great read back.



    So we have Celtic TV today at 3pm and BT sports at 9.45pm to celebrate our wonderful achievement. Thank goodness I got essentials 🍺🍷🍺🍷🍺🍷🍺🍷🍺🍷🍺🍷🍺🍷🍺 yesterday.



    Hail Hail amigos



    D. :)