Contrast with Celtic and Newco preparations


Celtic are two games into their preseason preparations and have another four friendlies before their first competitive game, Flag Day against Aberdeen on 31 July.  That is six games to get an entire squad fit and ready for 90 minutes football.  As you know, players are rotated during these games, with large numbers of substitutes used.  An exerting 90 minutes will only happen after a gradual build-up.

On paper, this should be enough preparation to face Aberdeen, who are going through a transformational summer that will under Jim Goodwin that will hopefully see them compete more effectively next season.

Newco are a puzzle.  They were unfortunate to have a game against Sunderland abandoned, that left them only three games before they travel to Livingston on league duty.  Even if the Sunderland game had finished as planned, they booked only four preseason games before travelling to Livingston.  This is more surprising when you consider that just days after facing Livi, they have a Champions League qualifier that could devastate their financial prospects.

There, they could face Monaco, who have already played three friendlies, Midtjylland, who also have three friendlies in the bag, Fenerbahce, who have played five, Sturm Graz, who have had an impressive seven outings this summer, or Belgian runners-up, Union Saint-Gilloise, who drew with Brighton in their fourth game in a fortnight.

By comparison, 45 minutes in the tank against Sunderland looks ill-prepared.  You and I have been there recently.  Celtic played four friendlies last summer before the visit of Midtjylland.  There were mitigating circumstances; most notably the late arrival and then isolation of our new manager.  This makes no sense.  Newco’s lack of game-time makes no sense, it cannot surely be just an oversight?

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  1. Paul67


    You’re not suggesting we’ll win the preseason cup.


    Frankly I don’t give a damn what new club is doing.

  2. bournesouprecipe on




    “ while suffering the slings and arrows of outrageous fortune “



    Shakey CSC

  3. P67



    Scraping the barrel surely.


    The big question about their pre-season is when do the support start paying?


    What games are on the season ticket and what are not.


    With them — follow the money.



    Also how much of TFOD2.1’s preparations will come from hard work in the gyms and corridors of their training ground.



    As can be seen by the physical shape of their squad — they have their own routines.

  4. bournesouprecipe on

    Live updates even for friendlies isn’t for the feint hearted, but supporters on a single thread Blog will post whatever they like within the rules. When you watch Celtic inside the stadium, there are plenty of moans and groans so the internet is bound to follow suit. Wee guys are the latest target of Celtic sizist supporters, Greg Taylor will be grateful for our £3M Argie, more than anybody. A read back is like an episode of ‘gnombes under the hammer’ in a game where there was little mention of Celtic taking the lead three times. CCV a player of the year, got slaughtered last year by the same sizists, we’d better hurry up and sign a big guy, preferably not a big girl’s blouse like XX



    Can you still say ‘big girl’s blouse?’ ? mods do your thing CSC

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  6. From Saturday night — pre-season games do not tell you the whole story but they offer an insight into the state of the team and the squad.



    On that basis we have a lot of work to do.


    We need improvements / engagement for the first SPL game.


    Plus we have a lot of recruiting work to do for the first CL game.



    Last game / first game analysis — we played with a lot of emotion / attitude last season.


    How easy is that to replicate in a squad that has gotten over the winning line?



    New squad / new players last season — are we serial winners vs occasional mountain climbers

  7. !!Bada Bing!! on

    Nothing wrong with Sevco’s fitness last season, they outlasted us in the last 2 Derby games, after playing 120 minutes a couple of days before both games, let’s concentrate on our own team.

  8. GlassTwoThirdsFull on

    Well done in managing to mention Celtic in your article about partner club, Paul!


    Yeah – usual stuff. Celtic are a fantastically well-run club, “newco” are an absolute shambles. Any idea as to why we never seem to pull very far in front of them for very long?


    Bad luck or something, probably…..

  9. prestonpans bhoys on

    Yes those fitness levels by the huns was amazing, you would think they were on something😕

  10. I saw before and after pictures of a newco polish player – he jas put on considerable ‘bulk’. Not the morelos type but muscle.



    Look at kamara, Jack, Aribo, kent and others who joined and ended up quite ‘bulky’. They clearly have their own fitness priorities over there. I’m not sure the now standard use of caffeine explains it.



    On caffeine I was taken through that by a guy who works with footballers at effectively semi pro level. It’s not really sinister at all. It certainly wouldn’t lead to the ‘gains’ we see on newco players.



    There is clearly no effective testing in Scottish football is there?



    My bet is that they are trusting in their ability to get players ‘fit’with minimal game time, that they are skint and also looking at the CL games as pre season fitness exercises against teams who might only be a game pr two ahead of them. In short they are doing what oldco did and what newco do routinely – gambling.

  11. BSR — CCV is taking his time getting his game face on.


    The biggest issue is that both CCV and CS are not worth the money we paid for them.



    CS @ £4.5mill is a PL inspired agent friendly / obscure market special — on e of too many.


    CCV @ £6mill and counting is too much for his skillset / his athleticism.



    Some of the premium is OK as he is a known quantity.


    Some of it is not as it looks like we are taking the easy option.



    If we start the CL campaign with CS and CCV then we better have a good defensive set up in the MF.

  12. RT @ 12.29



    AMcG — he swims in caffeine before big games.



    The giveaway is the pupil dilation on show as he encourages his defence to put in more effort.


    That and his total lack of co-ordination trying to deal with basic saves a week later.

  13. Inquitousiv.



    Re your post on old thread,I hope you keep posting.


    Post freely and post what you think.


    There are many who post and analyse players,players within a shape,how that shape changes with problems arising on the park,tactical nuance so to say.your good at it. To many convert their PlayStation manager chat over to updates and it’s noticeable to me.


    Keep on keeping on.



    Hail Hail










    Have you tried clicking on the refresh the page icon on the last page you can access once you’ve logged on? That might/should sort it out.

  15. Due to the nice comments in here when i said my faither was sick(i was a bit pished), i felt I should let you know he passed last Thursday, peacefully.


    I got to video call a few hours before and he reacted when i said we won 7-0.



    Taught me pelican crossings with ‘wait for Jimmy Johnstone’


    Took me to my first game in 1980(a Lion scored)


    So chuffed i let him go to Barca game in 2012, he loved it



    A great Tim, gentleman (everyone has been saying that) and pal



    He gave me Celtic and Sinatra and was the dad ever


    RIP George

  16. GG — another needing a lot of work to his game face.


    KF — transformed when he came on with the “stiffs”.


    Stretched to game and offered the MF a creative outball.



    AB looked lost / totally overwhelmed.



    GT was much more involved / more creative in the second half.


    This was mixed in with the usual selection of laziness / lack of focus / brain farts.



    However he does seem to be playing the LB into MF angle a lot better.


    More confidence to take the ball and go rather than turning it back to a CB.

  17. BANKIEBHOY1 on 11TH JULY 2022 10:49 AM


    Great blog contributors?



    I tend not to read read the long copy types.




    The Historian Tontine a glorious exception




    Less is more.




    DBBIA , TOSB, BSR FSTB – lang may yer lums reek!













    I feel very honoured at your mention. Thank you.

  18. Coneybhoy


    Lovely words


    Thoughts and prayers for your dad and your family at this time.



    RIP George

  19. CB @ 12.41



    Sorry to hear about your loss.


    We have always done our hit for road safety — the Bumble had still to come.

  20. Coneyghoy,



    Condolences on the death of your Dad. May he rest in peace.






    I tried to explain my situation on the last blog. It’s quite annoying when I can’t log on in the normal fashion.

  21. Coneybhoy.



    Rest in Peace George.



    I will say a prayer for you and yours at this sad time for you.


    Take care.



  22. IQSV @ the corridor of uncertainty



    Don’t let the happy clappers get you down.


    You have an opinion and you are not afraid to use it — so more reek to your lumb.

  23. Tis been a while since we’ve had a flounce…



    The announcement of the forthcoming flounce is always my favourite stage…



    Most awkward stage is the return of the flouncer..



    We never stop….flouncing







  24. Coneybhoy.


    Thoughts and prayers for you and your family at this tough time.


    R.I.P. George.

  25. BW @ 12.58



    Unfortunately we have many silent flouncers — who migrate over to the interweb bowling club that is CS.



    So for someone to offer up their doubts is a bonus.

  26. Mad Mitch,



    We paid too much for CCV !!!!!!at 6 million.


    No idea what planet you inhabit,but that ridiculous post just sums you up.

  27. TB @ Ottoman Empire sun trap



    Let us see how this season pans out.


    My thoughts are that we have paid top dollar for him.


    He is a known quantity so that helps but is he CL quality?



    Finally — if CCV was a steal at £6mill plus add ons — what would be his true value now?

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