Contrasts when trying to punt or retain a left back


You well remember the entire Celtic community in a nervous disposition at the prospect of Kieran Tierney leaving the club.  There was certainly no campaign, subtle or otherwise, to punt him after his first weeks in the limelight, he was performing at a Champions League level and we wanted him to remain for as long as possible.

Compare and contrast to what is happening across the city, where left back and occasional central defender, Calvin Bassey, is being excitedly touted by everyone remotely connected with his club.

Earlier this month we discussed the many financial benefits Newco would gain from their Europa League run, including an appreciation on the perceived value of their players.  Bassey is a prime example.  Sell him, sell him now, before the inevitable return to the mean.  Do whatever you can to make sure highlights of his performances this year at Ross County, or home to Celtic, are obscured in searches.

Until recent weeks, it was their chubby striker who was the focus of sale efforts.  He missed out on European games since March, if anything his value will have suffered – a blow to a campaign that’s been running for years.

When transfer heat first took hold around Kieran Tierney, Celtic pulled the stops out and agreed a five-year contract.  The player had the same balance on his previous contract as Bassey has now.  Celtic got another two years out of the player and sold him for record terms (with a persistent injury).  If Newco were wise – and if they truly rate Bassey, they would spend some of their European bounty on securing the player on a lucrative long-term deal.

“If Newco were wise”, listen to me.

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  1. One of the things about player Transfers is that generally other clubs want our players who are playing well in the first team and not the players who are not playing. So Celtic want to sell Barkas, Ajeti, Boli, Jullien etc but clubs who want our players and are prepared to pay the big bucks dont tend to want our outcasts. Kyogo, Turnball, McGregor etc. are who they want. Frimpong, Ajer, Edouard, Christie all made good money and all went into the first teams.



    Now some players want to play and will jump at a transfer but others like Boerickter will sit on their bums and see out their contract. Becoming a free agent also tends to be attractive to new clubs and players.



    If we sign CCV and Jota the we will have a big squad and need to sell or loan lots of players last season we had 31 + 13 on loan. Bitton, Rogic and Dembele are gone and I think that several of the 13 loanees will be sold or loaned again. we should also be bringing some players up from the B team. Moffat maybe



    I think Ange has demonstrated that he has grip of this asset management business. Better than our main rivals

  2. It’s obvious that we are all jealous of Bassey. He is being seen by the football world as a diamond


    in the rough. And remember diamonds are forever.

  3. bigrailroadblues on

    Good afternoon all from Shawlands. I hope you are all feeling champion. My celebrations are continuing relentlessly. I never stop. Unless it’s for a curry from the Anarkali. 😋

  4. Transfer window not open until 10th June and closes 1st Spetember, deals can be agreed before then but contracts cannot be lodged until the 10th of June, just read an online article describing Souttar’s move to Sevco as the biggest deal so far, in what way is this the biggest deal so far? Celtic have paid a fee thought to be £2m for Daizen Maeda and a Scottish International goalkeeper David Marshall has moved from England to Hibs both of these deals are bigger , incidentally Mr Achilles could break down at any time, he is not being described as injury prone despite 3 operations thus far.

  5. I get that folk don’t like the chat about our rivals on the blog.



    The reality is that the numbers speak for themselves.



    The 2 busiest days on CQN in the past 10 months came in the aftermath of the govan based franchise losing to Malmo and Frankfurt.



    So the interest in the rangers variants appears to be quite strong amongst the good denizens of CQN land.

  6. glendalystonsils on

    MARKIEBHOY on 27TH MAY 2022 3:17 PM



    Tell that to the Airdrie fans .




    Dembele is out of contract and has refused Celtic offers so I assume he has left

  8. Burnley 78,



    Yes,indeed I posted the numbers twice on CQN. We do l8ke to discuss the huns and their failings.



    It is close season we have exceeded expectations so why not.



    Imo, we should commend all posters who continue posting after the season has ended.


    The blog needs you.




  9. Guys,



    Apologies for the spelling and pronunciation. Met unexpected friends and we discussed all things Celtic and beyond ove an enjoyable booze frenzy.



    HH to all

  10. CardboardCSC on

    The boy from Ferencvaros Mmaee. Does anybody remember him when he played us at Celtic Park? Looks decent but I would need to watch the game again. HH 🍀

  11. For the Celtic family, the season is not over.



    Support the ghirls against Glasgow City in the Scottish Cup final on Sunday.



    Available on pass to Paradise.




  12. Interesting stat (courtesy of our host).



    The last time THEMS made it to a Uefa Final they went out in the qualifiers the next season (to Kaunus, from the mighty Lithuania). The Loyal Cardigan then went on a spending spree (too late of course) that would contribute to their demise a few years later.



    I have special memories from that time. I had retired that summer and that particular night I was sitting on the veranda of a villa in a wee village up the hills from Pisa, enjoying a lovely dinner, wine, beers, company, as you do. Now, there were a few families there, some of them ‘mixed’. Suddenly my phone started pinging text messages and seconds later my No.2 son’s phone started doing the same. We looked at each other and said “Surely not”? But yes the news was good and we sniggered and had a few more.



    Footnote, No.1 son arrived about an hour later, walked in to the company and said “Have you heard the good news?” Oh how we laughed at the time.

  13. Ahh the days when you didn’t have the bus fare … So it’s shanks’s then ….



    Can’t say that now peop!e would think you were a hun on the piss..😜

  14. Emeraldbee



    It is funny how we remember where we were at their lowest points.



    For the first Kaunas game at ibrox your host on this blog and myself actually witnessed it from the directors box and enjoyed the Blue Room the huns nearly blew the game that night but were full of confidence for the return.



    I best remember the famous ‘hedge’ and their Luxembourg experience. My daughter and I were in a queue at Wimbledon (thats how early it was in the season) to get in for any spare evening spaces. I switched on my phone to see the messsges and the ‘middle englanders’ in our midst were totally confused as we cheered and decided a local pub was a better option than the final hour or two of the tennis.



    Their cup final defeat to Hibs was another favourite as I turned off the radio too nervous to listen once Hibs equalised but with only a few mins drive to home I was looking forward to watching extra time. I got home turned on the TV to see riot police and horses dividing the 2 sets of fans. It took another 5 mins for me to realise this was not as a result of Hibs late equaliser but the winner !



    Their losing doesn’t quite give the pleasure of our 6-0 day v Motherwell or many other great wins but it does give a lot of joy for me. Schadenfreude as those from Frankfurt and the surrounding area would say.

  15. Prestonpans Buoy,



    That 30 million transfer fee you posted earlier for Bassey.Just been reading that if Brighton want 30 million for LB Cuccurella,( spelling? ) then Rangers must look for 45 million + for Bassey !!!!!!!!!


    Like the. +

  16. Fergusslayedtheblues



    Breathirin cistern



    Membaz of the loyal arch of the cludgie,



    Jobby dookers of the world unite.



    You could write a wee script there for Johnny Watson 🤣🤣




    Melvin udall p1. Are ye commending my post or your edit? 🤣



    Hail Hail

  17. Re Dembele, Never heard anything about Celtic making him an offer & he refusing.


    However his contract expires in 4 days so I am assuming he is offski.


    A pity he showed great promise but like Feruz these wonderkids don’t always translate into top class players.


    I wish the kid all the best in his career.

  18. Hot Smoked,



    Was at the 3-1 game.It was because we battered them in the 2nd half that the fans were delighted.Madrid scored their goals early on,so maybe eased up,but I can remember,we actually did batter them.

  19. “Bidet Rattlers”. Oh my aching sides


    “Jobby Dookers “. Just as hilarious,in a more childish manner.


    Still giggling away.Brilliant.

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