Contrasts when trying to punt or retain a left back


You well remember the entire Celtic community in a nervous disposition at the prospect of Kieran Tierney leaving the club.  There was certainly no campaign, subtle or otherwise, to punt him after his first weeks in the limelight, he was performing at a Champions League level and we wanted him to remain for as long as possible.

Compare and contrast to what is happening across the city, where left back and occasional central defender, Calvin Bassey, is being excitedly touted by everyone remotely connected with his club.

Earlier this month we discussed the many financial benefits Newco would gain from their Europa League run, including an appreciation on the perceived value of their players.  Bassey is a prime example.  Sell him, sell him now, before the inevitable return to the mean.  Do whatever you can to make sure highlights of his performances this year at Ross County, or home to Celtic, are obscured in searches.

Until recent weeks, it was their chubby striker who was the focus of sale efforts.  He missed out on European games since March, if anything his value will have suffered – a blow to a campaign that’s been running for years.

When transfer heat first took hold around Kieran Tierney, Celtic pulled the stops out and agreed a five-year contract.  The player had the same balance on his previous contract as Bassey has now.  Celtic got another two years out of the player and sold him for record terms (with a persistent injury).  If Newco were wise – and if they truly rate Bassey, they would spend some of their European bounty on securing the player on a lucrative long-term deal.

“If Newco were wise”, listen to me.

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  1. BURNLEY78 on 27TH MAY 2022 4:02 PM


    I get that folk don’t like the chat about our rivals on the blog.







    The reality is that the numbers speak for themselves.



    The 2 busiest days on CQN in the past 10 months came in the aftermath of the govan based franchise losing to Malmo and Frankfurt.



    So the interest in the rangers variants appears to be quite strong amongst the good denizens of CQN land.







    You would expect that on those 2 dates.


    Just like Dermot,they would play them everyday but there is a black synergy in them not doin well on the field(the girut factor)


    See b78 my first experience of was going to see luggy coming back(the crowds,legs and being sunny,but what it did is imbue success,knowing what it takes to be at that state of peak,everything with the quality street boys coming thro exuded the ethos of win.


    That ethos to win is back with Ange


    We have a lot to be going on with in our own club


    But bassey,leave that for tomorrow’s cludgie hook



    Poster Hankray a few week talked of the loss of Rogic and Bitton,both at various times contributed big time to our club,in company terms we are loosing experience and goodwill,its like you loosing 2 good sales guys,you would look to build on from that surely(not shirley:-)



    It may mean a look at supercal


    It may mean recalibration of our midfield


    We have always work to be goin on with



    …..but the meeja circus says bassey.



    Who’s joe Hart back up


    Full backs nothing to say




    Defensive mid


    Forwards etc


    A sound number 2 for each positions



    One year into Ange,let’s build,you and I know we are bit clearer in our goals,


    I have real difficulty believing anything they say


    Why would you? Its the same meeja attempting to ‘tupe’ over the same belief they had when writing bout hover pitches,the same media as it came out in court that it ‘run it by David(murray)



    -We could then look at how our club is ran


    -The role of n.e.d’s in Celtic


    -Cleaning up our own house,those 22% of s/h lost or not fully registered needs to be engaged by our plc



    To make our own house better,more efficient,transparent.



    What are our short medium and long term plans re the top 36 in Europe over the next 3 years.


    As a plc and in football terms.



    Good things to come B78


    Hope the health is improving daily my friend.




  2. Paul67,



    Like a few others feelings lets jibber jabber about Celtic.



    I hope CCV signs on as he is a quiet unassuming Rock.



    I Hope JOTA signs on as the accuracy of his crosses was mega the mair he played. An absolute pleasure to see a winger cross the ba’ with such erring accuracy, twas back to the slower paced days of Davie Provan.

  3. That programme was shit, how the league was won, sevco media must have put it together what has the Scottish Cup league Cup or Europe got to do with winning the league, don’t forget headland missed both games for dortmund. NO mention of the amount of goals scored by Celtic, none.



    Some guys you wish just hadn’t played for Celtic, Kenny Miller for one.

  4. Hvratski,



    Trump is a complete fud.Not surprised by his speech.It will make his Redneck Rambo followers happy.To have the NRA exhibition,is beyond words.

  5. !!Bada Bing!! on

    The murders of 19 children, and 2 teachers, is manna from Heaven, for that animal Trump

  6. PETEC



    ye nailed it about CCV.gets on wi fckn aboot and can play a bit aswell as get the odd goal.more comfortable wi the ball at his feet than a few are giving credit for imo



    Sign him immediately brother






    Get some SLF on😉

  7. TheLurkinTim on

    Not a subject I thought I’d ever broach on here, just wanted to let y’all know my dad passed away on Tuesday morning…he’s no longer suffering and at peace.



    Godspeed Auld yin…mibbe we’ll meet again

  8. IniquitousIV on



    Words seem so inadequate at a time like this, but sincere condolences on your loss. After daybreak, i feel sure you will receive many sympathetic and empathetic messages from the CQN global community.

  9. TheLurkinTim on

    Iniquitousiv…thank you for your kind thoughts. I’ve been hinking of his eulogy.



    He was a man that was fighting demons (alcohol) all of his life…by the time he got them under control I was an adult, doing my own thing. We really didn’t know each other, but I know he latterly tried to be the best of himself and, really, that’s all we can do as human beings.

  10. quadrophenian on

    THELURKINTIM on 28TH MAY 2022 1:31 AM



    Condolences on the loss of your dad.


    My experience is that addiction often creates unsurmountable and painful distance.


    Peace to you and yours at this time.

  11. TheLurkinTim on




    Unsurmountable distances mibbe…but we fished from Port Patrick to Furnace on the west coast together over time…I enjoyed some of his music selections…but, although he never really opened up about who he was….I appreciated the time together nonetheless

  12. bigrailroadblues on

    The Lurking Tim. Condolences to you and your family at this sad time. May your Dad rest in peace. BRRB and Leggy.

  13. TheLurkinTim on

    It’s weird me seeing y’all saying Dad ;-))



    His name is Andy Darroch




  14. TheLurkinTim on

    Thanks Big Jimmy, BBRB & Leggy….some of you may hav known it was inevitable…I got to say goodbye ;-))

  15. Goodman morning cqn from a sunny morning in the Garngad



    Lurkintim – Sprry for your loss. May Andy RIP.



    D :(

  16. TheLurkinTim on

    D66…you do you…if our loss makes you sprry ;-))



    Appreciated D




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