Contrasts when trying to punt or retain a left back


You well remember the entire Celtic community in a nervous disposition at the prospect of Kieran Tierney leaving the club.  There was certainly no campaign, subtle or otherwise, to punt him after his first weeks in the limelight, he was performing at a Champions League level and we wanted him to remain for as long as possible.

Compare and contrast to what is happening across the city, where left back and occasional central defender, Calvin Bassey, is being excitedly touted by everyone remotely connected with his club.

Earlier this month we discussed the many financial benefits Newco would gain from their Europa League run, including an appreciation on the perceived value of their players.  Bassey is a prime example.  Sell him, sell him now, before the inevitable return to the mean.  Do whatever you can to make sure highlights of his performances this year at Ross County, or home to Celtic, are obscured in searches.

Until recent weeks, it was their chubby striker who was the focus of sale efforts.  He missed out on European games since March, if anything his value will have suffered – a blow to a campaign that’s been running for years.

When transfer heat first took hold around Kieran Tierney, Celtic pulled the stops out and agreed a five-year contract.  The player had the same balance on his previous contract as Bassey has now.  Celtic got another two years out of the player and sold him for record terms (with a persistent injury).  If Newco were wise – and if they truly rate Bassey, they would spend some of their European bounty on securing the player on a lucrative long-term deal.

“If Newco were wise”, listen to me.

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  1. CL Final — would have loved L/pool to have won.


    No fan of RM — Establishment team for EUFA / Franco history / smug erses.


    So it would have been double joy.



    However L/pool played like the Harlem Globetrotters.


    All tricks and flicks plus individual skill — MS run / attempt at 80 minutes was unbelievable.


    But they have a MF that is two players off where they need to be.


    Trundlers rather than surgers — too much slow / low rent stuff.



    MIB was RM friendly — lots of very heavy tackles allowed.


    VVD was not 100% fit / AR is on the — very gentle for now — slide / TAA had a shocker.



    Regarding our squad — I would ask the question regarding AR.


    Perfect for us next season — leadership / performance / team improvement.

  2. The Blogger Formerly Known As GM on

    IMHO that was rope-a-dope stuff last night.



    Wasn’t bothered who won, but it wasn’t the better team.



    Shows once again what happens when you don’t take your chances and capitalise on your dominance.

  3. I would have preferred Liverpool to have won, but I thought Real Madrid were the better side, or at least the more effective side.



    And their keeper would be a good back up for Joe Hart if he’s available.

  4. Tom McLaughlin on

    Lots of fighting in Liverpool city centre after the game last night. Because of the result, people just wanted to go home. Huge crowds – not queues – at taxi rank. Black taxi arrives. Mayhem as people fight to gain access. Taxi drove off with about 8 passengers, leaving behind a pitched battle involving about 20 thugs kicking the shit out of each other. Shop windows smashed. Mayhem.



    Then a pub window is smashed by a group refused entry. Crowd exits pub and starts fighting with them. More mayhem as others join in.



    Fortunately we had arranged for my niece to pick us up in her SUV. As we negotiated our way out of the city centre, we witnessed a number of unholy incidents. Riot police everywhere. Scary stuff.



    I was here when they lost the final to Real i. 2018 and saw no trouble. The world has definitely changed after the pandemic. For the worse.



    A few of us heading into town shortly for more pints and live music. Sunday afternoons are boss in this city, where the women still cook the breakfast, bless them.



    Hail Hail

  5. Yep, thought Real Madrid just shaded it on the night.



    Still don’t understand their first goal being ruled out for offside, even reading up on the rule(s) they are using to justify it, contradicts the refs/VAR.



    Real Madrid’s run to the final and win it was as tough as it comes, compared to Liverpool’s much weaker (on paper) opponents.



    Paris Saint-Germain 3–2


    Chelsea 5–4


    Manchester City 6–5


    Liverpool 1-0

  6. I thought Real Madrid deserved to win they had outstanding performers in Valverde Carvahal and Courtois, Modric is still class, Liverpool had some good chances but couldn’t convert, the disallowed goal is a recipe for chaos that needs clarification, according to BT ref the pass from the Liverpool defender has to be deliberate to make Benzema onside, this is going to cause anger when your team is on the receiving end of this and who can tell if its deliberate, it needs explanation and clarity because this won’t do.

  7. Totally agree with the comments surrounding the disallowed RM goal. Football decisions or rules should not be ambiguous.



    To scrutinise the rule book as the game is delayed for yonks is not football as we know it.



    Interesting reading about events in Liverpool last night. I was in Leeds last Sunday and I had the feeling the place could have erupted if the day had gone against them.



    Incidentally, although there didn’t seem to be a lot of trouble in Glasgow last night I did notice police in full riot gear arresting people at George Square.



    Is riot gear now default on our streets ?


    And if it is, what a sad reflection on our society.




  8. Without checking though, I’m pretty sure Liverpool were unable to beat first, third and fourth in the EPL this season. And as pointed out, by BhoyJoeBelfast, have played three Cup Finals without scoring one goal. That said they were the only English team to reach a Euro Final when not so long ago the media were predicting a clean sweep in all three competitions. To be fair to the Pool, they played in every match they possibly could have, and were in Contention for every trophy, though they didn’t make the 3.10 to Yuma.


    Did not help that their two best strikers, Salah and Mane, were more concerned about their wallets or their future beyond the Mersey than focussing on the biggest game of their season. Not easily forgiven or forgotten.

  9. GREENPINATA on 29TH MAY 2022 11:37 AM


    ‘Totally agree with the comments surrounding the disallowed RM goal. Football decisions or rules should not be ambiguous.’







    Why not?



    If the game is played and officiated in real time errors and misunderstandings are inevitable and always have been.



    This drive to remove doubt, uncertainty and debate from the game through the use of technology is destroying part of the magic.



    Providing the refereeing is even handed I’d rather have occasional genuine mistakes and the resulting controversy than sterile exactitude.

  10. A non footie point if I may.



    Whetherspoons is not my favourite watering Hole. This is right across the board in all their establishments.


    However we passed the Counting house at George Sq last night.


    Bucking the trend and absolutely jam packed, inside and out.



    People vote with thier feet, and who can blame them.




  11. bigrailroadblues on

    Time for a leisurely stroll through the Gorbals and into the city. I love old Glasgow Town. Wonder if I should chance upon some unsuspecting huns to rip the pish outta? 🤔. Derry v Donegal in the GAA as well. Sundays are so much fun.

  12. Ernie,



    Football is spontaneous. It kills the game, if nerds have to scrutinise the latest rev, 600090099 of the rule book.



    I suppose we are in agreement.




  13. My understanding of the offside goal. Benzema was offside at the time of the last touch by a Real Madrid player, which was the touch by Valverde as he was tackled in the box. The ball bounced off a few players but Benzema was offside for the whole of the play between Valverde’s touch and his scoring the goal.

  14. Tom McLaughlin on

    In recent years at an away game, can’t remember where, Ryan Christie passed through to Edouard who scored but was flagged offside. TV replay showed he was at least 2 yards offside and that the pass deflected off a defender who had stuck his leg out to block the pass.



    Controversy ensued as Andy Walker claimed it couldn’t be offside as the defender was the last player to touch the ball. Celtic support in uproar as was CQN. It might have been away to St Johnstone but can’t e sure.



    Fact is, if it is a deflection, ie not deliberate, it is offside. A typical onside scenario would be where a defender attempts a passback to the keeper and it is intercepted by a forward in an offside position. Similarly, where a defender attempts a clearance but miskicks the ball into the path of an attacker in an offside position, it is onside.



    There is no dubiety. The ball hit the Liverpool defender’s knee as he was on the ground. Clearly not a deliberate play and therefore offside.

  15. Tom,



    Sorry, there is dubiety. Just look at the posts since the incident.



    How long did it take for the final decision? That demonstrates ambiguity.



    And the opinions of the so called experts




  16. And another thing could some on here familiarise themselves with at least some of the history of the Spanish Civil War and Republican Madrid’s (the city) role within it in 1936 – 1936 and indeed the impact of said war on (Real) Madrid FC during that same period, it’s Presidents and acting Presidents, and other Board members, including for some at least, their execution by Francoist forces.

  17. Yes,maybe by the strict letter of the law the goal was offside.To those thinking that this is fine,can you imagine the rage if say,this happened to us next season against them.?Football was made for fans to see goals,not to see some rule book decide after one has been scored.The centimetre or big toe ,head,but not feet,rule,they are ridiculous.The best offside rule was the “Clear daylight” one, easier for VAR,and we would see more goals.


    This would do away with the ridiculous lines.


    Can’t see us being happy next year when we let the deciders loose.Rule books from Victorian era will be getting dusted off.

  18. Tom McLaughlin on




    The lines are there to clearly demonstrate how and why a decision was reached.



    People only complain about VAR when it goes against their own bias.

  19. Surely somebody who “had stuck a leg out” or somebody who ending up on his knees trying to block the ball is deliberately trying to prevent said ball going in a certain direction. Talk of “deflections” is little more than, if you like, a deflection. No?

  20. Tom McLaughlin on

    The Liverpool defender was falling i to a kneeling position. Someone kicked the ball against his knee. Definitely not deliberate.

  21. Just watched the replay of the Madrid offside goal. When Valverde was the last Madrid player to touch the ball Andy Robertson was two yards behind Benzema! Did he not play Benzema onside? Baffled!

  22. ” If your not interfering with play you shouldn’t be on the pitch.” That is soooo easy.



    Who really knows what is deliberate and what is not. ?

  23. So what then is the point of VAR?



    If it can’t remove doubt, and can’t resolve controversy, what does it achieve, other than to slow down the pace of the game?

  24. “….the pass deflected off a defender who had stuck his leg out to block the pass”



    A future with VAR awaits….

  25. Spidey



    Thanks for your post,will you be doing a spread of potential targets for each position?




  26. Good afternoon from a sunny but rather chilly North Staffs.


    Just watched yesterday’s big game back (not the Paris thing) and it’s amazing how you see more of the game without the tension.


    Local Biddulph boy James Wilson was outstanding.



    Good luck to Celtic ladies this afternoon




  27. Fine margins in football


    4 season ago Port Vale were in a dogfight with Chesterfield on who was going to be relegated to the National league – now 4 seasons later we’ve just been promoted and Chesterfield look like they’re staying in the national League.