Copa encouragement, wingers through Parkhead gates


Copa America took a turn for the better for Celtic last night.  Cameron Carter-Vickers’ second half appearance was not enough to prevent USA from losing to Panama.  That result leaves both sides on three points going into the final group game.  The USA face Uruguay (two wins from two) in their final game while Panama play Bolivia (two defeats from two).

The final group games take place on Tuesday, so Cameron could be back home to cast his vote on Thursday.  Let’s hope.

Alistair Johnston’s Canada need a point against Chile on Sunday to progress to the quarter finals.  Canada have the advantage as they got a better result against Peru but Chile are favourites to win.  It would be good to see both defenders home soon.

Sead Haksabanovic is one of a procession of wingers who passed through Parkhead gates over the last decade without leaving much of an impression behind.  At 25, he is still young enough to make a good career in the game, but as with all players, he needs a run of games.  Hopefully he’ll get that at Malmo.

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  1. And his efforts during his time here whether or not he was a regular warrants no acknowledgement on the official club website. Poor again from Celtic media.

  2. SAINT STIVS on 28TH JUNE 2024 12:02 PM


    so without me having to work it out for myself, does anyone have at hand the dividens paid out to the owners of celtic football club plc ?

  3. why are we to care if he gets a run of games at malmo ?



    he definately was not good enough to force himself into the celtic team.



    he played 19 games and scored 1 goal as stoke last season.



    cherrio, have a good one.

  4. 9 clubs in 9 seasons, modern type of asset, just a player in an agents portfolio.

  5. Totally off topic. Please American Democrats, pick another candidate. Joe Biden is simply losing it. Don’t dare to imagine Trump as President. Was than frightening.

  6. Morning all – back from Europe a little physically tired but mentally refreshed. Great trip including Estadio Nacional.



    I arrived back in time for last nights ‘debate’.





    ….you took the words out of my mouth!

  7. St Stivs



    Market capitalization = no of shares × share price.



    Also i think Celtic has 2 diff types of share,ordinary another type.



    I dont think there is a dividend to ordinary share.




  8. Sadly he looks and sounds cognitively impaired, he should never take part in any more of these TV debates. The election of Trump does not bear thinking about for World consequences.

  9. Saw a bit of Trump v Bidon this morning.



    It was like tje best days of Spitting Image.

  10. Back to Basics - Glass Half Full on

    Gene from previous article



    Thank you for link.



    The bit about the Ibrox fiasco being “late news” caught my eye ….



    Late news to the SPFL perhaps … I wonder how long R2ngers have known about it.

  11. garygillespieshamstring on

    St Stivs



    I have one block bought at the time of the first share issue.


    Some are ordinary shares and some are preference shares.



    The dividend is the same every year, £16 or 18 odds.


    Same every year. Share price has no impact on the dividend. That was what was promised when we were buying the shares.



    I think it is the preference shares that pay the dividend but I am unsure of that.



    The shares were sold in blocks with specified numbers of each share type.



    As far as I am aware, the dividend paid is pro rata for the number of shares you hold.



    So DD gets the same rate of return on his shares as I do, but gets a bigger total amount because he has more shares. However I don’t know how many of the dividend shares he has.



    I think I paid £620 pounds at the time. I didn’t buy them as an investment but to have shares in Celtic.



    I could have made a healthy profit on them years ago by selling but I want to keep them.



    I think the bigger shareholders would get a bigger return on their money buy selling them and investing in something else than from the dividend payment.



    My only other shareholding is some shares I got from standard life when they did a takeover and these pay a higher amount than my Celtic shares by some way.


    However the dividends fluctuate from year to year.



    Had I sold my Celtic shares and bought more Standard Life shares, I would be making more on my investment.



    I know it doesn’t answer your question about how much they get, but I think they could make more by having their cash invested in something other than Celtic.



    I’m no stock market expert, so just my impressions.

  12. Back to Basics - Glass Half Full on

    Re Trump vs Biden TV debate.



    It was so cringeworthy I couldn’t bare to watch even the clips.



    IMHO, only one way for the Democrats to proceed.



    After a couple of weeks of reflection and planning …



    Project Biden as a selfless public servant putting the country before self (in direct contrast to his opponent) … and pulling him out of the race.



    Harris did a decent job shutting down Pence in the VP debate last time around.



    A younger more energetic candidate – already part of the White House apparatus – would have plenty of ammo against Trump and should be able to fire it.

  13. On the subject of Celtic wingers,the media,as usual ,with a good bit of help from some thick Celtic fans,talking down Luis Palma.The same media,who right to the bitter end were praising the Banjo playing skinhead from Ibrox.Watching the Georgian wonder boy,from Napoli,valued at 80 million,great player,very difficult to see a difference.Both go by men,half the time they dont,both make wrong decisions at times,but both are very liable to produce moments of magic.Palma,in his limited time,last season,scored 10 league goals,and assisted in 14.


    In CL,he scored 2,would have been 3, but for a brush of Maedas bootlace.


    One assist ,the outside of the boot cross for Oh,was world class.His stats compare with Jota,yet some not happy.WTF do you want?.

  14. Back to Basics - Glass Half Full on

    34 days ago Celtic won the double.



    Am still smiling.



    To some extent, I get the craving for “signings”.



    Right now though I’m relaxed about the absence.



    There are international tournaments on the go.



    When they end, players and agents will turn attention to moves … and the circus will restart.

  15. The way out for Biden is to withdraw on the basis that last night Trump said the only reason he was standing is that Biden ( the worst president ever) was running.


    So by withdrawing Trump would lose his reason for running.


    Anything is worth a try.



    My son visits the states quite often and expects Trump to win

  16. So why the interest in dividens, who is getting what, and the share price.



    The rising share price gives way to spculation on other websites and blogs that



    *the executives (owners0) are making money



    well only of they sell the shares for more than they bought them for. but that is ok yes , because thats what business men do.



    so the share price going up values the company more, in the event of someone wanting to buy a controlling share.



    * the executives are making money throuhg dividens payouts.



    true, but the payout 3.6p per share has been fixed for years and years and years and is part of the strucutre for buying shares in the first place. So in theory, an investor will know what payout of coming. a small shareholder gets the same 3.6p per share that desmond gets.



    so that is not making DD, and the others triple billionaires.



    it will however , give PL some monies, because after all, he does own just under 0.37% of the share capital,


    but i would need to dig deeper to see if he takes a payout, or gets more shares as his method of collecting bonus.



    * the other things is executive bonus payouts.



    a higher share price might be in their kpi;s probably is, but once again, this does not apply to Peter Lawell, he is not an executive on the payroll.



    i do dislike the mis-information posted as facts.



    especially when PL can just sell a player and pocket the profits (joke).

  17. Celtic wiki,



    10,500 shareholders, with the lowest entry level £620 to buy 5 ordinary and 5 prefference shares.



    Apathy is were we are now, hugely succesful business, with a football club winning trophies, but the dream of Fergus to have a braod AND INTERESTED shareholding josie public is as far away as the dayso the 90s with whites and kellys.



    what can do done ? and really why bother, the things people claim are broke certainely dont appear so from the boardroom.








    1995 Share Issue


    Following his rescue of the club in 1994, Fergus McCann sought to raise money, and crucially expand the number of shareholders within the club by turning the club into a public limited company (PLC) by floating it on the London Stock Exchange. Part of the desire behind expanding the shareholding was to prevent one person, or a small group of people, run the club as had happened under the previous regime.



    In early 1995 the club was floated on the stock exchange. The flotation was an unqualified success (the most successful share issue ever in a football club) and was over-subscribed and raised £21M. A feature of this flotation was that ordinary fans were encouraged to buy shares. 10,500 did contributing £9M in the process, with remainder being contributed by McCann and other investors. This take up of shares placed about 40% of the issued share capital with ordinary fans. These fans had not invested for financial returns, but rather for emotional ties to the club and many share certificates were framed and hung on the wall.



    One fan who took up the opportunity to invest in the club for the first time was slightly different from the rest – Irish billionaire Dermot Desmond who invested £4M and took a place on the PLC board. Desmond would be key to future issues.



    The money raised by the club through this issue was used to provide working capital, and was key to funding the massive redevelopment of Celtic Park.

  18. Maybe he’ll take mcoist with him



    “Clive Tyldesley says he cannot explain ITV’s decision to abruptly end his 28 year association with the broadcaster with one last Euro 2024 fixture on Saturday.”



    Clive if you listened to yourself you’d get the answer.

  19. !!Bada Bing!! on

    After the Dundee pile on from the SPFL,Sky,and the shameless huns claiming hotel expenses from them,the SPFL wants everyone to be ‘flexible ‘ due to the stadium shambles, same klub who have multiple bottle attacks on Celtic fans,players and staff,wrecked the disabled area at Rugby Park, and blamed Kilmarnock etc etc,aye let’s help them out everyone…….should be getting fined heavily and pay for any additional police costs,wherever they end up.

  20. For those already worried that Celtic might not be fit enough to play Kilmarnock on Flag Day August 4th, at Celtic Park, over five weeks from now, just got word that Celtic will doing an Open Practice the day before we play Manchester City, to be held Monday July 22nd, at the WakeMed Soccer Park, Cary NC, 5.30pm. $20 tickets.


    City will do a follow on session at 7.30pm for those that might want to compare the training.

  21. The “Reality” that we must all digest and learn from whether we like it or not is not and should not get in the way of waking yourself family friends up to what deceit is being woven round about all of the good folk in US, CAN, AUS, NZ, UK, IRE, all Anglo Saxon, Viking, Celtic, bloodlines are on the chopping block here.




    No School, University, College, Church, Media, Politicians [ apart from a handful ] will put you straight about this juggernaut of evil which is racing down the track to “replace” you with people who don`t look or think like you, or respect our culture.




    This is vital just look at how sleepy Ireland has been utterly mugged by this monstrousness…all it takes is one man and his party of Gaza Rebels [ WPB ] to stop this and kick away the first domino! 👀️



    Why do you think the media No Platformed the only folk who don`t drink swamp juice [ WPB ] from the deep state like the [ SNP & Greens & Cons & LAB & LIB ] stood on TV platforms for 20 live TV hours and did not say a single word about the Gaza Genocide? 👀️



    Because they are all cucked lying sellouts that`s why.




    I keep saying this because its true….If it was not for the Orange / Hun security threat then Scotland and Norn IRE would already be mugged and in the gutter….please flukin WAKE UP! 👀️



    I wonder if fake Sinn Fein will attend this after repeatedly playing the “Unavailable” card after telling everybody how safe and effective the vaxx`s were?




    The Lone Wolf is getting tired of trying to wake up the sleeping dimmy`s….👀️











  22. onenightinlisbon on

    Looking forward to full Scottish media scrutiny on the huns latest disaster…..perhaps not then…

  23. B2B-GHF



    Harris did a decent job shutting down Pence in the VP debate last time around.


    A younger more energetic candidate – already part of the White House apparatus –





    If the Democrats decide to swap horses, there is no chance she’ll be the one pushed forward.



    The main reason Trump is getting through to voters is because of his stance on immigration. It’s the most emotional topic on the agenda and Biden has not been able to deal with it.

  24. The lions (spare penus) rampart


    The baffler confused even you idiot


    George gobbleaway is a unionst plant


    Friend of racist scum farage,will he be in a vigilante group with ni!°°er lovin racist farage


    No qualms in sharing a platform at the culture war that was brexit.he will be back soon sellin shoit.


    White,man has no problem troll

  25. Back to Basics - Glass Half Full on

    Mncelt – cheers.



    I stand corrected.



    Your view chimes with what I’ve heard in the media since I posted.



    Needs to be someone though surely.

  26. Can we please forget about the Ayebroke scum and focus on us. We have enough problems, I mean, who gives a shit about thems.



    Poundland mentality from our board once again, talk about ambition, that really is a joke.