Copenhagen form drags on league resumption


Copenhagen resumed league duty after their winter break on Friday with a defeat to 13th placed (of 14) Edbjerg.  That result damaged an already under-pressure league challenge, Midtjylland are 7 points clear of second place Copenhagen with 10 games remaining.

Form going into the break on 16 December was scrappy.  Four single goal wins followed a 4-1 thumping by Midtjylland.  The last time Copenhagen fans saw their team win a competitive game by more than a single goal was 3 November.  They qualified for the Europa League knockout round courtesy of two wins in the group stage, both against Lugano, who are 7th in Switzerland.

Nothing is easy at this stage away from home in Europe.  Copenhagen are at a level right now that Aberdeen cannot dream of, we will face a far tougher challenge on Thursday than we did on Sunday.  Notwithstanding that, if Neil Lennon is as prepared as he normally is on European nights, there is reason for confidence.

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  1. sevco thumped Midtjylland and they are clearly a better side than copenhagen.


    we can go there with confidence.

  2. hope it wis braw stuff…



    smiley Pils of today is Licher thing



    smiley a fine drop…..I am allowed beer before sundown if I do some renovating ….jist my wee rule cos I could drink German juice all week long think




  3. MELBOURNE MICK on 18TH FEBRUARY 2020 12:07 PM









    Keep telling him that, but when he’s on a mission you can’t





    stop him, on Saturday in the Dubliner he was planning our Huddle Down Under





    on Sunday it was organising new memberships lol.





    Think i’ll need to tie me Kangaroo down bhoy.





    H.H . Mick






    smiley you tell Skippy to tak it easyt thing



    though I am thinking he is very like your good self …



    braw news




  4. Think the last time I was this confident away from home was against Aalborg.



    Or was it Molde ?



    Stay focused, Celtic.

  5. Paul67






    Copenhagen will be tough, and very different to frequent away games like Pittodrie.



    We’re better prepared with Neil Lennon but Celtic away in Europe is still very much a work


    in progress, after the pastings suffered under Brendan Rodgers one tactic side. Neil, is on record as


    saying there will be games where we play a back four again, and Thursday could be that game.



    Simunovic, Frimpong, Rogic, Christie, El Younoussi in the mix for more game time.



    I’ll be happy if we clinch the tie at Celtic Park.




    Had to look that one up Bada, apparently a boton


    is an settlement on the island of Aruba, wherever that is.


    Maybe we should send him there.


    H.H . Mick

  7. Tim Malone Will Tell on

    On the VAR topic – 5 things that should be done to make it successful…



    1. Change the offside rule so that if defender and attacker bodies overlap, attacker is onside.



    2. Restrict the use of VAR to limited number of challenges by captain.



    3. Do not use VAR to determine booking v sending off.



    4. Ensure referee views pitchside action replay.



    5. Nae huns as VAR adjudicators.



    Number 5 might be a problem in Scotland…

  8. Failed manager Gary Caldwell has done exactly what he set out to do, get his name in the papers by putting the boot into the old club.



    Tried and tested methodology perfected down the years by Charlie Nicolas, Davy Provan, Andy Walker a job for life as long as you’re negative.



    Its as easy as A,B,C



    Always Bash Celtic CSC

  9. Top 10 clubs with the highest average attendance this season



    🇩🇪 Dortmund 81,132


    🇩🇪 Bayern Munich 75,000


    🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿 Man Utd 72,569


    🇪🇸 Barcelona 72,438


    🇪🇸 Real Madrid 66,242


    🇮🇹 Inter Milan 65,800


    🇩🇪 Schalke 61,293


    🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿 Tottenham 59,485


    🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿 Celtic 57,821


    🇪🇸 Atletico Madrid 57,293

  10. One of the in-laws arrived this morning for a lift and while waiting I picked up their copy of The National. Read the article below by Chris Jack, but make sure you don’t have anything in your mouth and/or you are to near your computer. Just where do you start with these people?



    Inside Track: Referees won’t cost Rangers the title but standards have slipped too far



    By Christopher Jack @Chris_Jack89


    Group Senior Sports Writer



    IF Rangers, as now seems likely, don’t go on and claim the Premiership title this season, they will have nobody to blame but themselves.



    The fingers will point at Steven Gerrard and his players and it is they who will feel the heat from punters and pundits if Celtic go on and turn a ten-point lead at the top of the table into nine-in-a-row.



    The fall-out when Rangers have stumbled this season is fierce. Everything from Gerrard’s team selections to his tactics, from his players’ mentality to injuries and suspensions is debated.



    But the role that refereeing decisions have played cannot be overlooked. It is not an excuse, far from it, but the men in black have cost those in blue over the campaign.



    Blaming the officials in the aftermath of a defeat can be an easy cop-out for a boss. As Gerrard said after the game with Livingston, you can be seen to be getting the violins out if you focus on the referee rather than your individual or collective failings.



    The Gers boss was clearly upset by the performance of Euan Anderson and his team, who he claimed would be ‘disappointed’ with their showings at Ibrox.



    Gerrard had no complaints with the yellow shown to defender Jon Guthrie for his lunge on Connor Goldson but it looks a red card challenge every time you see it.



    It was Anderson that sent off Sam Cosgrove for an almost identical tackle at Parkhead and the Aberdeen striker would then serve a two-game ban in December.



    If Anderson believed that Cosgrove had to go, then how on earth did Guthrie only merit a yellow card as he dived in and caught Goldson in the same situation?



    The decision to rule out Florian Kamberi’s strike was marginal and linesman David Doig can maybe claim the benefit of doubt. But Alfredo Morelos was clearly onside and that goal would have ensured the closing stages weren’t nervy for Rangers.



    Had Anderson awarded a penalty for Ciaron Brown’s handball, the game could have been wrapped up.



    The referee was yards from the incident and it becomes more baffling on each viewing how he could decide it wasn’t a penalty. His reasoning – that Brown didn’t mean it because of the conditions – got a disbelieving snigger in the press room as Gerrard explained it post match.



    He could afford to be measured in his assessment after a crucial win, but the standard of refereeing is no laughing matter right now.



    Rangers are not the only side to suffer as a result of the ineptitude of our officials but some decisions, of course, are more costly than others.



    For example, Lewis Stevenson’s wrestling move on Alfredo Morelos didn’t impact on the final outcome of the game as Rangers beat Hibernian at Ibrox.



    But what was going through Bobby Madden’s mind when he chose not to book him?



    The same can be said for Rangers’ Old Firm win at Parkhead. Celtic’s equaliser didn’t cost Gerrard’s side victory, but it shouldn’t have stood after the ball hit Odsonne Edouard’s hand.



    The less said about Kevin Clancy’s performance that day the better. But it would be a surprise if he gets another Old Firm tie any time soon.



    Rangers won despite the officials at Parkhead, but couldn’t at Hampden as Christopher Jullien won the Betfred Cup final for Celtic.



    Rangers were masters of their own downfall, but the goal was clearly offside.



    At Pittodrie just days before, John Beaton failed to award a penalty for a foul on Morelos and Rangers went on to let a two-goal lead slip. The ref apologised to Gerrard afterwards, but getting the decision right in the first place would have meant just a little bit more to the Ibrox boss.



    As it would have if Beaton had spotted the handball in the build-up to Kilmarnock’s equaliser last Wednesday.



    Gerrard insisted at Rugby Park that he would be ‘clutching at straws’ if he used Beaton’s performance to mask the problems of his misfiring side. He was right.



    Referees ultimately won’t cost Rangers the silverware this term but Gerrard is entitled to call out officials when the time is appropriate.



    Just like Brian Rice was when Goldson got away with a handball at Accies a fortnight ago, or like Inverness boss John Robertson was as James Keatings was sent off against the Rangers Colts on Sunday.



    Having a go at the referee can’t become a managerial get-out clause but there are clearly concerns across the country about our officials.



    Many keep quiet for fear of financial punishment and match bans, but it is only by talking about the problem that a solution will be found.

  11. been out for lunch with the boss as she likes to be known been a celtic season for 40 years came from parkhead hh ps no fun being a hun

  12. I bet that is wit you tell all the lads doon at the Louden Chanty …



    smiley welcome ..Saor Alba ? thing




  13. Soro, Shved & Arzani playing for Development Team against The Sheep in Lennoxtowm this afternoon.


    No sign of Polish Paddy,

  14. Good to see you back Chanty, Welcome to the madhouse. You don’t need to be a bampot to post here but sometimes it helps.

  15. so all we kin aboot yeh is yer missus is 40 comes fae Parkhead and got involved with wan oh them …so she gets called (and quite rightly so) the Boss…



    smiley i am no right in the heed btw thing




  16. VAR Let the ref view the incident on pitchside screen and discuss with VAR adjudicator. When decision is made show why on big screen or if not available announce why decision was made. Keep the punters informed because without them there is no football



    JS CsC

  17. Although surprising it certainly does not concern me that so many celtic fans appear to think we should take care of F.C copenhagen on thursday teatime.


    I am more than confident that Neil Lennon will be 100% focused and aware of the dangers.


    I feel it will be a very difficult away fixture.


    Yes they sit well behind a team who sevco beat with ease earlier in the season.


    However that kind of logic never works out AND sevco were a better team earlier in the season than they are now.


    The main job on thursday is to keep the tie in the balance and score an away goal.


    A draw would be brilliant and a narrow defeat no disaster at all.

  18. I would not feel too cocky about the copenhagen game, remember, pride goes before a fall. Sure we SHOULD beat them, we are better , but let’s not get too smug.




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