Copenhagen form drags on league resumption


Copenhagen resumed league duty after their winter break on Friday with a defeat to 13th placed (of 14) Edbjerg.  That result damaged an already under-pressure league challenge, Midtjylland are 7 points clear of second place Copenhagen with 10 games remaining.

Form going into the break on 16 December was scrappy.  Four single goal wins followed a 4-1 thumping by Midtjylland.  The last time Copenhagen fans saw their team win a competitive game by more than a single goal was 3 November.  They qualified for the Europa League knockout round courtesy of two wins in the group stage, both against Lugano, who are 7th in Switzerland.

Nothing is easy at this stage away from home in Europe.  Copenhagen are at a level right now that Aberdeen cannot dream of, we will face a far tougher challenge on Thursday than we did on Sunday.  Notwithstanding that, if Neil Lennon is as prepared as he normally is on European nights, there is reason for confidence.

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  1. The 3-1 game in the League Cup and the 5-1 game on New year’s Day are among my happiest memories of matches against the deid team. We were some team then. Is Bobby Murdoch our finest player of the “modern” era?




    Last year Davey Hay did a Q&A session on here and I asked him particularly about that game and he confirmed that Big Jock had deliberately got him to go toe-to-toe with Greig, which Davey was delighted to do, That was one of the toughest physical contests I ever witnessed at a football match because Greig tried to compete with Davey, but in the end was just battered, Tiny Wharton was the ref that day and he let the two of them get on with it (probably thinking that Greig would ‘do’ the young upstart).



    If the net hadn’t got in the way at Davey’s goal it would have probably taken my head off up the Celtic End, it was hit that hard. Can’t remember who was in goals for Thums that day but he was beaten the moment Davey knocked Rangers’ ‘Greatest Ever Player’ out of the way and the ball was whacked. Great memories.

  3. Jamesgang .







    So VAR for Scotland? Where three anonymous, but undoubtedly hun, judges decided Ryan Christie brutally assaulted Morelos? We’d lose double the penalties, be awarded half as many and the betting would be WHEN Broonie would get a red, not IF.












    Spot on sir .

  4. think was a scottish cup tie in january jim craig og at the celtic end willie johnson patted jim on the head nearly caused aroit thik that scum bag alex mc donald got sent off




    I knew big John McCormack too!



    I was with Cumbernauld Thistle when John was invited to take over training/coaching.



    Fantastic experience and one of the nicest guys you could meet.



    When he was with Dundee I’m pretty sure he scored twice against the manky mob in a 2-1 win.

  6. Great read back, for a change! Well, if you were here at the weekend you’d know what I mean! ;-(



    TONTINE and ‘GG brilliant read.



    Oh and ‘GG, ye better get that finger fixed by Thursday!



    Hope it’s not too bad!

  7. Tontine wrote at 12:12: ‘As for that brilliant night the Big Mhan claimed this victory was the greatest under his management, it should be noted this was 3 months after Lisbon.’



    WS The 3-1 League Cup match not played in August 1969?

  8. BBC Headline:



    ” Stuttering Copenhagen Offer Celtic Hope. ”



    ie Copenhagen are obviously a better side than Celtic but their poor form means we might have a chance.


    Furthermore, if we do go through it is only because Copehagen are Turkish ( Delight ).

  9. he did indeed score 2 goals ended up in coutr for givig the hun mob the v sign it was me that got him to cumbernauld th as my brother in law played with them billy walker think you plyed at hampden that year in am cup final

  10. Go tell the Spartim on

    Hot Smoked



    If someone from another land landed here and read the BBC Scotland pages they’d be amazed at finding out that Celtic are actually a Scottish team. Not sure which former Celtic manager commented on how hostile a national broadcaster was to one if it’s own teams.



    They remain one of the main pillars that bigotry is built on.

  11. macjay1 for Neil Lennon on

    BIGYINMILAN on 19TH FEBRUARY 2020 10:04 AM\\



    Just googled.



    1967-08-30: Celtic 3-1 Rangers, League Cup

  12. Siempre Celtic (formerly Traditionalist88) on

    HOT SMOKED on 19TH FEBRUARY 2020 10:07 AM



    BBC Headline:



    ” Stuttering Copenhagen Offer Celtic Hope. ”






    Thats bonkers, a simple analysis of stats and personnel leaves any rational observer to conclude that this is not a 50-50 tie. And Copenhagen certainly ain’t favourites!



    I know… the unpredictability of football, Celtic away in Europe, etc etc… but even with all that factored in… we are still heavy favourites.



    Offer them and the BBC no hope Celtic.




  13. Go Tell



    Because supporters are likely to be biased ( no matter how we try to be totally fair) , I have an almost impossible task in trying to show my friends in England just what it is like here.


    Two nights ago, the BBC , promoting an upcoming Scottish football programme, mentioned Rangers (sic) and Celtic FIVE times. The only time Celtic were mentioned first was by a woman being interviewed.


    Happens all the time…..except when it is a negative story the it becomes `Celtic and Rangers`.


    Off to the golf.


    Cheerio for now.



  14. The Blogger Formerly Known As GM on

    Hot Smoked:



    Spot on. I didn’t read the article but that’s exactly how I read the headline.



    In the eyes of the SMSM, Celtic are simply never better than the opposition, never in charge of their own destiny and never win things on merit.



    If they win on Thursday it will be because Copenhagen are ‘stuttering’.



    When they win the league it will have been ‘handed to them on a plate’.



    When they score a great goal you’ve got to ‘question the defending/goalkeeping’.



    Etc. etc. etc.

  15. Hope to god I am wrong and although ultimately I see like most people Celtic coming through this tie.


    I feel the 5/2 odds on offer for a copenhagen home win tomorow is good value.


    I would or could never back against Celtic in any match …however if i was a betting man with no bias I would be getting a bit of that 5/2.


    Celtic around even money for a european away tie after xmas is almost unchartered territory .!

  16. Siempre Celtic (formerly Traditionalist88) on




    4/11 for Celtic to progress overall.



    Won’t make you rich but could get a few beer tokens :)




  17. CHANTY



    I remember the name Billy Walker too.



    Can’t remember a cup final at Hampden though.

  18. The 3-1 game was a mid week game in August 67 .



    A couple of weeks later Celtic beat the then World Champs – Penarol -who simply couldn’t live with Celtic’s pace



    Last year at school . Rocksteady on the deck .. Lots of Red Leb and really looking forward to leaving home and that Young Team Ya Bass crap behind .



    Hip Hug !!!


  19. Yes,was going to bet a Celtic win,but not at those prices.I really don’t have much fear about tomorrow night,we are better all over the park.Our results in Europe recently,away from home,have been very good.Our subs bench would have Copenhagen drooling for players of that calibre.


    Keep the faith.

  20. Siempre Celtic (formerly Traditionalist88) on

    TURKEYBHOY on 19TH FEBRUARY 2020 10:58 AM



    6/5 to win on the night tomorrow




  21. Don’t understand why anyone posts johnjames links on here. His homophobic rants should remain there and not on a Celtic related blog. “A Club Open To All” are we not? 🍀🍀

  22. philbhoy cumbernauld th played in west of scotland final at hampden in may 1985think may have lost to some ayrshire mob h h

  23. Hot Smokie, Blogger and Siempre…






    Re Shortie – Unbelievable sleekitry. Jaw dropping hunned-up perspectives, constantly and always very consistent.



    I’ve stopped having them on the wireless for the games and my blood pressure has stabilised. I like my daily fix of Scottish news….but their sport scoddland oootput is execrable.



    The sports volk must operate in a wee bubble far removed from proper journalistic scrutiny or standards.

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