Corner frailty against Brazilian imposters


Celtic have played lower league opposition three times this season but last night was surely the most ineffective performance we’ve seen from a football team in some years.  Dunfermline limited Celtic to two goals and – to be fair – Jim McIntyre spotted a defensive weakness at corner kicks, which his team were able to exploit twice, almost leading to a goal on one occasion, but there was none of the coordination and skill we faced against Falkirk, Ross County and arguably, Peterhead.

How they had the audacity to walk onto a football field dressed as Brazil we’ll never know.

After the first Dunfermline corner ‘scare’ (I’m being generous) I watched the setup for their second half corner attempt.  Celtic had 10 defenders inside the box, including Fraser Forster, against five Dunfermline attackers.  Defensively, we looked well setup, but the delivery was particularly good, an in-swinger, dipping beyond the far post into a secondary zone.

Defending zonally (which I am in favour of with a small concession to man-mark one or two key threats) involves protecting the key areas in front of goal, where opponents are most likely to score from.  This compromises peripheral areas, in particular the acute angles before the front post and beyond the back post.  When you get a good delivery from a corner kick, as Dunfermline provided last night, forwards can attack the area in front of the near post looking for a glancing header, or rush to the back of the six yard box, from where they can deliver a reverse ball into the primary danger area.

For all their frailties, they figured out how to get the better of Celtic at corner kicks.

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  1. from last thread






    “Mulgrew who shot from 33 yards”….very precise. I thought it was more 34 myself.



    Generally an excellent display breaking down a packed defence. Thought Hoopers movement and control was fantastic throughout(with the exception of the blast over the bar), Ki’s passsing and vision superb, Cha’s engine (just unbelievable), Commons occassionally brilliant (but some times the flicks don’t come off), Ledley his usual efficient self, Charlie was explosive, Broonie excellent controlled aggressive tackling performance (four years on I am warming to our captain)….I could go on.



    I thought it was between Hooper and Ki for MOTM.



    Only down side was our defending from corners..still a bit suspect.

  2. Greetings fellow Celtic fans from Phuket.



    Mrs RobinBhoy is a big Baggies fan so they are my English team too. Worked in West Brom for a few years so have Baggies supporting friends still down there.



    Word is that Walter (cardigan) Smith will be unveiled as the new Wolves manager today, so now I officially hate Wolves (always liked big Mick) and hope they get relegated every year then liquidated.



    Hail Hail!









  3. Sixteen roads to Golgotha on

    All hail Craig Whyte!!



    Generations will remember him,and he shall be called blessed.

  4. Paul67



    You read my mind.



    I thought they were real scares as in the first instance Keddie should have done a lot better with his header.



    The two headers were from almost exactly the same position, I am sure they will be working on this this week.

  5. Paul



    Did you notice that after at least one of their corners we had an excellent break up the field that with a slightly more precise pass from Commons to Hooper, we’d have scored.



    I thought I saw another good break after one of their corners but it could have been one of their regular “attacks”.



    Zonal and man to man both have advantages and disadvantages but we have conceded less goals from corners than we have scored from and maybe the set up is such to win 2nd ball and start an attack when the opposition aren’t concentrating on defence as much.




  6. jock steins celtic on

    I think we’re more suited to playing away from home. I’m actually glad we’re away in the SC QF.

  7. Neil Lennon says NO to BESNA!! on

    Ooooh hit the post…


    My 2nd 1st and 1st 3rd but it says 2nd….


    I even read Paul’s post.


    Bang on a game which should have been easily 7 or 8, ended up having to clear off the line and then panic stations all from to corners.


    But Hey Ho…20pts and rising.


    Have they sacked that kitman yet!!




  8. enmac, a bampot stands shoulder to shoulder with Neil Lennon on

    “the latteral movment when rangers die”, and “doning the broonie when rangers die” was excellent last night



    but my pick of the bunch was:



    see the Celtic are arising


    I see the titles on the way


    I see the Tims are having a Party


    When we’re crowned champions in May




    Glasgows Green and White


    The H**S are Fuckin Shite



    I see the titles on the way




    top drawer from the GB

  9. Sometimes, just sometimes, the most skilled locksmith fails to pick a lock.



    That’s when you send for Charlie “the Battering Ram” Mulgrew.






  10. Joe Filippis Haircut on

    I have to agree with Lennie we were wastefull last night Stokes and Hooper being the main culprits our outfield play was first class and we should have won at least 5-0 also we havnt seen a lot of the Polish Bhoy but he may well come good.Dunfermline are a poor lot and imo opinion were just happy to try to keep the score respectable.Still we are 20 points ahead is great and we are going to win the league.H.H.

  11. Paul67



    Have you been taking your coaching badges in your spare time ;)



    Your spot on though, we have been fragile at corners and set pieces for the whole of this season. Not as noticeable since November though due to our on going run but it’s still there and still a concern.




  12. Neil Lennon says NO to BESNA!! on

    If wolves appoint the myth they will struggle to stay up.


    As we all know the myths tactics are to play for 0-0 and hope to get lucky.A team hoping to avoid relegation need to attack and get lucky.

  13. paul67




    they were dreadful last nite i hope the get relegated tho the huns might instead lol











    Celtic 72%


    Dunfermline 28%




    27 3


    On target


    16 3




    16 3




    5 7



    never seen stats like that except when the huns were in europe

  14. What was the song the GB were chanting in the 2nd half, ending with “Here we go again”


    Mate thought it was ‘let’s call the whole thing off’


    GB doing Hollywood musicals now :)


    Never catch On

  15. from the excellent poster Amac on CM.



    *Get your “The Big House Must Stay Open” Ringtone here*


    I created this after being given the idea by a poster on another thread.



    Feel free to pass it around


    These have been tried on an HTC Desire, iPhone and work fine.


    download from Sendspace.






    Download and put in your iphones ringtone library. Then sync with your iphone and when it’s done, you can head into the settings and select your new ringtone.






    Download to a folder on your phone. Play the file and set as ringtone.



    Here’s a sample


  16. After one of D’line’s corners, the camera cut to big Johan who sat with his head in his hands in disgust.



    I imagine defending corners will be a priority at the next training session.

  17. Paul67



    I really do hope Dunfermline get relegated as they have brought nothing to the SPL.




    rangers need £4.5 Million NOW or it is bye bye.



    I Just Can’t Get Enough!

  18. Paul 67


    Re zonal marking.


    It works well when you have the right players.


    In recent weeks our team has normally contained 4 or even 5 guys at 6ft plus.


    This allows one at the front of the 6 yard box facing the ball, two on the 6 yard line and one at the furthest away corner – all bases covered.


    When we have Mulgrew, WAnyama, Samaras, and Rogne it works.


    Last night we only had one guy in the team with the necessary height and ability to do the job – Mulgrew. Both Wilson and Ki have the height, but neither can , or are prepared to jump.


    Net effect is that we were caught out twice with in swingers to the back post.


    This is a real problem for us , as our best 11 , contains lots of great players but, lacks in height, with only Mulgrew, Rogne and Wanyama having the stature for the job.

  19. If the money for the wages had been guaranted by someone and they are due today I’d guess redundancies could hit tomorrow as the Administrators will not want to be running up a bigger fresh wage bill than is neccesary!

  20. I read on the last article BlantyreKev having a bit of fun with the Save R@ngers campaign, now I’m with MWD, these guys are going through some mental trauma and are hapless in the face of the confused tangled business deals, internecine warfare – see the auld Chairman is at it again – and a crap Football team.



    So as BlantyreKev knows only too well to save a Company you have to do the maths – then assign the responsibilities and liabilities. Let’s help the R@ngers fans and do the maths and whose in the firing line for it and launch a campaign to get them to pony up.



    So Craig Whyte is in line for 27.5Min guarantees and cash although he has paid 2.5M in the little tax case, now presumably the penalties are part of the 9M still outstanding to HMRC that lies with the RFC administrators, but if Craig is sorts out Ticketus presumably the 4M in VAT disappears from their liabilities to the Crown.



    Now the auld Board who think they’ve ducked away – no way Jose, they should pick up their tab that is 18M of Bank debt they left that presumably goes towards whoever actually paid it – then the 49M for the EBT debacle.



    So I suggest we start a campaign to get these guys in a Room point out their liabilities and responsibilities and get the Boats in line to save the Gers, that’s Craigy, D&P and the auld Board. Their commitments I want to see in Millions are;






    SO Pay up and save the Gesr,



    Lets launch the Save Rangers 25.5.67 Appeal.



    Crisis! What Crisis? 20 points clear and counting.

  21. Ulster-celt and eyes wide open .. just reading back on last nights posts and looks like i got it wrong about Frank Carson so i apoligise for my misuderstanding .. HH

  22. Problems wae corners: Rogne missing



    The lads imperious in the air



    Like wilsons pace as it comes in useful at home with teams counter attacking but not convinced by him as “dominating centre half” style defender



    Wilson needs a commanding defender next to him & mulgrew is not the answer



    Love chaz but against real quality opposition he will be shown up as a player out of position



    God i’m starting to sound like a right negative jonah… We were never at any threat of losing last night. Complete control from beginning to end.



    78% possession!

  23. Spot on, Paul.



    MON’s sides were especially good at doing what Dunfermline tried to do last night, blessed as they were with players whose talents were suited to the art.



    I have personally never liked the business of pulling so many players back to defend corners that the opposition is basically invited in to our final third.



    I have 2 principal reasons for thinking like this: the first is that it can (and does) lead to diffusion of responsibility when the box gets so congested with defenders.



    The other is that it invites the opposition to come forward in greater numbers: cf. the Atletico Madrid game at Celtic Park: for the first couple of corners they won, we left 1 or 2 up front, meaning they kept 2 or 3 defenders around the half-way line.



    On instruction from the dugout, however, we changed so that our whole team was defending within 25 yards of the goalmouth. Atletico subsequently scored as a direct consequence of having their whole team pushed up to attack our goal (their goalie was the only player not within 40 yards of our goal).



    Dunfermline only pushed 5 or 6 players in to the danger zone, but more confident and talented sides will do what Atletico did …




  24. Always remember an article from the NTView the year WTT took over.



    It was talking about how compared to seasons beforehand the board hadn’t given him that much money (Goes without saying his signings were impeccable, they didnt have to.)



    But there was one key bit in the article. Said that at the end of every training session he split the team into defense and attack and practiced corners.


    Until the attack scored 3 times in a row. Defensive errors didnt count.


    That last line for me sums the whole idea up.



    Last night was a good performance against a 10man defense. But as Paul puts it, set-pieces are crucial in any team. Nearly 1/3 goals in world football come from them,



    Dear Mr Lennon, keep up the good work, more of the same please.


    PS. just dont stay blind to the little things that might lower the party atmosphere




  25. St Martin De Porres on




    Good observation. Just one thing I would like to add for your consideration. The starting point of Dunfermline players was at the edge of area. this is the key against any team that adopts zonal marking because the momentum gathered by the rushing player is where the advantage can be had over the static defender.



    Breaking or blocking the run is critical if this tactic is to be deployed. Those in zonal positions must relay on others to block the runs otherwise puts real pressure on the six yard zonal defenders



    All of which is why i prefer man marked!!



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