Coronation: Celtic fans were right


Celtic fans have been getting a bit of pushback for hostile chanting about the coronation during last weekend’s Scottish Cup semi-final.  Some context is useful.  Celtic were founded in a church hall, in 1888, to provide food for the dinner tables of hungry children.  All football clubs have a foundation story, but not every foundation story lives to inspire values a century later.  Celtic’s foundation is not just a story, it is history itself.

The people of that church hall, St Mary’s, Calton, in the east end of Glasgow, were poor Irish (or second generation), Catholic immigrants.  Their lot in life was poverty, squalor, limited access to work or education and high mortality.  If you are a Celtic fan today, there’s a good chance you can trace your ancestors back to that founding generation.

Many Celtic fans have nothing to do with Ireland, the Church, or even Glasgow, and care little about these things, but to be close to Celtic, is to have an affinity for its founding values.  I’ve met an Ulster unionist, who moved to Glasgow as a young man and became a Celtic fan through his wife’s family.  On Ireland, he was often a dissenting voice, but his values regarding equality and respect were on point.  If you are part of the Celtic family, you were either born into it, or you’re here because of these values.

I heard on the radio today that at the time of the last Coronation Cup, 70 years ago, many in this country believed the Queen was chosen by God.  That belief was no accident, the Divine Right of Kings was brutally enforced to the extent that questioning the Divine choice was a mortal gamble.

Much has changed in the years since.  No one now believes the monarch was chosen by God, although disappointingly few are aware that for centuries kingship was won and maintained by brutal force.  To an extent, that ended in 1701, when succession was codified into law – a good thing, you may believe, but let’s park this for now.

The founding fathers of Celtic lived in what your government May (!) call a hostile environment. They were excluded from many professions and workplaces, suffered discrimination and outright hatred, a totem for which was their religion.  Employers, educators, politicians and the judiciary often closed doors to the immigrant population and they had reason to believe their actions were legitimate.

That law passed in 1701, the Act of Settlement, prohibited Catholics (or “papists” as the Act describes them) and those who marry Catholics from accession to the highest position in the land.  The Act was overhauled in 2013, providing equality of access for females and for those married to Catholics, but while Jews, Muslims and non-religious can ascend to the throne, Catholics remain barred.

If you know your history, the passing of the Crown at a coronation determined by the Act of Settlement, is an affront to decency.  It is not just contrary to Celtic’s values, it is a lightning rod for those who seek justification in their own prejudices.  Don’t want to sign Catholics?  Here’s a photo of the Queen for your dressing room to help you feel better about things.

The Crown is many things to many people, and I see on television, recent immigrants excitedly look forward to tomorrow’s coronation.  Others, stuck in relationships with married men, destined to spend Christmas alone while he’s with his wife and children, now look at Camila and think, ‘One day he’ll leave her, and we’ll be happy ever after.’  No one speaks out for the skank population, a minority almost universally disrespected, who tomorrow have their champion.  On The. Throne.  Although, from a branding perspective, Queen of Hearts works better than Queen of Skanks.

If the coronation is your thing, knock yourself out, but many of us have no interest in supporting a deeply flawed succession methodology.  Celtic fans are not alone in valuing equality before deference, you will see this sentiment shared across the land.

Road to Seville

Tomorrow, the Road to Seville cyclists leave from Celtic Park on their two-week journey to Seville.  Months of training and planning have been completed, countless miles racked up, all to raise funds for the Celtic FC Foundation.

Today we hear from Shane O’Meara and Paul Gallagher on the Celtic journey that will take them to Celtic Park at 8am tomorrow and the enormous undertaking ahead.  You can support the work of the Foundation and encourage the cyclists here.  Keep in touch with their journey as they sent out from tomorrow here on Twitter.  Thank you.

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    PHILBHOY on 5TH MAY 2023 9:51 AM





    Wee yin passed her driving test today, Good start to the weekend.












    MAGIC Mate.







    Well done to the Wee Yin.

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    A Shameless Repost…







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    IF anyone on here is giving up their Season Book for next Season, or who may have a ” Spare” Season Book for next Season and beyond, then please give me a shout on here ?















    The Season Book WILL REMAIN in your name etc, and I will pay in CASH once we have arranged a Meet Up.















    Preferably your Season Book will be for The SOUTH ( Main) Stand and/or the LOWER Seats in the NORTH Stand, as I can NOT cope with too many Stairs etc.















    I am UNABLE to Join The Waiting Lists, as NO Applications are Open at this time. IF I did manage to join the Waiting List, I will be very Dead by the time I am offered a Seat.















    Cheers in advance.



  3. !!Bada Bing!! on

    A new day- a different Courtroom….Sevco in Australian Court today,over pulling out of Tournament last year…..which was agreed with their new CEO Bisgrove….

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    ALMORE, I seem to remember meeting you several years ago in the pub ( BLANE VALLEY ) and it was YOU who gave me a Ticket for the Celtic game that Day ?





    If it was you, I still owe you some Beers mate ?







    HH Mate.

  5. I’ve met an Ulster unionist, who moved to Glasgow as a young man and became a Celtic fan through his wife’s family. On Ireland, he was often a dissenting voice, but his values regarding equality and respect were on point.






    His values on equality and respect was on point ? I can only assume he wasn’t aware of the history of the Ulster unionist party…

  6. BIG JIMMY on 5TH MAY 2023 8:41 AM


    Heartz v CELTIC…..







    BET365 has KYOGO at odds of 11/2 to Score Three or more Goals.







    WILLIAM HILL has KYOGO at odds of 14/1 to Score Three or more Goals







    That is some difference in the Betting…





    Guess which one I took ?













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    Should I bring a safety harness for Leggy?





    LEGGY is a Brave STUNT MAN….He operates without a safety NET.






  8. The Battered Bunnet on

    Big up to the cyclists, a fine endeavour. Ride safely.



    And when you get there, do pop into Casa Morales on García de Vinuesa for the finest tapas in Andalucia, served by the grumpiest family in Spain.

  9. BIG JIMMY on 5TH MAY 2023 12:18 PM


    NEWMARKET RACING Today, Saturday and Sunday.





    MON my Horses !



    MON Wee KYOGO and the CELTIC also !



    You can stick yer Coronation Street up yer Erse also.

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    Hope to be there next week!







    Take care!




    I was hoping to be there next week also…but BRRB has NOT Invited me ?



    Ive only heard about the Bevvy session thru DAVID66 and BELMONT BRIAN.




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    Can only be a matter of time till BRRB bumps into wee Jota in the Sooside ?

  12. Those NAPOLI fans are WORSE than the Huns in George Square….


    They are shooting and killing each other during their Title ” Celebrations” in Naples.



    Feck that !

  13. BOURNESOUPRECIPE on 5TH MAY 2023 12:40 PM


    Can only be a matter of time till BRRB bumps into wee Jota in the Sooside ?




    I wouldnt think so Mate….JOTA is FUSSY about who he drinks with.





  14. bigrailroadblues on

    Good afternoon all from Ryan’s bar. Think I may be taking this enjoyment malarkey too far. Not! 😂😂

  15. Veteran Sky Sports commentator Ian Crocker was behind the mic to describe the action as the Celtic and Rangers women’s sides clashed in the SWPL at Airdrie’s Excelcsior Stadium on Thursday night.



    But it wasn’t Kirsty Howat’s wonder winner for Malky Thomson’s Light Blues that had fans talking – instead it was an off-field observation of Crocker’s that set tongues wagging. For the Londoner revealed that men’s defender Carl Starfelt is dating one of Fran Alonso’s star’s, Jacynta Galabadaarachchi.




    Lucky CARL…..IF they get Married one day, I hope that CARL doesnt change his Surname to hers ?


    It will cost a few Quid to get her Surname on the back of a Celtic Jersey !





  16. bournesouprecipe on

    Mad fools in Utrecht are eyeing up Celtic legend Venus De Milo AKA Hologram Hauns

  17. Park Road 67 on

    Good leader Paul 👏, congratulations to PHILBHOY’S daughter on passing her test 👍🚗

  18. Talking of Shipbank Sessions, I am taking a wee trip down to The Dear Green Place tomorrow for a 1:30pm pint in The Pot Still if anyone would care to join us ( my brother and his pal ), feel free.

  19. glendalystonsils on

    Paul67 , thanks for the work you put into that excellent article today . With any luck this will be the last coronation carnival we will have to endure .

  20. thomthethim for Oscar OK on

    Straight from the heart, Paul. Seventy years ago, myself and all the other kids up our close, had to endure a Coronation Party in a neighbour’s house. Endless hours parked on a hard chair, watching the event on a 12” telly, inflicted physical and psychological damage, felt to this day.

  21. I realise it might be seen as a wee bit bitter but I cannot think of many moments this season which have given me such a lasting pleasure as the fact that Robertson`s cheating resulted in an important goal for us.


    The fact that the foul was so blatant that all the Newco players stopped only increases that pleasure.


    The downside is that he and his fellow ref`s may well become even more biased.

  22. Hot Smoked,



    I couldn’t agree more about Robertson’s cheating. Great that it backfired so spectacularly. Trouble is we may well suffer from the continued blatant cheating of too many MIBs.






    As a direct descendant on both sides of my family of those for whom Br Walfrid founded Celtic, I simply thank God for his care for the poor. May Celtic strive to be always true to our founding values.

  23. !!Bada Bing!! on

    Ange on SSN, said CCV has had surgery,will be fit for start of next season