Corporate memory of persistent champions


I watched Real Madrid outplayed by Chelsea for most of last night.  The visitors performed exceptionally well to take a three goal lead and could have put the game out of sight before Real got  a foothold in the game.

Chelsea won twice in Spain in last season’s Champions League, scoring five without reply at Sevilla and Atletico, before taking a draw at Real in the semi-final, they know how to compete in this competition.  No team, however, knows more about winning in the Champions League than Real Madrid.

Real win this tournament when they are well below par domestically, they find an assured calmness to their play, even when, as last night, they were 0-3 down and the obits were being written about coach Carlo Ancelotti.  This is all down to corporate memory.  More than any team in football, they know how to perform under intense pressure on the big stage.

You have witnessed this on a smaller scale in Scotland.  Celtic’s 36 game unbeaten run in domestic cup competitions, from 2016 to 2020, defined credulity.  Form varied during that run, the only consistent was outcome.  Celtic won so many knockout games, they knew most of the pitfalls and prepared thoroughly.

If anything, form at semi-finals and finals is even more impressive.  Celtic are on a run of 18 successive wins on these Hampden occasions, without once going to extra time.  Others must reach the National Stadium and start work on blocking out so many bad memories.  When you go up against Real Madrid in the Champions League, or Celtic in the Scottish or League Cup, you have a chance, but whatever you have in your locker, you cannot match the winning attributes of persistent champions.

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  1. It’s the rules



    Since when have the huns played by the rules. ?



    The countries lawmakers break the rules with impunity, lets follow their example.



    Give them nothing.


    Forget 700, nothing means nothing.


    Let more of our fans follow Ange’s journey.




  2. Canamalar it looks like OCD obsession on



    I agree on your position but I don’t thing there is any need to break the rules, there are contingencies available such as extenuating circumstances such as the failure of the hun security to control their hoard. There is also the persistent vandalism that need to be repaired after they leave and last but not least they are allowed by the police to break the laws of the land with impunity whan they chant ther sectarian diatribe.


    Oh and there was the previous example where they failed to provide tickets to Celtic and received no caution from the authorities therefore it is a set prescedent.

  3. SAINT STIVS on 13TH APRIL 2022 5:03 PM


    ‘Dermo doesnt own Celtic PLC. Neither is he a Majority Shareholder.





    Never ever understood why anyone quotes him as being the “defacto owner” he isnt.’






    He calls the shots. He is the de facto owner. That’s why on the rare occasion he grants an audience to a suitably deferential interviewer his words are treated like holy writ. Otherwise who cares what he has to say about anything?





    Aye, but he’s nae Joseph Stalin.



    Uncle Joe, there was a real leader.

  5. Tom McLaughlin on

    All I can see is Canamalar posting his views on Ukraine and Putin, based on his own research and historical knowledge, devoid of ad hominem attacks, while Turkeybhoy and Witz can only respond with cheap insults and juvenile claims of “I’m right and you are wrong”. That’s what you call schoolboy debate. Not saying Canamalar is necessarily in the right, but at least he is contributing in an adult way.

  6. The main man at Celtic FC, all appointments for 20 years were approved by Dermot



    Ange is the first manager in 20 years to be his own man



    DD: “I think to provide a bit of history on how managers have been recruited since 2000… in 2000 we had a little bit of a coup at Celtic.



    “That wasn’t public but we had a coup at Celtic. This was formed by Brian Quinn, Patrick Sheehy, and myself. We were unhappy with the progress we were making at Celtic. So what we decided was that we needed a new chairman.



    “What Peter and I do is we put five names on a list that we feel could be good managers of Celtic. We’ve always had a list of five and interviewed five.



    “In this case we had a list of five, Ange was on the list. I had no idea who Ange was, I couldn’t pronounce his name. Peter was insistent he was a person we should put on the list. He had a great record.



    “We pursued another manager which is public. He was excellent to deal with, a person with integrity and ability, I couldn’t say enough good things about him but unfortunately for personal reasons he couldn’t go on with the position.



    “I got that phone call at 12.30 on a Thursday and I made arrangements to speak to Ange at 5pm UK time, he was in Japan, to speak with him the next morning.



    “In between that I had looked up and researched quite a bit about Ange and what he’d achieved, what his type of personality is.

  7. AN TEARMANN on 13TH APRIL 2022 6:06 PM



    Thanks, D always an informative thread from Moravcik67 he is excellent at providing UEFA coefficient for dummies

  8. My only comment on the Russia v Ukraine and Nato situation..



    If Putin is a reasonable person and is just trying to protect a pro Russian enclave in Ukraine & does not pose a threat to the rest of Europe, why are eminently sensible Countries like Sweden & Finland giving urgent consideration to applying for membership of Nato.

  9. Canamalar it looks like OCD obsession on



    lets see, Stalin was not the same threat to the western hegemon. Putin could be bringing it to its knees just going on how the sanctions are failing and in fact back firing.



    I watched JoeBidet try to convince the US public that Russia are to blame for last months inflation figures and rise in fuel prices, The yanks import only 3 % from Russia, it was him who decided to impose and enforce illegal sanctions on one of the major energy, food and fertiliser producers of the world, they, he failed to collapse the ruble but is looking good to collapse the dollar.


    He did the same last month with February’s inflation figures collecte before the invasion began. Are they are oblivious to how quantitative easing works?

  10. MODERATOR1888 on 13TH APRIL 2022 5:54 PM



    Lets chill with the political Russia/Ukraine posts pls



    They are overtaking the blog again




    Let the blog go Mod o’rater,i would say,we can all use our thumb to is a modern day occurrence,with a range of views,am sure it’ll ebb and flow and flatten out,said nicely mate,enjoy your evening.





  11. Canamalar it looks like OCD obsession on



    I’m no even sure I’m right, I’m saying I have deep mistrust of what I’m told by the wetern corporate media who have been championing illegal invasions since before John Lennon died. There is other information out there and I am looking at it and relating it from that perspective. My cynicism of western propaganda is borne out of my experience and I’m really surprise I seem to be in the minority. I call out what I consider to be unadulterated propaganda and provide a counter argument, I’m pretty confident going on my experience and as previously said, application of inverted perspective has, for the last 30 years, been closer to the truth. Which is another surprise, that after all we have been told I remian in the minority, you can’t say the propaganda does not work eh. But it must be challenged.

  12. Real Madrid to me looked like an aging team of super rich multi millionaires who never tried an inch in last nights match until extra time with the introduction of some fresh young blood. Chelsea just walked through Madrid at will. There was no attempt to close down or press the Londoners for most of the game by Madrid’s strolling players ………..Ange would have had a canary if his team played like this, pathetic. Benzema and Modric I suppose could be excused for their exploits late into the match. They will go out in the next round.



    Like the idea of the call to sport the Tricolour at the big match at the weekend due to the ban . Interesting Notre Dame the Jesuit College in the States have massive displays of green during big football games in South Bend, Indiana. No ban there.

  13. Canamalar it looks like OCD obsession on



    Fear of being listed as against the empire, Russia has aldready said they have no problem with Finland and Sweden joining NATO but the ukraine is too close for comfort, that’s just what I’ve read.


    Be reminded the empire is not just military it is economic which is a greater threat to any country. Especially when all their wealth is controlled by the empire.

  14. St.Stivs.


    Re Dermot principal/majority/,largest.



    Thanks for posting your list of Shareholder breakdown list.



    If thinking of Dermot and how he puppeteers the club you have to account for the 22 or so % of small(in a frame) shareholders whose shares on the whole are inactive and not up to date(taking account of offers/dilutions) This poor housekeeping s/h registrars etc means the majority of these shares default to the hence most resolutions passed 98/9% deduct 22 or so %,


    So Contrast 34.7 % of 78% of shares,


    He disnae even need lindsell(tho they keep hoovering)


    Get Trainer on board,that’s where Celtic plc goes.



    A lot Celtic can do to improve democracy with our shareholding


    Proper comp sec overseeing share register,voting rights


    Alas as Dermots succession planning means his boy gets our club! It is not in his interest imo.



    Interesting topic Stivs.




  15. I’m not supporting Putin nor Zelensky either,he should have known what the Russians will take no prisoners,Zelensky will not be forgiven for the position the Ukrainian people kave endured

  16. Cana … @ 5.48 and beyond.



    Interested to understand the lies the west are pushing towards you?


    Seems to go well beyond Ukraine.



    You comments about JB and now moving onto quantitative easing would suggest the usual interweb tropes from right wing mentalists / people who live under bridges / professional wind up merchants — consequently you would seem to be is some strange company.



    Scrap at the side of the road — if you are undertaking a tactical withdrawal most armies take their trash home with them. They don’t want opposition eyes peeking at their military secrets so to leave so much scrap behind would suggest that they left in a hurry and things aren’t going quite like they expected.



    For the record I am very uncomfortable with most of the western coverage — the BBC specifically seems to be working to some sort of anti-Russian propaganda grid but if you look beyond that then things are not going well for VP or his original plan.



    No matter VP’s abilities — and he has quite a few — he is not the man that he once was.


    Answering loads of questions — DC did that once in parliament after an EU Summit.


    He loved his time in the spotlight answering all the questions that his enemies put to him with aplomb and a few from Milli-E that were no so pointed.



    Fat lot of good it did him as he lost the EU referendum and has been lost to the obscurity he oh so richly deserves — so I wouldn’t put too much emphasis on VP’s future progress on his ability to answer lots of questions.



    Interesting that you seem to know chapter and verse on VP — you seem to have put in a lot of effort and if that is the case then I would have to ask why? What is the connection / what is the driver towards your engagement with VP?



    To me he is just a limited but effective spook who wants to be feared and respected in equal measure — at the moment one of these ambitions is doing well while the other has fallen off a cliff.



    Regarding the Russian economy and its place in the world — past / present / future — I think that you are a bit off the pace regarding where they are now and where they will be in the future when their oil doesn’t have the lustre it once had and China is the only big player willing to do business with it.



    China is all smiles when it want’s something — a lot less flexible when you need them.


    Not a great place to be when the EU is moving east and south looking for resources and cheaper labour and you are not getting an invite.



    So when did this study of VP / Kremlinology start?


    What brought you to this distant focus?


    It is a long way from G40.

  17. I don’t think you are right there Canamalar, I don’t argue about Politics on a Football Blog but I do read & keep up to date with current affairs,



    Far from saying they had no problems with either Country joining Nato, Russia has warned both Countries against joining and has stated that would consider any such move as a direct Provocation.

  18. LR67 @ 6.19



    Scary stuff — DD is an unconscious incompetent.


    He gives us all the chat without realising he is only advertising how stupid / limited he really is.



    A bit of a coup — the three caped crusaders parachuting in MO’N on a whim.



    Unlucky that within 2 years MO’N had done the dirty on DD and the rest is a history of fall outs / voicemail snafu’s / DD taking the huff / the bank taking the huff / emergency rights issue and AMB.



    And then he enters the showers in 2019 to take the easy way out.

  19. CC @ 7.18



    That was my memory of the current situation.


    VP growling at Sweden and Finland because they want to join NATO.

  20. DD and his recent interview — he looks as if he is coat trailing his shares to a wider public.



    All the guff about family and generations is just hot air to get the price higher.


    Just as the CMcG chat is just trying to start a non existent bidding war.



    Hopefully the fridge phone is still working / taking his calls.


    He can grow a business organically rather than holding stuff in limbo and hoping for some hot arbitrage action.




    That was a beautiful and heartwarming tribute to your uncle. Condolences to you and yours.



    Paddy Reilly, Rest in Peace.




  22. Back to Basics - Glass Half Full on

    Lionsroar67 – cheers.



    …. I was blissfully unaware of the CST’s “Drive for Five”



    Great idea



    Any idea what % they’ve reached so far?



    Based on my fag packet arithmetic there are c.95 million shares in circulation?



    To my earlier suggestion, if we sell 1.1m season tickets over the next 20 years and give each ST renewer a single share that means diluting current ownership base by just over 1%.



    Might seem like tokenism but, personally, I think the symbolism of getting a tiny slice of the club as a reward for your commitment is compelling and powerful.

  23. Moderator1888 on

    Ok I’ll bite



    Am a HUGE conspiracy ghuy (hate the term, but you know what I mean) and I know we have been lied to again and again etc etc etc



    The reason I don’t like the political aspects of the blog is they totally dominate and massively polarise the blog



    Leading to otherwise normal people going tonto!!



    If it’s not for you do one of 2 things



    1. Scroll by and talk about Celtic


    2. Scroll by and talk about Celtic



    Oxygen, etc etc



    But, that being said…………….



    I have been watching a chap on YouTube called Patrick Lancaster



    Very interesting viewing and from what I have seen BOTH sides have committed atrocities off the scale



    The boy has guts and gets right on the front lines, you should check him out

  24. Canman at 6.44


    kind of reflects my own view but if I express it I get labelled as a Putin apologist

  25. What is the Starz on

    Thanks Moderator


    I have no doubt that both sides have committed atrocities


    That’s what war does to people


    War is itself an atrocity..


    However Ukraine did not invade Russia.


    Unless my sources (The BBC/The Sun/The Telegraph and the fella down the pub are telling me lies)

  26. What is the Starz on



    Just because the West lies doesn’t mean that Putin tells the truth.

  27. DD made reference to the last two and a bit decades as being the most successful in our history and he’s right. I’m not sure how much of this was down to his coup of sorts in 2000 or how much of it is down to the overall trend in football were the biggest clubs are taking the lions share of revenue. While this has hampered us in Europe, it has benefited us domestically.



    Simply put, the financial gap between us and the rest of the league (including the huns) has never been greater. Is this down to our boards astute model and business acumen, or is it down to the basic fact that our fundamentals as a club make us the richest in Scotland?



    I honestly don’t know but sometimes I feel our executive are very quick to slap themselves on the back.

  28. Moderator1888 on

    Reading back






    May your Uncle Paddy Never Walk Alone



    Hail Hail