Corporate memory of persistent champions


I watched Real Madrid outplayed by Chelsea for most of last night.  The visitors performed exceptionally well to take a three goal lead and could have put the game out of sight before Real got  a foothold in the game.

Chelsea won twice in Spain in last season’s Champions League, scoring five without reply at Sevilla and Atletico, before taking a draw at Real in the semi-final, they know how to compete in this competition.  No team, however, knows more about winning in the Champions League than Real Madrid.

Real win this tournament when they are well below par domestically, they find an assured calmness to their play, even when, as last night, they were 0-3 down and the obits were being written about coach Carlo Ancelotti.  This is all down to corporate memory.  More than any team in football, they know how to perform under intense pressure on the big stage.

You have witnessed this on a smaller scale in Scotland.  Celtic’s 36 game unbeaten run in domestic cup competitions, from 2016 to 2020, defined credulity.  Form varied during that run, the only consistent was outcome.  Celtic won so many knockout games, they knew most of the pitfalls and prepared thoroughly.

If anything, form at semi-finals and finals is even more impressive.  Celtic are on a run of 18 successive wins on these Hampden occasions, without once going to extra time.  Others must reach the National Stadium and start work on blocking out so many bad memories.  When you go up against Real Madrid in the Champions League, or Celtic in the Scottish or League Cup, you have a chance, but whatever you have in your locker, you cannot match the winning attributes of persistent champions.

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  1. BRRB…team for Sunday…am no biting ;-))



    Whatever team Ange goes with am in agreement with as we’re still not sure if GMak will be fit. Still enjoying yer Travelogue;-))




  2. Weebobbycollins on



    They all tell lies. First casualty in war is truth, always.


    I picked up on Patrick Lancaster from a tweet by John Pilger.




    AN TEARMANN on 13TH APRIL 2022 7:06 PM







    Re Dermot principal/majority/,largest.






    thats a couple of really relevant points.



    As a principle shareholder in company structures DD is entitled to have a vote on appointments, but should not be making them on his own in isolation. They should be ratifiedat board level. I wonder if any individual ever says no to the Great Desmondo.



    On Governance, the Company Sectretary should be maintaining the share registar and making every effort to keep it up to date. A public appeal on the big boards and at renewal times, it should be a primary function of his job.





    “do you or a family member at one time have shares in Celtic PLC, please

  4. BRRB



    For what it’s worth here’s my selection.













    Cal Mac













    My reasoning for picking big Tam over Matt is, I believe that mob are terrified of him.



    Hope you are well, please pass on my regards to Leggy.






    PS Martin sends his best wishes

  5. It is amazing that Liverpool are fielding virtually their B team in a CL quarter final. Man City have a much tougher game, and Klopp is probably thinking about the weekend’s FA cup tie.

  6. Liverpool are a great side but they’ve a cake walk to the champions league final – Inter, Benfica and Villareal is a tough Europa group. The luck of the draw remains paramount in a cup competition.

  7. The current missing 22% of voters, need to be found and activated …………



    David Low talked about the largest shareholder in celtic being an old lady in Ireland (maybe O’haras daughter, i cant remember) and a family in canada.



    we done it before






    The Plan



    I unveiled my plan as an investment analyst, having dissected the share register and the articles of association. It was to acquire shares quietly from disenfranchised, dislocated and disrespected shareholders. My proposal was to gain their support. We wanted to pick up enough shares or support to call a general meeting and replace the board in conjunction with a capital injection from Fergus and other wealthy fans.



    Fergus asked lots of questions. I told him that the three families who owned Celtic did not get on and he should not look upon them as a group. About 40% of shares were held outside the board. When I visited shareholders you found they were unhappy. There was an issue over the registering of shares.



    The board had a right of veto but I had a cunning plan. I told Fergus that if we got them to sign a stock transfer form we could have an irrevocable proxy for their votes.



    The share register does not change but we control those shares and when we get control we will then register them .



    He said: “This is a very good plan, Mr Low, and I wish you all the luck in the world but I cannot support you on that.”



    I said: “Why not?”



    He replied: “All the money I have, Mr Low, is going in the club. I am not going to reward these guys for the state they have put the club in. If you succeed, I will be first in the queue for money for the club.”




    That was good enough for me. He was committing funds to the club. I left that meeting a very happy bunny. I felt I had an ally.



    I was proved right. He always delivered on the button.



    The Gathering of the Shares



    We were always a loose coalition. Me, Fergus, Brian Dempsey, John Keane, Eddie Keane, Jack Flanagan, Michael McDonald. The only thing we had in common was our love of Celtic.



    I went about acquiring shares and it was easier than I thought.



    Shareholders kept saying “we are with you”, from Canada to the north of Ireland. Within three months I had 40% of Celtic in this office and the board did not have not a Scooby.



    But we needed 51%. We spoke to a shareholder who feigned support but promptly called the Whites or the Kellys. The cat was out the bag. But they did not know the extent of our endeavours. That was when we started hitting turbulence.



    We were at war. We ended up fighting for two years.




    Thursday evening was a night on which the weekly meeting of the Celtic directorate was held for many years. Thursday 1 February 1940 was the last to be attended by Willie Maley as manager of the club. He had sat in on almost every meeting for the last half a century but the time to retire had eventually come.



    Another departure was announced at the same meeting. Indeed, Mr. Tom Colgan was absent as he now resided in Ireland, but he had already sent notice of his resignation as a director of Celtic. Colgan had replaced founding father John O’Hara on the Celtic board in 1905, so he was another long-term servant to depart the club. His decision had been made on health grounds, but a short while later he joined the board of Belfast Celtic FC as he couldn’t stay away from the game.



    Colgan was a prominent member of the Home Government Branch of the Irish National League in Glasgow and as well as serving as a Celtic director, he had a keen eye for a footballer. By no means were his expertise limited to the one sport though, for he was excellent on a links golf course by all accounts too.



    By leaving the club, Tom Colgan altered the course of its history in a very intriguing and complex way. Tom had married the daughter of fellow Celtic director, James Grant, in 1906, whose family roots were in Toomebridge (Co Antrim). Miss Grant, or Mrs Colgan as she had become, died upon giving birth to the couple’s daughter (Mary) a short time later. From a young age, Mary lived at Toome House in Toomebridge with her aunty and uncle, Neil and Felicia Grant, both of whom were not married.



    When Tom Colgan retired from business in Glasgow and as a Celtic director, he moved into Toome House with his daughter and the Grant family. He died in 1946 and his shares were left to his niece, Felicia, who thus became, when the transfer was completed in 1949, the holder of 1103 fully paid, and 1150 part paid shares making her the third force in Celtic behind the Kelly’s and the White’s!



    Readers may have heard of the reference to the woman in Ireland who owned Celtic. That claim is in relation to Felicia Grant and it is almost true, in the sense that she was the major individual shareholder in the club. Over the years, Bob Kelly, and latterly his descendants, kept Felicia sweet and would visit her during Celtic’s trips to Ireland, often when playing against Belfast Celtic. This action meant that Felicia, who had limited interest in football, was happy to back the Kelly’s and the White’s in whatever they decided to pursue in the boardroom.



    When Felicia passed away, her shares were split six ways amongst her brother and five children. One of those children was based in the North of Ireland, whilst the rest resided in Canada.



    Decades later, to oust the old board, Fergus McCann needed to acquire the Grant shareholding. John Keane played a monumental role in tracking these down and eventually purchasing them. Without doing so, it may have been impossible to complete the takeover that ultimately saved Celtic from liquidation!

  9. Man City had an energy sapping game in the epic 2-2 draw with Liverpool. They are having a similarly hard shift right now holding off Atletico Madrid. In the meantime, Klopp is resting Alexander-Arnold, Matip, Van Dyck, Robertson, Thiago, Mane and Salah.



    If Man City go out against Atletico, it will be a huge downer for them going into the FA Cup semi against a rested Liverpool first team.

  10. Fourstonecoppi



    May your uncle Paddy Rest in Peace



    Thoughts and Prayers are with you all





    Fantastic memories he has left you

  11. Moderator1888 on 13th April 2022 7:41 pm



    Ok I’ll bite







    Am a HUGE conspiracy ghuy (hate the term, but you know what I mean) and I know we have been lied to again and again etc etc etc







    The reason I don’t like the political aspects of the blog is they totally dominate and massively polarise the blog







    Leading to otherwise normal people going tonto!!







    If it’s not for you do one of 2 things







    1. Scroll by and talk about Celtic





    2. Scroll by and talk about Celtic





    The guy on here who supports your role more than most is the one who constantly stirs the pot when it comes to politics.



    Tongue in cult cheek CSC

  12. Canamalar it looks like OCD obsession on



    I have had an interest in geopolitics and economics since I learned to read, what makes the world tic is interesing, at least it is to me.


    I expect your interest I my logic and sources are similar to my interst in and questions asked about the sources you base your opinion on Putin and the status ongoing war in Ukraine, which remain unanswered, as you take us down another tangential set of distractions from your failure to respond to a single question I asked you. However I will respond directly as I usually do, hopefully you will return the courtesy.


    So, some of the lies historically would be the Serbian ethnic cleansing of Yugoslavia which have been debunked, all lies. Weapons of mass destruction in Iraq, Afghanistan destroying the twin towers that justified a 20year war. Gadaffi planning to commit genocide on civilians, turns out it was all about destrying his plan to introduce a gold standard for Africa. Assad using chemical weapons on his own people, turns out it was all about plans to build a pipeline from the middle east to Europe and advance the greater israel project. Russian chemical weapons on Raqqa, turns out Raqqa was carpet bombed by the US, each and everyone debunked as lies.



    I don’t thinkk I know chapter and verse about Putin, i may know mre than many but thats because I can read and I like reading and the internet was easy to locatee details of interest, example I did not know Putin had a law degree for a top Russian university until today, in fact I looked up his education because of your low estimation of him. My interest in and Russiastarted in school when it was part of the soviet union, my understanding of modern Russia is developed when I started watching RT, I started watching because during a US senate investigation into how they can counter Russian propaganda in the US, a senator told the assembly that the Russian propaganda success was based simply on telling the truth, seriously that was her statement. At the time RT was picking the majority of global awards for their reporting, their secret was, no quoted source, no publication, they did not do “anonymous sources”.


    So I started watching for info on the west while I watched western media for info on Russia. To be honest I was not too interested in Russia but was very interested in the difference between the reporting on the west. they showed me Biden laughing while telling a conference that he had the Ukrainian national prosecuter sacked because he would not end an investigation ito Hunter’s business partners, they showed me the man responsible for the biggest expansion of the OPCW in history, relate an interview with John Bolton where Bolton told him if he did not resign his family would be in danger, not long after the invasion of Syria, they showed me a French television interview with a French foreign miniser who related that he was approached by the British to find out if the French would be interested in upcome operation to destabilise Syria. They showed me Mike Pompeo bragging to a conference that when he was in charge of the CIA that he lied cheated and stole and regreted none of it. All of the above were actual video recordings, so maybe you can understand why I used them as a source and why the US senator’s statement was/is so poigniant.


    So another wee question from me for you to ignore, you say the military equipment that littered the roads of the ukraine were all Russian, how do you know this? Obviously you don’t think the Ukrainians can write and that the letter Z would be too difficult for them to forge, really? Especially when most Ukrainian tanks were/are from the same source.



    I caught one of those presidential interviews by accident, then found out he does this every year, it is/was not just a one off it is an anual event. I then looked out for it because I was/am impressed that the leader of such a big country takes the time and effort to expose himself live in front of the whole country, I can tell you, the questions were/are not always easy or comfortable for him, it did appear on quite a few occasions during each of the ones I watched, forced him think about what he was saying.



    As for quntitative easing being the trope of rightwing I must disagree, when you consider how much cash has been generated out of nothing over the last few years, with nothing to back it, and used to bailout businesses that are “too big to fail”, making sure executives can award themselves exorbitant bonuses while everone else is told to take less, watching the top being rewarded for incompetence, sort of sticks in the craw for me, obviously you have less of an objection to that so I take it your doing alright jack eh? Mind you there was one rightwing question about it I read and do agree with, if they can print trillions at will, why are the wage earners paying taxes? I think I know the answer to that, wonder if you agree, to pay for their largese and cover their failures and tax evasion. Quantitative easing has created the greatest wealth gap in history and allowed the “too big to fail” to have their debts covered every time they run up too much, and failed to run a competent operation. Most of the taxpayers money is now spent supporting the “too big to fail”, whats right wing about objecting to that? Meanwhile for every new unit of currency created out of thin air dilutes the value of the existing money in your pocket, this is no really rocket salad so not sure what is so confusing about it for you? Maybe you can avoid explaining your perspctive on why you consider it a right wing trope?



    On the russian economy, you cherry picked a detail and ignored gas, fertiliser, cerials, rare/precious and base metals, and lets be honest the most natural resources and biggest country anywhere in the world, why would you do that?



    So learning to read at an early age and having a wide range of interests, an inquisitve mind and not willing to accept what I am told without evidence, is why I stray so far from G40, does that answer any of your questions, its your turn.

  13. Having sat deep and defended for their lives for three quarters of this tie, Atletico are now putting a high press on City and the best team in the world are struggling to get out.

  14. AN DUN.


    I love City, but I think their rivals Liverpool will pip them for all 3 competitions.

  15. Canamalar it looks like OCD obsession on



    This will be news then


    Moscow opposes the expansion of the Alliance, but it does not see the accession of Finland and Sweden to the bloc as an existential threat, according to the Kremlin’s Press Secretary Dmitry Peskov. However, NATO creeping on Russia’s northern borders would force Moscow to make its “Western flank more sophisticated in terms of security,” he told Sky News last Friday.




    They could but my money is on city for league and European Cup.



    Liverpool should be favourites for Saturday given how tonight has gone for both teams.