Corporative governance, dubious integrity, who else could it be?


Charles Green’s media team did well a week ago today.  The Sun had an extremely damaging story on Green but demoted it to page six while dedicating its front page to the man himself, but the consequences of the story remain.

The Daily Record, who today confirms they are being fed stories by Ally McCoist, also reveal that The Rangers International board’s chairman, Malcolm Murray, is one vote short of being able to sack chief exec Green.  Adding, without a hint of irony, “once again, it falls on this newspaper to inform the fans of what is really going on”.

Sacking Green should be fairly straightforward but while this will remove one pantomime act from the stage, the corporate governance issues remain.  While he is in charge at least Green is available to assist the club prepare against charges by Craig Whyte that it inappropriately acquired* assets belonging to his company [“You are Sevco”: (Green)], Sevco 5088 Ltd.

If the chairman fails to sack the chief exec and fellow directors, Brian Stockbridge and Imran Ahmed, at next week’s board meeting, several non-executive directors might find it difficult to continue to pick up wages for providing oversight on behalf of stakeholders to ensure the club’s business was conducted appropriately.

Fortunately for Green he retains the support of his fellow collaborators, although his enablers in the media and support are diminishing by the day (bless all their sterling work).  Green will go when it suits Green to go, most probably when he has found a suitable proxy to ensure his interests on the board are protected (as Whyte believed he had a year ago).  This is likely to happen when he wants season ticket renewal money in.  He’ll drift away, “true Rangers men” will front things for a while, but pantomime isn’t over.  The serious corporate governance questions overhanging the club right now grow by the day.

I wonder if journo who moved to Ibrox as he couldn’t stomach the dubious integrity of the media industry (Green’s former chief-enabler) has the front to come out batting for Green. Or is he too scared?

Speaking about dubious integrity….. has anyone thought of the excuse the SFA will come up with to overlook the link between Whyte and Green on Newco’s associate membership application? I expect they will appoint Mr Bryson to head up an inquiry which will find, “There was a link but as we didn’t know about the link at the time we cannot take any action”.

* Tried really hard here to think of a less pejorative word or phrase than the one which initially sprung to mind.
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  1. Left Click ( previous thread)



    If Neil had uttered TAL on air, in the duggout…………..any blessed where…………..






    and he’d be gone………..expedited, gleefully,quickly and efficiently by the msm.




  2. ArranmoreBhoyLXV11 on




    The Herald has NO Sevco story…



    That’s a story in itself..




  3. Paul67



    When Regan tells the Soccerex convention, the SFA should just have concentrated on helping rangers last year. You have heard all you need to know about how the SFA will act.

  4. On last article I posted quite a long article from the hearts site about reconstruction. It does not look the best but it is a good read about the proposals.

  5. Paul,



    Clearly Craig Whyte wasn’t involved with Rangers the club, he was involved in a company that dealt with a company that might have owned, or might still own, the club. Or its assets. Or something.



    Now clearly Craig Whyte is involved in business here and not football. And there was no sporting advantage to be gained from his involvement in a company. So the terms of the ban, the transfer or anything else have not been broken.



    Nothing to see here, move along. QED

  6. HT,



    ML3 layabouts with hee-haw else to do with their time!






  7. Paul,



    It doesn’t take much head scratching to fathom how the SFA will deal with the Whyte / Green axis.



    As you say, they will use Bryson Rule of Unknown Unknowns. It worked for Rumbold.



    Hence my comment at the end of the last thread.



    We not only have to eradicate Ogilvie, but also the causes of Ogilvie.

  8. South Of Tunis on

    Ten Men Won The League [ previous thread .]



    Craig Thomson /Arsene Wenger



    ” disastrous and completely unacceptable ”



    A set of Officials who saw nothing wrong with Dortmund’s winner should never be allowed to work again ..

  9. GlassTwoThirdsFull on

    I wonder if Craigy can get me the lottery numbers for tomorrow. Apparently he was able to guess the bank account and sort code numbers of Imran Ahmad’s mother……

  10. ASonOfDan



    I read it. Very interesting. Thanks for posting.


    Hearts need their fans onside and I thought they done a very good job of keeping them informed.




  11. Congratulations by the way to Santos Laguna on reaching the CONCACAF Champions League Final.



    Us Hoops need to stick together…

  12. LiviBhoy



    It is the first time the proposals have made sense to me and not as bad as the doom & gloom merchants would have you believe.

  13. joe_joe_john_bobby_teddy on

    Someone call Gordon Gekko, that company and those shares need help.



    “If you’re not inside, your outside”




  14. Adding, without a hint of irony, “once again, it falls on this newspaper to inform the fans of what is really going on”.




    i had a wee giggle at that when i read it this morning online , what a laughable idea indeed

  15. Paul67 – If the DR really want to inform the blue hordes as to the goings on inside the T’Brox perhaps they could start by letting them know the division between hard cash and promissory notes for the IPO takings?

  16. Wefra, sorry to hear your news,many years ago I had a boxer1981 we were inseparable.she was 16,which is very old for that breed when she died,I’ve had a few boxers since but none matched wee Judy.a certain mrs Turner had a wee ditty that I thought was appropriate to me Judy was….simply the best, their trust and loyalty cannot be compared h h

  17. ASonOfDan


    12:34 on


    12 April, 2013



    I think this is it. Today will be the first time the shares close at a lower price than the IPO.

  18. Losing £1 Million a month, no credit line and a drawer full of £16 Miliion worth of I.O.U’s



    Oh dear…

  19. What I love about “The Real Rangers Men” is that they stand silently in the shadows watching the men in charge of their tribute act drag our game down into the quagmire of shady deals and downright unfriendliness, thanks TRRM you’re a credit to the game and to your families, write their names large in our memories…

  20. weeminger



    I thought they launched at £0.74? They have been below that for a wee while now.

  21. St Mirren against new leagues because of voting structure for 3 years.


    Reconstruction does not happen and the voting structure remains.



    Disingenuous, Saints, methinks.

  22. ASonOfDan, indeed. Excellent article from Hearts.



    petec, thanks.



    Gordon_J, that will clear it up!



    thomthethim, how true.



    RogueLeader, yes, that would be interesting.

  23. Douglas Fraser ‏@BBCDouglasF 15m Newspaper circulation in March: in Scotland, both Sun and Daily Record falling, but the Sun’s lead is down to 38k.

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