Corporative governance, dubious integrity, who else could it be?


Charles Green’s media team did well a week ago today.  The Sun had an extremely damaging story on Green but demoted it to page six while dedicating its front page to the man himself, but the consequences of the story remain.

The Daily Record, who today confirms they are being fed stories by Ally McCoist, also reveal that The Rangers International board’s chairman, Malcolm Murray, is one vote short of being able to sack chief exec Green.  Adding, without a hint of irony, “once again, it falls on this newspaper to inform the fans of what is really going on”.

Sacking Green should be fairly straightforward but while this will remove one pantomime act from the stage, the corporate governance issues remain.  While he is in charge at least Green is available to assist the club prepare against charges by Craig Whyte that it inappropriately acquired* assets belonging to his company [“You are Sevco”: (Green)], Sevco 5088 Ltd.

If the chairman fails to sack the chief exec and fellow directors, Brian Stockbridge and Imran Ahmed, at next week’s board meeting, several non-executive directors might find it difficult to continue to pick up wages for providing oversight on behalf of stakeholders to ensure the club’s business was conducted appropriately.

Fortunately for Green he retains the support of his fellow collaborators, although his enablers in the media and support are diminishing by the day (bless all their sterling work).  Green will go when it suits Green to go, most probably when he has found a suitable proxy to ensure his interests on the board are protected (as Whyte believed he had a year ago).  This is likely to happen when he wants season ticket renewal money in.  He’ll drift away, “true Rangers men” will front things for a while, but pantomime isn’t over.  The serious corporate governance questions overhanging the club right now grow by the day.

I wonder if journo who moved to Ibrox as he couldn’t stomach the dubious integrity of the media industry (Green’s former chief-enabler) has the front to come out batting for Green. Or is he too scared?

Speaking about dubious integrity….. has anyone thought of the excuse the SFA will come up with to overlook the link between Whyte and Green on Newco’s associate membership application? I expect they will appoint Mr Bryson to head up an inquiry which will find, “There was a link but as we didn’t know about the link at the time we cannot take any action”.

* Tried really hard here to think of a less pejorative word or phrase than the one which initially sprung to mind.
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  1. ASonOfDan


    12:52 on


    12 April, 2013



    I thought the IPO was for 70p, they started trading on the first day at 74p.

  2. B.t.w., three new servers bought today. Oor Andrew in Belfast is on the case, should be introduced as part of the farm next week, all going well…..

  3. RogueLeader




    The other thing about the share issue was that a week or two prior, the PR spin totally changed and the MSM were being told that the likes of Fat Sally and the Cardigan were investing as ‘Fans’.



    I assume their shares were included in the £5 Million figure given for how much the fans bought.



    I think they were lucky to raise £3 Million from the zombies.

  4. Hypothesis time based on my understanding of the current situation as I have read here and elsewhere including Craig Whyte’s claim to have a share in Sevco5088. It’s also likely that as sole director of Sevco5088, Charles Green will also have a share in this company. The following is what I would lie to have done, had I been in a position to do what Green and Whyte have done:



    Step 1: Set up a company to purchase the assets of Rangers (Sevco 5088) and immediately set up a new company (Sevco Scotland) which is used as a front to purchase the assets from Sevco 5088 and claim this is the club so that gullible fans will invest in this company or in actual fact a third company set up to be a holding company (Rangers International FC Plc).



    Step 2: Release some snippets of information from your friend and business partner showing a connection and conduct your affairs in a way that fans turn against you.



    Step 3: Offer to stand aside and sell your shares in the new company. This could bring in a few million.



    Step 4: Encourage friend to sue Sevco Scotland for illegally procuring assets and have assets returned to Sevco 5088.



    Step 5: Sell assets of Sevco 5088 (i.e. ground, training complex) to the highest bidder and walk off into the sunset with a huge profit.




  5. weeminger



    Do we really care, they are tumbling like an Eastern European Circus Act anyway. lol!

  6. southside



    My names Charles Green and I am just letting you think you have first place…

  7. Scottish Cup Record v Dundee United





    04.02.1931 A W 3-2 Scarff 2, Napier 13,000



    22.01.1949 A L 3-4 Tully (29), J Gallacher 2 (56, 76) HT 1-2 25,000



    07.02.1970 H W 4-0 Hughes 2 (15, 43), Macari (58), Wallace (77) 45,000



    04.05.1974 FINAL HAMPDEN W 3-0 Hood (20), Murray (24), Deans (89) 75,959



    11.04.1981 SF HAMPDEN d 0-0 40,337



    15.04.1981 SFR HAMPDEN L 2-3 Nicholas 2 (5 pen, 44) HT 2-2 32,328



    18.05.1985 FINAL HAMPDEN W 2-1 Provan (76), McGarvey (84) HT 0-0 60,346



    14.05.1988 FINAL HAMPDEN W 2-1 McAvennie 2 (76, 90) HT 0-0 74,000



    11.02.1992 H W 2-1 Creaney (25), Coyne (84) HT 1-? 26,225



    10.03.1996 QF H W 2-1 Van Hooijdonk (88), Thom (89) HT 0-1 32,750



    08.03.1998 QF A W 3-2 Brattbakk (11), Wieghorst (55), OG (90) HT 1-1 12,640



    10.04.1999 SF IBROX W 2-0 Blinker (30), Viduka (39) 43,491



    15.04.2001 SF HAMPDEN W 3-1 Larsson 2 (32, 79 pen), McNamara (80) HT 1-0 38,699



    28.05.2005 FINAL HAMPDEN W 1-0 Thompson (11) 50,635



    11.03.2012 QF A W 4-0 Ledley (53), Samaras (71), Stokes (86), Brown (90 pen) 12,270




    P 15 W 12 D 1 L 2 F 36 A 16



    Win Rate :- 80%

  8. ASonOfDan


    12:59 on


    12 April, 2013



    Not really, but I do think it’s significant, because any non-fan that invested without really doing enough research is now sitting on a loss. As they start to see losses grow with no hope of return, they’ll pull out quicker and quicker.

  9. Speaking about dubious integrity….. has anyone thought of the excuse the SFA will come up with to overlook the link between Whyte and Green on Newco’s associate membership application?




    So they cannott come up with same old excuse again.



    Are the right people asking the right questions of the SFA behind the scenes on behalf of their fans?

  10. South Of Tunis on

    Rogue Leader .



    Promissory Notes .






    It is only a matter of time before someone suggests ——— See those Promissory Notes —- how do you fancy converting them to Long Term Bonds? —- they would be a great legacy for your great ,great grandchildren

  11. Scottish Referees.



    Neil Lennon could not have wished for a better endorsement for his comments on the calibre of Scottish refs, than the European performances of Messrs Collum and Thompson, on foreign soil.



    Millions watched their dreadful interpretation of the Laws of the Game.



    A couple of comments from those in the game, blame the level of football in the SPL for the incompetence.



    I don’t agree with that.



    By general agreement, the best refereeing performance seen at Celtic Park, in recent years, was by the Luxembourg ref brought in during the ” strike”.



    I believe that the reason for the poor standard of domestic refs is because they hide behind the old adage : a referee is always right, even when he’s wrong”.



    That, of course, is a misuse of the phrase, which merely means that the refs word is final, on the pitch.



    The protection given to refs by their superiors, means that they only have to perform in a manner that pleases them.



    This of course is the culture of one team supremacy.



    They have no incentive, either through professional pride or fear, to work at their game, without fear or favour.



    In short, their agenda doesn’t stretch as far as Europe, where they have their own agendas.






    The subsequent redress following Madden’s mistakes are an exception, due to extreme level of incompetence, which affected both teams.

  12. I’ve bought the rights to “First Place”…….I’m renaming it “The First Place” and I’m incubating…………it in last place till the right time comes…………

  13. So this Servconian tribute act are once again stacking up a list of unpaid bills !! Deary me who in their right mind would give credit to a Sevco 3 when this mob leave another trail of financial disaster added to the 276 the Huns previously avoided paying ! If the face painters oot there a would cancel the gig to make the FPLG look media friendly coz theyre going bust again !!! A wobbly 99 anyone oooofffffttt !

  14. Ol McDonald had a farm, ee aye ee aye oh.


    And on that farm he had some…. Servers?

  15. The Sun’s political editor, Tom Newton Dunn has stated Ding Dong The Witch Is Dead is a “hugely offensive song and it’s offensive that people are buying it.”



    Country on it’s knees and this is all the political editor of a majot paper has to comment on.




  16. winningemmell



    some great memories there. I can remember from the final in ’74 onwards. The stand-outs for me are the ’85 and ’88 cup finals for so many reasons.



    Neil should show the squad those games on Saturday night as they prepare for Hampden.

  17. The problem with our referees is their Bosses at home and in the corridors of UEFA


    Still thinking this is the 20th century and they can do whatever they like to help one club and damage another with impunity and it will be over looked.



  18. Hi winningemmell:),



    a DU fan I was working alongside was gutted at the draw. He said they have only beaten Celtic once in 14 attempts in all competitions at Hampden…does that sound right?




  19. pabloh_AKA_NEIL LENNON on

    ANOTHER excellent piece from big Phil today. Interesting that Mr Ahmed of Sevco paints a different picture. Who to believe…

  20. Topic: Scottish Cup Semi-Finals Record (Read 29 times)














    12/01/1889 Dumbarton Away W 4 – 1 Groves 2, Dunbar 2



    06/02/1892 Oldco Home W 5 – 3 Cunningham, McMahon, Brady 2, McCallum



    04/02/1893 St Bernard’s Home W 5 – 0 Blessington 2, McMahon 2, Madden



    03/02/1894 Third Lanark Away W 5 – 3 McMahon 3, Blessington, Cassidy



    11/03/1899 Port Glasgow Ath Home W 4 – 2 Bell 2, McMahon, Divers



    24/02/1900 Oldco Away D 2 – 2 Campbell, Bell



    R 10/03/1900 Oldco Home W 4 – 0 McMahon 2, Hodge, Bell



    23/03/1901 St Mirren Home W 1 – 0 Campbell



    22/03/1902 St Mirren Away W 3 – 2 Livingstone, Campbell, McDermott



    19/03/1904 Third Lanark Home W 2 – 1 Muir, Quinn



    25/03/1905 Oldco Home L 0 – 2



    30/03/1907 Hibernian Home D 0 – 0



    R 06/04/1907 Hibernian Away D 0 – 0



    R2 13/04/1907 Hibernian Home W 3 – 0 Quinn, Somers, McMenemy



    21/03/1908 Aberdeen Away W 1 – 0 McMenemy



    20/03/1909 Clyde Home D 0 – 0



    R 27/03/1909 Clyde Home (!) W 2 – 0 Quinn, OG



    12/03/1910 Clyde Away L 1-3 Kivlichan



    11/03/1911 Aberdeen Home W 1 – 0 Quinn



    30/03/1912 Hearts Ibrox W 3 – 0 McMenemy 2, Brown



    28/03/1914 Third Lanark Ibrox W 2 – 0 McAtee, Owers



    10/03/1923 Motherwell Ibrox W 2 – 0 Cassidy, McAtee



    21/03/1925 Oldco Hampden W 5 – 0 McGrory 2, McLean 2, Thomson



    20/03/1926 Aberdeen Tynecastle W 2 – 1 McInally, McGrory



    26/03/1927 Falkirk Ibrox W 1 – 0 McLean



    24/03/1928 Queens Park Ibrox W 2 – 1 McLean, McGrory



    23/03/1929 Kilmarnock Ibrox L 0 – 1



    14/03/1931 Kilmarnock Hampden W 3 – 0 Napier, Hughes, McGrory



    18/03/1933 Hearts Neutral D 0 – 0



    R 22/03/1933 Hearts Neutral W 2 – 1 McGrory, A Thomson



    03/04/1937 Clyde Ibrox W 2 – 0 McGrory, OG



    27/03/1948 Morton Ibrox L 0 – 1



    31/03/1951 Raith Rovers Hampden W 3 – 2 J Weir, McPhail, Tully



    27/03/1954 Motherwell Hampden D 2 – 2 Mochan, Fallon



    R 05/04/1954 Motherwell Hampden W 3 – 1 OG, Fernie, Mochan



    26/03/1955 Airdrie Hampden D 2 – 2 Fernie, Walsh



    R 04/04/1955 Airdrie Hampen W 2 – 0 McPhail 2



    24/03/1956 Clyde Hampden W 2 – 1 Sharkey, Haughney (pen)



    23/03/1957 Kilmarnock Hampden D 1 – 1 Higgins



    R 27/03/1957 Kilmarnock Hampden L 1 – 3 Collins



    04/04/1959 St Mirren Hampden L 0 – 4



    02/04/1960 Oldco Hampden D 1 – 1 Chalmers



    R 06/04/1960 Oldco Hampden L 1 – 4 Mochan



    01/04/1961 Airdrie Hampden W 4 – 0 Hughes 2, Chalmers, Fernie



    31/03/1962 St Mirren Ibrox L 1 – 3 Byrne



    13/04/1963 Raith Rovers Ibrox W 5 – 2 Divers, McKay 2, Chalmers, Brogan



    27/03/1965 Motherwell Hampden D 2 – 2 Lennox, Auld (pen)


    R 31/03/1965 Motherwell Hampden W 3 – 0 Chalmers, Hughes, Lennox



    26/03/1966 Dunfermline Ibrox W 2 – 0 Auld, Chalmers



    01/04/1967 Clyde Hampden D 0 – 0



    R 05/04/1967 Clyde Hampden W 2-0 Lennox, Auld



    22/03/1969 Morton Hampden W 4 – 1 Wallace, McNeill, Chalmers, Johnstone



    14/03/1970 Dundee Hampden W 2 – 1 Macari, Lennox



    03/04/1971 Airdrie Hampden D 3 – 3 Hood 2, Johnstone



    R 07/04/1971 Airdrie Hampden W 2 – 0 Johnstone, Hood



    12/04/1972 Kilmarnock Hampden W 3 – 1 Deans 2 , Macari



    07/04/1973 Dundee Hampden D 0 – 0



    R 11/04/1973 Dundee Hampden W 3 – 0 AET Johnstone 2, Dalglish



    03/04/1974 Dundee Hampden W 1 – 0 Johnstone



    02/04/1975 Dundee Hampden W 1 -0 Glavin



    06/04/1977 Dundee Hampden W 2 – 0 Craig 2



    12/04/1980 Hibernian Hampden W 5 – 0 Lennox, Provan, Doyle, MacLeod, McAdam



    11/04/1981 Dundee United Hampden D 0 – 0



    R 15/04/1981 Dundee United Hampden L 2 – 3 Nicholas 2 (1 pen)



    16/04/1983 Aberdeen Hampden L 0-1



    14/04/1984 St Mirren Hampden W 2 – 1 McClair, P McStay



    13/04/1985 Motherwell Hampden D 1 – 1 Burns



    R 17/04/1985 Motherwell Hampden W 3 – 0 Aitken, Johnston 2



    09/04/1988 Hearts Hampden W 2 – 1 McGhee, Walker



    16/04/1989 Hibernian Hampden W 3 – 1 McCarthy, McGhee, Walker



    14/04/1990 Clydebank Hampden W 2 – 0 Walker 2



    03/04/1991 Motherwell Hampden D 0 – 0



    R 09/04/91 Motherwell Hampden L 2 – 4 Rogan, OG



    31/03/1992 Oldco Hampden L 0-1



    07/04/1995 Hibernian Ibrox D 0 – 0



    R 11/04/1995 Hibernian Ibrox W 3 – 1 Collins, Falconer, O’Donnell



    07/04/1996 Oldco Hampden L 1 – 2 Van Hooijdonk



    12/04/1997 Falkirk Ibrox D 1 – 1 Johnson



    R 23/04/1997 Falkirk Ibrox L 0-1



    05/04/1998 Oldco Home L 1 – 2 Burley



    10/04/1999 Dundee United Ibrox W 2-0 Blinker, Viduka



    15/04/2001 Dundee United Hampden W 3 -0 Larsson 2 (1 pen), McNamara



    23/03/2002 Ayr United Hampden W 3 – 0 Larsson, Thompson 2



    11/04/2004 Livingston Hampden W 3 – 1 Sutton 2, Larsson



    10/04/2005 Hearts Hampden W 2 – 1 Sutton, Bellamy



    14/04//2007 St Johnstone Hampden W 2 – 1 Vennegoor of Hesselink 2



    10/04/2010 Ross County Hampden L 0 – 2



    17/04/2011 Aberdeen Hampden W 4-0 Mulgrew, Ledley, Commons, Maloney



    15/04/2012 Hearts Hampden L 1-2 Hooper




    From 71 Semi-Finals Celtic have progressed on 54 occasions, a 76% success rate, great stuff !!

  21. So as part of the reconstruction plans 22 games in the SPL + SFL will have to be completed by each club by Jan 7th for this new system to work?



    Good luck with that. I can see this developing into a total shambles.

  22. I’m thethomthetim and my friends at the SFA have just granted me 1st. Roon ye’s. I’m pure minted by the way.

  23. South Of Tunis on

    thomthetim @ 13 08.



    ” Millions watched their dreadful interpretation of the Laws of the Game ”



    An Italian pundit said this re Dortmund’s winner —— [ I paraphrase ]



    You allow that if you don’t have a clue re the offside rule .-or –



    You allow that if you were not watching it -or –



    You allow that if you have a profound visual impairment —-or .



    You allow that if you are working to an agenda

  24. How dare Phil refer to Our Hero as ‘dastardly’! He’s ‘loathsome’ according to jingle who, btw, has taped chuckles saying he was first.

  25. Dontbrattbakkinanger on

    The official enquiry will decide that while it was wrong to grant Sevco an operating license for season 2012-3, they did not gain any competitive advantage.

  26. SEEN ON TSFM :))



    We are approaching the end game


    To control the end game RIFC need a Board with 100% Spivs


    So they need to dump Murray Cardigan and McCoist .They cannot afford to have them around Ibrox while they are winding up the business


    The terms under which Green is removed may be the issue on which Murray and Green resign

  27. winningemmell



    Was at many of the games v United in the cup with the finals of 85 & 88 being particularly cherished memories. The semi final of 99 was at Ibrox and featured a rare brilliant display by Regi Blinker. It was also, I think, the last semi we played at 3pm on a Saturday. I think this Sunday our team’s attitude has to be spot on – something it manifestly wasn’t in all but three of our last 9 visits to the Den of Hamp.



    The above paragraph is full of cliches- am I Keech Jackson?





  28. Is it too late to nominate Craigy ‘Bhoy’ Whyte for Celtic player of the year and Chuckles Green for the seasons best OG?

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