Corporative governance, dubious integrity, who else could it be?


Charles Green’s media team did well a week ago today.  The Sun had an extremely damaging story on Green but demoted it to page six while dedicating its front page to the man himself, but the consequences of the story remain.

The Daily Record, who today confirms they are being fed stories by Ally McCoist, also reveal that The Rangers International board’s chairman, Malcolm Murray, is one vote short of being able to sack chief exec Green.  Adding, without a hint of irony, “once again, it falls on this newspaper to inform the fans of what is really going on”.

Sacking Green should be fairly straightforward but while this will remove one pantomime act from the stage, the corporate governance issues remain.  While he is in charge at least Green is available to assist the club prepare against charges by Craig Whyte that it inappropriately acquired* assets belonging to his company [“You are Sevco”: (Green)], Sevco 5088 Ltd.

If the chairman fails to sack the chief exec and fellow directors, Brian Stockbridge and Imran Ahmed, at next week’s board meeting, several non-executive directors might find it difficult to continue to pick up wages for providing oversight on behalf of stakeholders to ensure the club’s business was conducted appropriately.

Fortunately for Green he retains the support of his fellow collaborators, although his enablers in the media and support are diminishing by the day (bless all their sterling work).  Green will go when it suits Green to go, most probably when he has found a suitable proxy to ensure his interests on the board are protected (as Whyte believed he had a year ago).  This is likely to happen when he wants season ticket renewal money in.  He’ll drift away, “true Rangers men” will front things for a while, but pantomime isn’t over.  The serious corporate governance questions overhanging the club right now grow by the day.

I wonder if journo who moved to Ibrox as he couldn’t stomach the dubious integrity of the media industry (Green’s former chief-enabler) has the front to come out batting for Green. Or is he too scared?

Speaking about dubious integrity….. has anyone thought of the excuse the SFA will come up with to overlook the link between Whyte and Green on Newco’s associate membership application? I expect they will appoint Mr Bryson to head up an inquiry which will find, “There was a link but as we didn’t know about the link at the time we cannot take any action”.

* Tried really hard here to think of a less pejorative word or phrase than the one which initially sprung to mind.
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  1. Dontbrattbakkinanger on

    Ole SofTunis anecdote further proof that it’s a thin line between love and hake.

  2. squire danaher on

    Paul67 hits the nail on the head



    No matter how this staggers towards its climax, the High Court of Appeal in football terms – ie the SFA – will adopt the Bryson doctrine



    We didn’t know about it at the time so move along

  3. DBBIA



    This Saturday for Sevco v Clyde game there is a special ‘Easter themed’ event in the ‘family section’.



    Making the bold assumption that this won’t be Easter Rising themed, is this just a way to get rid of a lot of cheap Easter eggs?



    “….and it is written that at the third attempt sevco finally gave up trying to rise from the dead”

  4. South Of Tunis on

    Celtic First .



    The flounder ended up on the ground [ like the casual.]



    The other casuals quickly left ..



    Gangster man advised me to leave before the polis arrived .



    I never met my mate . I didn’t go to the game . I was freaked out for days..

  5. I am assuming that the original Ding,Dong! song celebrated the death of an old woman who had done many things in her life which led to such a response and that the song, then, did not evoke a torrent of criticism. Yes? Why is it receiving such a response now?




  6. Picture on the go on Twitter of Di Casio in a Lazio bar doing fascist salute alongside a few of their thugs.

  7. 1985 final.



    My first cup final. In the family section with my old man. When we got the free kick I said to my dad to hold me as I was sitting on the barrier and always got scared when we scored due to the bedlam that usually followed. I was only 7.


    He tells the story to this day when someone menntions Davie Provan’s goal. He held me but not that tightly but I was thrown up ion the air when that free kick hit the back of the net. What a goal to witness in your first cup final. The rubber mans goal was equally impressive in the 100th Scottish Cup Final. Another special accolade Celtic added to their impressive list of big game winners.



    1988 cup final.



    My cousin is a fiercly superstitious character and at the 1988 cup final wore his denim jacket which he had worn to all previous rounds. Anyone who was there that day would know that it was difficult to keep your shirt on your back such was the heat never mind a denim jacket. I will never forget that final. The sight of the Celtic support in the sun is something that will stay with me forever. It was a glorious day. Whenever I hear the song Hampden in the sun that is the image that flashes into my mind. The uncovered ends of Hampden in green and white! Thatcher didn’t ruin the day. Kevin Gallacher nearly did though. The 80’s version of Steven Fletcher. How did that Bhoy sllip over the border without being signed up?



    1989 final



    Just dropped this one in because the Wizard of Oz has been topical this week.


    We were departing the Hampden area in the motor when we got stuck at a set of traffic lights. Can’t remember exactly where we were but I think it was near Shawlands. I was only 11. The tape we had played the whole season popped out of the tape player in the motor and anyone who had the type of motor my old man had then would know that to hear a tape at a decent volume you had to turn it up very loud. When the radio came back on it was blaring.


    We had listened to Radio Scotland on the way to the game to get the team news so that’s what it went onto. For some unknown reason they were playing a song from the film.



    Some knuckle dragger was departing his local Fish and Chicken bar. He had half a bit of chicken in his mouth whilst hurling abuse at our car. Couldn’t really make out what he was saying but it wasn’t well done on the cup win. Just at the moment he went into another tirade the tape popped out and We’re off to see the wizard came blaring out the radio. With the windows down everyone in the motor belted it out and the knuckle dragger lost the plot completely and threw his chicken at the car missing by miles as the lights changed and we sped off. It is one of the funniest things I have ever seen and I always smile to myself when I hear that song.



    Anyway that’s my Friday nostalgia out the way. I Love the Scottish Cup. Pity the stadium ruins the whole spectacle these days. I would gladly get wet when it rained to have the old Hampden back!




  8. Doctor Whatfor on

    Since Valentine’s day last year 2 more ice cream parlours have opened up in Hillhead. For the life of me I can’t see where the demand is coming from.

  9. Who were the Celtic casuals?



    Who were those guys? Where did they spring up from, where did they go?

  10. South Of Tunis on

    jimbo 67 .



    A flounder ..



    The incident really frazzled me . I can still see the look on the other casuals faces as they came to terms with the consequences of antagonizing a real thing nutter.

  11. ….S O Tunis………….



    I take it at that point you decided to get yer Skates on………

  12. Paul67 et al



    I am glad that the draw for the Champions League semi-final was a genuine one, in that it wasn’t part of the quarter-final draw.



    Barcelona versus Bayern Munich


    Real Madrid versus Borussia Dortmund



    Bone fide Champions all four teams, with the possibility of El Classico being played out at Wembley on May 25. And on the 150th anniversary of the FA! Eat your heart out epl.


    Davie Cooper was not a hun. Laudrup was not a hun. Many more were not huns. A hun is a hun though. Alex Macdonald was a hun. Sally is a hun. Hately is a hun. The cardigan is a hun. I use these examples to illustrate the point that being a hun is a question of your own psyche. The real joy is that they have never enjoyed


    winning titles or cups, vis a vis Barcelona in 72 or


    AMADEUS 2.08.cooper would not wear a green vest at clydebank in training for skins versus vests.so there you can take that to the bank.an out and out bigot.!!

  14. Celtic_First



    Read John O’Kanes book. Celtic Soccer Crew. A very honest account on the pro’s and cons of football hooligans. He exaplins biggest fight they ever had was with the Celtic fans. No time for football casuals. They were trying to protect them from better organised thugs in Aberdeen and Edinburgh. It’s worth a read if you were around the games in the 80’s and early 90’s.


    It doesn’t make you want to be one put it that way.







    I was always told that Davie Cooper refused to play with Judas at Ibrox and wanted out as soon as he arrived.




  16. doctor whatfor



    14:22 on 12 April, 2013


    Since Valentine’s day last year 2 more ice cream parlours have opened up in Hillhead. For the life of me I can’t see where the demand is coming from.





    I reckon at least one will flounder in Hillhead.

  17. Doctor Whatfor on

    Favourite Uncle 14.27



    I knew Davie Cooper personally. A rather quiet and quite a civil man. He was, however, a completely unreconstructed and bitter bigot.

  18. South of Tunis



    I can well believe it did- there is part of me that smiles at the thought of one of those mouthy a…holes getting a tanking but I’d have felt the same if I’d been there.




  19. roy croppie



    14:17 on 12 April, 2013


    That’s Hillhead for you… you wouldn’t get a battered flounder in the east-end.



    Only hard fish in the east end like the Codfather…



    I’ll get my coat of breadcrumbs





    What fish to you get in Pollok.

  20. ok, favourite uncle,


    Cooper was a hun, he just seemed to me to be too classy to be a hun. Maybe he was just too think to know better.


    Aint that the word, though “class”?

  21. Cooper was a hun of the highest order. Was this not the same hun who refused to play/train/speak with the petite merde when he signed for deadco as he was an RC and was shown the door at the asbestosdome shortly after.


    Also my cousin who played new him well and had a few arguments about coopers choice of songs on a night out.




  22. Doctor Whatfor on

    Googybhoy 14.33



    Was going to say something about jellyfish and ice cream but it sounded better in my head than when I heard myself say it.

  23. Joe Filippis Haircut on

    I have been told by a good source who works at Paradise big Victor wont be signing a new contract he wants a move to the Premier League. I thought it was to good to be true im very disappointed.H.H.

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