Corporative governance, dubious integrity, who else could it be?


Charles Green’s media team did well a week ago today.  The Sun had an extremely damaging story on Green but demoted it to page six while dedicating its front page to the man himself, but the consequences of the story remain.

The Daily Record, who today confirms they are being fed stories by Ally McCoist, also reveal that The Rangers International board’s chairman, Malcolm Murray, is one vote short of being able to sack chief exec Green.  Adding, without a hint of irony, “once again, it falls on this newspaper to inform the fans of what is really going on”.

Sacking Green should be fairly straightforward but while this will remove one pantomime act from the stage, the corporate governance issues remain.  While he is in charge at least Green is available to assist the club prepare against charges by Craig Whyte that it inappropriately acquired* assets belonging to his company [“You are Sevco”: (Green)], Sevco 5088 Ltd.

If the chairman fails to sack the chief exec and fellow directors, Brian Stockbridge and Imran Ahmed, at next week’s board meeting, several non-executive directors might find it difficult to continue to pick up wages for providing oversight on behalf of stakeholders to ensure the club’s business was conducted appropriately.

Fortunately for Green he retains the support of his fellow collaborators, although his enablers in the media and support are diminishing by the day (bless all their sterling work).  Green will go when it suits Green to go, most probably when he has found a suitable proxy to ensure his interests on the board are protected (as Whyte believed he had a year ago).  This is likely to happen when he wants season ticket renewal money in.  He’ll drift away, “true Rangers men” will front things for a while, but pantomime isn’t over.  The serious corporate governance questions overhanging the club right now grow by the day.

I wonder if journo who moved to Ibrox as he couldn’t stomach the dubious integrity of the media industry (Green’s former chief-enabler) has the front to come out batting for Green. Or is he too scared?

Speaking about dubious integrity….. has anyone thought of the excuse the SFA will come up with to overlook the link between Whyte and Green on Newco’s associate membership application? I expect they will appoint Mr Bryson to head up an inquiry which will find, “There was a link but as we didn’t know about the link at the time we cannot take any action”.

* Tried really hard here to think of a less pejorative word or phrase than the one which initially sprung to mind.
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  1. Celtic Underground ‏@celticrumours 22m Blackmail for dummies – give someone £137,500 after they ask for it. Then blackmail them for money. Then refuse to take the money.

  2. Starry plough



    your correct, distance lends enchantment to the mind, but I’m afraid that your a dick your a dick, dead or alive.

  3. Cooper and Nicholl did not like Johnston because he had shown a lack of dignity by treating Celtic so badly?

  4. Awe_Naw_No_Annoni_Oan_Anaw_Noo on

    I never said he was ill. Stupidity is not an illness. Its a hun thang.




  5. Bouncy bouncy bouncy bouncy


    What a joke


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    What a joke

  6. An old post from the original Corsica of RTC(sadly no longer with us)



    TDFB says:



    Friday, April 12, 2013 at 15:19












    Remember this



    corsica says:


    20/07/2012 at 11:07 pm



    Well that’s that, I have now officially retired and all thanks to this blog! Right, enough moping…



    Wee question for you all: what do Charles Green, Craig Whyte, Dave King and Andrew Ellis all have in common?


    That’s right they all own property and have investments in the Republic of South Africa. What a coincidence, eh?



    What’s that I hear? You would like another coincidence? Well, okay, how about they have all at various times


    threatened to sue each other and other players in this farce but curiously not a single writ has been delivered.


    Ask your uncle Max (Clifford) about that little deflection trick…



    Another coincidence? How about they were all in Switzerland this week?



    As my grandson’s favourite comedian would say “what are the chances of that?”

  7. Stand up


    If sally hasn’t a clue what’s going on


    Stand up


    If sally hasn’t a clue what’s going on


    Stand up


    If sally hasn’t a clue what’s going on

  8. Starry, I’m with you on this. We’re selective about which dead persons we supposedly can and can’t speak ill of. I’m thinking of a certain dead German who I can’t name for fear of a Godwin’s.

  9. Big Pierres 2 front teeth on

    Thought i’d post my reply from MSP Drew Smith to email sent through Celtic trust site as it’s probably the most detailed i’ve received so far:




    Thank you for your recent e-mail raising your concerns about police tactics towards a group of Celtic supporters gathered in the Gallowgate on Saturday 16 March.



    I was aware of the event and I have also been contacted by others making similar points. Along with other Scottish Labour Party colleagues, I raised this issue in Parliament directly with SNP Ministers last month. You can read a copy of what was said in the Official Report, online here: http://www.scottish.parliament.uk/parliamentarybusiness/28862.aspx?r=7842&mode=html#iob_71439. As you will note from the Official Report, the Cabinet Secretary for Justice, Kenny MacAskill, did not believe that the incident was serious enough to warrant his further inquiry.



    Many concerns have also been raised more generally about the Offensive Behaviour at Football and Threatening Communications (Scotland) Act 2012, which the SNP Government brought forward shortly after the 2011 election. At the time, Scottish Labour opposed the Scottish Government’s proposals vigorously. We warned that it risked damaging the positive relationships with fans that the police need if they are to deal with violent and threatening behaviour associated with football while keeping genuine supporters onside. These concerns were not of course confined to Labour MSPs: football fans, religious organisations, anti-sectarianism charities, children’s charities, the Law Society and the Human Rights Commission all highlighted problems with the SNP’s proposals.



    I am concerned that the law has created confusion, when what is actually needed on this issue is clarity about what constitutes an offence, and what enforcement measures are necessary and appropriate. This latest incident appears to confirm our fears, that the law as it now stands hinders rather than helps the policing of football. I therefore support calls which are being made by Scottish Labour colleagues that the Act should be subject to review under the procedures for post-legislative scrutiny at Holyrood. I very much hope that the SNP will listen to this request.



    Thank you once again for contacting me about this issue, if you have not already contacted your constituency MSP I would also encourage you to do so.



    Kind regards



    Drew Smith MSP

  10. @ScottishFA running with #RoadToHampden hashtag. Why not hijack it and make your feelings known?

  11. Blackmail!



    Spat my water all over the screen when I read that. This farce gets better and better.

  12. When I heard the bbc say last night they would not ban ding ding ,I thought Aye right till the govt suits land on your doorstep in the morning.

  13. Happy talk, keep talkin’ happy talk,


    Talk about things you’d like to do.


    You got to have a dream,


    If you don’t have a dream,


    How you gonna have a dream come true?




    CW and CG that’s how

  14. O.G. Rafferty



    If videotapes are in play then the blind bat will be of no use.



    Monty Python CSC

  15. As a life long Irish Republican and a friend of the McCreesh Family whose son Ray died on HS, I do not in anyway shaped or form support the gloating and parties associated with Thatcher’s death.



    The people who attended the street parties had no class. They let themselves down and behaved in a rather vile way.

  16. An example of zombie stupidity.



    Sevco shares sitting at £0.65. A zombie has just stepped in and bought 29, yes 29 @ £0.70. lol!

  17. !!Bada Bing!! on

    I posted the story about Cooper and Nichol a while back,i was told it by a hun who played at Poundland around that time.

  18. Rieperman 15.54 maybe the Bank were in fear of the ‘orange’ pound or is it the ‘armageddon’ penny,cant quite make my mind up ha.



    Seriously tho 2 differing objectives.Bank -to recover their debt as opposed to Minty who as Chairman he was supposed to be stewarding them as a going concern,instead he chose to vote for the banks objectives. then sell for £1.The outcome as we know is only one party reached that objective. The Bank got 100 pence in the pound.They died

  19. Mad Vlad has had all his assets, including hearts frozen.



    What are the property prices in Edinburgh like just now?

  20. By my reckoning. , the bold Challs has lost £250k with the share price drop . Down 5p to 65.5 (or 7%) making it the second biggest (downward ) mover of the day – another record ?



    Bmcuw, ht, ttt , I know where there’s a wee soirée on 27th that you’d be more than welcome to ……



    Yep , it’s the 3rd annual Kano Foundation Dinner featuring fine things Tim . Tix £25 available from all good cqn’rs called sannabhoy or kingoh .



    Alternatively. , contactus@thekanofoundation.com

  21. An Dun



    Your choice. But this woman did not give one second’s thought to the lives that her economic policies destroyed. She had no compassion why should others be forced to show it to her and her family.



    Many lives, families, communities ruined under their economic policies which she was at the head of. I did not attend any parties but to not smile at this woman’s passing you’d need to have a heart of stone.



    Ding Dong!

  22. Leftclick keep up the good work with corsica.great posts



    Leftclick/BMCUW ta for Ben Nevis info



    Leftclick i think Challs ‘fasteye’ will have plenty of competition as more comes out haha

  23. Do you know the other Walter Smith?


    Taken from Leggoland tonight. (CQN slow today, thought I’d lurk)



    “Now non executive director Smith, who staked his impeccable reputation for honestly, probity and integrity by joining the board after countless pleas from Green.



    Who is the Walter Smith he is talking about.



    P.S. “honestly” is cut and paste from a Churnalist, not due to my bad keyboard skills.




  24. Rangers chief executive Charles Green faces a grilling by the club’s board in the wake of comments and allegations surrounding him over the last week.



    The Ibrox board will meet prior to the Third Division match against Clyde.



    Green has apologised for a remark about fellow director Imran Ahmad that has led to a Scottish FA investigation.



    Former owner Craig Whyte has also alleged close links with the pair during their consortium’s purchase of the Ibrox club’s assets last year.



    BBC Scotland has learned that Green and Ahmad are compiling a dossier, which could be handed to the police as early as next week, with a view to making an allegation of blackmail against Whyte and his business partner, Aiden Earley.



    That coincided with Rangers Supporters’ Trust issuing a statement urging Green and Ahmad to take legal action against Whyte.



    It has also asked the board to clarify Green’s position as chief executive in light of the recent controversy.



    On the charge of racism against Ahmad, one of the largest institutional shareholders in the Ibrox club told BBC Scotland it was “confident that the board and their advisers are looking into these matters and we’re looking forward to hearing their views”.



    Despite Green apologising for any offence caused by his remark about Mr Ahmad, the SFA citing the chief executive for comments “of an offensive and racist nature”.



    Now the chief executive faces being questioned by his boardroom colleagues not only about the SFA’s allegation of bringing the game into disrepute but over the claims about his links with Whyte.



    Rangers went into administration during Whyte’s tenure and police this week carried out a series of raids relating to the Scottish businessman’s purchase of the club from Sir David Murray.



    However, Whyte last week gave BBC Scotland documents, text messages and secret recordings to back his claim that he still owns Rangers’ assets and that Green had agreed to be his front man.



    Green responded by revealing that Whyte had deposited £137,000 in a Rangers account and would not take the money back.



    The chief executive insisted he had no financial tie-in with Whyte, but the claims led the SFA to write to Green asking for clarification about his dealings with the former owner.



    The governing body ruled last year that Whyte is unfit to be involved in the running of a football club.



    In a statement, the supporters’ trust said the board had “the competency and authority to deal with the matters surrounding Mr Green’s recent performance”.



    “Our club needs clarity over two major issues: the future of Charles Green and the ongoing claims of Craig Whyte,” it added.



    “The proper places for these two to be handled are, respectively, the Ibrox boardroom and a court of law.



    “With regard to Mr Whyte’s claims, the board can question the directors and employees concerned in a confidential manner.



    “His allegations appear so outrageous and injurious to the club that only a court appearance will force him to provide conclusive evidence of his claims.



    “As he is alleging collusion between himself, Mr Green and Mr Ahmad, we believe that the situation now requires judicial examination and recommend that Mr Green and Mr Ahmad instigate legal proceedings against Craig Whyte without delay.”

  25. 67Heaven ... I am Neil Lennon..!!.. Ibrox belongs to the creditors on

    micky dee



    15:50 on 12 April, 2013



    All clear, in my book….LOL