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No one in football likes losing.  When it happens, no one likes accepting the reality that they will lose again.  That’s football.  You and I didn’t want to lose the league in 2021.  Celtic were able to do something about it – within safe margins of risk and the law – and spent money to arrest the situation.

But what if safe margins of risk are not sufficient?  Do you jeopardise the club, sail close to the wind legally, lean on the government and police to get what you want?  We saw what happened when there was a power struggle at Newco, the police instigated what was eventually established as wrongful prosecutions, costing the taxpayer over £50m and counting.  We still see the blind eye the Scottish Government is turning to this scandal.

In Italy, the poster child of maleficence is at it again.  Juventus, who were relegated for match fixing in 2006, are back in trouble.  Their board resigned last night with questions hanging over the club’s recent financial statements.

The Turin club won nine league titles in a row before losing out in 2021 (I know!).  Instead of taking their medicine, they employed accounting practices which led to yesterday’s resignations.  Whatever plans were put in place failed.  Finances were already disastrous, the club made a loss of €254m last season, a figure that seems likely to be revised up.

Juventus are owned by the Agnelli family.  Andrea Agnelli, who was chairman until yesterday, is the great grandson of Gianni Agnelli, founder of Fiat.  His grandfather Edoardo bought the club in 1923 and made it one of Italy and Europe’s most successful.  The family have been remarkably successful in industrial, commercial and political life in Italy.  There is a great Sky documentary film on Gianni, “Agnelli”, worth catching.

Those of us who like our sport clean will celebrate yesterday’s news.  We must always be on our guard against the corrupt, who twist and bend the laws.

Speaking of the law, as we predicted earlier, Sydney Super Cup promoters, TEG Live and Left Field Live, have filed papers against Newco for £1.6m compensation for their withdrawal from the competition.  Newco, upset and humiliated that Celtic’s commercial team negotiated a package around twice as high as theirs, withdrew under fan pressure.  This not only denied them a nice payday, but they will also have to face down a fresh legal challenge, so soon after settling with Sports Direct and with Elite Group administrators on their case.

Newco’s termination apparently cited the lack of the phrase “Old Firm” in promotions for a game against Celtic.  Celtic and Newco jointly own commercial rights to the phrase, an agreement Celtic came to in order to give us a veto on its use.  Celtic, as they always do, vetoed any use of the term.  “Own it and kill it”, is the strategy.

You will still find some people who try to mislead fans that Celtic’s co-ownership here demonstrates the club’s affinity for the term.  Know who you are dealing with whenever you read this.

Maybe pick up on Newco’s new manager “Mick” tomorrow.  They could have done worse, not that we should be worried.

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  1. Agree Paul; I don’t think the Bealer is the dud that many proclaim him to be, despite his QPR venture. Credited as the guy behind the system behind the huns stopping our quest for the 10.


    Entertaining tho, to keep an eye on how they’ll struggle to make silk purses out of ageing sow’s lugs.



    Your ‘heid-the-ba’ minimisation story made the Aussie news here today Paul; Scotland lauded for its initiative.




    Just back in from watching the ‘She Said’ movie: The book was much more engaging and heart-wrenching.

  2. garygillespieshamstring on

    Hairlikespaghetti from last thread



    Cracking story about your rugby trip.


    Just saw it now while reading back.

  3. The first team coach who helped deliver 1 trophy in 9. Overseen 2 successive post winter break collapses and never quite managed to make Fredo look like a professional athlete. All this while the huns were actually spending money.



    He’ll won’t last as long as GVB.




    It takes a real man to admit he was wrong. What sort of man refuses to accept he was wrong and attempts to change history in the process?



    Algeria, Comoros, Djibouti, Egypt, Libya, Mauritania, Morocco, Somalia, Sudan & Tunisia are all in the continent of Africa.



    They are also Arab countries.



    Yes, if Morocco were to win the World Cup they would be the first African nation to do so. They would also be the first Arab country to win it.



    The Arab League of Nations is a group of countries separated geographically. Nobody claims them to be part of one geographic region.

  5. There are certain Clubs where cheating is in the make up of the Club DNA. Juve are one of them.



    I don’t understand what enjoyment or pride can be derived from sporting achievements delivered via cheating.



    Had we issued side contracts and didn’t register players correctly as part of a systematic illegal tax avoidance scheme, I genuinely wouldn’t want the titles.



    Clubs like these cheats deserve everything that comes their way and then some.



    What would be the less palatable to them, a Mick or a Sean?




    Or someone called “PADDY” ?


    That Hun Mob would be jumpin oot their Windeas…yet again.



  7. We will soon find out if MICK BEALE is the ” Fitba GURU” that some would have us believe ?


    IF Beale ( like GVB), is NOT given Money by the Hun Board, and he wins nothing this season, with Celtic STORMING AHEAD etc, what hope would the huns have in securing a TOP Name Manager, IF they Sacked Beale ?


    Likewise, IF the Hun Board DO give Beale Millions to spend, and he FAILS to stop Celtic by the middle of NEXT Season, the Hun support will want to chase him also ?




  8. bournesouprecipe on

    So you, had £3M for the Ange’s homecoming trip



    You’ve just lost £4.6M



    Thank you very much give them a round of applause CSC

  9. We would be advised to keep our powder dry and not be draw into the Mick Beale circus.



    He will sink or swim by results and while there is often a new Manager bounce, it will be only temporary.



    We should concentrate on our own issues, SFA referees, use of VAR and others. This World Cup has demonstrated the quality of Referees and a similar superior use of VAR. The question of Timekeeping is also exposed.



    Will our club be asking SFA to Ensure that our Referees apply the same standards of excellence in injury time, Referee decisions’ and the use of VAR.?



    It is a big challenge for our club certainly more than a new manager at Sevco

  10. Of course the ‘Old Firm’ brand, owned previously by Celtic FC and Rangers FC (as was) was reassigned (ownership of) to Celtic FC and Sevco Scotland Ltd on 14 June 2012. Sevco not Newco. The present day ownership of said brand derives from that date. It applies to some forty plus types of business. The purpose was to both preserve and protect the brand, owned jointly. Pour encourager les autres. N’est-ce pas?



    Not to be confused with my own personal brand


    OldFirm “R” Us

  11. Beale has a big rebuild on his hands, probably half a team, not a full team as Ange had to do, as Sevco have players out injured who have to come back.


    I cant see him taking the job unless he has been given some assurance about what he has to spend, although I think he was on the way out at QPR due to results and the Sevco offer was convenient.


    I know football can be very unpredictable at times, but if this new ambitious Peter Lawwell free Celtic continue on the Ange philosophy and how he wants to implement it then the chance of Beale getting close to him is remote.



    Big Jimmy














    I hope it’s multi storeys when they jump.




    A few years ago I was offered a Flat in a High Rise….18 FLOORS UP…


    I DECLINED the offer, when I found it that I would have to take MY TURN at Washing the STAIRS !




    HH Mate.

  13. No matter who The Darnel appoint .


    The appointee will fail if he isn’t adequately funded.





    Only Sevco could turn a lucrative ‘friendly’ into a financial disaster




    😂 They probably also pissed off their aussie support.




    Around the time that the dead team’s honours were somehow ‘transferred’ to a new club.

  16. BSR



    Ecuador v Senegal has the best potential for excitement. Only one of them can progress.



    The South Americans just need a draw.

  17. CELTIC MAC on 29TH NOVEMBER 2022 11:39 AM



    Agreed ( I think ! It is a while since I read the post and I can`t remember what I am agreeing with !!!).

  18. I cannot rememner when I stopped going to FarmFoods or stopped watching Question of Sport . Must have been a connection.

  19. lets all do the huddle on

    lovin the senegal manager



    grey hoodie, dreadlocks and a baseball cap



    against a manager with an expensive suit on



    cool as you like

  20. HUDDLE



    HUN manager and many team managers wear suit, shirt, collar and tie on sideline. Why ?



    Huns just want to portray their Masonic/Orange Order/SFA/bowling club followers.



    Ange is a breath of fresh air. Wooly jumper?

  21. lets all do the huddle on




    HUN manager and many team managers wear suit, shirt, collar and tie on sideline. Why ?





    it goes better with the brown brogues 😄

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