Cost to acquire Ibrox likely to be high


Directors and shareholders in limited companies cannot be pursued by creditors under normal circumstances but special provisions exist for ordinary creditors and the tax authorities to pursue officers in a company if their behaviour transgresses acceptable standards.

The Social Security Administration Act 1992 allows HMRC to issue Personal Liability Notices to officers in a company for the recovery of company tax if they are guilty of fraud or “more serious levels of neglect”.

HMRC say:

Generally HMRC may consider a case to involve more serious neglect where it can be established that against a background of persistent failure to pay the contributions due the company was making significant and/or regular payments:

to other creditors


to connected persons or companies


in the form of director’s salaries

A case may also be judged to involve more serious neglect where ‘culpable officers’ have been associated with previous liquidated companies or other companies that have demonstrated a failure to comply with the statutory requirements of the Income Tax PAYE and NIC legislations.

While I am sure Craig Whyte has acted with the utmost probity Duff and Phelps early comments that Rangers used tax as cash to operate the company with will concern many.

Rangers accumulated £15m in tax debt during Whyte’s tenure.  In addition to his outstanding guarantees to Ticketus the Rangers owner will be alert that the administrators report could cast his actions in a poor light with respect to some of the above scenarios.

The £15m HMRC are demanding for this season is not cash Whyte received, Rangers used that money to fund a domestic and European football campaign.  Rangers owe that money and Craig Whyte is unlikely to forgo his security (Ibrox stadium) without his potential tax and Ticketus positions being covered.

Any attempts to resolve the matters surrounding Rangers which does not provide funds for this obstacle is doomed to failure.

Only a few hours left to bid on the charity auction for the Neil Lennon painting.

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  1. It’s also relevant that it’s not personal income tax or corporation tax that was used.



    It’s tax collected and deducted from third parties (VAT, employees’ PAYE, and NIC).

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  3. MacJay posted just before the new article, both Labour and Tory governments supported Pol pot and have sold arms to Facist dictators, I do not take moral guidance from politicians…


    ps at least micheal Foot didn’t have him round for tea…

  4. And yet they will finish 2nd with a team bought and paid for largely with money that should have gone to the taxman. Meanwhile there are rumours the SPL will pay them their prize money early – surely not, unless Doncaster wants to see £1m go down the swanny.

  5. Awe_Naw_No_Annoni_Oan_Anaw_Noo on

    Britain’s Lord Chancellor is hosting a high-level meeting in Brighton where a number of proposals are being debated which were put forward by the UK government and are designed to alter the way that the European Court of Human Rights operates.



    ‘Good’ you may be thinking. ‘Boo’, ‘hiss’ and ‘down with that sort of thing’ is probably the likely collective murmur across the land. That is hardly surprising, given that we have spent the last few years watching the Court being painted, manoeuvred and scripted into the guise of pantomime villain and now it looms before us, fully fledged – insisting that criminals get the vote and suspected terrorists get to stay. It’s human rights gone mad.



    Fear not, good old sir Galahad is here – in this production played by the gallant David Cameron – and he has vowed to free us from the clutches of this Medusa. This week’s Brighton conference will level a final, disabling blow at the Court and prevent it from sticking its nose in British business forthwith.



    The problems with this story are twofold. Firstly, is the Court really the villain it is being presented as, or is this a PR victory for a government which has whipped the country into a frenzy of indignant fury over this meddling enemy? Secondly, what are the implications of crippling the power of the Court for the 800 million individuals for whom it is the last recourse against governments with dismal records on human rights eclipsed only by their appalling records on accountability?



    If the European Court of Human Rights were a celebrity, it would have likely hired Max Clifford by now, and together they would have broken the record for filling the most law suits for slander, defamation and libel. The way that the Court’s decisions, powers and purpose are misrepresented is staggering, and unprecedented. It is to the shame of our media and our politics in this country.



    For a start, there’s prisoner-voting gate. Let’s set the record straight there. The Court simply ruled that a blanket ban on all prisoners being able to cast a vote was unfair, and that it would need to be revisited by the British Parliament. That is definitely not to say all prisoners should get the vote. It is not to say that most should. It simply means that a total exemption for any prisoner of any variety is not reasonable. It is up to the UK Parliament to decide how to give effect to that ruling. Then there’s Abu Qatada and the fact that the Court said he cannot be deported to a country where there is a real risk he will be denied a fair trial which would use evidence obtained through torture against him. It is a longstanding principle of both UK and international law that everyone gets a fair trial. It is certainly one of the founding principles of the UK’s value system – we cannot abandon such a deeply-held principle just because we dislike some of the people involved. Human rights are for the worst of us, as well as the rest of us. If we waver in testing times, then quite frankly it is just as well we have got the Court to remind us of our values. Lest we forget, this same Court also reprimanded the UK government when it wanted to indefinitely retain the DNA of innocent people, when it placed restrictions on the freedom of the press and when it decided that it was happy to indefinitely detain terror suspects without charge or trial.



    Amnesty International does welcome a number of the changes which seek to reduce the number of cases heard at the Court, by putting a greater emphasis on the way that human rights are considered in domestic courts, within countries. That would be a wonderful development that might see everyone a winner. The obvious way to reduce the number of decisions overturned by the European Court is for every country to make the right decisions in its own court in the first place. In short; “the problem is not that people complain to the Court, it is that they have reason to complain to the Court.” However, the new system put forward by the UK government relies on each Member State declaring that their own courts already give due consideration to human rights in arriving at judgements, and every government is likely to claim that they do that.



    Contrary to public perception, cases from Britain account for only 2.4 per cent of those reviewed by the court. More than 25 per cent of cases come from Russia. This February, the court found Russia responsible after police took a man from his cell into a forest where they beat, kicked and throttled him to force a confession to murder. The Court found that the authorities routinely failed to investigate police crimes and to bring those responsible to justice. If we are looking for someone to cast as a villain, perhaps we need to look at the people in the dock, rather than the dock itself.



    Tara Lyle is Policy Adviser at Amnesty International UK

  6. Has manager of the yr nominations been decided ?



    Wonder if our friends in the sfa are hoping Motherwell finish 2nd so they don’t have to give Lennon the award ?

  7. PFA nominations are a joke – no Sammi, no Vic67 for Young Player – and show that players know about as much about others’ abilities as fans. Then again, this should be no surprise when one sees how rank guff some turn out to be as managers.

  8. Awe_Naw_No_Annoni_Oan_Anaw_Noo on

    Dear Mr. Rothschild



    We have just five games left before the curtain falls on a dramatic Scottish Premier League campaign that saw Neil Lennon’s Bhoys deliver the club’s first title in four years. And if you subscribe now to Celtic TV, you’ll get live coverage of all five remaining games.



    There is plenty to look forward to in the closing run of competitive matches, as Celtic take on the rest of the SPL’s top six sides, starting this Sunday (April 22) against Motherwell at Fir Park.



    At the end of the month, Sunday, April 29, we have the final derby game of the campaign – with the newly-crowned champions facing our closest challengers, here at Paradise.



    We then have the closing run of three league games in May, against St Johnstone, Dundee United and Hearts.



    While the players and management team are on a mission to better last term’s haul of 92 league points, there is plenty going on, off the park, on matchdays as well.



    The May 3 meeting with St Johnstone has already been dubbed ‘Thai Tim Thursday’, with the children of the Good Child Foundation making their eagerly-anticipated appearance at Paradise. The youngsters will be singing for the Celtic supporters at the match and, at half-time, the three-in-a-row winning Under-19s will be presented with the Youth League trophy and their championship medals.



    And, our final home game against Hearts on Sunday, May 13, is the moment we have all been waiting for – when Neil Lennon and his players step up to lift the league trophy aloft.



    If you subscribe to Celtic TV, the club’s official online channel, you will also be able to watch our daily news show, the Huddle Online – which is packed with behind-the-scenes footage, exclusive interviews and classic matches and features from the Celtic archives.



    You can also get coverage of Under-19 and Development Squad matches and the pre and post-match media conferences at Celtic Park and Lennoxtown.

  9. Lennon n Mc....Mjallby on

    So Bill O’Ng has learned they don’t like foreigners in the midden,he could’ve saved himself time n phoned Edu.

  10. I may be wrong here but I would still keep a beady eye on wee craigy . this is one shrewd cookie




  11. Paul67 – the only thing we can take for sure is Our Hero will not be giving up his shares and security for £1.



    These saviours better have a whole lot more dosh if they want to satisfy Whyte and have enough for a CVA pot that could top £130m.



    Or they had better be prepared to take on a football club. Only a football club with NONE of it’s assets.



    Our Hero doesn’t do walking away either….

  12. To each their own when it comes writing and music…



    But is this the work of an over-rated writer?



    …the animals dropping silently as martyrs, turning sedately in the empty air and exploding on the rocks below in startling bursts of blood and sliver as the flasks broke open and the mercury loomed wobbling in the air in great sheets and lobes and small trembling satellites and all its forms grouping below and racing in the stone arroyos like the imbreachment of some ultimate alchemic work decocted from out of the secret dark of the earths heart…



    Violence, Science, Nature and Man’s dark, dark heart – any weightier thoughts are unimaginable for me, and that’s just regards to the passage above. But that’s just my humble opinion.




  13. My dear,dear,dear,friend.. mrob1967 @ 15.22



    Pal.. Please see My reply tae You.. oan the


    Previous Thread.



    And.. F.Y.I.



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  14. The Huddleboard ‏ @huddleboard


    Oooooh I’m hearing liquidation. #jellyandicecream



    The Huddleboard ‏ @huddleboard Just to clarify, this is not related to this morning’s document mix up. #dointhebroony

  15. Uly



    Cormac McCarthy – Blood Meridian?



    I’m reading it at the moment.



    His best in my opinion.




  16. paul67



    could you check this with club sources


    as im told they are aware of the following…



    “celtic lost the last ever old firm derby”



    i so want this not to be so


    i want to destroy them in the last ever game against them


    and for them to then die.

  17. Vinibhoy - Named Neil Lennon on his birth certificate on

    67 ‏ @insidethehoops


    @huddleboard: Oooooh I’m hearing liquidation. #jellyandicecream


    Retweeted by RhebelRhebel



    67 ‏ @insidethehoops


    @huddleboard: Just to clarify, this is not related to this morning’s document mix up. #dointhebroony



    Could it be??? I think it might!

  18. Still, think of all the entertainment value they have provided to so many people. That must be worth a fair bit of cash?



    And the best is yet to come.



    I’m especially looking forward to the vox pop when they ask a random selection of fans what they think of their club’s liquidation.

  19. Vinibhoy - Named Neil Lennon on his birth certificate on




    Sorry, missed your post.



    Sounds promising!




  20. My dear,dear,dear,friend.. Kojak



    Hiya, palomine?



    How’s tricks?



    Ye are right.. Folk like Ernie. are no Ma Friend..



    And.. Ah suppose Ernie,and Ithers of his Mind Set..





    Think that Ah use Multiple User Names oan Here..



    Thinking THAT..is Just Plain Nuts!


    Ah know. but, some people Jist are like that.






    Ah dinna Hae Multiple User Names. only wan.



    and that’s









    and if they still Dinna Believe that..,’









    He Knows!!



    Anyway,pally, Ah always enjoy hivin’ a wee Chat wi’


    Friends like You.





    yer pal.. who likes ye mair and mairer.



    Still Laughin’,

  21. seventyxseven 'gelee et glace' on

    Pep Guardiola has stated that Chelsea are now favourites to go through to the Champion’s League final. In a very frank interview reported on SSN today, Pep also went on to say that he thinks Rangers will get a tax rebate.

  22. Broon



    Yep – Between that and The Crossing for me.



    I keep going back to BM though, time and time again. keep it in my car along with Suttree and The Crossing just to catch snippets when waiting on picking up the wean etc.



    Like music, certain people ‘get’ certain writers – it doesn’t make a case for it making you better or smarter (Although I thought so in my youthful Normal Mailer/Jack Kerouac days)



    Some outlooks offer a better ‘fit’ – I don’t swear I’m totally into McCarthy’s world view, but the beauty of his prose and the questions he makes me ask of myself are a deep reward. And he keeps me on my toes I feel.




  23. Awe_Naw_No_Annoni_Oan_Anaw_Noo on

    Right Rev



    they go bust tomorrow … history will tell us that it was a 0.3 win ;-)



    Hail Hail

  24. rt rev david hay at 15:55:



    “celtic lost the last ever old firm derby”



    Hope not either as I’ve been promised a ticket for what I hope will be the last ever game against Rangers and have flights and all booked.



    If the game is cancelled, can we still have a party at celtic Park?




  25. proudbhoy on 19 April, 2012 at 15:40 said:


    Has manager of the yr nominations been decided ?



    Wonder if our friends in the sfa are hoping Motherwell finish 2nd so they don’t have to give Lennon the award ?



    I had a bad dream last night in which I kept hearing voices saying…..


    Congratulations…….no other manager has worked under these conditions…..handle the situation with class and dignity…..can only imagine what you would have achieved without your hands tied behind your back…..next season with the warchest…..dignified….class….remember our enemies….blah, blah, blah



    Then i woke up thought no, never, this Scotlan……….AAAARRRRGGGGHHHHH

  26. Agent Craig “Green and” Whyte!! on 19 April, 2012 at 16:04 said:



    The Cardigan will win manager of the year for his dignified retirement!!

  27. BroonSauce on 19 April, 2012 at 15:52 said:


    I’m reading the Crossing at the moment. Loved the Beautiful Horses.


    Annie R Proulx does it for me.

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