Cosy police and politicians kick sectarianism figures into obscurity for good


The SNPs parliamentary majority and comfortable lead in opinion polls makes it likely they will pass their Offensive Behaviour at Football Bill this week, once and for all removing government and police responsibility to produce separate reports on sectarian crime.    Instead, a range of offenses, some new, some old, will be lumped together, including a myriad of profanities.

Alex Salmond’s government has been reluctant to provide a breakdown on sectarian crime despite being asked to produce them since 2007 and has presided over the destruction of all but last year’s data.  Even the release of this data required research and analysis to divine the nature of the crime.

They have also refused to re-collect data from police records, demonstrating shocking arrogance on a subject they have invested enormous amounts of resource elsewhere on.  Your last window on sectarian crime under this government, acute though it is, is about to be bricked in.

The Government have also politicised the police in a manner reminiscent of Margaret Thatcher’s government during the miner’s strike.  An Anti-Sectarian Crime unit appeared on the ground, without any reference to churches and community groups most affected by sectarian crime.  After the Nottinghill Carnival riots of the 1970s the Metropolitan Police learned painful lessons about how necessary it was to involve community groups and leaders in any action which can be perceived to be focused on any specific section of society.

The leadership of Strathclyde Police, which looks likely to benefit from Scottish Government changes to stage a takeover of the entire Scottish police operation, appears to be, quite literally, 35 years behind their London counterparts, who long ago learned that community engagement comes first.

In the light of how they have served each other’s interests with little regard to the public, this cosy relationship of non-consulting and ambitious number of police officers from Glasgow and Holyrood politicians must be prevented from harvesting control of a combined Scottish force – the biggest prize up for grabs in policing in decades.

The proposed Bill has received almost no support from the football community and faith groups.  Repealing it and de-politicising ambitious police officers will surely be one of the key promises of Salmond’s political opponents at the next Scottish Parliament elections, who will at least be able to find a popular rallying call.

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  1. Celtic Soul Brother- Supporting Kano 1000 on

    Some good debate on Scott Brown today-much rather have him in our team than the oppositions,


    particularly if it is the Currants.


    Would definitely play him against Udinese on Thursday.

  2. BontyBhoy



    Have you a problem with Cha Du Ri? ;-)



    Cha Du Ri was outstanding on Saturday (given he’s regarded by some as the third choice right back at Celtic Park)



    A non stop machine, willing to give his all for Celtic, remarkable stamina and resilience.



    Limited with a football at his feet, but so are many professional footballers.



    Fit as a butcher’s dog, – I like him.




  3. Celticfc.net News



    Celtic to wear Green and pink hopped jersey’s for the remainder of the season after bringing in a lodge of psychologists in an attempt to dampen the aggression and spirit of the players and the support.



    It is believed wearing the colour pink will connect the players and the support with their feminine side although it has been stated there could be a monthly period when the pink and green hoops may not act as expected.



    In the future the players may also be required to wear pink boots and marigold gloves if the Pink & Green hopped jersey’s do not have the required effect. A further suggestion has been dropped as it was silly and extreme as the carrying of pink feather dusters is outwith the rules of the game.



    Supporters will be required to wear green and pink hooped scarves and the GB will be named the PG and its members will be provide with an official club song book detailing allowable songs to be sung at Celtic Park. Any song sung that is not on the list will see the PG members shot from sniper cover to be placed on the roof of the main stand. Songs on the list include ‘She’ll be coming round the mountain’ and ‘You canny through uer Granny aff a bus’.



    MWD thinks this is a great idea and should go someway to appeasing those offended by Neil Lennon and Scott Brown.







    I dread the next couple of years under the SNP and their ‘Police State.’




  5. iki salutes Kano 1000 on

    A referee will insist that a free kick or kick off is taken from the correct position.



    Sammi should have been thanked by the referee because if the penalty had been taken from the wrong position the supervisor in the stand would have marked him down, perhaps even as low as 7.9.

  6. optimistic little soldier – Football in Britain places far too much emphasis on the role of captain.



    So did Robin Williams when he taught at Welton Academy. (thumbsup)

  7. Do you think Paolo was upset…



    Swindon manager Paolo di Canio has demanded the club sign four or five new players after a poor display in their 1-1 draw with Bristol Rovers.



    The Italian was left fuming after the Robins conceded a late equaliser at the Memorial Stadium on Saturday.



    “I’ve already asked the chairman for three players, now I want four or five otherwise I will discuss my contract,” he told BBC Wiltshire. “With this team, and this mentality, I can’t win the league.”



    He continued: “Today I didn’t recognise this team as my team.



    “After two minutes I said to Fabrizio [Piccareta, assistant manager] ‘to win this game we are going to have to be lucky’ because four or five players had no courage, no heart, no desire.



    “If we play like today we deserve to be relegated.”



    Swindon have now gone 14 games unbeaten in all competitions and sit sixth in the League Two table, but Di Canio says despite this run he will consider cancelling the players’ scheduled days off if they do not pick up maximum points at home to Morecambe next weekend.



    “I have some experience in football. Christmas time is coming and for some of the players it’s unusual for them to play over the Christmas period,” he added



    “Maybe they would like a winter break, they’re thinking about shopping, organising somewhere to go next weekend for two or three days. That is typical.



    “Their brains are somewhere else. Maybe Rafa’s [Raffaele De Vita] is already in Italy? He is one but there are others – Mehdi [Kerrouche], [Lukas] Magera, [Lander] Gabilondo. I attack Gabilondo because I know he is better than this, and I get angry as his brain is probably in Spain.



    “From now on I will not treat them as men, because six or seven don’t deserve to be treated as a man.



    “We arranged a day off after next weekend. If they don’t win against Morecambe we don’t have a day off. They are not man enough to have two or three days off to go and celebrate before Torquay.



    “I’m sorry for the six or seven who always give their best but when we talk about a group, everybody must pay the price.”

  8. Tis a sad state of affairs indeed. Draconian law shall soon return under this shower. “What’s that son, a green and white scarf, you must be part of some brigade or such like. 12 months in the big hoose for you my lad.”



    Excited about Thursday, who wouldn’t be, half day at the office to catch the game.



    3 good signings in Jan with no majors out and we are the road again.



    Happy Monday all. Did some wee tweaks to the Celic app and it should be live this weekend.

  9. The Idiot – Depressingly – I believe that Camerons european folly will play further into fat salmonds hands.



    You think so?



    If the Scottish people look at the carnage engulfing Europe and think “I fancy a piece of that”, then hell mend them.



    I’ve still to hear of a credible alternative to what Cameron did. (thumbsup)

  10. Hear Hear Paul!


    Operation Even the Numbers will soon be in full swing at a celtic match near you…


    Only in Scotland would the political response to widespread sectarianism be targetted on punishing the victims!

  11. The Battered Bunnet on

    The Criminal History System, managed by the Scottish Police Services Authority, gives all of the information one could ever hope for to anyone authorised to access it. It is so detailed as to be literally forensic.



    This nonsense that the Section 74 conviction records pre 2010 have been ‘lost’ is simply untrue.



    It’s all there.

  12. Paul67 – The Government have also politicised the police in a manner reminiscent of Margaret Thatcher’s government during the miner’s strike.



    Were the police politicised during the miners’ strike?



    That’s debatable. I think they were more interested in enforcing the law than in playing political games in those days.



    They have certainly become politicised since 1997. The SNP are continuing this rotten trend.



    Maybe this devolution thing isn’t all it was cracked up to be. (thumbsup)

  13. From Phil Macs blog .


    Nothing new really the board wishing to sanitise the Celtic Support of any vestige of radical Irish Nationalism



    Usually when an individual or an organisation


    faces some form of disciplinary hearing or legal proceedings they usually hope


    to be found not guilty.


    It is the human condition.


    It is strange to secretly wish for a conviction.


    Today Celtic will face the consequences of the alleged “illicit changing” of


    their fans at the Rennes game in the Europa league.


    The extent to which the club will defend this action will be instructive


    regarding how people in the Celtic boardroom actually feel about this UEFA case.


    UEFA confirmed to me recently that Celtic has had the details of the case


    against them for some time.


    Hence the “illicit chanting” is no mystery to the club.


    Despite this it has passed me by when the club actually told the supporters what


    the UEFA match delegate deemed to be “illicit.”


    Since receiving that information from UEFA Celtic has played Athletico Madrid in


    the same competition.


    The Celtic fans went into that game against the Spanish side not knowing the


    specific nature of the charges.


    My suspicion is that the club would rather like a minor censure from UEFA.


    At the recent AGM the club’s Chief Executive Peter Lawwell made it very specific


    that the Provisional IRA chants were unwelcome and unwanted.


    Would I be irredeemably cynical if I thought that the club would rather like a


    minor slap on the wrist to use as Exhibit ”A” in their campaign against what


    they see as problematic and embarrassing behaviour from a set of the club’s




    There is a case to be made for defending this charge.


    The defence could be based upon the right of Celtic fans to chant endorsements


    of Irish Republican organisations on the grounds that these organisations and


    their political project are not “illicit.”


    These chants maybe, depending on your opinion, offensive, out of date, and out


    of place.


    However are these political chants “illicit?”


    The extent to which the club defends this disciplinary case might shine a light


    on the club’s true feelings about the charges.


    It might answer the key question:


    “Does the Celtic board want the Celtic fans to be guilty?”

  14. Awe_Naw_No_Annoni_Oan_Anaw_Noo says:


    12 December, 2011 at 12:23


    bigdanistheman says:


    12 December, 2011 at 12:18



    Are you an aids sufferer and did you have casual sex with your mother in law unprotected and that´s why she died having contracted this merciless disease from you ?



    That simply the best elaboration I can come up with. I would say simply the best over elaboration.



    Hail Hail



    For your info ya ignorant b*****d she died of cancer after


    Fighting it for 8 years & then spending the last 6 months of


    Her life in a hospice!! All because a poem had a few words you


    Dont like you think you can abuse me like that. Have a look at


    Yourself ya p***k

  15. Steinreignedsupreme on

    greenjedi: 12 December, 2011 at 12:21



    “I don’t care about Hamill”



    I’m guessing that’s because he’s not a Celtic player … by that logic none of our opponents should be criticised regardless of what they do.



    As I said before, two guys with a reputation for noising up opponents have an argument and you just want to focus on the Celtic player and apportion all the blame to him despite not knowing the facts.



    You should apply for a job in the Scottish media. You’d have no trouble finding work … you wouldn’t even require the funny handshake.

  16. I think philmac is trying to reinvent himself, his last article about Celtic regarding a ‘secret deal’ with SPL and rangers was utter pash.



    Why would any club want the worldwide headlines that will accompany a guilty verdict?



    Got to ask, Is philmac a hun… :)

  17. Half Time Tombola on

    The fact that the Scottish Government are unwilling to re-collate the sectarianism crime figures is a farce – surely the requests for this information cannot simply be refused because it has been deleted when the raw data is available? Is there not an avenue of recourse with the Information Commissioner?

  18. BSR,


    I should have no problem with Cha for precisely the reasons you outline – he is one hell of a hard worker, and a great athlete and I like his attitude. I mentioned this in a previous post about Lennon’s full-backs – I think he does well picking these guys up, and I also think it’s the key position in our team – and I’ve said it before; Cha lacks composure and whilst he has an athletes physique, I’m sorry to say he has an amateur’s awareness and decision making.


    It’s easy to get drawn into harsh criticism to make a point, but I don’t feel strongly about it. He’s not first choice, and his unique abilities really make him a passable occasional option. For me he’s 3rd or 4th choice when everyone is fit, but I wouldn’t be surprised if when he did get a game he gave everyone a pleasant surprise.


    So perhaps I’m wrong to say he’s the most dubious member of the squad, although if by some freaky conflagration of events I ended up Celtic manager in January I’d have no hesitation in making him the first player on my transfer list. Think I’d take whatever was going for Loovens too, to be honest.

  19. Steinreignedsupreme on

    Paul67 –



    I grew up in a country where a lot of people were suspicious of the Scottish National Party and what they really represented.



    Sadly, those fears are coming to fruition.

  20. Steinreignedsupreme – I grew up in a country where a lot of people were suspicious of the Scottish National Party and what they really represented.



    Was it Japan? (thumbsup)

  21. ASonOfDan says:


    12 December, 2011 at 12:45


    oglach UFB



    Are you a hun?


    ———————————————————————————————————————————————————-No my mother had me tested! However it does appear that the definition of H*n has been greatly diluted on CQN. Basically disagree with me and I’ll accuse you of being a minion of the dark side.

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