Counter-attack is the way tonight, Steve Clarke


These days are often tense, but I doubt you or I are too stressed right now.  If we went 0-2 up tonight, my overriding emotion is likely to be annoyance that we were presented with a flicker of hope, before it is inevitably dashed.  Celtic will go out of Europe tonight, of that, there is no doubt.

Having accepted this, there is still plenty for us to gain from Valencia.  We need to learn how to play against better teams.  We will not always win against them, but losing 5, 6 or 7 goals is unnecessary at any level.  Drubbings like this can be prevented by being more defensively aware.

With Forrest, Sinclair, Burke, Weah and Edouard, we have all the ingredients necessary to be a polished counter-attacking team.  Let’s defend our box and see what happens.

I feel for Steve Clarke, the Kilmarnock manager who was clearly upset and humiliated by sectarian abuse thrown his way at Ibrox last night.  After the game, he reflected that it was a bonus his children and grandchildren did not have to live in this environment.

Steve left a different Scotland for London in 1987.  For what it’s worth, I think this form of sectarianism is less prevalent than it was in the 80s.  It remains in pockets, but huge swathes of the country have no affinity with it and are embarrassed by it.  I do not encounter it in my professional life and it is never directed to me in my personal life, although I hear it on the streets in the evening.

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  1. traditionalist88 on

    Intae them, nothing stupid please. If they’re going to beat us again make them work hard for it.




  2. GlassTwoThirdsFull on

    I don’t see that we need to score early. The first priority should be to stay in the tie. We’re not going to go out there and score three or four in ninety minutes. Our best chance of going through is a 2-0 win then extra time/penalties.


    I’d be quite happy if it’s still 0-0 after 65 minutes. By then Valencia would just want to play out time with no goals. At that point we could start gambling and if we concede a couple then so what.


    The last thing you want is conceding an early goal or two and the tie is dead with 70 minutes still to play.

  3. traditionalist88 on




    Good point. Valencia have built a reputation this season for blowing leads in games so if we got the first they’ll be nervous.



    We’d don’t want to make a good effort only for it all to be in vain thanks to more careless, unforced errors on our part.



    If they are pressing high with 4/5 players we should not be trying the same carry on we tried last week at the back.




  4. SFTB.


    Excellent post on page 8 of last article.


    Robinbhoy. Wee Jonny Doolan from Mossblown (RIP) was also friendly with Boyds dad . He told me 5 years ago, exactly what you posted .



    It might just be me , but I cringed when we sung the cheer up Stevie G , sad OB , chant at Celtic Park earlier this season.


    Slippy G might be many things, but how many OB’s have a daughter named Lourdes ?



    Steve Clark deserves plaudits for highlighting the chanting, long overdue .


    He deserves just as much credit for pointing out the standard of referees. Once again , Rangers are the beneficiaries of dodgy decisions. Trial by “Sportscene” strangely found them not guilty last night. Unlike McCann , Craigan & Wiggy Smith on the radio.


    Makes you wonder. HH

  5. Alasdair MacLean on

    What organisation filmed last night’s game.


    Someone pointed out here yesterday to look out for strange refereeing decisions – given the game wasn’t being broacast live?



    Anyway, in the interests of consistency which is being demanded by all in the current climate…..will Candeas be cited for review….?



    Copy and paste from last article…



    SID on21ST FEBRUARY 2019 12:09 PM



    The agenda has been set but imo we’ve got the scatter gun out and that will get us nowhere.






    Muir cheated the Huns are in the next round, forget about the penalty and the goalkeeper been sent off, what we should kick up a storm about is Candeias.









    Ive not seen it mentioned in any press, why ? because this the only incident which can negatively effect the tribute act.






    This challenge is almost identical to the Izzaguire one just a different angle.






    Candeias should be banned from next round, its the only thing possible of salvaging from a night of cheating although i suspect further off field cheating and he will play.

  6. In ither news………….



    rainjurz have announced that it is unacceptable behaviour…… to wear wrangler jaikets an’ hi-waisted flares to matches. In a hard-hitting statement released to Shortbread, a Broxy-brained high-heidyin opined that standard dress code for all matches should include smart blazers, dress troosers and stout brogues ( Brown preferrably).



    oh aye………..

  7. lets all do the huddle ? on

    i know this won’t happen but…



    i think it is time for UEFA to make a statement about games in their competitions which are getting played in countries that have pseudo-paramilitary security forces



    they should name and shame these countries and make it clear that they discourage away fans from travelling to them for their own safety, and even ask that the away club don’t take any tickets for them



    these ‘police’ thugs seem to be above any sort of law and their actions don’t appear to be answerable to anyone



    if UEFA won’t do it then clubs themselves should issue statements to UEFA and even the countries Embassy about why they aren’t taking tickets for certain games



    Spain, France, Holland and many more UEFA countries have these lawless security agencies and it is unacceptable for the safety of fans to be in danger by those who, on the face of it, should be there to protect them, but just see it as a free shot to act like thugs



    They have a very nasty, sinister Nazi-style agenda, going around brutalizing those who have no response then disappearing elsewhere to find more victims

  8. If Steve Clarke departs it will be a huge loss to the game up here. He is a very talented Coach. It’s highly unlikely now that he will be the next Celtic Manager.

  9. bhoywithseethrougheyes on

    John James site describes Alan Muir as the bigots bigot and noted Fleming appointed Ayrshire loyalists drew Kirkland and Andrew McWilliams (of orange).


    The 4th official Barry cook apparently played for rangers. No wonder they don’t want allegiances declared.

  10. replying to Vale bhoy







    Yes I can confirm I need four seats for the bus on Sunday.





    I was on the bus recently for the St Mirren midweek game





    let me know if you need any contact details






  11. ANGELGABRIEL on 21ST FEBRUARY 2019 1:06 PM



    Didn’t see Sportscene but listened to shortbread radio last. The commentary team were quite scathing of the refereeing performance and how their decisions had influenced the outcome. But 5-10 minutes from the end of the show they started bigging up sevco and Morelos. It was very noticeable and I think someone posted as much last night on here. Definitely sounded like someone had a “word” in their ear.

  12. Defeatist talk already.


    Hope Brendan and the team have a bit more fight and pride about them.


    Mind you our balance sheet looks great.

  13. There is a Spanish newspaper, not sure which one, but, today it has headlines proclaiming the ‘heroics’ of the Nazi’s!



    In ither news, how does emptying Hampden, and then paying £49 to prop up the Rangers lie, fix Scottish football ?




  14. Team prediction for tonight…






































    Mon the hoops!






    RANJURS are doing everything possible to eradicate sectarian chanting at EYEBROX.



    There yees ur.

  16. Paul67



    When Steve left in 1987 Rainjurz were in full swing, now we have their supporters who’ve switched to new ‘songs’ of hate.



    I agree he was clearly upset but concentrating on the sectarian abuse deflected perfectly into the old firm agenda three days after Kris Boyd from the referee Alan Muir another with previous for cheating.



    Maybe suits the Celtic board who do nothing for our away supporters and players who have been regularly routinely abused.

  17. CHA1888



    That’s fine, CHA, I’ll be in the club around 12.45 and will make myself know to your group.



    See you then.







  18. An early goal either way tonight will see a vastly different game. If we get one it will force them to come at us and maybe leave gaps at the back. One for them however and its game over i’m afraid.

  19. traditionalist88 on

    Not to tempt fate but we really shouldnt have too much to fear from Valencia, in contrast to a trip to PSG, for example.



    They are very low scorers averaging only 1 goal per game in La Liga, sitting behind the likes of Alaves, Getafe and Real Sociedad in the table, but their biggest strength as we found out last week, is at the back – they have conceded 3 fewer league goals than Barcelona(who sit 1st after 24 games) and 9 fewer than Madrid(who sit 3rd).



    If we can get the first goal, we can make it very uncomfortable for them.



    I will settle for a decent performance and no comical goals conceded/goals from unforced errors on our part.




  20. Speaking to a pal in Madrid this morning and having a moan about the apparent behaviour of the police in Valencia. His comment:



    “Don’t forget that in Spain the police are drawn from the lower elements of society.”



    Not a bad turn of phrase for someone whose first language isn’t English.

  21. after sundays game, some on here thought the league was done and dusted. after last night i dont think so, they are after us(mib)




    So in the full back positions you want two tall yans ;)))




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