County best form in unprecedently tight table


Would it upset your equilibrium if I said Ross County are the only team in the league to have won their last three games?  By definition, we play the form side in the division tomorrow.  You think we have plenty to play for?  County are one of six teams competing for three spots in the top half of the table – that’s bonus payments in the pocket of players who will appreciate them.

They came to Celtic Park last season bottom of the table and comfortably knocked a dispirited Celtic out of the League Cup.  Few of the players who will play in green and white tomorrow will relate to that game, but it will be front and centre of the minds of County players.  If they can do it when they were so poor, they can do it tomorrow.

The remaining fixtures favour Celtic: five at home and three away, the assumption being we will win at Celtic Park.  Leagues are won and lost in these weeks, in a unprecedently tight table, no result can be taken for granted.

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  1. Happy Friday all!



    I sleep until game day, two sleeps until spring.



    Will Kyogo have a spring in his step for April?






    Ps Eddie Howe back in the video ads, marvelous.

  2. Celtic Mac- Colin Murray is excellent on the radio, and resigned from Talksport when Murdoch bought it,pretty sure he got married in Sevco tartan….

  3. jimbob71 & little Miss jimbob on





    Rubbing our noses in it with you podium chasing!!



    Announcing it on the last blog!!




  4. Pingback: County best form in unprecedently tight table | Celtic FC News Now




    The joys and benefits of not being in the office!



    Such larks at my age. Should know better.

  6. Back to Basics - Glass Half Full on

    Lol Pablo.



    Feels like every team we play has got decent, recent?



    Patience and positive support required tomorrow.



    Bring it on.



    There’s a decent “mini-prize” on offer.



    A league table showing a 6 point lead.

  7. Paul67,



    Every game the cliched, yet proverbial cup final. I’ve watched us stagger in the final furlong in years gone by when I suspect the team on the field thought it was a gimme – I’m not going to list them as it will trigger me badly. We all have them locked away in our minds.



    Ange has shown he has got them set up without feeling that over confidence but the full crowd tomorrow need to play their part if it stretches long into the game. Would be great to see Turnbull back for a cameo at some point & Jota back on the wing.



    6 points clear before the orcs take their tired limbs to Dens would be a nice end to Saturday.







  8. Garngad to Croy on

    It will probably be another tight and nervy affair, hopefully, the supporters will keep the moans and groans to a minimum. I better remember my gag!

  9. Just read that the high rise flats in Wyndford are to be demolished.



    I spent some terrifying months in Tarfside Oval back in the days just prior to moving to Budhill Avenue. Was burgled, severed tendons in my hand and watched heroin rise up through the flats. Rollercoaster of a year. Was a crazy juxtaposition, some truly great Glaswegians going about their lives while the heroin addled bought their slow death through the letterboxes of reinforced doors.



    Budhill was great, The Piperack was still a braw wee bar filled with hard working men (sadly the occasional visit by that nasty wee bigot Bob Malcolm and his cocaine dealing friends) and Celtic Park was a short walk away.



    I do miss Glasgow. Roll on August this year.



  10. jimbob71 & little Miss jimbob on

    Ross County are playing well. Hungbo and Charles-Cook are on form and scoring goals.




    RC also know if we win comfortably they can drop out the top 6 tomorrow with other results going against them, in fact they could potentially drop to 9th place.



    It could be a tough game tomorrow but a quick start, an early goal and we can dictate the game. Don’t give RC any opportunity to think they can contain and frustrate us.

  11. I know it’s not quite what Almore wants , but Kim sure he will applaud it ..



    Up the Hoops











    We are delighted to officially announce the launch of the #paradisecafe in partnership with the team







    Please contact the team at the foundation to register your interest

  12. Bognor Bhoy: I enjoyed your historical pieces on the last bhlog.



    Aipple: congrats on your birthday weekend podium🎂😁



    Kellie Harrington, Ireland’s Olympic boxing gold medalist, singing Grace on the Late Late Show last night:



  13. AIPPLE


    Haven’t heard the term ‘Budhill’ mentioned at all for about 35 years.


    Used to play them at football in the amateurs, and had our best games against them; a tough and skllful team (least at our level). Always open contests; no quarter given or asked. Always tight fixtures played fair and w flair.


    Deep respect between us soothsiders and they east enders back then.


    You unwittingly triggered a fond memory. Ta.



    Re Malky’s County; not as tight as some are fearing IMO – 3-1 to the ghood ghuys. HH

  14. Aipple



    The high rises were my paper run back in the day , Sunday mornings I would gladly see them demolished . Had to return to Molly’s 4 times 😵😵😵😵

  15. We are delighted to officially announce the launch of the #paradisecafe in partnership with the team







    Don’t know why it’s not linking proper , but it’s on the foundation twitter page

  16. ALMORE on 18TH MARCH 2022 12:34 PM








    QUADROPHENIAN on 18TH MARCH 2022 12:38 PM


    I think the team is still going. I don’t have Facebook anymore so don’t see their posts/news.






    BOGNORBHOY on 18TH MARCH 2022 12:39 PM


    I’m sure the elevators were usually bust?

  17. i really do hear what your saying but the reality is Dont loose at Ibrox, dont loose at Parkhead and win at hampden to secure a historice treble

  18. Was only allowed to use the lifts going up to top floor ( 24 story’s if memory serves ) , and then walk down start at 7 finished round about 12 …would have been 68/69 ish …



    Nae wuner im a knackered auld man 😜😜

  19. GARNGAD TO CROY on 18TH MARCH 2022 12:27 PM


    It will probably be another tight and nervy affair, hopefully, the supporters will keep the moans and groans to a minimum. I better remember my gag!



    You’re absolutely right. The fans need to play their part. Many of them haven’t faced a teal league battle. Stick with the team.



    Have the Huns been lucky again in the draw and potential semi?



    Either way, there’s no denying they’re better set up to play in Europe than us, just now.

  20. ZIGGYDOC1 on 18TH MARCH 2022 1:00 PM



    Have the Huns been lucky again in the draw and potential semi?






    If I was hand picking a team to play against, Braga would have been the one – so lucky to that extent.



    If they get through that one, then Leipzig (who got a buy in the last round because the Ruskis were banned) or Atalanta.



    From what I’ve seen to date, I think Atalanta are probably favourites for the tournament.



    That said, I saw Barca highlights the other day – some of their football under Xavi is starting to look like Barca when Xavi was playing.






  21. Effectively the 6th placed team – Der Huns – to play the 8th placed team Braga in the quarters.



    They’ll be favourites.



    Through our lens, they play us in the middle of that H and A….and so will hardly be resting their best 11. It gives them excuses not to be totally focused for us.



    And finally, eff the Huns and thanks for the co-efficient work.




  22. Huns lucky again in the European Draw. You would think it was fixed.



    Ross County are in good form but so are we. You would think that we will beat them.

  23. I need some information. I am flying over for the game tomorrow. It’s a long time from I have been to Parkhead. Is it difficult getting a taxi from the ground to the airport ? I need to get there pronto after the game to catch our return flight to Belfast. Also. Any bars near hand we could have a few pre match pints ? Cheers.

  24. !!Bada Bing!! on

    Cliftoncelt- Depending on when you get to CP,the Kerrydale inside the stadium open about 11 i think,but fills up quickly, Turnstiles Bar and Springfield Vaults are nearest on London Rd

  25. Bada Bing. Thank you. I always you had to be a season ticket holder to access the Kerrydale. We arrive in Glasgow about 10.30. Is bus or train best way to the ground? Apologes for the questions.

  26. Up until a fortunate CCV opener mid way through the second half, Ross County proved very tough opponents the last time they came to Celtic Park. Full focus and three points please, Celtic.



    The huns have a good chance of making the semis of the Europa having drawn the weakest opponents possible. Such is the luck required for a long run in a European knock out competition.



    It is to our advantage but it’s definitely at the point now where you want to see them go out.

  27. Cliftoncelt


    If your fit why not walk from the City Centre along the Gallowgate, it isnt too far lots of bars there,alternatively plenty taxis on Gordon Street rank will take from Central Station to Celtic Park, why not ask the driver to come back for you after the game to take you to the Airport? enjoy

  28. Tom McLaughlin on




    You don’t need a season card to get into the Kerrydale.



    You need a match ticket OR a season card.

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