Courts, offensive law and a club for the downtrodden


I’m a bit disappointed RIFC were not in a position to advise their shareholders the results of the votes this morning.  Doing so would not have added 10 minutes to proceedings.  My expectation is that the board would win both votes, giving them a resounding platform this weekend to sell tickets for lower league football.  Perhaps there’s more going on than I thought.

You have to wonder what that expensive legal business in London and Edinburgh yesterday was all about?  Many details of Sports Direct’s deal with Newco are public knowledge, and the void of missing details is filled with pretty stark speculation.  It struck me that counsel for Sports Direct noted the chronology of the new board being appointed, the subsequent leaks and that Newco had not denied they were the source of the leak.  All now on record, in court.  Confidentiality is, of course, a condition of the agreement, which could now be argued is in breach.  That would be a source of regret.  For some.

More on Dave King over the weekend.  He can’t help himself.

You have to admire those who work to expose the absurdity of the Offensive Behaviour Act, designed by the SNP government to “equalise” non criminal offenses with criminal offenses.  Unfortunately, the campaigners are wasting their time, the Act is here to stay, anyone in doubt should read the news this morning that 80% of people surveyed support it.  Ask the average person in the street if they support a law against Offensive Behaviour and they’re hardly likely to say ‘no’.  This type of survey is manipulative nonsense.  Police with guns on the streets and politically motivated laws are a by-product of blind populism.  This is an offensive law and I am horrified.

Robert King is one of the Angola 3, who were incarcerated in solitary confinement in the Louisiana town of that name, and who have become causes célèbres for miscarriage of justice campaigners and prison reformers alike.  King spent 30 years in solitary before having his conviction overturned.  If you don’t know about the Angola 3, go find out.

He pitched up on CNN yesterday dressed in distinctive attire (below).

My relationship with Celtic is different to King’s.  I’m a Celtic fan because that’s the way I was brought up, but I’m pretty sure King’s roots don’t reach back to the Emerald Isle.  Chances are, I’d be a Celtic fan whether we were a club with a social mission or not.  For others, for King, the reasons they wear a shirt on TV, buy a season ticket, or simply share in our joy on occasion, are different.

We are the club of the underdog, a beacon for the downtrodden, a place where they will find a welcome.  No one can plan for this, it either survives over the decades or it doesn’t, so it’s worthwhile telling this part of our story now and again, to set ourselves a core target: Remain the most ethical football club in the world.

To deliver on this you and I need to step forward, this is not a job that can be outsourced to the club, it takes all of us.  You can start here by signing up for the Great Scottish Run for the Foundation.  I know at least 30 runners who read this, sign up before I see you in person!

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  1. BRT&H


    Brilliant again,


    I have lost a few friends in exactly the same way,


    That last one was 40,just sat on the couch for a “wee swally” and he was gone,


    his last words to me were ” I’m getting there P****, i’m off the wine and only drinking sherry”


    Magic young mhan your getting there ,



    I am blessed and I know it ,thank you againBRTH ,it reminded me of a text I was recently sent.


    ” Old russian proverb,


    A kind word is like a spring day,today bring someone a spring day with your kind words”


    till later all

  2. Brogan Rogan Trevino and Hogan supports Oscar Knox, MacKenzie Furniss and anyone else who fights Neuroblastoma




    11:35 on 12 June, 2015




    Good Morning.



    Something bothered me on this sunny June morning.



    Such as why it takes the death of a thoroughly good guy for the world to come out and say he was a thoroughly good guy?



    Charles Kennedy’s death is a tragedy in oh so many ways not least because he clearly struggled with his addiction and ends up dying in the most simple way.



    Alcohol addiction thins the blood so it doesn’t clot. You fall, bang your head, start to bleed, maybe struggle to your bed and then just quietly bleed to death because the bleeding doesn’t stop.



    A huge number of people die in this way. I met Charlie Kennedy once at some kind of function. We chatted at the bar with me knowing who he was and him not having a clue who I was. 5 minutes later we were done – I wonder how many times that happened to him?



    The last time someone I knew really well died in exactly the same circumstances as Charles was all of maybe a year ago!



    Before that – it might have been another year — and before that — well maybe six months.



    Yet I can’t help believe that if more people went about their daily business and said all the nice things and pointed out all the good things that some folk do then they – those who struggle with a drink addiction — just might have their confidence boosted, see their own value and so be able to beat their battle with the bottle.



    There was a wee local mass for Charlie Kennedy this morning. Full of music ( his family were very mudical ) and full of stories from his childhood. He went out the door to Soul of my Saviour apparently – just a local fella from the Highlands who did his bit down Westminster way but always remembered being “local”. and for being “local”,



    Maybe I am just an optimistic fool wishing on a rainbow but surely to Jesus there is a lesson to learn as a result of Charles Kennedy’s untimely demise. Maybe just a wee lesson, a personal lesson?



    Speaking of lessons, in the footballing world here is one of the best:



    “Happiness belongs to the self-sufficient.”



    Here is an article on the little piece of footballing, cultural and business magic that is Athletic Bilbao.



    I have some reservations about only playing players from a specific region as it might seem elitist or bigoted or biased.



    But basically they practice a mantra of welcoming everyone and anyone who is local – all the kids around the corner irrespective of colour, race, religeon, politics or whatever and with no great big sugar daddy bank rolling them or mad mental transfer schemes.



    Maybe it isn’t perfect.



    Maybe it wouldn’t work elsewhere.



    But Maybe there is just something to learn – even just a wee lesson, maybe a “look local” lesson at every level and have a wee bit regard for your neighbour whoever and whatever they may be ?



    God rest Charlie Kennedy and all who suffer like him – especially the locals who live round the corner from all of us.



    Anyway, I am off out into the sun — and yes — I am wishing on a rainbow!



    Hope you are too.




  3. Chavez




    11:42 on 12 June, 2015




    Guys – a message from Valencia Bhoy on the Huddleboard –



    Send Ernesto a Get-Well-Soon card



    As I posted a few days ago Ernesto Boixader of Celticsubmari CSC is going through a bad time with his health and I have been thinking of some way to cheer him up and let him know that he will never walk alone.



    This man has been tireless in his work raising hundreds of thousands of pounds and euros over more than a decade for people in unfortunate circumstances,both in Scotland and in Spain.


    Now he finds himself facing his own challenges and I think it would be great if we as a support showed him our solidarity with him.



    He has a large loving family around him so all practical things will be taken care of. Therefore I’d like to suggest a simple display of brotherly and sisterly support by sending him as many get well soon cards as we can from his other family.


    I know how much this would mean to him and am convinced that getting these cards really would have a positive effect on his health.



    So,anyone who is willing to do this simple but powerful act of solidarity can send a card to the following address:



    Ernesto Boixader


    Penya Celtic Submari


    Avenguda La Murà 12


    Vila-Real 12540





    Please put this on any other tim sites you may be on. And if anyone from CQN is looking in please give this a wee shout out.



    Hail Hail

  4. Joe Filippis Haircut on

    So did nothing of any importance take place at the Rangers meeting this morning ? do they or dont they have to pay the 5 million ? H.H.

  5. The Pantaloon Duck on

    Nø pødium for me today.



    Paul/wc – thank you for getting rid of the popups.

  6. Breeny


    12:15 on


    12 June, 2015


    I am having trouble placing an order on the Celtic Superstore. Any info?

  7. The hand of God on

    I like the new Celtic away top which is very similar to the one we had in 1982 which was the first Celtic top i bought as before that date i wasnt allowed one due to the horrible things that could happen to you whilst wearing one.





    I understand entirely your opinion. But credit where it is due. I hope it sends a warning shot across the bows.



    That,I think,is the intention. Belated,certainly. But a good intention nevertheless.



    For the avoidance of doubt,my overall opinion of the SNP remains similar to your own.

  9. blantyretim is praying for the Knox family on

    Tebbit is still a swine of a man, listening to him on R2 re miners strike



    I detest thatchers henchmen

  10. The Pantaloon Duck on

    Summa – er, nø. I didn’t get them straight away on the new article, but they are back now. Seems like my gratitude was premature. Paul and wc can save it up and use it later.

  11. Re the £5m, the hun shareholders had a vote on whethe rit should be repaid or not. The result was kept a secret and will be announced on Monday. Allegedly.



    Got to love transparency,eh?

  12. “Remain the most ethical football club in the world.”



    Yip. That’s why we signed a deal with a Saudi Club, that if one day our club play a friendly game against this partnership club in Saudi Arabia not a single one of our clubs female representatives or fans would be legally allowed to attend.



    MWD said AYE





    God rest yer pal,mate.



    A mate of mine-Scottish,natch-has been off the bevvy for about three years. Sticks to the wine. By the glass.



    He’s aged ten years in that time. Nae wunner-I was behind him waiting to buy some fag papers the other day while he bought eight bottles of the stuff.



    I said nothing-judge not,etc. But I’ve asked the lads to keep an eye on him,no explanation why.





    One of the reasons I believe in God is that he has a good memory.



    Tebbitt adds nothing to his reputation by speaking now,but reminds us of the hell on earth he and his inflicted on large sections of society.



    A society they believed didn’t exist in the first place.



    He’ll get his. If it takes an eternity.

  15. blantyretim is praying for the Knox family on



    Aye that fecker, miners arguing with police on the radio just now

  16. blantyretim is praying for the Knox family on

    No probe into police for battle of Orgreave during miners strike

  17. BT/Bobbio



    Aye there’s twa ‘boat hooses’ in Hades.



    One is now occupied. No10


    The other has Tebbit scorched onto the name plate!



    HH jamesgang

  18. Captain Beefheart on

    Tebbit and his wife have suffered a lot because of the horrific bomb. Empathy anybody?

  19. blantyretim is praying for the Knox family on



    He is on national radio spouting his hatred of the working class



  20. .



    The Pantaloon Duck..



    Re; Gambling Pop Ups..



    Unfortunately or Maybe Not I found Out how to Clear the Pop Ups.. A Day after I Started Punting again after 5 Years..



    Press the Skip and Close Window a Hundred Mile a Hour.. And it Closes eventually..



    I might thank the Pop Ups if Messi lifts the Copa America and I Win a Willo Flood.. Lol






    Ps.. I Wonder if Big Jock would have Approved of Gambling Pop Up on a Celtic Site…




  21. I wasn’t aware of the pop up minefield till I tried to log in on my Desktop at home yesterday.



    In short, I couldnt. No matter how hard or often I clicked on the ‘x’. Literally could not access the site.



    I too hate the omnipresence of online gambling around football and its potential to lure in my son. Shame to see it on CQN but almost fearful of saying so and being branded(!) a holy willy!!!



    HH jamesgang





    I am showing him more empathy than he ever did.



    Evil b…..d never gave a f..k for anyone or anything which got in the way of his dogma.



    Or his ambition.



    Worth remembering that his-blameless-wife was treated-extensively-at Stoke Mandeville.



    Which her husband and his merry band of sociopaths had recently tried and failed to close down.

  23. There was a reference on previous blog about a new service to help those arrested under the OBB on charges of sectarian behaviour.



    Having just spent the week being available for jury service and two days on a trial my conclusion is that ANY buffer services that looks at the behaviour before it becomes part of the judicial system cannot be a bad thing.



    Once behaviour enters the justice system the formality of that process seems to take over when a “softer” intervention approach might help separate the wheat worth keeping from the chaff worth judging.


    Wee Ruaridh is very grateful you don’t have a holey willy…

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