Courts, offensive law and a club for the downtrodden


I’m a bit disappointed RIFC were not in a position to advise their shareholders the results of the votes this morning.  Doing so would not have added 10 minutes to proceedings.  My expectation is that the board would win both votes, giving them a resounding platform this weekend to sell tickets for lower league football.  Perhaps there’s more going on than I thought.

You have to wonder what that expensive legal business in London and Edinburgh yesterday was all about?  Many details of Sports Direct’s deal with Newco are public knowledge, and the void of missing details is filled with pretty stark speculation.  It struck me that counsel for Sports Direct noted the chronology of the new board being appointed, the subsequent leaks and that Newco had not denied they were the source of the leak.  All now on record, in court.  Confidentiality is, of course, a condition of the agreement, which could now be argued is in breach.  That would be a source of regret.  For some.

More on Dave King over the weekend.  He can’t help himself.

You have to admire those who work to expose the absurdity of the Offensive Behaviour Act, designed by the SNP government to “equalise” non criminal offenses with criminal offenses.  Unfortunately, the campaigners are wasting their time, the Act is here to stay, anyone in doubt should read the news this morning that 80% of people surveyed support it.  Ask the average person in the street if they support a law against Offensive Behaviour and they’re hardly likely to say ‘no’.  This type of survey is manipulative nonsense.  Police with guns on the streets and politically motivated laws are a by-product of blind populism.  This is an offensive law and I am horrified.

Robert King is one of the Angola 3, who were incarcerated in solitary confinement in the Louisiana town of that name, and who have become causes célèbres for miscarriage of justice campaigners and prison reformers alike.  King spent 30 years in solitary before having his conviction overturned.  If you don’t know about the Angola 3, go find out.

He pitched up on CNN yesterday dressed in distinctive attire (below).

My relationship with Celtic is different to King’s.  I’m a Celtic fan because that’s the way I was brought up, but I’m pretty sure King’s roots don’t reach back to the Emerald Isle.  Chances are, I’d be a Celtic fan whether we were a club with a social mission or not.  For others, for King, the reasons they wear a shirt on TV, buy a season ticket, or simply share in our joy on occasion, are different.

We are the club of the underdog, a beacon for the downtrodden, a place where they will find a welcome.  No one can plan for this, it either survives over the decades or it doesn’t, so it’s worthwhile telling this part of our story now and again, to set ourselves a core target: Remain the most ethical football club in the world.

To deliver on this you and I need to step forward, this is not a job that can be outsourced to the club, it takes all of us.  You can start here by signing up for the Great Scottish Run for the Foundation.  I know at least 30 runners who read this, sign up before I see you in person!

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  1. macjay1 for Neil Lennon on



    01:09 on


    13 June, 2015





    Don`t you just love it.



  2. timbhoy in spain on

    Roy Croppie,Saw yer man in Barcelona a couple o years ago,BS.


    he’s the man.


    Older than me tae.

  3. Estorilbhoy



    Na mate I was only messin’ I think you’re a warmer.






    Sounds like a plan. Nope I’ve still got your email but we were somewhat restricted in what we were allowed to submit this time. I’ll buy you a kebab to make up for it :-)

  4. Alasdair MacLean on

    I was going to post this to Delaneys Dunkey……..but:



    See when you all come to the Ross County Park…..in Dingwall…..it just so happens to be in……. Dingwall.



    Just like every Celtic supporter doesn’t come from Parkhead in Glasgow.



    Ross County are just what it says on the label: County of Ross – meaning the whole of the County is there – Easter Ross; Wester Ross; South Ross; South West Ross (yes);



    The towns and villages of:

























    A train leaves Kyle every Saturday morning to pick up the supporters from Skye…




  5. Margaret McGill on

    Some comments:



    Here is hoping Scotland beat Ireland tomorrow.


    Wouldn’t it be very Celticky if our illustrious majority shareholder and our executive custodians were as philanthropic as the fans they milk?


    The Angola 3? well 10% of US executions since 1970 may have been innocent but then again charity begins at home.

  6. Margaret McGill on

    3rd rangers?


    We wouldnt be even discussing Sevco zombies if the whole of football was not all about money. Which it is. Some famous guy once said (forgotten who)


    “Football is nothing without fans. “

  7. I liked this,



    “THE HAMPDEN chief responded angrily to Rangers’ formal complaint about Celtic chief executive Peter Lawwell making a joke about them during last week’s agm at Parkhead.



    When asked by one shareholder about the reporting of Rangers in the media as a club founded in 1872, rather than a new club following liquidation last summer, Lawwell replied: “Rory Bremner can pretend to be Tony Blair.”



    That jibe infuriated Gers fans and the club’s hierarchy, who reported Lawwell, who is himself a member of the SFA board.



    Compliance officer Vincent Lunny has now decided the Celtic chief executive has no case to answer under SFA rules.



    But Ogilvie, former club secretary at Rangers, released a statement bashing both clubs’ heads together and urging them to set a better example during these testing times for Scottish football.



    He said: “This week the Scottish FA’s compliance officer has reviewed comments made by Peter Lawwell, at the club’s AGM, after receiving a letter of complaint from Rangers.



    “The compliance officer has informed both clubs that there is no actionable breach of the rules.



    “Nonetheless, I am compelled to convey my disappointment that we find ourselves in this position as a result of an apparent erosion of mutual respect between two of our oldest rivals.



    “At a time when Scottish football faces challenges on many fronts it is incumbent on our biggest clubs to set the highest standards.



    “In this regard both the comments made and the subsequent time, effort and resource imposed on our compliance officer to deal with the complaint were wholly unnecessary.”



    Lawwell has yet to publicly respond to the rebuke from his fellow SFA board member but Hoops boss Neil Lennon said: “It’s a storm in a teacup. It was a throwaway remark. I don’t know what he meant by it, you’d need to ask Peter that.



    “You’ve got to be so PC these days regarding a lot of topics. I know from my own experience. I’ve said a few things in the past and I’ve suffered for it – if you want to put it that way –


    afterwards. It’s a lot of hoo-ha over nothing.”



    Rangers boss Ally McCoist was reluctant to get involved and said: “The club has put a letter to the SFA so it would be wrong of me to comment. Peter made his comments at the Celtic AGM. I’ve got enough on my plate without concerning myself with the Celtic AGM.””

  8. Dallas Dallas where the heck is Dallas on

    Alisdair at 0.52, sorry for my late reply.



    Great post, if we can’t learn from our history, things won’t improve as much as they should and that applies to all countries.



    Good night all and sleep well and to our Southern Hemisphere posters, enjoy the rest of the day.

  9. Margaret McGill on

    Personally I couldnt care less if Celtic played in a cow field kicking shite out of cow shite if we never played the huns again. However, 50% of you Celtic “fans’ are bigots too.

  10. Alasdair MacLean on

    Margaret McGill ,



    Why are the called the “Angola” three?


    I’ve been hearing the story on the news, but why that name?

  11. Maggie



    Bollocks. The difference is that because we’re here we’ll identify with and support them. That’s not a criticism its just a fact.

  12. Dallas Dallas where the heck is Dallas on

    Roy Croppie, thanks for the great posts again.



    It was strange seeing Jinky wearing number 9. From the back it looked like Jack Charlton was tackling him.



    Sky sports news saying the shape of a swastika cut into the pitch where Croatia played Italy behind closed doors tonight.

  13. Margaret McGill on




    01:23 on 13 June, 2015



    lost you there mate…please elaborate?

  14. Mags,


    I could easily name 5 issues where bigotry numbers would hit 90% and higher even up to the 110% even! beautiful game! innit :)

  15. Maggie



    I remember my first post to you, I was in Worcester at my ma’s. I pulled you up because you were critical of those who continued, as Celtic supporters, to fight the good fight.



    I think you’re bang out of order criticising any Tim who carries on going.



    It’s culture and identity. Ours. Not theirs.

  16. Alasdair MacLean on

    Margaret McGill ,



    Cheers – Angola the country is dear to me – that’s why I was curious.



    One-eyed typing now….







  17. Aye, sure…..just send an e-mail to yer masonic-MSP and he’ll rattle the cage of the masonic-craft-establishment who will ensure that awe the wee bhoys are luftit in the crack-o’don-raids that were all rubber-stamped in the Celtic boardroom under the kow-towing watch of, Paul McBrideQC and other swivel-eyed-characters.



    And, there was daftie me hinkin that it was the huns who were gullable.



    Reap what ye sow at the back of the bus.



    I LOVE gullables.



    C’MO’N Mr O’Neill’s men…crush that wee ‘puppet’ Strachan.



    ….oot tae stay in LOVE….

  18. Fred C. Dobbs



    01:26 on 13 June, 2015






    Back at ye :O).



    Remember when we used to post This ?



    Hail Hail.





    Fred C D,



    That was one of the best ever moments following Celtic for me, personally. Neil was being Prophetic, IMO.



    Every Celtic Supporter must be Supported.



    I find it incredible that Paul67 is now talking about the Police having guns, not surprised though, that he has re-enforced the message.



    Some people have a big issue that they have been played.



    ernie lynch isnae daft at all at awe.

  19. Canamalar



    I’m not sure what you mean. I’ll have a go at anyone if I think theyre wrong. On here I’ll do it in the manner that Paul expects.