Courts, offensive law and a club for the downtrodden


I’m a bit disappointed RIFC were not in a position to advise their shareholders the results of the votes this morning.  Doing so would not have added 10 minutes to proceedings.  My expectation is that the board would win both votes, giving them a resounding platform this weekend to sell tickets for lower league football.  Perhaps there’s more going on than I thought.

You have to wonder what that expensive legal business in London and Edinburgh yesterday was all about?  Many details of Sports Direct’s deal with Newco are public knowledge, and the void of missing details is filled with pretty stark speculation.  It struck me that counsel for Sports Direct noted the chronology of the new board being appointed, the subsequent leaks and that Newco had not denied they were the source of the leak.  All now on record, in court.  Confidentiality is, of course, a condition of the agreement, which could now be argued is in breach.  That would be a source of regret.  For some.

More on Dave King over the weekend.  He can’t help himself.

You have to admire those who work to expose the absurdity of the Offensive Behaviour Act, designed by the SNP government to “equalise” non criminal offenses with criminal offenses.  Unfortunately, the campaigners are wasting their time, the Act is here to stay, anyone in doubt should read the news this morning that 80% of people surveyed support it.  Ask the average person in the street if they support a law against Offensive Behaviour and they’re hardly likely to say ‘no’.  This type of survey is manipulative nonsense.  Police with guns on the streets and politically motivated laws are a by-product of blind populism.  This is an offensive law and I am horrified.

Robert King is one of the Angola 3, who were incarcerated in solitary confinement in the Louisiana town of that name, and who have become causes célèbres for miscarriage of justice campaigners and prison reformers alike.  King spent 30 years in solitary before having his conviction overturned.  If you don’t know about the Angola 3, go find out.

He pitched up on CNN yesterday dressed in distinctive attire (below).

My relationship with Celtic is different to King’s.  I’m a Celtic fan because that’s the way I was brought up, but I’m pretty sure King’s roots don’t reach back to the Emerald Isle.  Chances are, I’d be a Celtic fan whether we were a club with a social mission or not.  For others, for King, the reasons they wear a shirt on TV, buy a season ticket, or simply share in our joy on occasion, are different.

We are the club of the underdog, a beacon for the downtrodden, a place where they will find a welcome.  No one can plan for this, it either survives over the decades or it doesn’t, so it’s worthwhile telling this part of our story now and again, to set ourselves a core target: Remain the most ethical football club in the world.

To deliver on this you and I need to step forward, this is not a job that can be outsourced to the club, it takes all of us.  You can start here by signing up for the Great Scottish Run for the Foundation.  I know at least 30 runners who read this, sign up before I see you in person!

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  1. Gerryfaethebrig- enjoy your last weekend of freedom. Hope to catch you on Monday and introduce my bad self.



    On other matters can someone pleeez tell me what I missed about Robert King? Didn’t get a response earlier and paranoia kicking in :-)



    Persona non-Blatter!!!!

  2. blantyretim is praying for the Knox family on



    Had a chat to a female employee


    She called north gate the mothership


    I nearly wet myself laughing



    Got my 1st on Tuesday


    12th July 1st payment. 8))

  3. AoW



    Seems this Black Panther is a Green Panther, the rinky dink Panther!



    HH jamesgang

  4. Parkheadcumsalford…..Gotta Say…I Laughed at Them in their Bitterness and Stupidity…Dont Get me wrong, i Understand Your point but i Would never let them See that they had got under my skin…Its What they Wanted, I would never give them that satisfaction…Laugh at Them…Works For Me…

  5. FourGreenFields.



    I hope so,he’s doing his cheffie bit,as BT found it hard last year so decided to go on holiday this year instead.




    only kidding BT???(:.

  6. Delaneys Dunky on

    Turkey & BGX



    Thems and their anthems of hate, used to bring out a side of me that I did not like. Sorry, have to disagree with you both.


    Loving fitba without thems!

  7. Alasdair MacLean on




    As you may remember through posts on here, I’m pretty apathetic about most political things with just a vague mistrust of the British establishment, including the Scottish part of that establishment, being my guide – but the case you’re highlighting has struck a note with me.



    Any chance of posting a draft letter to my MSP, which I can copy and amend to suit my area – along with anyone else in their respective areas….yes, because I’m lazy, but also so that we can all get corelated with what we are asking? (Should that have been one “L” or two?)







  8. Yehhh! Thanks to the troops in the barrel-hoops! Magic stuff.



    BT- the Mothership comment came from heid bummer Mike (I cannae handle negativity) Baker.



    I do the UC newsletter (editor, journo and print bhoy) and highlighted that comment with an image of the ole Led Zep album cover of the same name.



    Thought it would wind him up….




    ….he loved it! :-(



    Jamesgang- got pink panther ditty in ma heid for the night!! :-(








    off to porta pollensa in july do you have a message big amichellea if I meet her ?????

  10. chicagobhoy1967



    19:09 on 12 June, 2015








    Born on the south side, so a White Sox fan. If you’re familiar with the rivalry, it’s fairly friendly.






    Yeah, I watch Cubs vs Sox when they play. Enjoy the banter.



    Saw the great documentary ‘Catching Hell’ about the Cubs fan who caught the flyball before it went out.



    Been following MLB for decades, intensely in the past few years thanks to MLB.com subscription.



    Redsox my team, good old Boston Irish and, of course, Sam Malone :))

  11. The Pantaloon Duck on

    I see that Norway, powered by Johansen and Ødegaard, have held on for a Ø-Ø draw against the mighty Azerbaijan.

  12. Gerryfaethebrig on




    Stories like that will hopefully make it real to people, it could be your sin or daughter in Greenock !!!



    Clogher Celt


    Watched that this morning and learnt more in 46mins than in many years, it was sad, enjoyable & enlightening,


    AOW – at least wait till Sunday let me enjoy Friday/Saturday !

  13. Just want to wish Hoopy birthday to esteemed and witty CQN poster.


    Gordybhoy64 ;-)))

  14. Delaneys Dunky on

    Two Polish and one Slovakian workmate are wanting to go to our match v Dukla Prague in Paisley on 4 July. Is it possible to buy 3 tickets for that match only?

  15. alasdair maclean



    21:33 on 12 June, 2015



    Thanks for your interest mate.



    It won’t be tonight but I’ll get something done over the weekend and post it on here.



    I’m aware that my posts regarding this issue will have become ‘scroll by’ for some but I’ve endured enough pish on here over the years from rockets to feel that I’ve merited my own place amongst them! :-)

  16. FourGreenFields on




    Are you sure about the description :-))



    Only kidding , Happy Birthday.

  17. DD



    I was in getting our tickets today and I think they’re only selling packages just now.

  18. gordybhoy64 21:41 on 12 June, 2015



    Would that be the same esteemed, witty… and modest Gordybhoy64 ?? :))


    HH and Hoopy BD fellow Tim!!



    TC 45

  19. DD- I thought that was the start of a joke!



    Dunno mate, I heard the 3 pack of tickets was selling well…so might be tight. HT probably best to answer.



    Gerry- sorry mate, Paul67 can you delete my post? :-)

  20. Favourite Uncle…Tell her i Said its Ok To Do Some Charity Work on Your Auld Ass.. Tell Her a said shes to go easy on yi…Ps bung her a Fifty from me, a bumped her for her Fee last time out..#Nolikeme…Ha…

  21. Respect and honour to Robert King


    If I had my way he would be invited to CP to unfurl the league flag at the start of season 2016-17!




  22. AoW



    Your absence has slowed yer reactions son :-)



    Good to see you back.

  23. Delaneys Dunky…I Love Fitba Without them..Long may it Continue, For Ever and Ever, Can i Have an Amen…AMen…But…I Dont Care What They Sing, Sing What they Want, I REFUSE to Be Offended…I Will Not Give Them What they Want…Just Me..

  24. Delaneys Dunky on




    If you hear of 3 spares going could you give me a shout please. I am trying to convert them into Tims! Artur Boruc and Lubo have helped. :)

  25. chicagobhoy1967 on

    Hrvatski Jim





    I loved that song growing up. Like most of the rest of the city, the area and surrounding suburbs is quite diverse: Black, Latino, Irish, Italian, the largest Polish area outside of Warsaw.



    And we do fancy ourselves as the ‘baddest part of town,’ home to neighborhoods of cops, firefighters, and tradesmen. Oh, and the most corrupt politicians on the planet. Putin comes often to pick up tips.

  26. Mahe the Madman on

    Sandman, I believe that fella was forced out of Chicago after a witchhunt for his “crime”. Love the sport myself but could never understand the sunflower seeds they all eat. Go padres


    Hail hail

  27. Alasdair MacLean on




    Didn’t expect it within the hour!


    I’ll let you know next week when I pick it up.



    Welcome to the rocket club.




  28. gordybhoy64



    Hoopy birthday!



    AoW – I love that tune!


    Soal – you know I love my pink gear!



    HH jamesgang

  29. cheers for the replies bhoys,just wanted to give myself a wee mention;-))





    only 358 days til you catch me up mucker

  30. HamiltonTim…Draw Something Up on Here as Suggested, I Will Sign it or Send It…No Doubt…

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