Covid adherence a necessity to win the league


There’s lessons for us all in how one St Mirren player caught the virus, forcing his flatmate, a Hamilton Accies player, to isolate, shortly before three staff at Hamilton tested positive.  While we will never know for sure if these cases were linked, it is very likely.  The virus remains a risk to our health and incomes.  A lack of symptoms during the early incubation period allow it to flit between players who train together and therefore who face each other.

The health consequences for players are likely to be less significant than for society in general, they are young with few of the comorbidity markers, but the nature of their work makes them more vulnerable to infection than many of us.

Any innocuous link outside players’ sporting bubble can lead to multiple club contagion.  Teams need to manage this risk by controlling what staff do at home, prohibiting social interactions and maintaining social distance between staff while indoors.  Adherence to these practices is a prerequisite to winning the league.

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  1. Happy game day eve from a crisp feeling (it’s 16 degrees in Scottish money!) Louisville.



    5 days until me take our rightful place at the top of the table then maybe a wee favour from the Hibees on Sunday.




  2. It is a concern that either clubs actions are ineffective or that players are not following the rules. Another 3 players at Hamilton have positive tests and Hamilton have suspended Training and require a deep clean of the ground. I guess there are a few stadiums which a deep clean would do no harm.



    Stokes short career at Livingston has ended due to them having an astroturf pitch which is baffling. I suspect that Livinston anti covid rules insist that attending gigs with Elvis tribute acts is forbidden

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  4. ST Stivs



    I used to work with Joe Fillipis cousin in late 80’s early 90’s



    The cousin had no interest in football and was amazed someone would remember his cousin



    As for the bigger picture of Celtic bringing through their own it annoys me that


    we cant produce say a striker BUT I cant blame our setup or methods because if someone


    can suggest a few players that we missed then anyone name them Robertson ? McGinn?



    Not a lot of players out there that we are missing just a lack of talent.




  5. …..☘️☘️☘️☘️….








    …☘️……………. ☘️




















  6. Back to Basics - Glass Half Full on

    St Stivs – brilliant memory lane post at 11:54 last night.



    Subsequent chat also very enjoyable.



    Re Covid-19 adherence, sign bachelors without flatmates !



    Joking aside, very difficult, in particular, for young men with children of school age to sustain a bubble.

  7. I sincerely thought the redtop rag piece about 34 clubs in for Alfredo had to be a myth-debunking pish-take.


    Peak irony that the Xbox fantasy wish-list piece wasn’t ironic.


    Deludamol FC



    PS: First day of no-deaths here since mid-July. Fingers crossed.

  8. The Battered Bunnet on

    We need to be careful when looking at Covid-19 that we don’t fall into the trap of thinking that “Young = mild illness”.



    We know so very little about this illness and new observations are noted daily, but we do know that youth is no sure fire protection.



    Firstly, if the infection spreads into the lungs, the virus causes tissue fibrosis, turning affected lung cells into dried papier mache. This would be career-ending for any elite athlete.



    Secondly, around 10% of those infected develop continuing symptoms referred to as ‘Long Covid’. This affects a number of major functions and organs in the body. In effect, an acute virus infection becomes a chronic condition. You can read some more about it here:



    News today that three Hamilton players have tested positive, hard on the heels of the cases at St Mirren, shows the impossibility of sealing the social bubble. There will be more to come as the prevalence of infection in the community grows in the coming weeks. Being young, fit and healthy may reduce the likelihood of more serious illness, but it doesn’t make them invincible.

  9. !!bada bing!!



    Doubt if he ever played for the first team Bing, but didn’t Eddie Cattenach, Davie’s brother sign for the Bhoys, back in the day. Cracking wee player as a youngster.

  10. Trying to catch up with the 70’s transfer chat.



    First away = LM.



    DH leaving was a hard one to take — as noted it was over money specifically bonus payments.


    GC drifting away over time was another issue that hurt us for nearly another decade.



    At least we got real money = KD at the start of 77/78.


    Unfortunately that season was a complete wash out with a treble going to Govan.



    On the other side of the equation we had RA / TB / GMcC coming through from the Reserves.


    Plus some of the KD money was recycled to bring in FMcG.



    However there are always the unanswered question of what if DH had stayed?



    Would his legs have lasted out till CN and PMcS arrived in 80 and 82’ish?


    Would we have sold KD if we had managed to keep going in the EC?



    Looking back 1977 was the start of the big slide towards irrelevance.


    We only seemed to try a leg for the Centenary Season after that.


    The only season we planned to “must” win something — at other times we were happy just to be in the mix.

  11. Pebble in the pond time — for the sixth time …



    Transfers away for real money — 1961 / 63



    BA = Left for Brum.


    PC = Left for ManU.



    BA comes back and plays in Lisbon in 1967.


    If PC hadn’t left — would he have played in Lisbon?



    If yes — who’s place would he have taken?


    Would it have been a direct swap or would we have played 3 in MF?

  12. MM


    Since 1977, Celtic have been Scottish Champions 21 times.


    Were we not trying for 20 of those seasons?

  13. With regard to George Connolly and his outstanding ability.



    I listened to A Celtic state of mind podcast , released on 15/8/20 , with Michael Jobson , the brother of the Skids lead singer Richard. Michael’s brother John was the manager of Junior team , Oakley.



    John had signed George Connolly for Oakley. Michael explained that George would stay behind to practice his long range passing over 60 yards. George would get annoyed with himself if the ball never landed where he aimed for.



    Our game on Saturday might get postponed as Livingston played Hamilton last Saturday. Hamilton already had one player , Lee Hodson, diagnosed as positive prior to the Livingston match. Hodson’s flatmate , Jak Alnwick, is St Mirren’s first choice goalie.

  14. DD @ 2.09



    KD leaving 10 years after Lisbon = break point for the club.


    77 till 94 when the incumbents were run out of town we only burst a gut to win the Centenary season.



    We spent good money on bringing FMcG back up the road from Liverpool.


    However it could be seen as just some of the KD money getting spent.



    My point is that after 1977 we seem to have been happy at a level lower than the previous 12 years.



    Long slow slide to oblivion — 87/88 being the outlier in terms of effort and spend.

  15. EXPAT-CELT (From previous blog)


    Thank you for the suggestions. I do use numerous devices and I do share certain of them with my wife. I have learned never to log out from CQN, but get papped off anyway. I will try using only one dedicated device and see how that goes!😊

  16. JVR


    Thank you for recommending the Michael Jobson podcast.


    JNP messaged me to say that you recommended it for me.


    Excellent listen J.


    Soup Herb in fact. 👍

  17. Took a long break from CQN, been reading for a couple of weeks. Enjoyed reading this morning’s offerings. Well in Bhoys!






    We need to be careful when looking at Covid-19 that we don’t fall into the trap of thinking that “Young = mild illness”.






    Post of the day



    HH jg

  19. Delaney’s , I know you really liked Echo and the Bunnymen and Richard Ashcroft , who Michael is very close with. The two of you have a lot in common with your love of Celtic and music. It was a great listen particularly the bit he said about his brother John and George Best when Meadowbank played Hibs.



    I was grateful to NorrieM who also contacted you about the podcast.

  20. LC2



    interesting point about us producing good strikers from our youth set up. Very thin on the ground in my time



    quick brainstorm



    1970s – Dalglish, Macari, McCluskey


    1980s – Nicholas


    1990s – Creaney


    2000s – Burchill, Beattie


    2010s –



    we always have to buy strikers it seems. Pretty shocked i can only think of one player in the 80s. Is my memory screwed?

  21. DD


    Good call.


    I thought about Danny Crainie but i wasn’t sure if he counted as a regular player. I remember a brief bit of excitement

  22. Dbhoy



    completely forgot Donnelly!



    I classed Maloney as a winger/mid like McGeady but you are right; he did play striker under MON

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