Covid adherence a necessity to win the league


There’s lessons for us all in how one St Mirren player caught the virus, forcing his flatmate, a Hamilton Accies player, to isolate, shortly before three staff at Hamilton tested positive.  While we will never know for sure if these cases were linked, it is very likely.  The virus remains a risk to our health and incomes.  A lack of symptoms during the early incubation period allow it to flit between players who train together and therefore who face each other.

The health consequences for players are likely to be less significant than for society in general, they are young with few of the comorbidity markers, but the nature of their work makes them more vulnerable to infection than many of us.

Any innocuous link outside players’ sporting bubble can lead to multiple club contagion.  Teams need to manage this risk by controlling what staff do at home, prohibiting social interactions and maintaining social distance between staff while indoors.  Adherence to these practices is a prerequisite to winning the league.

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  1. I really liked Sid, very clever player. His link up and interplay with Jackie Mac was brilliant to watch.



    Maloney was fighting for a spot in the forward line with Sutton, Hartson and Larsson. Another player I really liked. Unfortunately he was hampered with injuries with us which held him back. Cracking player when fit and on form.




  2. DD,



    your post about the fine name of Robert, and the collection of greats that shared the name



    Evans, Murdock, Auld, Lennox,



    you missed my 2 favourites.



    Bertie Moravcik




    Bobby Nakamura.




  3. Back to Basics - Glass Half Full on

    Madmitch – interesting take on the Kenny D transfer.



    As a young boy at the time I vaguely recall a bit of a cloud coming over the older generation when he left.



    There was missing 10IAR and Jock’s car crash, then Kenny’s sale felt like end of an era.



    A “story” which emerged later was our Board’s willingness to accept £300,000 for Kenny.



    Jock allegedly haggled to get more.



    I know the current transfer market is bonkers but the following has always stood out for me as the nuttiest example of fee and talent being independent of each other ….



    August 77 – Dalglish – £440,000



    February 78 – McQueen – £495,000






    Hail hail



    Keep The Faith

  4. A team of Roberts anyone ?



    1, Doulgas Rab




    3. Peacock Bertie


    4. Evans Bobby




    6. Auld Bertie


    7. Collins Bobby


    8. Murdoch Bobby


    9 Petta, Bobby


    10. Keane Robbie


    11. Lennox Bobby

  5. ps,


    dont forget our other Edward middle name to go with McGrory



    Henrik Edward Larsson (Swedish pronunciation: [ˈhɛ̌nːrɪk ˈlɑ̌ːʂɔn]; born 20 September 1971)






    Since 1977, Celtic have been Scottish Champions 21 times.



    Were we not trying for 20 of those seasons?




    I can understand what MM (see what I did there?) is talking about. I would say that the malaise accepted by the Board started in 1974 after Atletico Madrid and not in 1977 after the departure of Kenny. I think Madmitch is referring to European ambition rather than winning domestic trophies.


    We declined as a club due to the corruption and lack of business acumen of the Old Board. When they were in charge we only had 7000 season ticket holders. You couldn’t just go into Celtic Park and buy one. They were mostly acquired when the previous holder stopped attending or passed away and the family passed it on. My first season ticket was passed on to me by my father-in- law. A former neighbour of his had died and there was no one in his family to carry it on. The Board were happy that they could make inaccurate returns over attendances.



    Compare and contrast to Liverpool. They too had a stadium that was predominantly standing areas but they sold it out to season ticket holders season after season. Once the tickets were sold they then knew their budget for the year. At the start of every season they went out and made a blue chip signing. Kenny Dalglish after their first European Cup win. John Barnes, Alan Johnston, Terry McDermott, Graeme Souness etc. They kept their squad strong, vibrant and competitive until Heysel when they were banned for 5 seasons.



    Celtic went into (almost terminal decline) until Fergus arrived in 1994. We could have been fighting it out with Liverpool to contest which club was Kings of Europe if we had Fergus or someone of his ilk two decades earlier.

  7. kennoway hogg and morrison, geatons lyons and patterson, complete the forward line, this was my dads team.

  8. Danny Crainie, for a brief moment, had a few of us thinking we had another Charlie Nucholas.


    Had a good Evening Times 5-a-side tourney though.

  9. My Dad used to rave about the Empire Exhibition Cup team. He absolutely loved Malay McDonald and Jimmy Delaney. However, it was a case of the old Celtic Board story: “They wouldn’t pay them the money they deserved.”

  10. seem to recall Lou was £200,000


    Davie Hay went riot bout same 200,000


    kenny. £440,000 .




  11. 3 questions


    1which team did lubo moravcick join celtic from


    2 how many managers did lubo play under


    3 lubos debut for celtic was against which side, good luck




    it’s one of the thing I miss bout going to a game is meeting the older generation .they could rattle of team lineout of all the different Celtic line outs.impressive stuff

  13. the original sadies bhoy, would you believe frank murphys sister jean murphy, married my mothers cousin bill garvin ,another true story😎

  14. garygillespieshamstring on




    My old man insisted until the day he died that Malky McDonald was the finest player who ever played for Celtic.


    Said he played every position for Celtic including in goal in a five a side tournament.



    He watched Celtic from 1929 to the early 2000s.

  15. garygillespieshamstring on




    1. Duisburg?


    2. 4 Dr Jo, Barnes, dalglish, mon


    3. Dundee the day jock brown left

  16. 🙋‍♂️ Hi Fellow Celtic Fans!



    The very good nostalgic discussion of players today got me to thinking of my own ‘If you had to choose just 1 Celtic Player in the following scenarios, who would you choose?’ straw poll as below. (I have put my own candidates in brackets).



    If you had to choose just 1 Celtic Player in the following scenarios, who would you choose?


    1. Save a penalty? (Forster)


    2. Make a reaction save? (Boruc)


    3. Catch a corner kick. (No idea!)


    4. Make a last-gasp tackle? (Danny McGrain)


    5. Sort someone out? (Tie: Bobo / Davie Hay / Bertie Auld)


    6. Make an accurate long-distance pass? (Tie: George Connoly / Paul McStay)


    7. Race past a defender and score? (Lennox)


    8. Weave past a lot of defenders and retain or pass the ball? (Jinky)


    9. Score from a free-kick? (Nakamura)


    10. Score when one-on-one with the goalkeeper? (Larsson)


    11. Just score? (Jimmy McGrory)


    12. Score from a penalty? (Edouard)



    I hope you have fun with this boys and girls! 😊



    Take Care, Keep Safe and Hail Hail! 😊



    Yours in Celtic,




  17. garygillespieshamstring on




    I knew them all when I was a young bhoy. It was like learning your Catechism.


    Now in my sixties, I remember Shaw, McNair, Dodds, Young Loney and Hay more easily than I remember the team who won at Dingwall on Saturday. :)

  18. My father always went on about Patsy Gallagher and he also liked Malky McDonald just looked up he was signed from St Anthony’s,(Govan team) so that’s were that came from.


    Anyway one day in 1970 he decided that he was going to see The Celtic against Leeds in the semi, he hadn’t been to a game in years. Having bought six tickets I, being the youngest brother,had to jump the turnstile.


    Coming out after the game he said ” That wee man’s some player’ Patsy knocked into second place, Yahoo!




  19. GARYGILLESPIESHAMSTRING ,what can i say but brilliant stuff, what do you drink, does not matter the cost ,delaneys dunky is paying😎😎

  20. theoriginalsadiesbhoy



    Think LFC remained strong, vibrant and competitive after 1985


    1986 – Champions


    1987 – Runners – Up


    1988 – Champions


    1989 – Runners – Up


    1990 – Champions


    1991 – Runners – Up


    Football wise a brilliant period for the club. But the impact of Hillsborough took its’ toll.

  21. Malcolm Macdonald , our Glasgow Gael , must have been an incredible player , he was my dad’s all time favourite Celtic player too.

  22. Paul67 et al



    Got to admit I’ve never heard of Alfie Doughty but I do know that Charlton are playing West Ham in the old Caribou Cup at the ‘London Stadium’ this evening 7.30 pm kick-off. See if he gets a game.

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