Covid adherence a necessity to win the league


There’s lessons for us all in how one St Mirren player caught the virus, forcing his flatmate, a Hamilton Accies player, to isolate, shortly before three staff at Hamilton tested positive.  While we will never know for sure if these cases were linked, it is very likely.  The virus remains a risk to our health and incomes.  A lack of symptoms during the early incubation period allow it to flit between players who train together and therefore who face each other.

The health consequences for players are likely to be less significant than for society in general, they are young with few of the comorbidity markers, but the nature of their work makes them more vulnerable to infection than many of us.

Any innocuous link outside players’ sporting bubble can lead to multiple club contagion.  Teams need to manage this risk by controlling what staff do at home, prohibiting social interactions and maintaining social distance between staff while indoors.  Adherence to these practices is a prerequisite to winning the league.

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  1. Thanks guys – I now have a moral dilemma- I was happy to chip in fir Ross County, not so happy about the Paisley huns- am I bad?

  2. The good thing about the ppv is that it’s not going to sky sports.Just how much do the the home club get with this set up.Think county charged more than st mirren

  3. Corkcelt-hesgoal was poor on Saturday,honestly didn’t see one goal as it happened.


    Buffering 😡

  4. Neil Lennon & McCartney on

    The Asian Football Confederation’s Executive Committee just confirmed that they will be scrapping the 2020 AFC Cup due to the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic.

  5. Former BT football commentator , Derek Rae, has tweeted , Borussia Dortmund are planning on 10000 fans attending their home game versus Munchengladbach this weekend. He said all 10000 must be season ticket holders and live locally. No other information was provided.



    Those who think that Forrest never tracks back should study this site.







    heat maps of Cetic players







    1) select Heat Maps from the options at the top





    2) click on select all- this leaves you a blank screen





    3) click on James Forrest and you get his heat map





    4) click on Jeremie Frimpong for comparison







    It shows that Jamesie was more often in defensive support positions but was less evident in a forward role







    Food for thought







    that is what i was talking about late last night.



    how can a lazy never back tracking player, be most often in the traditional left back position, and the outball, and carrying the ball up the park with passes.



    i dont get people slagging the guy still.



    the stats, and performance indicators show why he is the first pick every week.

  7. Just a couple of buffering problems with hesgoal but just hit reload and it was fine.



    Great picture.

  8. Rolle in Switzerland held a Drum & Bass Rave.



    Ma Nephew and ma we wee Bro attended.




    Junglism wis ma thing 2.



    Milton Keynes was Mad.



    Crazy story. Involves Blackpool as well.



    God Bless the Bloomfields.

  9. Good morning cqn from a dry and mild Garngad



    So we have more cash outlay to watch the beloved hoops ppv.stmirren.com



    It will be interesting to see how many other teams supporters have to fork out as much as us.



    Anyway I cannot wait to see the bhoys play again it will fair cheer us all up with all this doom and gloom around.






    Auch same starting 11 as Saturday..






    D :)

  10. DAVID66 on 16TH SEPTEMBER 2020 6:21 AM



    You’ve disappointed me David, you didn’t include a plea for the return of Paddy Roberts in your morning post – I thought we were a team :-)

  11. DAVID66


    The whole CTV v PPV and VFM equation is perplexing


    O/seas I pay 15 quid = AU26 just for Celtic TV per month. Not sure what the current PPV for Scots locals is?


    I can watch the entire EPL schedule, plus Europa, Champs Jap & Korea leagues w a local telco for AU$15p/m


    Still, Shane’s debut goal was a fiver’s worth all on its own ;)


    Club loyalty is valued, mainly because it’s valuable. HH

  12. A cheeky wee half day off this afternoon for a game of golf. Dinner. Then GAMETIME.



    Life is not too bad in your 60s.



    Clean sheet and a few goals. Or a win of any kind please.

  13. lets all do the huddle on

    no idea why folk are complaining about paying to watch the game tonight



    its not a home game so isnt covered by our season tickets



    and we dont have any divine right for sky to show all our away games. they arent obliged to do so



    a few years ago st mirren wouldnt have been able to do ppv so no one would even have that option so no one would see the game at all



    i dont see any issue with tonights arrangement



    you might argue about the price – but when our club would charge st mirren fans almost 30 quid to come to celtic park for a game then i dont think we are in a position to complain about what other clubs do until we get our own house in order

  14. Good Morning all


    Worrying times for everyone, including football.



    Never logged out = still logged in..!




  15. Good morning from a misty moisty North staffs – autumnal feel.


    Good luck to the bhoys tonight – probably the same starting lineup as Saturday.



    So that’s 2 of our games that would normally have been on Sky that have gone to PPV -however I see the newclub’s game is on Sky on Sunday. 🤔

  16. St Stivs @ 11:25 pm



    `i dont get people slagging the guy ( James Forrest) still.`



    It is my experience that many people, once they have formed an opinion, are most reluctant to change that viewpoint. Evidence becomes relatively unimportant and , when it is used, is very selective from sources which support their entrenched , original opinion.

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