Covid adherence a necessity to win the league


There’s lessons for us all in how one St Mirren player caught the virus, forcing his flatmate, a Hamilton Accies player, to isolate, shortly before three staff at Hamilton tested positive.  While we will never know for sure if these cases were linked, it is very likely.  The virus remains a risk to our health and incomes.  A lack of symptoms during the early incubation period allow it to flit between players who train together and therefore who face each other.

The health consequences for players are likely to be less significant than for society in general, they are young with few of the comorbidity markers, but the nature of their work makes them more vulnerable to infection than many of us.

Any innocuous link outside players’ sporting bubble can lead to multiple club contagion.  Teams need to manage this risk by controlling what staff do at home, prohibiting social interactions and maintaining social distance between staff while indoors.  Adherence to these practices is a prerequisite to winning the league.

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  1. Gene


    Good morning. Only person to blame for Sky not showing Saint Mirren v Celtic match. Bolingoli. Think it will be same starting team as Saturday, and a similar scoreline.


    Would be interesting to know how many Celtic supporters paid Ross County for the match on ppv on Saturday, and how much Ross County earned from us.





    GARYGILLESPIESHAMSTRING-you’re probably correct.I had always thought Lubo and Mhalby made there debuts against the Huns 🤷‍♀️





    Believe it or not I was at both games😉




    In the 5-1 games v The Huns ( November 21st 1998) at Celtic Park when Lubo scored 2 goals…was Lubo’s first ever game against the Huns…NOT his debut for Celtic.


    TWO Players made their debut for Celtic that day….Johann Mjalby and the new Celtic goalkeeper..Tony Warner.



  3. IMO, the less Sky have to do with Scottish football the better. I would far rather PPV to any club than subscribe to Sky.



  4. Good morning, friends from a rather overcast, grey looking but currently dry east Kilbride. A day of chores awaits but with the reward of hopefully being able to, yet again, see The Champions play tonight.


    Not only that, but 3-5-2, surely ;-)

  5. Gene @ 8:52am



    `-however I see the newclub’s game is on Sky on Sunday. `


    In no way am I sticking up for Sky but it is easy to make a case for the Hibs v Sevco .



    Friesdorfer @ 9:06 am



  6. Hot Smoked


    The converse view also applies. Those supporters who champion James Forrest and have him as their favourite player, cannot see the deficiencies in his play, and will not criticise, even when criticism of some of James performances is valid. Works both ways J.

  7. 5 Scott Brown replacements:



    1. Soro – I suppose he has the best chance at it because he’s the guy on the bench. No idea what we have here but I’d like to see him get more game time.



    2. James Mccarthy – Can’t see him moving until next summer. A lot will depend on Crystal Palace staying up and Roy Hodgson deciding to stay or not.



    3. Scott Robertson – He seems to be getting game time at Gillingham. A full season playing against grown men might make a man of him



    4. Lewis Ferguson – Probably a long shot due to his background. If his name was Lewis McStay we would all want him. Over 100 appearances before the age of 21 shows a player we’ll ahead of his peers.



    5. Allan Campbell – the cheaper option. Available to sign a pre-contract in Jan. He seems to be playing very well for a poor Motherwell side. Scored for Scotland under 21s the other night

  8. Celtic v Huns November 21st 1998..


    My Burd at that time was a short affair ( maybe 3 or 4 months) and she was a Bluenose.


    I left her Flat that morning to meet my mates for some beers before attending the match. She and a friend from her work had bought Two tickets for the Beam Back at Ipox. It was reported that the Huns had sold just over 30,000 tickets for the Beam Back ?



    As I left her Flat that crisp November morn…we agreed to meet up after the game in a city centre Pub. I had time to have Two pints with my mates after the game in The Squirrel Pub…and then made my way into the city centre to meet her and her mate. The Pub in the city centre was The Scotia Bar..and you are not allowed to wear colours so I had my Celtic scarf in my jacket pocket…



    I didnt WALK from the Gallowgate to the city centre that day…I Feckin FLOATED…it was the first time that I had attended a celtic Vhuns game…and to watch Celtic score 5 GOALS against them…I wasnt there in 1966…when we won 5-1 as my Da wouldnt take me as he said I was too young !


    Needless to say, I was in a very upbeat mood when I met her and her pal in The Scotia…and those Two were sitting in a corner with their faces tripping them…LOL !


    I immediately knew that I wouldnt get any “Loving” that night from my bluenose Burd…but i didnt care !



    I bought some drinks and sat down with her and her pal, and I tried NOT to over Gloat etc….but I did ask them “When did you arrive at the Pub” ?


    They replied…about 4.30/4.45pm ?



    THAT game kicked off at 3pm that day..so it was due to finish around 4.45/4.50…so I asked them both…” how come you got here so early” ?



    They replied…” We left The Beam Back EARLY”.



    I then asked, “what was the score when you left the Beam Back/Ipox” ?



    They replied….” Eh..erm…it was 3-0 at the time” !


    I immediately burst out laughing and said…” So you paid all that money for the Beam Back and you didnt even see The Ranjurs goal” ? ( The Huns scored from a free kick to make it 3-1 to Celtic in the 2nd half)



    They werent very happy…and as I say…that Burd refused to give me any “Loving” that night…but I didnt care LOL !


    She “BINNED” me in late December 1998 just over one month later……again…I couldnt care less LOL !


    Happy days on every front.



  9. DD


    Don’t agree – Sky could easily show the game tonight – the ppv will be using their pictures. The government postponed the game – not happening with the latest players being tested positive

  10. JF (Old) now being defended by data — there is a reason why data is the lowest form of human comprehension.



    Wandering about in the defensive third of the park at a stately 5 miles an hour looking lost as JF (New) points to an overlapping FB who is creating space for the opposition is not a productive use of a jersey for a team.



    Showing for the ball in our own half close to the half way line and then passing it straight back to the defensive player is not a productive use of a jersey.



    Rinse and repeat until 5 minutes before half time when he will cut inside and run across the park 35M out and end up firing off a Hollywood shot — not good.



    JF (Old) is a hugely talented player — as noted on a regular basis he is a more complete striker / forward than AMcG — but he is currently phoning it in and even more importantly he is getting worse.



    I was critical of him when he did not play to his potential.


    Now others are getting involved when he does not play to the standard of the team.



    He needs dropped and he needs coached and supported.


    We need him to stretch the game and provide width — that should be his stock play.


    Coming inside to come across the pitch or drive into the inside right channel should be high days and holidays.



    The basics are wrong — how often does he take the ball facing his won goalkeeper?


    Far too often.



    Even now he can be very effective on the break but he is not doing enough to stretch the organised defences we meet on a weekly basis.

  11. Big Jimmy


    Can you remember the U2 hit of the time, that was played at full time in that 5-1 match, which all us Tims sang along to, exiting Celtic Park, and along the Gallowgate?

  12. Back to Basics - Glass Half Full on

    Is Stewart Gilmour still involved at St Mirren in any way?



    Would be a contributory factor in buying / not buying the PPV tonight.

  13. Gene


    Had Bolingoli not broken the Covid19 protocol, the game would have been televised by Sky, on the original date. Why they are not showing tonight’s match, I don’t know?


    I blame Bolingoli for the farce, though.

  14. Timaloy29 – I’ll have a go at that.



    Soro – Will disappear on loan to a Belgian club next year, we’ll never know.



    James McCarthy – Will sign for Brighton, then QPR, then Stoke, and eventually finish his career at Doncaster Rovers. He’ll play a total of 30 games across those teams.



    Scott Robinson – Will excel at Gillingham (apparently had a great debut last night) and kick on when he returns to Celtic.



    Lewis Ferguson – Will be signed by prem relegation fodder or championship hopefuls, perhaps Aston Villa or Bournemouth.



    Allan Campbell – Will sign a pre-contract with sevco in Jan. Motherwell will reluctantly let an unhappy player leave early for 50k, and probably get relegated.

  15. SFTB @ 9:28 am



    `Who is this mythical poster who will never criticise James Forrest?`



    That`ll be me, :-))

  16. If we win tonight and again on Saturday, the pain of Ferencvaros, for me, will be greatly dulled.



    Aff oot.

  17. SFTB


    You do not need to ask me that question T.


    You know yourself who said posters are.


    James Forrest is a huge favourite of mine, but I am not as blinkered as some posters, who do not criticise James, when his performance drops from his usual high standards. Calmac is another who falls into that category.

  18. Go tell the Spartim on

    Let’s all do the huddle – I’m in agreement with your post bout tonight’s game



    Timaloy explain to me what Lewis Ferguson’s main attributes are ? He’s good in a scrappy game but has limited footballing ability



    As for James Forrest the player – my negative criticism of him is two fold 1) he’s always on his heels, when he’s on the front foot he’s a great asset 2) when he’s not got confidence he’s bang average, for the talent he has, at times, I think we’d expect more from him in some games. You could argue some of his raw talents been coached out of him, when he burst in the scene he had a great shot with both feet, he prob still has but don’t see it often enough. He’d still be in my starting 11



    Big Jimmy





    Can you remember the U2 hit of the time, that was played at full time in that 5-1 match, which all us Tims sang along to, exiting Celtic Park, and along the Gallowgate?




    Of course I do…it was U2’s….” THE SWEETEST THING”….it was the first song that the Celtic DJ played at the final whistle…as the remaining Hun support made their way oot…and Celtic Park was in full voice…..and that song and the Celtic Choir really rubbed the Huns noses in it that day !


    Magical !



    in fact that Bluenose Burd bought me U2’s greatest Hits CD for my birthday a few weeks after that game….and before she Binned me in late December LOL




  20. Big Jimmy


    Brilliant mate.


    Sounds like your hun burd did you a favour, by dumping you.


    Bullet dodged 👍😜😂

  21. DD @ 9.47



    Not being a politician, I don’t stick to the rule that you don’t ask a question to which you don’t already know the answer.



    I tend to do the opposite and only ask when I am genuinely puzzled- so I realy don’t know who those guys are and I don’t recognise Hot Smoked as one. Reluctant to focus on the negative maybe, but incapable of criticism- no he is not.

  22. As someone on here usually posts …






    James Forrest



    There must be a reason why managers keep picking him …



  23. Forrest is the Ayrshire Superstar, end of story



    I coined that phrase to push back against the criticism in my section a few years back (probably 2013/14)



    i think a good way to assess homegrown talent is to look at comparisons amongst peers





    1. who are the other Scottish players who have played at James’ level of perf for the last 10 years for club and country



    2. which Celtic wingers have contributed at his level for so long during our time watching Celtic?



    3. how many wingers from Ayrshire ……

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